After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 89

According to this logic…

Ye Jia turned to look at the man sitting beside him.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, and his dark red eyes were dark and inexplicable.

Since the direct bloodline of the person who opens the door is his own, then the direct bloodline of the person who makes the door can only be—

“…Ji Xuan.”

“Ji Xuan!”

The low and solemn voice of the middle-aged man came from the door.

The door was pushed a corner, and a dim yellow light shone in through the gap, falling on the pale face of the young man, illuminating his dull eyes.

The young man turned his head and looked in the direction of the sound. A pair of dark and bright eyes were hidden under the long eyelashes, reflecting the glazed gleam in the darkness. His voice was tender and clean: “Father.”

“How did you do today’s homework?”

“It’s done.” The boy replied calmly.

“Did you eat it all?”


“Very good.” The man standing at the door smiled contentedly, turned around, and beckoned to his back.

A piece of food was pushed in.

The boy with dark eyes lowered his head: “Thank you, father.”

The door closed again, and the room became completely dark again.

The boy stood up, walked to the door step by step, squatted down, and lifted the tray.

His feet were bare, his feet were stained red with sticky blood, and he made a sticky sound as he walked.

The broken limbs and meat were scattered on the dark and damp ground, and those limbs were twisted in blue and white, and seemed to be turning into black dust at a speed visible to the naked eye, dissipating in the air.

The air was full of foul and **** smells.

A few drops of dark red blood were splashed on the pale cheeks of the young man, and they slowly fell down along his side face, like deep wounds in the darkness.

He sat on the ground among the devil’s severed limbs, and began to eat without changing his face.


Blast sat on the floor amidst the messy information, his brows furrowed, and his complexion seemed a bit tangled.

With a mobile phone in his hand, he lowered his head, turning over and saying:

“I checked, the Ji family, who invested in the Supernatural Administration, seemed to be very influential 40 or 50 years ago.”

“How do you say?” Chen Qingye leaned over, scanning the dense small print on the phone screen at a glance.

Blast scratched his head: “Well, anyway, it seems to be quite rich.”

His fingertips slid down, and the black characters on the screen swiftly passed, all of which were all areas that this family had dabbled in, which seemed quite accomplished.

“It seems that the ancestors can be traced back to M City a long time ago,” Blast said with emotion, “oldmoney…”

Chen Qingye nodded: “Indeed…”

He frowned slightly: “However, now I don’t seem to have heard of this family. What happened to them later? Did they decline?”

“Ah…” Blast was stunned for a moment, and his slid hand stopped: “Look here.”

A wildfire destroyed the main house of the Ji family on the outskirts of M City, and it seems that few people have survived.

Blast shook his head, and said with emotion: “It’s a pity, where did you say that their family has so much money?”

“Trust fund, probably.” Chen Qingye wasn’t quite clear about this, so he guessed the answer casually and prevaricated: “What then? Is there anything else to say?”

“Ah…” Blast pulled the page to the bottom: “Nothing.”

Chen Qingye: “Are there any photos or things in it?”

blast: “No.”

Chen Qingye’s brows furrowed tighter: “Look at the administrative bureau’s files for any relevant information.”

The two men carefully looked through all the materials when the administration was first established, but apart from the document that wrote the source of investment funds, no one mentioned the family.

Blast is worrying: “What should I do?”

Chen Qingye pondered for a while and stood up: “Maybe, we can ask the insider.”

“Hey hey…!” Blast hurriedly grabbed his sleeve, but when he grabbed it, suddenly there were so many bugs hidden in the opponent’s sleeve, and he hurriedly let go: “But, but , I think we should act low-key?”

“Ace once trusted him, we should be able to.” Chen Qingye turned to look at Blast: “Or, do you have a better idea?”

blast: “…okay.”

He sighed languidly, scratched the back of his head full of fiery red hair, and stood up.

I always feel…it’s not his strong suit to keep secrets.


“…Ji’s family?” Liu Zhaocheng was taken aback: “What are you asking for?”

“It’s just that when sorting out the information, I found some unfamiliar vocabulary.” Chen Qingye replied without changing his face: “Because Ye Jia once asked you about the problems before the reorganization of the administration, so I think you should Can answer some of our puzzles.”

Liu Zhaocheng raised an eyebrow: “Collate the materials? It’s time to sort out, what other materials are you sorting out?”

Chen Qingye: “Routine…”

Blast interrupted him impatiently: “Oh old man, do you know…”

Chen Qingye knocked him on the head with no expression.

“Oh.” Blast covered his forehead and stopped speaking aggrievedly: “Why are you hitting me again?”

“Because you owe it.” Chen Qingye said calmly.

