After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 74

Ye Jia fixedly examined the gray box in front of him, and a hint of cold light appeared at his fingertips.

In the next second, cold light flashed, and the sharp blades and props collided with each other, making a huge explosion, and sparks gleamed in the dark night.

Ye Jia’s fingertips pressed down, and the phantom of the blade’s blade was reflected in the depths of those light-colored eyes, like a cold light sinking into the bottom of his eyes.

Hearing a dark sound, a few pitch-black bugs squeaked and fell from the lid of the gray box, turning into black-gray smoke and dust, which disappeared into the air in an instant like a mist.

The props used to protect the box disappeared.

Ye Jia raised his hand, waved away the smoke and dust in front of him, and then fixed his eyes to look not far away.

The gray box in front of me was lonely on the ground, without any precautions.

Ye Jia took a deep breath slowly.

Standing a few steps away, he gently lifted the lid of the box with the tip of the sickle. He held his breath for a while and waited with full vigilance.

There was only a cry, and the lid of the box was lifted.

At the moment it was turned up, the thick and thick **** color poured out from the box endlessly, spreading in an instant, covering the rough ground.

Ye Jia clenched the sickle in his hand and slowly backed up a few steps, staring at the box where blood was still pouring out not far away… It was not big in all directions, but it didn’t flow like a spring. Exhausted, the blood was extremely deep, reflecting a strange luster under the dim moonlight, surging as if there was life, swallowing everything that could be touched.

Soon, it finally stopped.

A pool of blood on the ground formed a perfect circle, enclosing the gray box in it.

At this moment, the man’s low voice sounded behind him: “Don’t touch…”

Ye Jia turned his head and saw Ji Xuan’s figure slowly appearing from the darkness.

He has already returned to his normal appearance, tall and straight, with deep and stern facial features, and a pair of scarlet blood pupils gleaming in the night with a color similar to that pool of blood: “Here is part of the mother.”

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes slightly, the sickle in his hand reflected the dim moonlight, and he asked, “If I touch it, will it be the same as Vision?”

Ji Xuan stared at him fixedly.

He didn’t seem to be surprised that Ye Jia knew the identity of the ghost who blocked him in M ​​City, and replied: “No…”

Ye Jia looked back at him and raised his eyebrows: “Why?”

Ji Xuan retracted his gaze, his gaze fell on the sticky blood on the ground, and said, “The purity is different…”

“Then what can this purity do?” Ye Jia asked.

Ji Xuan’s fingers lightly hooked, and the two stones on the ground were dragged by some invisible force, slowly flying into the air.

One big piece, one small piece, flew in the direction of the pool of blood one after the other. When it was about to touch the edge of the pool of blood, the thick and dark red blood leaped up like a hunting beast. Grab the small stone and swallow it. The second stone is bigger, and the blood wave is even more violent. It crushes the big stone to pieces in mid-air.

Immediately afterwards, the thick blood fell, and the surface of the pool of blood returned to calm.

Ye Jia frowned: “If you are strong, you will be strong…”

This is very difficult.

He turned his head to look at Ji Xuan and asked, “Is its quantity limited?”

Ji Xuan seemed to understand what Ye Jia meant, and he curled his lips: “Of course, everything is limited.”

City f, in a coffee shop.

Chen Qingye and Wei Yuechu sat face-to-face by the window, Blast walked over slowly from the front desk, barely holding three cups of coffee.

The coffee in his hand swayed, just about to spill out.

Chen Qingye stood up quickly, took the coffee from his hand and put it on the table.

He pushed some of the glasses that fell down, frowned and said, “Just say if you need help.”

Blast frowned: “Huh?”

His expression is as open as his hair color: “You too underestimate me?! Didn’t I bring it here?”

Wei Yuechu stirred her cup of coffee with a smile: “Indeed…”

She has now found a way to successfully use blast, as long as she challenges his competitive spirit, she can almost make the fool do all the chores.

As for the other…

Wei Yuechu raised her eyes to look at Chen Qingye.

Chen Qingye took out two tissues from his pocket, handed one to Blast, and then used the other to carefully wipe clean the coffee stains spilled on the table before sitting down again.

—It’s just a cleanliness and an old mother.

Wei Yuechu looked back and took another sip of coffee.

Although she has no extra feelings for her two colleagues, the relationship between them is not as awkward as it was at the beginning after getting along for such a long time.

This time, after a whole day of work, she proposed to sit together on a whim.

The other two seemed to have nothing to do next, so they all agreed.

I was planning to go to the bar, but both Blast and Wei Yuechu were under 22 in the real world, so they had to go back to the coffee shop.

