After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 9

After an anxious and long wait, rescue finally arrived.

The rubber of the tire rubbed against the ground and made a harsh sound. As soon as the door opened, Liu Zhaocheng rushed up at the fastest speed.

The higher the level of the combat section, the stronger the ability and the fewer the number of people. Since M City is not too big, the highest level combat section squad resident is only Grade D.

The captain of this team is named Lin Cheng. He is a tall, dark-faced middle-aged man. He is the only C-level member of the entire team.

As soon as Lin Cheng got out of the car, he ran into Liu Zhaocheng who was rushing over.

Liu Zhaocheng couldn’t take care of wiping off his bald head and sweaty beads, so he began to share information like bullets:

“You are finally here! There are six of our people trapped in it, five F-level combat divisions, and one of our logistics department. At first, we just thought it was an ordinary wandering spirit but…”

Lin Cheng looked in the direction Liu Zhaocheng pointed.

When he saw the sight in front of him, he couldn’t help being taken aback: “This…!”

A thick and filthy black-gray mist enveloped the teaching building strictly and solidly. In the night, the blurred outline became more and more chaotic and ambiguous, like a terrible beast lurking in the dark night, silently opening its blood basin and hunger. Reeling and waiting to kill and eat.

Lin Cheng calmed down. He lowered his head and turned over the reading analysis that Liu Zhaocheng had handed over.

The more he watched, the more frightened he became, and his back was soaked with cold sweat.

The instrument has no way to tell what kind of enemy they are facing, and can only faithfully present those terrifying readings.

Even if he didn’t need to observe closely, Lin Cheng knew very well that those who had already entered might not be saved.

He put down the file and took a deep breath:

“I’ll report to my boss to see if he can deploy an A-level team to solve it. You are responsible for sealing off the surrounding area of ​​the school, and contact the relevant department to see if it can be…”

Before Lin Cheng finished speaking, he was interrupted by the eager Liu Zhaocheng:

“What about my people?”

Lin Cheng’s expression is sad:

“…The chances of survival are too small. Even those members of the combat division who want to escape alive require extremely rich combat experience and great luck, but if they are ordinary people in the logistics department…”

He sighed and shook his head:

“I’m afraid the gods will not be able to save them when they come.”


Inside the teaching building.

The logistic member who could not be saved by the gods was standing alone in a small space. The floor had turned into a thick black and viscous semi-gel, and more dark and stinking liquids poured out of the cracks in the walls, ceilings, and sinks. , Gurgling bubbling.

Those ubiquitous slime condensed into huge tentacles, attacking him from all directions.

The offensive was fierce and crazy, and gave no chance to breathe.

“Wait, wait… Don’t worry…” Ye Jia tried to communicate normally with the sucker while defending.

“What did you mean by that?”

The water-like blade dashed silently through the air, accurately blocking every attack from the opponent.

Ye Jia asked persistently: “What is it, if it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t come at all? Who is he?”

Repeated misses made the sucker become more manic, and it hissed angrily:

“I want to peel off your skin little by little, tear off your flesh, I want you to live watching how I crush your bones, take out your internal organs, drink your blood, and tear your soul To pieces!”

The viscous, foul-smelling liquid under my feet boiled.

“I want you to be worse than death, weak and struggling in pain, until the end begging for me to eat you!”

Ye Jia had a headache.

…It’s impossible to communicate at all!

Shaking God, his wrist was hit by the opponent’s tentacles.

The moment it touched human skin, the shape of that tentacle immediately changed.

It was a terrible hand with weirdly long fingers, skinny, and only a layer of asphalt-like gelatinous skin covering the skeleton, wet and sticky, as if it were the limbs of a dead person soaked in water.

That ugly hand gripped Ye Jia’s wrist tightly, and the place where it touched made a sizzling noise, and a layer of coke-like darkness instantly soaked the skin texture.

Hoarse and crazy laughter sounded in the narrow public toilet:

“Hahahahahahaha… I didn’t expect that the once famous ACE could actually fall into my hands!”

The mark of the smoker is branded on the soul.

-As long as it is marked, the prey can no longer escape.

The sucker will be wrapped tightly like a bone gangrene, feeding on the negative emotions of the marked person, and sucking it out little by little.

This is also the origin of its name.

“Hahahahahahahahaha!” The sucker’s voice was pleasant and vicious: “He wouldn’t have thought that someone he had been looking for for so long would become my nourishment and die miserably in pain and fear! I want him to …”

The next second, its voice suddenly choked.

“This this…”

The little black hand crawled out from under Ye Jia’s collar.

It looked at the very familiar scene in front of it, sighed sympathetically, and said to the smoker:

“Brother, don’t take it too seriously, I also said it for the first time.”

Ye Jia smiled and grabbed the little black hand on his shoulder, squeezing it hard, it let out a scream, and then retracted again.

The smoker suddenly realized the danger he was facing.

It suddenly stretched the new tentacles into the shape of a blade, and fiercely chopped off the tentacles wrapped around Ye Jia’s wrist.

The cut-off dead man’s hand lost its fixed shape in the next second, and it melted into a pitch-black mucus.

The mucus dripped on the youth’s white and clean skin, and then slowly penetrated into it, like a drop of water falling into the sea, disappearing instantly.

Ye Jia lowered his eyes, his light-colored pupils were like a gray sky after a storm.

He suddenly said, “Did you know? Every ghost has a different taste.”

