After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 77

Ye Jia stared at the box opened in front of him.

The blood is thick and sticky, two eyeballs are floating in it, reflecting the faint light in the dim room, as if they are still alive, turning slightly in the blood, as if looking back quietly from the darkness.

In the darkness, Ye Jia stared at each other with those eyes.

It seemed to want to say something, but it remained silent all the time.

He combed that guess over and over in his mind, and compared it with every clue he had gotten so far.

The more you think, the more shocking correspondence points there will be.

Ye Jia’s eyes were slightly constricted, and a faint blood was reflected in the light amber eyes, like a strand of blood sinking into the bottom of the lake.

Although the game crashed and the ghost door opened, but for some reason, the mother could not leave the game.

The king of ghosts is the mother’s substitute in the world, and other high-level ghosts are looking for her body parts-from the leather clothes of M City, to the missing heart in the woman’s chest, and to the place in front of her. Eyeballs.

These organs to be collected must have very strict restrictions, otherwise, with those horrible methods, it is impossible for the mother to have not collected them until now.

And now, the most critical question is…

How much does the mother need? And where did those ghosts progress? How far is it from completion?

——Human, how much time is left?

Ye Jia’s brows furrowed tightly, and his heart was upset.

The fingers hanging on his side tightened slightly, and the pale fingertips faded with force, and the neatly trimmed smooth nails left meniscus-like finger marks in the palm of his palm.

Suddenly, the cold touch lightly fell on the back of the young man’s hand.

It was like snowflakes falling silently, kissing softly on the warm skin.

Ye Jia was shocked and turned to look to his side.

Ji Xuan didn’t know when he walked to his side, standing side by side with him, his red pupils drooping slightly, but his sight did not fall on the eyeballs floating in a pool of blood not far away.

He gently held Ye Jia’s hand, and carefully spread the young man’s clenched fingers flat, and his pale and cold fingertips swept across the pinch marks in his palm, like a breeze passing by.

The youth’s fingertips trembled slightly.

Ye Jia shrank his hand instinctively, but did not break free from the shackles of the opponent’s fingers.

Ji Xuan raised his eyes, and a pair of dark and deep scarlet eyes fixedly looked at Ye Jia. The blood-colored pupils flowed and undulated silently in the darkness, like a deep river of blood surging in the abyss, his voice was low. , With a hint of cold dumbness:

“Brother, do you know? You have a talent that you never noticed.”

He stretched out his hand and gently touched the thin, warm eyelid of the young man with his fingertips.

Ye Jia was forced to close his eyes.

“You can always see the key.” In the endless darkness, the man’s dumb voice was close at hand: “Ignore the confusion of all irrelevant interference items, and accurately find the most critical clues, the most source of the problem-every time, This is true for every copy.”

Ye Jia was slightly stunned.

He felt that the other party’s fingers dropped on his eyelids gently withdrew.

Ye Jia opened his eyes.

The tall man in front of him lowered his head, pressed an icy kiss on his open palm, raised his eyes to look at him, and his thin, sharp lips carried a faint smile:

“If you can’t solve this mystery, then no one in this world can.”

Ye Jia fixed his eyes down and stared at the man in front of him, his eyes narrowed slightly, and the expression in his eyes was inexplicable.

Ignore all distractions…?

He was startled.

Ye Jia’s eyes widened little by little, and then he slammed Ji Xuan’s wrist with his backhand. The light-colored eyes flashed with forcing light, like a sharp blade penetrating the darkness, and it seemed shocked. Fear, seemingly excited, his breath was a little unstable, and he said every word:

“Quickly, we are going back to City M.”


On the train.

Chen Qingye, Wei Yuechu, and the three BLAST sat opposite Ye Jia, and they all had the same doubts.

The slight impact and vibration of the train moving forward reverberated in the deadly carriage, making it drowsy. The carriage was empty, and there was no one else except them.

Chen Qingye frowned, he pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and asked:

“Why go back?”

Wei Yuechu was also puzzled:

“If things are really the same as you guessed, the mothers of those ghosts and monsters are collecting bodies that can bring themselves back to the world, then we should not ask the whereabouts of other high-level ghosts and disrupt their plans now. , Make them unable to complete the task at all? What use is it for us to go back to M City?”