He turned his head to look at Liu Zhaocheng, and said, “I just saw the name on the related materials of the establishment of the administration, and I was a little confused.”

“Hmm.” Liu Zhaocheng touched his bald head: “I have only been in the administration for thirty years, and I am actually not very clear about the things when it was established…”

blast: “Look, see, I said it’s useless to ask this old man…”

“But ah,” Liu Zhaocheng’s voice interrupted Blast’s yelling: “I can be considered a native of M City, and I still know some rumors about this family…”

Chen Qingye’s spirits lifted up: “Like what?”

“First of all, his family is really rich.” Liu Zhaocheng narrowed his eyes, as if lost in thought.

“We’ve known this for a long time, old man.” Blast rolled his eyes impolitely, “How can I invest in the Occult Administration without money?”

Liu Zhaocheng glared at him: “Are you listening or not?”

Chen Qingye turned his head and glanced at him faintly. In his sleeves, the black A-Chang poked out his head and waved his cheeks threateningly at him.

blast: “…”


Chen Qingye: “You continue.”

Liu Zhaocheng took a deep breath slowly and said, “Also…their family are all lunatics.”


The two people in front of him were surprised.

“Crazy man?” Chen Qingye frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

Liu Zhaocheng: “It means literally.”

He pulled a chair covered with dust and sat down: “In his family, eight out of ten people have been in a mental hospital.”

“Speaking…” Liu Zhaocheng thought for a while, and said: “There was a rumor at the time, which was actually quite nonsense. What’s the business with ghosts and gods in private, that’s why there are so many lunatics in the house.”

“…Deed?” Chen Qingye was taken aback for a while.

Liu Zhaocheng took out his handkerchief and wiped the greasy sweat on his forehead, and said, “Yes, those things that are often rumored by the people. Some people say that his family is dealing with fox fairies, and some people say that it is something with ghosts and ghosts. Yes, in short…not a decent fairy.”

“What do you think their family invested in the Supernatural Administration for?” Chen Qingye asked.

“For what?” Liu Zhaocheng laughed, “Of course it’s money.”

“What is money!” The tall man stood in the room, his voice suddenly raised.

He is not young anymore, but his face is very handsome, it looks sharp and angular under the light, it has a deep and cold like mixed blood, a pair of dark eyes radiate a fanatical light in the deep eye sockets, which makes people feel instinctively. Fear and cringe, he clenched his fists, and the handsome face became distorted, looking a little horrible: “If this thing really succeeds, do you know what we can get?”

“But…” the woman’s voice sounded.

“To shut up!”

A crisp slap in the face sounded in the room.

Then, the woman sobbed in a low voice.

Outside the window.

The young man hugged his back against the wall and sat quietly in the darkness. He raised his eyes and looked at the starless and moonless sky above his head, with a pair of dark eyes with an inexplicable expression.

It is midsummer, but he is wearing long trousers and long sleeves.

Under the loose neckline, you can see the bleeding welts, which seem to be newly printed. The new and the old overlap, which is particularly shocking on the child’s white and delicate skin.

After a long time.

The man opened the door on the other side, and the sound of footsteps gradually moved away.

In the bright room, the woman with swollen cheeks on half of her face was holding her face, and big tears fell drop by drop, penetrating into the ground.

Suddenly, she turned her head to look aside as if she was aware of something.

The young man stood at the dividing line between light and dark, his face immersed in the shadow, only a pair of bright black eyes penetrated the darkness, quietly looking at the woman in front of him.

“A Xuan…” The woman reached out to the boy: “Come to my mother.”

The boy stood there and didn’t move.

“I know… I entrusted you to your father’s care since I was a child. It was my mother’s fault.” The woman’s voice was sad and choked: “…You have grown taller.”

The boy hesitated and walked into the light.

There is no superfluous expression on a pale and beautiful face, but there is an indifference and maturity that does not match the age.

The woman stood up, walked to him, spread her arms and embraced the boy:

“you lost weight.”

Warm tears fell on the boy’s shoulders, and he shook slightly when he was hot.

“Your dad also loves you very much, he just didn’t show it…” The woman tenderly pressed a kiss on the boy’s cheek: “Trust mother, don’t run away from now on.”

The boy did not answer.

“…A Xuan.” The woman called him softly in his ear.



Liu Zhaocheng was taken aback for a moment: “How do I know if there is a person by this name in his family? You know, they are rich, and there are many other people in the family.”

“Okay.” Chen Qingye gave up exploring this issue.

After more than forty years have passed, it is really impossible for people to remember whether there is a person named Ji Xuan in it.

He changed directions and continued to ask: “Do you know what happened to the subsequent wildfire?”

