After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 73

In the mall…

The sun shines down from the tall glass roof, the space is big and bright, the ground is clean, across the huge glass window, bright and bright lights, brightly dressed men and women shuttle in twos and threes, the air is surging with the aroma of brand-new products .

In the flow of people, a tall and slender young man stood in it, looking out of tune with the surrounding environment.

His facial features are pure and handsome, his eyelids are slightly drooping, his skin is almost sickly pale, his pupils and hair color are light, revealing a kind of alienation that denies people thousands of miles away.

At this moment, his brows were slightly frowned, and he seemed a little irritable.

Even so, his over-excellent appearance still attracted a lot of light or dark eyes. From time to time, girls secretly looked at him, seeming a little eager to move.

But at this moment, the tall figure of a woman emerged from one of the shops.

Although her facial features are extremely beautiful, her outline is very deep, almost with a sharp aggressiveness. At this moment, she is smiling and looking at the youth, using a lower voice than ordinary women and saying: “How do you Not coming in?”

Ye Jia: “…”

Because I don’t want to.

However, the other party didn’t seem to see his resistance. Instead, he walked towards him and held Ye Jia’s arm involuntarily.

Ye Jia sighed blankly, and then resigned himself to being dragged in.

Ji Xuan turned his head, his dark eyes were half-squinted, and he swept across the hall lightly, his pale and cold palms tightened a little bit possessively, seeming to declare his ownership.

A dark sigh of disappointment sounded around.

——Sure enough, handsome guys have masters.

As soon as he entered the shop, Ye Jia was stunned.

It’s not a women’s clothing store.

No, Ji Xuan is not a girl! He shouldn’t have visited a women’s clothing store! Don’t be affected by him!

Ye Jia shook his head, and threw out the absurd idea in his head just now.

However, as soon as he pulled into the shop, Ji Xuan released his hand, and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Only Ye Jia stood alone in the cabinet room. This men’s clothing store seemed to be a very high-end kind, with ready-made clothes. , Can also be customized, each piece of clothing is hung on the wooden wall, emitting a scent of money under the light of the light.

Ye Jia picked up a piece of clothing casually, and glanced down at the price.

He forgot to breathe in shock.

This, is this stealing money?

Ye Jia carefully counted the number of zeros above, and then converted his salary in the Supernatural Administration—probably he could afford this dress if he didn’t eat or drink for five years.

Damn, he is clearly a civil servant!

Just as Ye Jia was struggling with his salary stub, Ji Xuan led the tailor out.

He was taken aback for a moment.

No, this time Ji Xuan looks like this, how can I try on men’s clothing?

Before Ye Jia wanted to understand, Ji Xuan pointed at him, smiled at the tailor beside him and said, “Please…”

Ye Jia: “?”

When he reacted, the tailor was already holding the tape and began to make gestures on him.

Ye Jia’s body was stiff, and he winked at Ji Xuan.

–what happened?

Ji Xuan blew a kiss to him.


Ye Jia: “…”

Seeing the young man in front of him couldn’t bear to look straight away, the smile on Ji Xuan’s lips deepened slightly, as if he was very proud of it.

The tailor is skilled and highly efficient. Soon, he got all the data he needed, and then turned and walked into the shop.

Ye Jia took this opportunity to grab Ji Xuan, deliberately lowered his voice, and asked, “What are you doing?”

Ji Xuan smiled appropriately: “Buy you clothes.”

Ye Jia’s voice raised slightly uncontrollably: “I can’t afford it!”

Ji Xuan: “I can afford…”

Ye Jia: “…”

His forehead jumped slightly, took a deep breath, turned and left.

Ji Xuan grabbed him quickly with his eyes and hands: “Where are you going?”

Ye Jia gritted his teeth and said, “Leave, go away.”

Ji Xuan: “Didn’t you promise me to be with me all day today, go wherever you want, and do whatever you want?”

Ye Jia: “…”

Why don’t I remember that I said such a thing!

As if seeing the other’s awkwardness, Ji Xuan’s thin lips twitched slightly: “Today, I want to buy you clothes here.”

He leaned over, and the cold breath blew the warm ears of the young man, his voice removed all the femininity, low and dumb, with a little ambiguous and lazy evil intention: “And you belong to me today.”

Ye Jia’s ears tingle.

He retreated instinctively and looked at Ji Xuan in astonishment.

The other party had retreated casually, turned his head and whispered something to the tailor.

In the blind spot of the opponent’s line of sight, Ye Jia raised his hand and pinched his earlobe vigorously, seeming to want to expel the weird touch.

Seeing Ji Xuan turning his head, Ye Jia put down his hands abruptly, turning his head to look at the row of shirts in front of him.