There was no expression on Ye Jia’s face, his gaze settled on the table in front of him, as if he was studying the winding lines above.

He raised his eyes when he heard Wei Yuechu’s question.

Ye Jia said:

“Do you remember the skinning case that was rampant in M ​​City?”

The three nodded.

Ye Jia continued: “I remember, I also told you just now that I saw a container full of victims’ leather jackets at the port of M City.”

The three nodded again.

Ye Jia tapped the table in front of him lightly with his fingertips, making a regular sound, and he said:

“Not one piece, but a box.”

Chen Qingye was startled: “You mean…?”

“Yes.” Ye Jia nodded:

“Although there must be strict restrictions on the organs that can be used as the mother’s body, it is definitely not unique. This time, although we intercepted the pair of eyeballs, the mother can send other ghosts to find the same qualified organs. If we follow one If we keep track of the city-by-city path, we will always be a few steps behind.”

The expressions of the other three people gradually became serious.

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes slightly: “If we want to go ahead of them, we must find the key.”

——Just like Ji Xuan reminded him that night.

So, where is the key point?

That rainy night thirty years ago.

That was the only trace of “mother” in the world before the ghost gate opened.

Ye Jia raised his eyes and looked at the three people in front of him, and said, “I checked the police records. The serial homicide case of dehumanization has only occurred in M ​​City, and the case of the disappearance of the heart also appeared after Hyakki Yakou. City M, even…” His voice paused slightly, but he continued naturally: “Even the city where the ghost king Jixuan appeared is here.”

He clicked on the map drawn unconsciously on the desktop with his fingertips soaked in clear water, and said softly:

“Although we don’t know the reason yet, M City must be in the middle of the storm.”

Ye Jia’s words were straight to the point, and the three people in front of them couldn’t help but fall into contemplation.

Suddenly, BLAST spoke: “So…”

Several others turned to look at him.

“Why on earth would he follow?!”

The red-haired young man was expressionless, pointing towards not far away-I saw a tall man standing at the junction of the carriage and the carriage, his scarlet eyes had long been transformed into night-like eyes The dark, pale and slender fingers held a cup between them, and the hot water was flowing at the moment.

Chen Qingye, Wei Yuechu: “…”

Knowing that your kid must not ask any in-depth questions.


In fact, they are also very curious about the answer to this question.

The two turned to look at Ye Jia at the same time.

At this time, Wei Yuechu seemed to have thought of something suddenly, and asked: “By the way, on the abandoned construction site that night, you said you can explain, what are you trying to explain?”

Ye Jia: “…”

Chen Qingye nodded: “Now we are free, you can talk.”

Ye Jia: “…”

Ah, is this what it feels like to shoot yourself in the foot?

At this moment, Ji Xuan had already returned with a cup of steaming hot water, and he naturally took a seat beside Ye Jia, with his two long legs overlapping each other, and the space suddenly became constricted.

Almost instantly, the white steam in the cup decreased at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the hot water changed from hot water to warm water that could be directly taken in.

Ji Xuan’s attitude naturally pushed the water cup in front of Ye Jia:

“Are you thirsty?”

The three people on the opposite side were dumbfounded.

They looked at the terrible ghost king who was particularly approachable in front of them, looked at the cup of hot water at moderate temperature, and looked at Ye Jia, who had a stiff expression. The three pairs of eyes radiated a strong desire for gossip and curiosity.

Ye Jia: “…………”

You are not helping at all! ! !

He took a deep breath and said dryly: “It’s a long story…”

“It doesn’t matter, we have time.” Wei Yuechu answered calmly.

Ji Xuan chuckled, “Oh, so you were talking about this.”

He squinted his eyes slightly, and a slightly malicious smile appeared on his lips: “We have known each other longer than you.”

The three people in front of him were shocked at the same time.


“The relationship… is also very complicated.”

The man’s voice was low and dull, with a trace of ambiguity that was not easily noticeable. His pale fingers gently hooked the loose collar and pulled it down, revealing a clear-cut collarbone:

“Would you like to see the traces my brother left on me?”

