After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 79

Empty coffin…?

Ye Jia stayed in the cemetery.

His feet plunged into the soft and damp soil like roots, and his eyes stared at the dusty bluestone slab in front of him. Every word engraved on it was very familiar, but the strokes were intertwined. It became a character he couldn’t recognize at all.

There is chaos in the mind.

“That’s right!” The little black hand seemed to think of something suddenly, and said: “Although the coffin is empty, there seems to be something painted on the bottom of the coffin…”

Ye Jia seemed to be awakened suddenly from a slow dream.

He turned his head abruptly, a pair of cold eyes fixedly falling on Xiao Hei Shou’s body, his voice had become hoarse from an unknown time, and he could hardly hear the original tone:


Xiao Hei Shou was taken aback by him, he instinctively shrank back, and stammered:

“Just one…”

The rest of it got stuck.

I saw a huge sickle in the palm of the young man without warning. The sharp blade reflected the cold and harsh light in the sun. His voice was low and dumb, as if he was restraining some horrible emotions, as if he was about to explode. The magma, buried deep under a thick layer of ice:

“Step aside.”

The little black hand suddenly stiffened, and rolled down the tombstone with the fastest speed, and then shivered back to the farthest point.

In the next second, the blade fell, and the soil layer that had been compacted on the ground was cut apart in the blink of an eye. The smell of the soil buried deep in the ground was cold and moist. As the soil rolled over, it penetrated into the air, and the surface faded. The rotten coffin was exposed.

The young man’s cold and pale fingers gripped the long handle of the sickle tightly, and the fingertips turned white because of the force, but there was no tremor.

It was like when he slowly sent the blade into his father’s chest that day in a thunderstorm.

The little black hand looked at Ye Jia, whose back was facing him.

The young man’s back was straight and tense, standing firmly in front of a messy tomb, like a split black silhouette, deeply embedded in the barren and distant background in front of him.

It floated forward subconsciously.

But then, an invisible force drew the little black hand back.

The little black hand was taken aback, turned his head and looked aside.

The cold-faced man dropped a pair of scarlet eyes, and a dull pressure fell, and the little black hand shrank, but the other party didn’t say anything, just shook his head at it, then retracted his gaze and raised it again. Looking at the young man standing not far away, a pair of dim red pupils were surging with a deep expression that no one could understand.

Ye Jia slowly squatted down in front of the coffin.

The coffin was not buried deep, almost within reach of his hand.

Ye Jia stretched out his hand, his fingers stayed in the air for a moment, and then continued to stretch forward, slowly pressing his hand on the coffin.

Immediately afterwards, only a soft “click” sounded, and a flat and smooth cut was opened on the surface of the wooden board, and then broken into several pieces, which slid down along the coffin, exposing the empty inside.

Sure enough, just like Xiao Hei Shou described it.

This is an empty coffin.

Inside… nothing.

Ye Jia’s eyes fell on the bottom of the coffin.

The dark brown lines were hidden under the broken sawdust and wooden blocks, and he recognized at a glance that they must be painted with blood.

Ye Jia raised his hand and flicked away the debris on it, revealing the complete pattern below.

…Is the old logo of the Occult Administration.

However, compared with the pattern on the iron box with the eyeballs, it seems to have added a lot of brush strokes. Some blanks are filled in and become more complete and larger. It is smeared stroke by stroke with dried blood. The bottom of the coffin.

Ye Jia pressed his fingertips on one of the strokes.

The old blood has already penetrated the decayed coffin. Just by touching it, Ye Jia has clearly realized that this symbol is very old, almost the same age as the coffin.

Could it be that at the time of the burial, there was already an empty coffin here?

What about… his mother’s body?

Ye Jia’s fingertips on the coffin began to shudder slightly. He took a deep breath, slowly retracted his hand, and clenched it into a fist little by little by his side.

——No matter what, the Occult Administration can’t get rid of it.

In the young man’s drooping, light-colored eyes, the cold flames burned silently in the silent abyss, like bursting flames splashing in the darkness. There was no superfluous expression on his face, but there was a terrible depression on him. The fundus of his eyes was brewing.

