After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 70

On the top of the dm building, the tall semi-circular office is suspended in the air, and the huge French windows are clear and transparent, as if you can touch the sky with your hand.

The dreamer sits comfortably in a high-end leather chair, holding a palm-sized glass bottle in which a certain translucent substance flows slowly.

He unscrewed the bottle slowly.

Immediately afterwards, his jaw stretched, and his lips were pulled apart to an almost horrible point. A long scarlet tongue protruded from his mouth, and sticky mucus dripped from the surface of the tongue that was full of pits and bumps. When it fell, the long tongue stuck into the narrow mouth of the bottle, rolling the translucent fluid into the mouth.

The dreamer narrowed his eyes slightly, revealing an extremely intoxicated gesture.

The human soul brewed in despair…It is the most delicious food in the world.

Thinking of my own abundant inventory, the smile on the dreamer’s face slowly deepened,

At this moment, he suddenly heard an aggressive tapping from the window behind him.

The dream maker was taken aback.

Wait, he is… the top floor.

The dreamer frowned and turned to look behind.

The slender young man stood outside the window, and the cold wind of high-altitude hunting rolled over his clothes and blew his hem. Behind him was the scorching sun, which plated his figure with a light gold border, and the young man leaned down. , With a careless smile on his lips, as if he was just knocking on the door of the neighbor’s house: “Good morning…”

In the next second, a huge phantom of the sickle appeared in the air, and the sharp blade reflected the cold and clear arc of the sun, like a clear spring without quality.

The sickle in the young man’s hand was wrapped in a mighty force, tearing the air and cutting through the sunlight. The sharp blade violently collided with some invisible existence in the air. The barrier was cut to pieces like thin paper, and the tip of the sickle passed through the thin air and pressed against the outer layer of glass——


There was a shrill sound of glass breaking, and spider-web-like cracks densely spread all over it, suddenly spreading.

The dreamer’s eyes widened, and the sharp tip of the sickle was reflected in the depths of his pupils. At that moment, a terrifying sense of panic suddenly rose from the soles of his feet, and the memory that had been forgotten for a long time suddenly emerged in his mind without warning— —The cold edge like flowing water, the coolness across the neck, the panic of the power being swallowed in the body mixed into a turbulent flood, and it rushed forward violently without warning, and instantly submerged him.

He fell backward instinctively.

At the moment when the dreamer escaped, the thick special glass shattered overwhelmingly, and the violent wind engulfed the glass fragments rushing into the spacious office, the blade of the sickle took the lead in breaking through countless broken pieces. The glass layer was severely cut from mid-air.


The high-end leather chair that the dreamer was sitting on was suddenly cracked from top to bottom, and fell to the ground with a bang. Even the heavy carpet under the chair was instantly torn apart, and the marble floor underneath also cracked finely. Fine and dense mesh patterns.

The table behind the chair was also chopped down, the computer made a creak, and countless electric sparks erupted.

Ye Jia took back the sickle unhurriedly, took a step under his feet, and stepped on the ground covered with broken glass.

The gust of wind whizzed behind him, the broken glass was rolled into the air, and the crystal shards fell silently, disappearing without a trace in the blink of an eye.

He smiled and said, “Sorry, there is no appointment this time.”

The dreamer has already been relieved from the horror just now. He stands a few steps away from Ye Jia, his face is gloomy, his huge scarlet tongue has not been taken back into his mouth, and he is drooping out at this moment. Slowly dripping down with stenchy and greasy liquid: “ace!”

His voice was slightly vague, and there was a hint of viciousness deep in his voice.

The dreamer tidyed up his messed-up suit, and his dark eyes stared at the young man standing in front of him.

“What? You figured it out?” The dreamer narrowed his eyes slightly, and the expression on his face became calm and gentle again, but the maliciousness was hidden deep under the seemingly polite surface: “It seems Did you decide to ignore the poor group and let your hands be soiled by the blood of the innocent group? Congratulations, it seems that you have finally found a way to survive in this world.”

As he said, he raised his hand and slowly clapped his hands, as if he was really happy for Ye Jia from the heart.

“If you say that.” Ye Jia walked in his direction and said unhurriedly: “I would think you really want to fight me again.”

He curled his lips and revealed a faint smile: “I have really rarely seen it. There is a ghost so willing to lose to the same insignificant human being.”