—Drink coffee at night and don’t know what to think.

Wei Yuechu sighed silently.

“F city, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with us, right?” She took the lead in breaking the silence and asked.

Chen Qingye thought for a while, then nodded: “Indeed…”

During this period of time, the dm company has been seized, and all the ghosts of the Dream Makers have been arrested. Except for those humans who have been unable to return, it is basically a perfect solution.

“We’re all right, but…” Blast took a sip of coffee and gloated, “Did you see the documents piled on the desks of the staff of the Administration? It’s too miserable hahaha!”

Chen Qingye glared at him blankly.

Blast looked arrogant: “What? Want to fight?”

“Hey…” Wei Yuechu said coolly beside him, “Aren’t you afraid of Ah Chang?”

blast: “…”

He immediately wilted like an eggplant hit by frost.

The air fell silent for a moment, and the three of them took a sip of coffee and looked thoughtfully in different directions.

The same question surrounds their minds—where did ace go?

Since the day before yesterday’s parting, the other party has been like a mud cow into the sea, and there is no more news, but because of their own ghosts, none of them actively mentioned ace, and Ye Jia who disappeared with him at the same time—and at the same time, they also felt the same. I was very puzzled. Even if I let it go, why did the other two people act as if they didn’t care about it?

Suddenly, the WeChat prompt broke the dead silence.

The three took out their phones at the same time.

When they saw who the person who sent the message was, their expressions were all a little bit stunned.

Chen Qingye calmly put the phone back into his pocket, stood up slowly, and said, “Sorry, I have to…”

Wei Yuechu’s voice sounded at the same time: “I suddenly remembered…”

“I…” Blast’s voice followed closely behind.

Chen Qingye raised his head and found that the other two had exactly the same movements as him.

The three looked at each other, their movements slightly stiff.

Wait…what’s the situation?

An absurd idea came to mind at the same time.

Wei Yuechu narrowed her eyes slightly and looked at Chen Qingye: “Are you…where are you going to go next?”

Chen Qingye’s gaze cast towards Wei Yuechu through the lens, colliding with the opponent in mid-air, and vaguely able to hear the sound of sparks splashing around.

He said, “I can’t tell you.”

Chen Qingye also narrowed his eyes: “What about you, where do you want to go?”

Wei Yuechu: “I can’t tell you either.”

“…” The two stared at each other.

“That’s right…” Chen Qingye fixedly stared at the girl standing opposite him, and slowly asked: “Why have you never asked, where is the other person in our team?”

Wei Yuechu tit-for-tat: “Why don’t you ask?”

Suddenly, they seemed to realize something at the same time, their expressions slowly solidified, and their eyes slowly widened: “You…”


Blast stared at the two people in front of him blankly, frowning: “What are you playing dumb?”

Wei Yuechu raised her hand and violently snatched the phone from Blast’s hand.

Blast was surprised: “Hey, what are you doing?”

Chen Qingye didn’t answer, but reached out and took out his mobile phone from his pocket, turned on the screen, and put it on the table.

Wei Yuechu followed closely, turning on his mobile phone and putting it aside.

The above three messages are exactly the same, all of which were sent by the same person.

They stared at the same head, and fell silent at the same time.


Blast seemed to slow down in hindsight. He was stunned, slowly widening his eyes, raised his hand, pointed at the two equally expressionless people in front of him, and stammered: “You, you, you. …you…!”

Chen Qingye pushed the frame of the glasses, and the lens reflected a white light, hiding his eyes behind him: “I think, your guess is right.”

“Fuck…” Blast said with an unbelievable expression: “Impossible! He told me that only I know about this…”

Wei Yuechu showed a warm smile and slowly said, “He told me the same.”

Chen Qingye pushed his glasses and said, “Me too…”

blast: “…”


They were all donkeys.

It was the same person who used the same excuse as a donkey.

Blast took a deep breath slowly, gritted his teeth and said, “ace!”

His words were vicious and he almost wanted to swallow the opponent.

“I told you already! That person ace is very nasty! Very nasty! You still don’t believe me!” he said angrily.

Chen Qingye asked quietly: “Then why have you kept the secret for so long?”

blast: “…”

His whole face turned red slowly: “I, I just think you are stupid! I can be played by him for so long, only I can see the true face of this man!”

Wei Yuechu: “…”

I will just listen.

Blast lowered his head concealedly, and his gaze fell on the three mobile phones in front of him.

He was stunned, then carefully read the words above, and then suddenly stared at the gold star: “That bastard! The information is still sent in groups!”

Not even a word is bad!


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