Ye Jia stood up.

At this moment, the voice of the little black hand came from behind: “Huh!”

He was startled slightly, and turned his head to look behind him.

I saw Xiao Hei Shou drifting towards him and falling into the coffin, as if he was thinking seriously about what he was thinking about, then its figure flickered and slowly sank into the depths.

One minute later.

A screaming scream came from the depths of the earth.

Ye Jia was startled and stepped forward subconsciously.

However, before he could do anything, the figure of the little black hand fled out from under the ground as if he had escaped. He stuck his body firmly to the edge of the coffin board, and said shiveringly: “Next, down below. …There is…”

Ye Jia’s eyebrows darkened slightly.

He stretched out his hand, pulled Xiao Hei hand from below the ground, and threw it on his shoulder, and then the phantom of a sickle appeared in his palm.

Ye Jia raised his eyes, his eyes stopped for a moment on the bluestone coffin not far away, and a faint bit of pain flashed across his eyes.

He retracted his gaze and slowly raised his hand, preparing to completely destroy the tomb in front of him.

However, in the next second, there was a cold touch on his wrist.

Ye Jia was slightly taken aback, turned his head and looked to his side.

Ji Xuan didn’t know when to come forward, and stood beside him. His long, well-knotted fingers grabbed the young man’s slender wrist and pulled the opposing direction behind him with an irresistible force. The eyes are slightly lowered, and the voice is calm and gentle:

“I come.”

In the next second, a sea of ​​scarlet blood floated from below the ground and lifted the coffin. The invisible force pushed the soil away. Almost instantly, a deep pit with a depth of several tens of meters appeared below the ground.

Ji Xuan had no **** face and turned pale for a moment, but there was no extra emotional change on his face.

Ye Jia gave him a fixed look.

——The secret hidden under the coffin must be related to the mother, and doing so by the other party is tantamount to directly opposing the suppression of the mother’s blood.

The reason why he hadn’t directly sought Ji Xuan’s help before was also because of this.

Ji Xuan is… why?

Ji Xuan didn’t say anything, but took a step back calmly and let go.

Ye Jia retracted his sight.

Now, even without the little black hand’s reminder, Ye Jia could still perceive the terrifying abnormal movement from below the ground.

What Ji Xuan did just now must be more than just removing the soil layer.

Even if buried tens of meters deep, this kind of breath cannot be completely concealed. It can make Ye Jia unable to notice from the beginning. Even the little black hand, who is a ghost, only realized something was wrong after observing it for a long time. It must have been imposed other protective measures.

Ye Jia stepped forward and looked down at the bottom of the abyss.

His pupils shrank suddenly.

The icy wind blew his hair, passed his cold sweaty forehead and back of his neck, a shudder bred between his bones and blood, the internal organs seemed to be twisted in an instant, spreading along the veins and bones.

Under the abyss, pitch-black viscous waves rolled.

The malice, so heavy that there is almost no impurities, slowly surged from the depths of the ground and dispersed in the air. The weeds on the ground immediately withered and turned black, the vitality was instantly grabbed, and the surrounding tombstones began to condense layer after layer. The dark mist.

In the waves, one after another human fuzzy faces appeared prominently, and each face was grim and painful, as if making a silent scream. They were struggling under the dark river, and they stretched out their skinny bones toward the sky above their heads. With his hands, the suffocating and terrible breath almost condensed into a solid body, and the screaming fuzzy faces gathered and dissipated in the air, and then were pulled into the dark waves again.

“This… what is this?”

Ye Jia widened his eyes slightly and muttered.

The little black hand gripped his collar tightly, trembling, and stammered: “You, do you still remember what I told you before, that can contaminate the soul and even the ghosts?”

Ye Jia was startled and turned to look at the little black hand on his shoulder: “You mean…?”

The little black hand drilled behind Ye Jia, and said with lingering fear:

“These… all of them.”