The dreamer’s expression became gloomy, and the wound on his neck seemed to start to ache again.

Ye Jia’s face remained unchanged.

The dream maker used the way of tying his life to thousands of other human beings to prevent Ye Jia from doing anything to him. This was originally a disguised display of weakness, plus he talked about Ji Xuan in a jealous tone. Because he was given the preferential treatment of his mother, the wound made by his weapon can heal so well-which shows that he has not recovered from the injury previously caused by Ye Jia. Will avoid confrontation with him in this way.

When we met last time, Ye Jia had tried the other party-and the dreamer’s reaction happened to confirm his guess.

That’s why he set up a barrier that the ghosts couldn’t pass through for the place where he was, and that’s why he was so afraid of Ji Xuan’s appearance.

The dreamer stared at Ye Jia fiercely, as if he wanted to tear him up with his eyes.

After a long time, he gave a gloomy smile: “I know what you want to do.”

The dreamer patted the glass shards on the clothes and said, “Do you think that after I have suffered a loss, I won’t make more preparations?”

As his voice fell, the faces of Wei Yuechu, Blast, and Chen Qingye appeared on the screen. The background behind each of them was in this building, and they were all besieged by a group of ghosts, and the chainsaw cut and cracked. The sparks and the rising flames illuminate the narrow space, and the roar and scream of the ghost is intertwined with the buzzing of the insect swarm, which sounds particularly terrible in the empty office.

With a hint of arrogance and contempt in the dreamer’s expression, he said, “You are here to attract my attention, but in fact your teammates steal the contract… Do you think you haven’t played this trick before?”

There was a relaxed smile on his face: “Save it, what’s the use? Do you think I will put the contract in this building?”

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes and stared at the other party, without saying a word.

Dreamer: “But… since you are here this time, don’t want to leave as easily as last time.”

He laughed harshly, with scarlet gaps in the corners of his mouth, and several long scarlet tongues rushed out of his mouth, dancing in the air, dripping viscous liquid, falling on the ground with a squishy The corrosive sound, looking extremely terrible, a deep voice surged from his throat: “Now, your companions have not grabbed the human contract, do you dare to do it to me?”

The dream maker’s face is distorted like a wax figure, and the arrogant and insidious laughter is particularly sharp and terrifying with the movement of those tongues: “Don’t worry, you will become the most delicious food on my table, not only your soul, but also your soul. I will slowly enjoy your soul and body piece by piece…Hahaha!”

The scarlet rough tongue rushed towards Ye Jia like a sharp blade.

Ye Jia stepped away and avoided the opponent’s attack.

His body is agile, tossing and turning between the opponent’s attacks, like a shadow that can’t be captured, but he hasn’t counterattacked for a long time.

The dream maker became impatient.

His figure slowly stretched and swelled, and the cold and dark ghost air spread out layer by layer, and the dark gray mist condensed into air in the air, wriggling as if it had life, and was touched. The ground and walls uttered harsh screams under its corrosion, turning into a charred viscous liquid, slowly flowing down the wall, infiltrating into the ground, and raging in the air like countless long snakes. Step by step toward the youth.

At this moment, Ye Jia suddenly said, “You are right…”

The dream maker’s movements paused slightly, as if he didn’t understand the other party’s meaning.

Just listen to the young man in front of him slowly saying: “I am indeed a distraction.”

I don’t know why, there is a strange sense of uncertainty in the dreamer’s heart.

“It’s just…” Ye Jia paused for a moment, then with a smile, he turned his head and pointed to the three people who were killing other ghosts on the screen not far away, and said slowly: “They too…”


What does it mean? !

The pupils of the dreamer shrank suddenly.

At this moment, Ye Jia’s mobile phone jingled in his pocket. He slowly took out the mobile phone from his pocket and glanced down on the screen. The smile on his lips deepened slightly: “The older the method, the more It works, doesn’t it?”

In the next second, the dreamer’s face changed.

He seemed to be aware of something.

The power in the body is quickly disappearing, and the contracts he used as amulets are quickly dying one after another!

Ye Jia smiled: “Now, I don’t have any scruples, right?”

In the next second, the sickle in his hand gleamed with a dazzling bright halo, cut a huge arc in the air, and fell down suddenly.

With the sound of the sharp blade breaking through the air, several scarlet tongues were directly cut off. The sticky and rough ugly flesh was pulled out, and the smelly black and red blood spurted out from it, suddenly soaking the ground and splashing. On the corroded bumpy wall, it is like a horribly twisted abstract painting.