“Some are like food, some are delicious, some are not tasty, and others taste a little stranger, like old dusty books, or wet towels on a cloudy day,” he raised his eyes to look in front of him gradually. The pitch-black slime that shrank away: “And your taste…”

Ye Jia frowned:

“Like a rotting slug.”

Little Black Hand: “…”

Damn it.

It suddenly recalled the situation that day-at that time, it tried to swallow the other’s vitality, but it was exposed to the mud formed by dense ghost energy.

Unable to escape, he could only be pulled into the whirlpool, and watched as the ghost energy entangled in his body was eaten up little by little by the other party.

It didn’t want to understand what happened, but now… it seems that everything can be explained.

The little black hand tremblingly climbed Ye Jia’s shoulders, tears streaming down his heart, screaming frantically—

Help ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! ! !

The smoker made a decisive decision, turned around and fled.

However, before it escaped, a sharp blade shimmering with silver light lay precisely in front of its body. The crescent-like blade was as cold as a stream of light, as if it could cut through everything.

Not all players can have their own weapons.

Their weapons are often redeemed from the game with high points, and they have an expiration date.

ACE is the only exception.

No one knows where his mysterious sickle that can destroy gold and jade comes from. Some people speculate that it is a reward for some hidden mission. Some people think it is a bug in the game system. Once jealous players organized an ambush and tried to **** him. Weapons and points.

No one knows what happened that day.

They can only see that in the standings, ACE’s points have doubled tenfold overnight, and those who ambush him never show up again.

But now, after intimate contact with this mysterious sickle, the smoker realized in horror—

It’s not a weapon, but more like… some kind of extremely cold, extremely pure, extremely terrifying ghostly manifestation, which is a part of the extension of the opponent’s soul.

“Don’t be so anxious.”

The youth’s voice came from behind, gentle and indifferent, with a little laziness and carelessness: “Talk to me.”

The smoker felt a panic.

The temporary domain is about to fail, the area it can control is shrinking little by little, but an invisible sense of oppression spreads from the opponent, abruptly letting it reveal its body.

It has a rotten and swollen head and a combination of eight pitch-black tentacles. The end of each tentacles is a dead hand. The palms are dark and blue, and the foul-smelling mucus drips down from its body. sound.

After realizing that he could not run away, the sucker stopped struggling, but twisted his head towards Ye Jia and let out a weird laugh:

“Hey…hehehe…what do you want to talk about?”

“Is the “he” you just said, the ghost that wiped out your entire lair? Ye Jia frowned, remembering what the little black hand said earlier, and added: “Or… is it your king?”

“Wang? Hahahahahahahahahahaha?” The smoker laughed hoarsely as if he had heard some of the funniest jokes in the world, “What kind of king is he? Don’t think we will all get the game’s approval. Listen to him… he is not a king! No!”

Ye Jia followed the other’s words and asked:

“Then what is he?”

The ugly and vicious head suddenly twitched, it was a kind of subconscious panic and retreat:

“…He is a lunatic!”

—It still remembers the appearance of that person when he appeared at the entrance of the smoker’s lair.

It was a teenager who was only ten years old, his face was pale, his shoulders were narrow, and his fragility seemed to be instantly swallowed by the black rolling behind him.

The young man opened a pair of dark and dark eyes, and seemed to be a little bit ungrateful.

He asked in a low voice:

“…Did you see my brother? He is gone, I can’t find him anywhere.”

The overwhelming vicious ridicule pouring out from the cave, it and its own clan laughed wildly, mocking, and humiliating the young boy in front of it.

The young man seemed to be totally inaudible. He still looked around blankly but anxiously, as if he was still looking for something that didn’t exist.


“Your brother?” A hoarse and soft voice sounded: “I’ve seen it.”

The young man was slightly startled, a blaze of light lit up in his eyes, and he looked at the place where the sound was coming from.

“I’ve tasted… it’s really delicious, his blood and fear are so sweet, I’ve never tasted such a delicious player,” the hissing voice sounded sweet and vicious: “- I really want to try it again. .”

Suddenly, for almost no reason, the smoker felt an instinctive shudder from the bottom of his heart.

It didn’t know why it felt that kind of creepy feeling from this young man, obviously it could only feel it when it encountered a ghost of A grade or higher.

In the next second, a trace of scarlet surged in the depths of the boy’s eyes.

The red color rolled quickly, and quickly swallowed the gloomy blackness.

No smoker realizes what is happening before his eyes.

Even their laughter never stopped.

The sound of “cuckling” bone rubbing sounded.

The skinny boy’s figure gradually changed, his limbs stretched and elongated, and his silhouette became tall and tall.

With the change of his body shape, a strong sense of oppression suddenly spread.

The laughter became sparse, until finally disappeared completely.

There was only a dead silence that was too weird.

The man stood against the light, only the redness of his eyes was particularly clear under the cover of darkness.

Like a sea of ​​blood, filled with cruel fragrance of flesh and blood.

His voice was soft and dull, with a chilling paranoia:

“Ah…that’s great…”

The comrades beside him watched the strange existence in front of him vigilantly, seeming to speculate on what happened. Only the most courageous sucker backed away in horror and unconsciously expanded his hidden realm.

Before unfolding, it heard the other party’s voice coming from a very distant place, and it sounded light and light, as if it was saying something unusual:

“In this case, as long as I eat you, I will take back part of my brother, right?”


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