Ji Xuan walked over, and his gloomy gaze swept across the opponent’s slightly red eartips, then followed the opponent’s gaze onto the shirt in front of him, and the corners of his lips raised: “Like?”

Ye Jia suddenly became alert: “No…”

However, before his refusal to exit, Ji Xuan greeted the waiter on the side: “This row is all wrapped up.”

Ye Jia: “?”

He grabbed Ji Xuan’s arm, lowered his voice, gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t need it!”

Ji Xuan suddenly realized: “You are right…”

Ye Jia: “?”


He didn’t feel relieved for a while.

Just listen to Ji Xuan continue to say: “How can you just have a shirt? If you don’t have matching clothes and shoes, wouldn’t it be impossible to wear it out?”

Ye Jia: “!”

and many more?

I did not mean that!

Ji Xuan raised his hand, holding a black and gold card between his pale and slender fingertips: “Send these together with the ready-made clothes to the address I just left.”

Immediately afterwards, he pulled Ye Jia out of the shop with a blank face.

Ye Jia turned to look at the shops further and further behind, with a blank expression on his face, and slowly asked, “You, how much did you spend in total?”

Ji Xuan put his icy arms around Ye Jia’s arm and said with a smile, “Are you going to give it back to me?”

Ye Jia: “…”

I thought, but I have no money.

He said: “I will come back then.”

Ji Xuan narrowed his eyes and chuckled lightly: “No refunds…”

Ye Jia: “I don’t want the head office.”

“Also…” Ji Xuanmian nodded without changing his color: “However, these are all bought according to your body shape. If you don’t wear them, you can only throw them away.”

Ye Jia: “…”

The string of zeros floated through his mind.


Ji Xuan turned his head to look at Ye Jia, and said with a low smile: “Go, I haven’t enjoyed shopping yet.”

With force in his palm, he forcibly dragged the young man toward the second store.

In the shop behind them.

Two shop assistants stood behind the counter, watching the figure of a man and a woman go further and further away.

One of the clerk said, “My God, rich woman.”

The other nodded, and echoed with envy: “And she’s a beautiful rich woman, she’s tall and tall.”

“It’s just a bit too high.”

“But I can…”

“Actually I can too.”

The tailor poked his head out from behind and ruthlessly pierced their daydream: “You can be a ghost, wait until your boyfriend is handsome.”

The two shop assistants fell silent: “…”

It’s so real and can’t be refuted.

No matter how Ye Jia struggled, Ji Xuan dragged him around the entire high-end menswear area. In the end, Ye Jia didn’t bother to resist.

Anyway, no matter how direct and unrelenting he refuses, the other party can always find all kinds of wrong reasons to put him back.

With big bags hanging on Ye Jia’s body, he followed Ji Xuan with an expression of impotence.

Ji Xuan walked ahead enthusiastically, scanning the shop windows in front of him, seeming to be particularly happy in it.

A couple walked ahead.

The girl’s gaze fell behind Ye Jia, touched her boyfriend with her elbow, and complained half-truth: “Look at people, go shopping with your girlfriend and do your best, you and me After walking a few steps, I started to cry tired.”

Ye Jia: “I don’t…”

He suddenly realized that he didn’t need to explain to the stranger, so he swallowed the blurted words back a little bit frustrated.

At this moment, Ji Xuan, who was walking in the front, saw a store, his eyes lit up, turned his head and waved at Ye Jia: “Quick, this is for you!”

The couple turned their heads towards him, their eyes stopped for a moment on the luxurious brand.

The boy said quietly: “Look at his girlfriend, you gave me a pair of Taobao nine-dollar gloves on my birthday last year.”


Ye Jia couldn’t help turning his head: “He is not—”

But the two lovers have gone far.

Ye Jia resignedly sighed and followed Ji Xuan into the shop.

Ji Xuan squinted his eyes, his gaze swept across the shelves particularly viciously, pulling out the clothes one by one and stacking them in Ye Jia’s arms: “This one, this one, this one…and this one.”

Ye Jia poked his head out from behind the clothes with difficulty: “Do you want to murder?”

Ji Xuan then stopped.

He couldn’t help but pushed Ye Jia into the dressing room: “Try…”

Ye Jia looked at the narrow fitting room in front of him, then turned to look at the closed door behind him, and sighed in despair.

–at this point.

Break the jar.

Five minutes later, the door of the fitting room was opened from the inside.

The youth came out.

The clerk sighed: “Your girlfriend’s vision is so good!”

She has been a clerk for so many years and has already cultivated the ability to close her eyes and praise, but at this moment, her admiration is absolutely from the heart.

The other party’s figure was originally slender and tall, and it was a natural clothes hanger. At this moment, it was lined with high-definition clothing, and it became more and more expensive. The light-colored eyes showed a clear amber under the bright light. , There is a kind of mystery and alienation outside the edge of the world.