The harsh screams reverberated in the unrecognizable top floor, and were blown away by the high-altitude gust of wind, and merged into the boundless sky.

“You…what did you do?” The dreamer’s expression was distorted, his voice was sharp, and he shouted hoarsely that Ye Jia walked towards him step by step, and scarlet blood slowly flowed from the tip of his knife. Before it hit the ground, it was absorbed cleanly by the blade, and it was as clear as a washed moonlight, and it shone with a bright light that seemed to cut people.

The remaining tongue of the dreamer slumped on the ground.

As Ye Jia approached, he instinctively moved back, seeming to be afraid of something.

The dreamer can clearly feel that compared to the last time the two met, the strength of the other party has actually increased again, and he does not know how many ghosts he has eaten-and he is still seriously injured. In this case The clash has lost the bargaining chip again, and he has now completely lost his previous advantage.

I’m afraid the situation…cannot be objective.

Ye Jia lowered his eyes, looked at the ghost in front of him condescendingly, and said lightly: “The essence of the contract you are signing with ordinary people is still a contract. Since it is a contract, you must abide by the rules. The petitioner pays the price, and you satisfy your desires- Regardless of the labor contract or the investment contract, your only bond of relationship is money.”

The dreamer seemed to realize something, and his facial expression froze suddenly.

This, is this why ace smashed the computer in his room as soon as he appeared?

Because what he moved was not his own contract, but his company!

Ye Jia smiled and said, “Don’t you like playing capital?”

“In this case, I will teach you one more knowledge point that all human beings know——” He knelt down and said amiably: “Capital is a beast that eats human beings. People who want to play with capital will often be turned away. Eat it.”

When the other three people came to the top floor, everything had settled.

The huge office without the floor-to-ceiling windows was drawn into the strong airflow outside the windows, and the spacious rooms were completely destroyed. On the walls and the ground, there were filthy and sticky black blood stains everywhere, as if a massacre had occurred, and it looked exceptional. horrible.

Scattered on the ground were tongues that had been cut into pieces and still flicking, and ugly pieces of meat lay in the dark ruins, still twitching.

The slender young man leaned on one of the tables cut into two sections by a sharp weapon, with long legs propped on the ground, holding a huge sickle in one hand, and holding the dreamer’s hair in the other hand, making him feel like he was. The head that hadn’t grown up was torn from the neck abruptly, and only connected to the lower body with a layer of skin – Li Gui’s limbs had been chopped off, and he was convulsing in the mess at the moment.

There was only one tongue left in his mouth, he could barely speak, and the rest were cut off.

Black blood flowed from the broken mouth of his tongue, ticking on the ground, and the carpet on the ground was corroded, making a sizzling noise.

Ace shook Li Gui’s head and asked slowly, “Don’t you say it?”

“…” Wei Yuechu, Chen Qingye, and Blast fell silent. They stood at the door, neither entering nor retreating.

——So who is the villain of you two? !

“So… what do you want to ask?” Blast couldn’t help but asked.

Ye Jia turned his head and looked over, and said without changing his face, “Ah, it’s nothing, I just want to know where his treasury is.”

blast: “…”

You are not right.jpg

Finally, the dreamer let go and spit out a series of addresses.

Ye Jia smiled slightly: “That’s right…”

He turned to look at the others: “Do you have plastic bags?”

The three looked at each other: “No…”

“Then I have to do it.” Ye Jia shrugged, slashed down the sickle in his hand, cut the corroded carpet into a square piece, and then removed the dream maker’s head from him with his bare hands. He tore off his neck cavity, wrapped his screaming head with that carpet, wrapped it up tightly, and then stood up with the simple black package and said, “You are going to come together. ?”

Three people: “…”

Grass, sure enough, you are the anti-party!

After a half-hour taxi ride, they arrived at their destination.

With the driver’s horrified eyes, Chen Qingye bit his head and gave him double the money before getting off the car. After all, there were too few customers who got on the car with a screaming head, so I should give him some mental compensation. Would be better.

This is a private bank, and Dream Maker rents one of its vaults here.

The reception lady had a pale face, stiff steps, and barely maintained a polite attitude, and led them to the position of vault No. 362. After the code was opened to the iron door, she fled and left everyone’s sight.