“That…” Liu Zhaocheng thought for a while: “I hadn’t joined the bureau at the time, so I just remember that it seemed that the whole house was on fire at the time, and half of the sky was reflected in red at night.”

Blast asked, “Hey, do you know how the fire started?”

Liu Zhaocheng: “It should be a fire…”

He sighed: “It was very miserable anyway, it seems that the corpses dragged out of it have been burned into a human shape, all turned into a coke-like appearance, there is no way to tell who is who.”

“Is it possible to murder arson or something?” Blast blinked, raised a hand, and a cluster of flames sprang up from his fingertips.

He chuckled: “Isn’t it all performed like this in TV series?”

After the murder, in order to destroy the corpses, he simply burned the entire mountain.

The flame was beating at the fingertips of blast, burning, reflected in his eyes, like a burst of flames.

The fire reflected in the young boy’s eyes. Although there was still no other expression on his face, he looked a bit alive.

“Okay, let’s leave together.” The woman seemed to finally make up her mind and took the young man’s hand: “We can live in other cities together, where your father can’t find us.”

The young man’s dark eyes lit up with scorching fire.

Under the collar, the whip marks have faded away, leaving only the skin with light brown scars. His height has risen, almost flush with the woman’s chest.

He whispered a low “um”, and the corners of his mouth curled slightly, revealing a short smile.

“Mom’s private money is hidden nearby. Come and fetch it with me,” the woman said.

“Okay.” The boy nodded.

“Where is this?” The young man took a step back slowly.

“who are you?”

Immediately afterwards, the heavy palms of several adults fell on his slender shoulders, pulling him back abruptly.

“…Let go of me!” The young man clenched his mother’s palm, clenching his teeth, his dark eyes gleaming like wolf pups with a cold and cruel light.

The woman raised her hand and took the boy’s wrist.

Then, little by little, she took her hand out of the other’s spasm finger.

The young man was stunned, and several sturdy men beside him took the opportunity to pounce on him.

The child’s teeth were sharp and merciless, and instantly tore a piece of meat from one of the hands. The scream was accompanied by splashes of blood. The piece of meat fell into the dust, rolled a few times, and hit the side of the man’s boot, and stopped. Down.

“It’s just a kid, what’s the matter with you?” The familiar voice of the man sounded above his head, with a somber and majestic tone.

The boy looked up.

The man stretched out his hand and took the woman’s shoulders, and the woman leaned forward with a smile.

The dark pupils suddenly tightened.

In the next second when he was distracted, several other people stopped him and dragged the still struggling teenager to the center of the clearing.

The red and black lines on the ground were staggered, which looked particularly treacherous and terrible in the dark night. Several bulges regularly bulged under the ground, and scarlet blood spread out from it.

“…Why?” The boy’s voice was low, with an incredible tremor.

The man sighed and turned his head to look at the woman beside him: “After the kid grows up, it will be difficult to discipline, especially since his ability to absorb and grow is so fast that we can hardly hold him.”

He smiled slightly and pressed a kiss on the woman’s forehead:

“Thank you for coming back, otherwise we really don’t know what to do.”

The young man’s eyes were staring at the woman not far away, his dark eyes flashed with a particularly paranoid look, his voice was suppressed, and he asked every word:


The woman looked back at him and smiled and said, “You are a good and grateful child.”

In the depths of those dark, gentle eyes, there was a look exactly like the man beside him.

-Fanatic, extreme, crazy.

She said: “You must be willing to repay our nurturing grace, right?”

Scarlet blood oozes slowly from under the ground, grabbing the boy’s waist like tentacles, and pulling him down little by little.

The boy didn’t struggle, his face was calm.

…Is abandoned.

He raised his eyes, looked around at the people around him, and slowly passed over the familiar and hideous faces. The expression in his pitch-black eyes was indifferent, and the whispers that he could always hear in his ears became clearer. It’s like whispering beside him.

The light in the youth’s bright eyes faded.

It was like a dark night, without stars and moon, dark and cold.

New things rolled out under the dark and filthy mud, which looked exactly like his parents.

The same paranoia, the same madness.

He smiled, his voice was low, as if he was in a conversation with an intangible existence:


The wooden box placed aside suddenly began to vibrate violently.

Excited and trembling expressions surged uncontrollably on the faces of both the man and the woman.

A small, shriveled, unknowingly stored sarcoma for hundreds of years rolled out and fell into the blood snaking on the ground.

It skyrocketed at a speed visible to the naked eye, becoming round and full, as if it had been given life again.

It rolled toward the center of the clearing.

The boy lowered his eyes and pinched it in his palm.

There were screams in the distance, which seemed to be preventing him from following actions. They screamed and cursed, but they couldn’t touch the half of Ji Xuan who was deeply in the blood.