——The only flaw is that the young man’s expression is a bit too stiff.

Ye Jia opened his mouth: “Actually…”

“Thank you for the compliment…” Ji Xuan smiled lowly: “I want this set…”

He should not change his face, he is very skilled.

Ye Jia: “…”

Ji Xuan stepped forward, his gloomy eyes half-hidden under his eyelashes, as if the line of sight was real, he carefully scanned Ye Jia’s body inch by inch from top to bottom—

Ye Jia was uncomfortable when he saw him, as if…she was stripped naked by the other’s eyes.

He frowned, and said with some caution: “What’s the matter?”

Ji Xuan’s thin lips were raised, and a trace of scarlet blood flickered across his dark eyes, as fleeting as a ripple on the surface of a lake.

He stretched out his hand, straightened Ye Jia’s collar, and said dumbly: “My eyes are indeed good.”

Time flies unexpectedly fast.

After they walked out of this store, although the shopping mall was still brightly lit, the dark sky could be seen in the glass skylight above, but there was still a lot of people around them, and everyone’s faces were smiling. Shuttle in the hall.

Ye Jia’s eyes fell on a milk tea shop at the entrance of the mall, and his lifeless eyes suddenly lit up all day.

He put big bags and small bags to Ji Xuan’s side: “Wait…”

Ji Xuan was startled, as if he didn’t expect the other party to come out suddenly: “Eh…”

However, before his next words were spoken, the back of the other party had quickly disappeared in front of him.

Ten minutes later.

The young man walked back with two cups of milk tea.

He naturally handed one of them to Ji Xuan, and then inserted the straw into the other bottle in his hand.

The warm, sweet and mellow liquid with a hint of tea scent slips into the throat, and there is a magical power that can make people feel happy immediately.

Ye Jia sat down on the bench with long legs slightly bent, and said relaxedly: “This store has never been opened to M city, but I have heard about it for a long time, and I see people say it is delicious.”

He shook the bottle and said thoughtfully: “It’s actually pretty reliable.”

Ye Jia took another sip and asked casually, “What do you think?”

Ji Xuan held the milk tea, the warmth in his palm melted and penetrated into the cold skin and bones, causing Li Gui to have an illusion of warmth.

He turned his head, a pair of pitch-black eyes fixedly stared at the smooth profile of the young man’s face, his voice was low, and he slowly said, “It’s true…”

Ye Jia turned her head and raised her eyebrows: “But haven’t you tasted it?”

Suddenly Ji Xuan leaned forward without warning, and his thin, cold lips rubbed against the skin next to the youth’s lips, as if a dragonfly touched water, and softly as if feathers were brushed by, like a fleeting dream.

Ye Jia was startled, his eyes widened suddenly.

But before he could make any response, the other party had already withdrawn.

Ji Xuan chuckled softly: “You don’t need to taste…”

——It’s already sweet enough.

Ye Jia deliberately kept a few steps away from Ji Xuan.

He lowered his eyes, his gaze fell on the ground a few steps in front of him, there was no expression on his face, and his thin lips were pressed tightly and stretched into a cold straight line.

The corners of the lips became hot when wiped vigorously.

He is not afraid of pain, and he is even accustomed to pain, but the strange sensation on the small piece of skin on his lips does not know why he can’t be ignored at all, even though he has almost wiped off a layer of skin.

Suddenly, Ji Xuan, who was walking in front, stopped abruptly and turned to look at Ye Jia.

Ye Jia was shocked, and took a few steps back like a stress reaction, and said vigilantly: “What are you doing?”

But this time, Ji Xuan’s face was relieved of the previous relaxation and cynicism, his eyes were slightly deep, and he whispered: “Master Zong Puppet has news, he said, he asked it out.”

Ye Jia’s expression froze.

He said: “Go…”

The two walked quickly towards the dark, uninhabited alley. In the next second, the figure in the alley disappeared, as if it hadn’t appeared at the same time. The street was still brightly lit, the voices were full of people, and there was no one. Notice the two people who disappeared suddenly.

In the warehouse…

The puppeteer sits on a high stack of books, swaying his short legs triumphantly, and under his feet, there is a tortured ghost who cannot see the original shape, and the ground is flowing with sticky stench. There are broken internal organs and bone fragments floating in the blood, and the pages below have been soaked with blood, looking particularly terrible: “How about? Is it very efficient?” The puppet master proudly flaunted: “I improved on your original method, not just…”

Ye Jia is not interested in hearing how he tortured it. His only concern is the result: “Where?”

The puppet master curled his lips: “You are so boring…”

He leaped down and stepped heavily on the broken, deformed ghost. The opponent trembled, and there was a bitter and painful wailing in his throat. The puppeteer jumped off the opponent without changing his face. Handed the note to Ye Jia.