In front of me is a very huge vault, which has been well maintained with high technology. There are rows of shelves inside. The top is full of small glass bottles with the size of a palm. Each glass bottle contains It is the kind of translucent fluid, and their colors are dark or light, and they are neatly arranged on the shelves, and they can hardly be seen at a glance.

Several people couldn’t help holding their breath.

So many…all are the souls of victims.

In every small bottle, there was once a living life.

Ye Jia turned his head and said to the three people behind him: “Now you can contact the administration.”

They nodded one after another, then turned and walked out.

Although they are used to seeing death and killing, they don’t really want to stay in such a place for long.

Only Ye Jia was left in the vault.

He was holding the head in his hand, and the carpet soaked with black blood dripped with foul blood, slowly dripping onto the clean and clean ground.

Ye Jia walked slowly along the corridor, slowly sweeping his eyes across the shelves, passing one after another container containing human souls.

He walked to the end, but unexpectedly saw that at the end of the vault, there was an empty space between the shelves and the shelves-like, there used to be something there, but it was removed, leaving only an empty space. Empty space.

Ye Jia looked down at the blank space.

Judging by the dust, no matter what was placed here, it was just removed.

He tore off the carpet that wrapped the dreamer’s head, grabbed the other’s hair, and looked at the particularly hideous and terrifying face stained with black blood: “What was there once here?”

The dreamer gave Ye Jia a bitter look, but didn’t answer.

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes and asked slowly: “Is it related to the task assigned to you by your mother?”

The dreamer’s expression was distorted again, his voice was hoarse and rough, and he slowly said, “Why do you think… I will tell you?”

“Because whether you say it or not, you will die.” Ye Jia said calmly: “Cooperate with me, you can at least die a little easier.”

He thought for a while, and added: “However, for you ghosts, using the word death doesn’t seem very appropriate…After all, you are not alive either.”

The dreamer suddenly laughed wildly, and countless dark blood poured out from his mouth, mixed with broken pieces of meat, dripping onto the ground.

Ye Jia frowned slightly.

After a few minutes, the dreamer’s laughter finally stopped. He stared at Ye Jia with those dark eyes that seemed to be able to drip ink, and slowly said: “You humans, always feel that this world It’s yours, right?”

He made a weird smile: “But when my mother comes out, everything will be different…”

Ye Jia asked: “What do you mean?”

The dreamer’s laughter became rampant again: “This world…is ours…and you humans are only worthy to be the pigs and food we raise, our nourishment and food…etc…”

His laughter was blocked by blood and turned into a coughing sound.

“Hmm…” Ye Jia lowered his eyes and smiled softly: “It seems that you are very confident in your ability to withstand stress.”

The blood-stained face of the dreamer was slightly distorted.

Ye Jia didn’t change his face, and said softly, “Believe me, the puppeteer, after being caught by us, reacted exactly the same as you—”

The smile on his lips widened: “Guess, who told us your position?”

The dream maker’s hideous face became more and more terrifying, but a faint fear flashed through the depths of those dark, spiteful eyes.

Ye Jia waited, with a casual smile on his lips, as if he didn’t feel worried.

Li ghosts are a combination of pure desire and malice, and it is just that, so they are extremely selfish and extremely ugly—and they are more susceptible to terror.

Especially when one of its companions has succumbed, the dream maker dare not touch his own bottom line.

However, this is the mother’s task…

It is unlikely that the dreamer will tell him directly.

Then he had better find a new breakthrough point,

Ye Jia lowered his eyes and seemed to think of something suddenly, and asked: “What do I want for the contract that I and you signed?”

He signed a contract with the dream maker, but he had forgotten the specific circumstances and content of his prayer at that time.

The dreamer slowly raised his eyes, and the face covered with black blood raised a twisted smile: “You want an answer.”

“What answer?” Ye Jia was slightly startled.

This is different from what he imagined.

This kind of thing is very abstract, and it does not take half a month to perform the contract. As long as the dream maker gives an answer on the spot, the contract will be fulfilled.

He won’t even have time to find loopholes in the dream maker contract.

“How should I put it…” The dream maker’s mouth pulled wider, his eyes fixed on Ye Jia’s face, seeming to enjoy the pleasure of chewing and swallowing each other’s emotions little by little, and then every word. Suddenly, he said slowly: “What you want to know is the cause of your mother’s death.”


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