The boy ate the sarcoma bit by bit.

Chewing and swallowing, the scarlet liquid dripped down his lips, dripping into the black and red lines on the ground.

He raised his eyes, the dark red color spread and spread in the depth of those dark eyes, scarlet swallowed the darkness, like condensed blood churning under those dark eyes.

In the next second, the blood on the ground skyrocketed instantly.

As if it had life, it swept towards the people around it, roaring, swallowing, chewing, and releasing its greedy appetite.

The screams and laughter were mixed in everything, resounding through the dark and dull sky.

Until, everything is quiet.

Everything was eaten.

The boy smiled.

very nice.

So we can be together forever.


Inside the dark school building.

The crazy voices of ghosts echoed in the cold corridor, and the harsh screams of the hunted humans came from afar, like a razor that cuts through the night.

Get used to it, very boring.

The little boy walked slowly along the empty corridor.

In the darkness in the distance, thick hair wriggled on the wall, wandering like a snake, chasing the humans ahead.

He turned his head to look in the direction of the sound.

The headed young man is slender, with sweat on his forehead, and a pair of light-colored eyes gleaming with scorching light in the dark, as if it was a fire that was burning in the abyss, with a stinging burning sensation.

Very disgusting look.

The little boy calmly watched the opponent wiped his side and ran over.

He looked at the black hair that seemed to be about to pounce at him not far away, and squinted his eyes.

court death.

The snake-like hair flinched, slowing down the speed of the pursuit.

In the next second, the little boy felt that his wrist was suddenly pulled by a burst of force. The hot palm of the other party was tightly pressed against his cold skin, bringing a temperature that seemed to be able to burn him. He was taken aback. For a moment, turned his head to look.

The youth oozes fine sweat on his forehead, his eyes are sharp, and his tone is cold:

“Stunned what! Run!”

The little boy was forced to tugged and ran. He raised his head and fixedly stared at the back of the young man in front of him, with a trace of scarlet light passing through his eyes.

He licked his lips silently.



“Why? Feeling softened again?”

“It’s a good thing that he is young. There is a lack of a broiler in the team.”

The voice of the youth came from a distance, and the tone was flat and indifferent.

The little boy’s figure was hidden in the dark, with a pair of scarlet eyes squinted slightly. He raised his head and looked at the sky of Yongye in the game, with the same calm expression.

Do you want to eat?

“Follow me, don’t leave. If you run into danger because of running around, I won’t be able to save you.”

The young man lowered his head and warned coldly.

Those light-colored eyes fixedly staring at him like scorching firelight in the dark, the glazed eyes reflecting the surrounding blood, shining with a beautiful luster.

Ji Xuan felt that his stomach was constricting and convulsing, clamoring for hunger, he nodded obediently.

I really want to know what kind of expressions those players will have when they see what is waiting for them ahead…

The only pity is that I can’t eat each other myself.


Ji Xuan raised his hand to press on his stomach, his lips twisted slightly into a sick smile.

The glare burst.

The warm palms of human beings clenched his wrists involuntarily.

——The woman held his wrist tightly and pulled out her hand little by little.

The youth forcefully violently pulled him out.

Ji Xuan raised his eyes.

Hunger surging in his body, endless desires burned his body, and the scarlet cold tongue rubbed the tip of his teeth.

More hungry.

The little boy raised his face and smiled on his lips: “Be next to you, don’t separate, right?”

“…Yes.” The young man was obviously taken aback.


The little boy squinted his eyes slightly, his long eyelashes covering the dark red light under his eyes.

The youth’s expression became a little soft, and he nodded casually, rubbing the top of the little boy’s hair in front of him:


——Let’s be together forever, brother.

“Brother.” Ji Xuan said without warning.

Ye Jia was taken aback: “What?”

“You stared at me for a long time.” With a smile on his lips, the man leaned over and leaned closer: “Anything you want to tell me?”

Ye Jia stepped back, his eyes flickered: “It’s nothing.”

“What do you want to ask?” Ji Xuan raised his hand and placed it gently on the young man’s wrist, his slender and pale fingers tightened slightly, and the smile on his lips deepened:

“I will never deceive my brother.”

The wrists in the palms are long and icy, without a trace of human temperature, as pale and warm as jade.

Ji Xuan lowered his eyes and approached without a trace.

The scarlet eyes were half-contracted, his gaze fell on the face of the young man in front of him, and his gaze fell down from the smooth-lined browbone of the other person, and fell along the tip of his nose, finally staying in the light color. Lips pursed slightly because of absent-mindedness.

He licked his lips, his scarlet tongue swept across his lips, and there was a hint of greed in his eyes.



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