Everyone: “!!!”

Damn it! ? ?

Big melon! ! ! Shocking! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Ye Jia flexed his elbows expressionlessly, and then sent a merciless and fierce elbow to the fragile waist and abdomen of the man beside him.

Ji Xuan arched his body, grinning and taking a breath:

“…Is it so cruel?”

Ye Jia raised his eyes and looked at the three people in front of him. They were all stunned by the huge amount of information, their minds were blank, and they were looking at them dumbfoundedly, seeming to jump repeatedly on the edge of disbelief and the collapse of the worldview. .

Ye Jia had a headache, he raised his hand, rubbed his bounced forehead, and said:

“Well… anyway, this is the kid who has been following me in the game.”

Wei Yuechu was startled.

She widened her eyes sharply, and pointed her trembling fingers at the casually smiling man in front of her: “You, you, you…”

No way? !

The cute little boy they saw under the Dream Makers Building… is actually Ji Xuan? !

Ji Xuan raised his eyebrows, his thin lips opened and closed, but from his mouth was a slightly mute and childish voice:

“What? You don’t remember me? I’m so sad.”

Wei Yuechu pupil earthquake: “!!!”

Her hair straightened up instantly and she got goose bumps.

Damn, this man is too cripple! ! ! !

She turned her head slowly, looked at Ye Jia, and said dryly: “Then…he said he made you angry, does it mean…??”

“Oh, this one.”

Ji Xuan leaned back in the chair relaxedly, with a casual smile in his dark and dark eyes: “I wanted to kill him at the time.”

Everyone: “!?”

Ye Jia looked the same: “Yes, he still wants to turn me into a ghost.”

Everyone: “??!!!”

and many more? What is this unfolding?

Ji Xuan hooked the neckline with his fingertips and pulled it down, revealing the terrible scars on his pale chest. His voice sounded a bit regretful: “So I was taught a lesson.”

Everyone: “……………………”

All of them had blank expressions, and they didn’t know how to deal with the unpredictable-strange relationship in front of them.

Ji Xuan seemed to have thought of something suddenly, and said, “Oh, yes, I’m actually his…”


Ye Jia raised his foot expressionlessly, stepped on the opponent’s foot, and even crushed it mercilessly.

At this moment, the speed of the train slowed down, and the impact of mechanical friction and shaking was also reduced.

Ye Jia raised the curtain and glanced out: “It’s a stop.”

He stood up, stepped slowly over the lap of the man in front of him, and said calmly: “Get ready, we should go now.”

Only three people who are eager to see through and thirsty for knowledge are left behind——

and many more! what is it? What is it!

What is Ji Xuan still his?

The man in front of him smiled at them, and the next second, before they could react, the tall and imposing ghost king suddenly was replaced by a slender, dark-eyed little boy.

He jumped off his seat, and hurried to chase after Ye Jia disappeared:

“Brother, wait for me!”

Chen Qingye: “…”

Wei Yuechu: “…”

BLAST: “…”

I don’t know who broke the silence first: “Do you think it’s a bit crippled.”




Outside the train station.

Because of his busy business, Wu Su did not come to pick them up, but sent others to come.

Cheng Cezhi poked his head out of the car and waved his hand vigorously at the people in front of him, with a bright smile on his face: “Here!!”

He was taken aback for a moment, looked at the little boy who was closely behind Ye Jia, and asked, “Hey, who is this?”

Ye Jia seemed to just remember, he lowered his head and glanced at Ji Xuan, then said without changing his face: “Oh, my friend’s child, come to M City for a few days to stay.”

“…” The expressions of the other three were slightly distorted.

The blue veins on BLAST’s forehead jumped.

You don’t need to blink your eyes if you lie, it’s you, scumbag!

“Oh! Hello, kid!” The smile on Cheng Cezhi’s face became more enthusiastic. He ignored the more weird expressions of the other three. He bent down and took out a few candies from the storage box in his car. Past: “Can you eat sugar?”

Ji Xuan: “…”

Ye Jia glanced at him coolly: “Why don’t you pick it up?”