At this moment, there was an abnormal movement in the mud on the side.

The sound of nails scratching the coffin board sounded harsh and terrible. The rotting and pale arms broke through the moist and soft soil, pulling out the mutilated body that had been eaten by insects and ants. The scalp on the skull fell, and the dark eyes looked in the direction of the only aliveness. A corpse broke out from under the ground, struggling to stick out the bones of his arms towards Ye Jia.



The rotten vocal cords rubbed hard.

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes slightly, and the cold light of a sharp blade appeared in his palm.

After all, he has seen even more terrifying scenes in the game, and such scenes are not scary for him.

“…Save me…” the rotting body groaned.

“it hurts……”

“It hurts… Mom…” The child’s body cried hoarsely: “It’s so dark…”

“Who can help me……”

Ye Jia was stunned.

These are not monsters.

Rather, it is the soul of a living being tied to the corpse.

While he was stunned, one of the corpse’s rotten phalanx caught his trouser leg, and a sizzling corrosion sounded, and the black mist spread from the place touched by the corpse. Ye Jia suddenly reacted, and the sharp blade slashed across. , Split the piece of cloth that was touched, the cloth was eroded away before it fell on the ground, and a small piece of soil below was also eroded and sunken.

——This kind of maliciousness can even be contaminated even by the ghosts.

Ye Jia’s eyebrows darkened slightly.

The little black hand clenched Ye Jia’s collar, stammered: “What, what should I do?”

Ye Jia gritted her teeth and did not answer.

The sickle is a “tooth”, but the soul of a living person is in front of him.

He turned his head to look at Ji Xuan: “Can it still be sealed again?”

Ji Xuan nodded slightly.

His pale fingertips twitched slightly, and the invisible force bound the black mist in the air and slowly pressed it towards the abyss below the ground. The corpse on the ground lost its vitality as the black mist peeled off, just like It is like a puppet that has lost its restraint, lying on the ground and not moving anymore.

Ji Xuan’s figure shook slightly.

He quickly stabilized, restored his previous calm before Ye Jia looked over, and said:

“I just restored it to its original state now, and cannot seal it permanently.”

The implication is that this place is like a time bomb, and I don’t know when it will completely explode, and this is no longer controlled by Ji Xuan.

Ye Jia lowered his eyes and fixedly stared at the messy cemetery in front of him.

The sun above his head shone again and fell on his shoulders, but he could not feel the slightest warmth.

Eliminate… interference items.

Ye Jia seemed to think of something suddenly, was slightly startled, and looked up in the direction of the city.




The old carpet on the floor was torn up abruptly, and a cloud of dust was raised in the dimly lit room.

One large and one small two scared spirits sat on the beams of the room, like two jelly close to each other.

“What’s the matter?”

“I do not know either!”

“Is he looking for something?”

“I don’t know…”

Two scaring spirits floated towards the young man who was vandalizing the room and asked, “Is there anything we can help?”

Ye Jia turned to look at them.

Ah, so handsome.

He seems to be more handsome after not seeing him for so long.

Intoxicated expressions appeared on the faces of the two frightened spirits with simple facial features, and they said actively and actively: “We have been here for a long time! Just tell us what you need to find!”

Ye Jia took out a piece of paper and drew a pattern on it with simple brushstrokes:

“Have you seen this pattern anywhere in this house?”

The two frightened spirits thought back carefully.

“Eh!” Dashu Ling suddenly thought of something, and suddenly jumped up: “It seems…it seems to be true!”


Dashu Ling pointed to the top of his head.

Ye Jia paused slightly and slowly looked up.

In the darkness, the dusty roof was dusty, but if you look closely, you can still vaguely recognize the tan lines winding on the top of the head, forming an extremely large pattern-and the one deep in his mother’s coffin. The place is exactly the same.


Ye Jia raised his head, fixedly looking at your complicated and weird figure, his eyes deep.

The King of Ghosts is the mother’s substitute.

Therefore, to some extent, his behavior directly represents the mother’s will.