“As a reward…” He pointed to the ghost behind him: “Can it belong to me?”

Ye Jia knows this guy’s hobbies well.

It is estimated that I want to make a ghost puppet collection again.

He nodded: “You don’t want to…”

After speaking, Ye Jia hurriedly walked out of the warehouse.

The puppeteer stared at his back and curled his lips: “boring…”

He turned his head to look at the broken ghost, a dreamy smile on his immature little face: “Of course, you are different, my baby…”

Accompanied by the children’s crisp giggles, Li Gui’s wailing resounded throughout the empty and dark warehouse.


The cargo ship is docked on the shore, and the workers are directing the crane to load the heavy and huge containers on the cargo ship. The dark night echoes the sound of shouting. Their voices are extremely remote, and they appear to be in the rustling sound of the waves hitting the reef. Some are not very real.

The bottom of the cargo hold.

The two players are sitting in the cabin, playing cards lazily.

Behind is a pile of cargo, with simple light bulbs hanging overhead, shaking with the vibration of the cabin, and the light is flickering and dimming.

“You said, how long are we going to stay here?”

Another player threw a pair of six, propped his chin, and said lazily: “Of course it is waiting to be delivered, otherwise you think they will not send someone to guard it?”

——Yes k.

“There are so many ghosts and monsters on this ship, why do you still use us?” the player complained.

“Don’t complain…” the other player said: “Anyway, after we set off, we can go on the deck.”

With that said, he threw a right a.

There was no sound on the other side.

The player smiled, looked down at the remaining cards in his hand, and said: “No? Don’t want me, just…”

As he spoke, he raised his head.

-There is no one in front of him.

I don’t know when, the other person sitting opposite him playing cards disappeared.

The player stunned suddenly, reflexively wanting to take out the weapon.

The next second, the light bulb above his head shook violently, and he was slammed to the ground with a certain force. The weapon in his hand fell to the ground with a clang, slid away quickly, and disappeared into the darkness.

The cold fingers were stuck on his throat like iron tongs, his knees pressed against his chest, and the ribs cracked and cracked.

The player rolled his eyes and felt that the air in his lungs was quickly drained, and blood spilled from the corners of his lips.

In the dizzy sight, he saw the light bulb swaying rapidly above his head, leaving a burning afterimage on his retina, and he could hardly see the person holding him tightly, only the other side. The cold and sharp gaze, with the killing intent that made him tremble, wedges him firmly on the floor behind, like a flying insect nailed to the specimen board: “Where is the thing? “The other party’s voice is very cold, like ice and snow that has not melted for a thousand years, and his voice is slightly deep, without a trace of human emotion.

The player struggled, still trying to fight back.

Slowly put pressure on the opponent’s knee.

The tips of the broken ribs pressed against his lungs, causing earth-shaking pain.

The voice above his head came from a condescending manner, extremely soft and slow: “Do you want to wait for the ghosts outside to find out what’s happening here?”

The player was unable to speak because he was strangled by his throat, but his heart was suddenly startled.

Yes, he did think so,

The young man gave a low chuckle, the voice echoing in the huge warehouse, inexplicably creepy: “Don’t worry, they can’t hear it anymore.”

What, what? !

The players are shocked.

What’s the meaning? What does it mean that I can’t hear it? !

A panicking thought slowly came to his mind, causing him to subconsciously start to feel cold. The broken ribs in his chest pierced the flesh with the heavy pressure, and the pain came to life. The loss of blood in his body started to make him shiver. It is the panic and fear exuding from the bones.

“Where are the things?” The young man leaned down slightly, his voice slow.

The player’s eyes turned black. Under the control of the pain, he raised a hand tremblingly, pointed it not far away, and said with difficulty: “The third row…Numbers…7, 6, 48… …”

Ye Jia stood up slowly and walked in the direction the opponent pointed.

Article number 7648.

A small box with little dust, hidden inconspicuously in a dusty shelf, but when Ye Jia touched it, he could feel that the outside was densely covered with layers to prevent detection. If you look for the props one by one in the cabin full of cargo, it is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack.

Ye Jia is not going to open it here.

First of all, maybe there are any countermeasures in it, plus it’s too wasteful of time, if the support of other ghosts comes, it will be troublesome to get out.

He walked to the player lying on the ground and chuckled, “Thank you…”

In the next second, the cold light suddenly lit up under the shaking light, like a light flashing suddenly from the darkness.

The limp limbs twitched and stopped moving.

The red blood is like a calm lake, slowly spreading and spreading. The pool of blood is reflected in the flickering lights, which dyes the cold floor of the cabin red, and the blood gradually climbs to the scattered cards like tentacles. , Dye the white corner of the top card into a dazzling bright red.

The black ink words flashed in red and white.

That is an ace.



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