The corners of Ji Xuan’s mouth twitched, and he reached out to take the candy.

Ye Jia: “Don’t say thank you?”

Ji Xuan took a deep breath and said with difficulty:


Cheng Cezhi smiled with a hearty smile: “Oh, what are you polite? I will be called Brother Cheng from now on…”

Before he finished speaking, Ye Jia reached out and picked up Ji Xuan’s collar and threw him into the car. He calmly pointed to the long line behind the car and said, “It’s not early. Now, don’t block the road here.”

“Oh, yes!” Cheng Cezhi woke up like a dream and quickly started the car.

Inside the carriage.

Ji Xuan raised his eyes and looked at the young man sitting beside him.

From this angle, he can only see the arc of the opponent’s jawline and the slightly pursed lips, which seems very indifferent and unkind.

The smile on Ji Xuan’s lips deepened.

He peeled off one of the candy and put it in his mouth, then stretched out his hand and quietly hooked the other’s little finger.

For the first time, the opponent broke away.

Same for the second time.

When it came time, I don’t know how many times, Ye Jia was too lazy to care about him, so he let go of Ji Xuan’s sneaky little moves.

Ji Xuan moved from one finger to two fingers, and finally grabbed the other’s entire hand.

He raised his eyes and looked at the expressionless face of the young man again. The candy melted slowly in the cold mouth, but the melted sweetness slowly spread out from the hard candy, spreading little by little from the tip of the tongue. When he opened, his hollow body as a ghost seemed to be stained with a hint of sweetness.

Ji Xuan lifted his lips contentedly and stopped moving.

Soon, the car stopped downstairs of the Occult Administration, and five people, four, one and one, got out of the car one after another.

Cheng Cezhi poked his head out and said, “You go up first, I’m going to park the car!”

Ye Jia looked at the three people in front of him and said, “What we are looking for now is how the mother screened her organs. Only in this way can we predict her next move.”

He looked at Chen Qingye: “You come to investigate all the victims of the skinning incident, can you?”

Chen Qingye nodded: “Of course.”

Ye Jia looked at Wei Yuechu: “Go and see the case of the murder of his wife.”


“As for you…” Ye Jia looked at BLAST, seemingly hesitant: “You and Chen Qingye will act together, how about it?”

BLAST exploded: “What do you mean! Why are you hesitating?! Do you look down on me?”

He was so angry that he was about to roll up his sleeves and look for Ye Jia.

“No, no, no, it’s just that there are so many people involved in the skinning case. I am worried that Chen Qingye will not be able to handle it alone without your help…” Ye Jia made up without changing his face.

BLAST looked at him suspiciously: “Seriously?”

Ye Jia nodded: “Seriously.”

“It’s pretty much the same.” Although BLAST still had a straight face, the corners of his mouth rose slightly uncontrollably.

“Fine, well, let’s go to work!” He took Chen Qingye and walked towards the gate of the administration, while walking with his elbow pounding the other party: “Eh, did you hear that, ACE he said that I… …”

The backs and voices of the two people got farther and farther, until they couldn’t hear them anymore.

Ye Jia: “…”

It’s really coaxing.

Wei Yuechu who stayed turned his head to look at Ye Jia and asked, “What about you?”

Ye Jia raised his hand and showed her the iron box in his hand: “I will go to the forensic doctor to see if I can identify this person.”

“Why don’t you appraise it in the capital?” Wei Yuechu was puzzled.

Ye Jia paused. After all, he still did not express his doubts about the headquarters of the administration. He smiled slightly: “After all, M City is the key.”

That’s why I have to come back as soon as possible.

Wei Yuechu nodded: “Oh, that’s right.”

She waved at Ye Jia: “I wish you success!”

Ye Jia turned to look at Ji Xuan on the side and raised his eyebrows: “Do you still want to maintain this look?”

Ji Xuan sighed a little regretfully, and restored his appearance as an adult man.

Ye Jia shook off the opponent’s hand expressionlessly, and said lightly:

“Let’s go.”

Ji Xuan lowered his head, glanced at his empty palm, and sighed again.