Ye Jia took out his mobile phone, called Liu Zhaocheng, and asked in a calm voice:

“Minister, do you know when the Yin Well began to appear?”

“Um…” Liu Zhaocheng’s voice came from the other side of the microphone. After a long time, he said: “When I entered the Supernatural Administration, many concepts and research were not perfect. In theory, the time when the dark well appeared It should be as long as the city…”

Ye Jia interrupted him: “But, if that’s the case, before the Supernatural Authority appeared, wouldn’t the Yin Well have gathered the Yin Qi for thousands of years?”

Liu Zhaocheng choked: “This…maybe…with the development of mankind…”

Ye Jia’s eyes were dark, and he asked: “When did the concept of Yinjing come up?”

“About thirty years ago.”

“After the reorganization of the Occult Authority?”

Liu Zhaocheng was stunned: “…Yes.”

Ye Jia hung up the phone and sent messages to several others.


Under the building.

In the distance, the milk tea shop on the corner of the street is still open, but it is still as deserted as last time.

The noise of news announcements from the electrical appliance store passed through the glass.

“…Spiritual incidents occur frequently in various places, and our country is urgently formulating relevant measures to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property…”

Ye Jia retracted his sight.

The last time he came under this building, it was hot summer.

And now, the season is approaching autumn, and although there is still the aftertaste of summer in the air, the slightly cold temperature has begun to spread, and it is invading through thin clothes.

The old building stands quietly in front of you, and a gloomy atmosphere emerges from the dark corridor.

Soon, there was a shouting voice not far away:

“Hey! Brother Ye!”

Ye Jia turned to look in the direction of the sound.

I saw Chen Qingye, Wei Yuechu, and Blast walking towards him. Wei Yuechu waved to him and ran all the way to him: “Hey, why are you calling us in such a hurry?”

Ye Jia pursed her lips and looked at Chen Qingye: “Did I let you take the things you brought?”

Chen Qingye nodded.

He opened his backpack and took out the three detection instruments.

“Huh?” Blast raised his brows: “What are you doing with this?”

Ye Jia said: “This is the most sophisticated detection instrument that we confiscated. It is much more sensitive than breath detection.”

Wei Yuechu frowned: “What are we looking for?”

“Malicious.” Ye Jia said.

Several people were taken aback: “Malicious?”

“It’s very similar to Yin Qi, but it’s darker and more vicious, and can even pollute ghosts.” Seeing everyone’s slightly surprised expressions, Ye Jia continued: “The floor area of ​​this building is too big, so we It’s better to act separately.”

Wei Yuechu weighed the instrument in her hand and raised her eyes to look at Ye Jia: “What about you?”

Ye Jia took out the little black hand from his pocket and shook it: “I use it.”

Everyone: “…”

Wait, isn’t this the item you said can only be used once?

The little black hand waved friendly at the three people in front of him: “Hi!”

Everyone: “………………”

What the **** is this?

Ye Jia didn’t seem to have any intention to explain. He put Xiao Hei hand on his shoulder, turned his head and said to the other three:

“Let’s go, if you find anything, feel free to contact.”

He turned his head to look at Ji Xuan standing aside, paused without a trace, and slowly said:

“Just wait for us outside.”

The corners of Ji Xuan’s lips twitched slightly, and a trace of smile passed deep in the dark red pupils, and he responded softly:


In the building.

The iron doors were closed tightly, and the gray walls were covered with traces of random graffiti. There was no popularity in the entire building, only the steady sound of footsteps echoing in the empty corridors.

The autumn sun shines in through the fuzzy and dirty glass, barely illuminating the gloomy environment in front of me.

After the murder, the residents in this building moved out one after another. Coupled with the subsequent Hyakki Nights, it has almost become an abandoned empty building.

Ye Jia walked forward alone, her tall and tall figure outlined by a faint light, and it appeared extraordinarily clear and vivid in the gloomy corridor.

Xiao Hei held his shoulders tightly, looking around, looking for any clues.

They go deeper and deeper.