He knew it.

Once it gets bigger, the previous welfare disappears without a trace. Damn it.

Ye Jia went to the forensic doctor first, and he showed the pass of the Supernatural Administration, then handed his eyeballs to the other party, and asked them to contact him as soon as they got the result.

However, after doing this, he did not leave.

“Excuse me, if I want to check the forensic appraisal report of a certain case thirty years ago, where should I go?” Ye Jia stopped him and asked.

“Thirty years ago?” The other party was stunned: “So long ago, I’m afraid it hasn’t been entered into the electronic system. Why don’t you go to the paper data room to find it?”

Under the instruction of the other party, Ye Jia came to the information room.

The light here is dim, and there is a smell of old paper.

He walked forward slowly along the corridor between the shelves, gazing across the strange dates.

Suddenly, Ye Jia’s pace suddenly closed.

His gaze fell not far away, on the top shelf–the spine of one of the volumes of information was written with a slightly blurred ink mark with the date:

In 19xx, September 12th.

That date he will never forget.

Ye Jia pursed his lips slightly, raised his hand and took down the thick pile of materials covered with dust.

He turned over the information and looked back page by page, but he didn’t see the familiar name.

how come……?

Ye Jia frowned and re-searched carefully again.

Not really.

——A few pages are missing.

And those pages happened to include the autopsy records of his father and mother.

Ye Jia’s eyes condensed slightly.

He found the duty record for this period of time from another shelf, and paused for a few seconds on one of the very familiar forensic doctors.

Ye Jia secretly wrote down the address registered by the other party, and then inserted the information back to the original location.

He was waiting for Ji Xuan at the entrance of the data room: “Let’s go.”


In front of me is an old residential building, which seems to have a special sense of age. The old brick walls are clad with green moss, and the open space outside is covered with sheets of various colors.

The tall young man stood under the building, looked up at the residential building in front of him, and then stepped inward.

The corridors were dimly lit and filled with the smell of dust and food.

Ye Jia stopped outside one of the doors, he paused, his eyes stayed on the mottled and faded 303 on the door for a few seconds, then he curled his fingers and knocked gently.

There was the sound of stumbling and dragging footsteps behind the door, and the sound of rubbing things on the ground.

The old voice sounded: “Come here…”

The sound of the metal lock being opened was very clear in the silent corridor. The old door panel in front of it was pulled open, revealing the wrinkled face of an old woman. She looked very old, and every gully on her face looked like As if they were all engraved with the traces of the years, a pair of turbid eyes narrowed, and looked out through thick reading glasses: “Who?”

Ye Jia pursed her lips and whispered:

“Hello, Dr. Chen, I…I belong to the deceased in a case you have dealt with, a distant relative. I’m here this time to inquire about it with you…”

“The previous case…” Doctor Chen pushed the reading glasses on the bridge of the nose with bark-like fingers, and shook his head tremblingly: “I am old and useless. I don’t remember much about the past. Now, you guessed it would be a trip for nothing…”

“Wait…” Ye Jia hurriedly reached out to touch the door that the other party was about to close:

“Qi Ranren and Ye Huiyong’s case, do you still have an impression?”

Dr. Chen’s movements paused.

She raised her eyes, fixed a glance at Ye Jia, then slowly sighed, and let go of her hand: “Come in.”

“It’s miserable, it’s miserable.”

The old lady walked into the room with a cane, and said tremblingly: “I have been in the industry for so many years, and I rarely see such tragic cases…”

She turned her head and asked:

“Eh… Since you are a distant relative of their family, do you know what happened to that child?”

Ye Jia’s voice restrained: “It is said that it seems to be missing.”

Dr. Chen was slightly startled:

“Inflict evil.”

Although more than thirty years have passed, she can still remember clearly—

The little boy who was soaked in rain, his face was pale, his lips were blue, and he was sitting on a chair in the police station and shivering uncontrollably. Blood was stained from the shirt to the pants, but there was no tear in his eyes, just Staring fiercely at the open space in front of him.

He experienced a terrible night that no one could imagine.

In just one day–

Lost mother.

Kill the father.



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