The little black hand asked: “Eh…Speaking of which, why did you suddenly remember to come back here?”

“There are so many skinned girls and so many places where they died. Is there anything special here?” It scratched its palm, and asked puzzledly: “Besides, the people in your administration had already checked this place back then. Has it been once?”

Ye Jia looked into the darkness in the distance and said:

“A young girl, why would she enter this building alone?”

He silently glanced across the corridor in front of him, as well as the locked rooms, and continued: “The file says that there are no relatives and friends of her in this building, and her address is in another part of the city. On the one hand, however, she took the ghost bus and rushed to most of the city from a distance, just to come to this building and die. Why do you think?”

The little black hand was taken aback: “You mean…?”

“Yes.” Ye Jia nodded, slightly narrowed his pale eyes, looked around the gloomy environment in front of him, and said calmly:

“It’s more important where you die than who it was that died.”

——The location of this building is the key point.

They continued to move forward, searching for any unusual fluctuations inch by inch.

At this moment, Ye Jia’s cell phone rang.

He switched on the phone, and there was a hum of electric current from the microphone, Wei Yuechu’s voice intermittently passed through the other side of the microphone, her voice sounded a little unstable: “…basement…come… …”

She seems to have discovered something.

Ye Jia refreshed.

He put the phone back in his pocket, and then hurried towards the basement as quickly as possible.

The light in the basement was even dim, and the overhead light tube flickered slightly, making a sizzling noise, illuminating the messy and dirty rough wall.

A gloomy rancid smell floated in the air.

Wei Yuechu stood at the end of the corridor, her delicate face sinking slightly, her hands were still humming the chainsaw, and the wall in front of her had been violently broken.

Inside the wall, countless dried bones appeared. Skulls overlapped with skulls. They all showed a nearly dry form, as if all the water in the flesh had been drained, and the gray-brown skin was tightly collapsed on the bones. Each face presents a distorted and painful expression, and behind the bones, there is a huge totem, which is deeply burned on the wall, as if it has been integrated with the wall. , Looks extremely terrible.

The other two came one after another.

Blast gasped in surprise: “What is this?!”

Although Chen Qingye looked calmer, his chest, which was undulating slightly faster, also showed that he was not very calm.

Ye Jia turned to look at Chen Qingye, and said, “Did you bring the map?”

Chen Qingye nodded, and took out a map of M City from his backpack.

Ye Jia spread the map on the open ground, and then stretched out his hand: “Pen.”

Chen Qingye handed the pencil he had brought to Ye Jia.

Ye Jia first found the location of the building on the map, made a mark, and then raised his eyes to look at Chen Qingye: “Where are the other skinned girls’ bodies found?”

Chen Qingye squatted down beside the map, and tapped his finger on the city map:

“Here, and here…”

After marking, Ye Jia turned to look at Wei Yuechu: “Where is the woman whose heart was dug out?”

Wei Yuechu pointed it out.

After Ye Jia marked all the places where the bodies were found, he circled four places again.

Three known wells.

There is also a well that was bought by Ji Xuan.

Finally, he paused slightly, smoothed the folded corner of the city, and slowly drew a circle on the location of the cemetery on the outskirts of the city.

Ye Jia connected all these points in chronological order.

The other three people watched his movements unclearly. Wei Yuechu frowned, tilted his head, examined the pattern shown on the map, and asked, “What is this?”

At this moment, the little black hand poked out from Ye Jia’s shoulder. After observing the pattern in front of him for a while, it suddenly said:

“This is the door.”

Everyone was shocked and looked at the little black hand one after another.

Xiao Hei Shou was startled and shrank back instinctively, but was caught by Ye Jia in his palm.

Ye Jia frowned slightly: “Door?”

The little black hand shook his fingers and said, “Yeah, I told you before, all our ghosts come out of the door.”

——One day, the door suddenly opened.

——The door is there, as long as you see it, you can get out.

It added: “However, the one we passed through was a small door that was only two or three meters high.”

The little black hand looked at the map and continued:

“I haven’t seen such a big door.”


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