After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 94

Ye Jia had no expression on his face: “What are you doing here?”

Ji Xuan stepped forward with an aggrieved expression on his face: “What’s wrong? Brother, don’t you want to see me?”

He leaned closer as he said, Ye Jia had to raise his hand against the opponent’s shoulder, and turned his head: “Hey… don’t get so close.”

However, Ji Xuan seemed to be already familiar with the other party’s trajectory.

He grabbed the young man’s cold wrist and dragged him in his direction.

The distance between the two shortened instantly.

“Wait…” Ye Jia tried to struggle: “Did you not meet Ami?”

“No.” Ji Xuan raised his arm around the opponent’s waist, leaned up facelessly, and rubbed his chin on the opponent’s shoulder: “I will be looking for you shortly after the shadow ghost left.”

Ye Jia: “…”

He slowly took a deep breath and asked: “Then you send it over to spread the word, does it make any sense?”

What an incredible suffocation operation.

Ji Xuan stuck to the other party like cowhide, with a slightly vague voice: “I regretted it after I sent it out.”

Buried in Ye Jia’s neck, he sniffed the cold breath of the other person: “I don’t want to be separated from my brother.”

want to see you.

After the separation, every cell in the body, every moment, every second, clamored for this sentence.

want to see you.

Ye Jia’s eyes paused slightly, he looked away, and his voice was calm: “Mother will be suspicious.”

“Her purpose was originally to separate you and me, so that I can better control it. I hide the whole city now, and I am out of her surveillance. If you too…” He put his hand on the other party’s shoulder: ” Go back, before my mother notices.”

Ji Xuan’s arms tightened: “Hold for a while.”

Ye Jia: “No.”

The figure of the man who hugged his waist suddenly shrank, and Ye Jia was startled. Before he recovered, the other party had turned into the appearance of a eleven or twelve-year-old child, dexterously facing his arms. He went inside, hugged the opponent with his hands and feet, and said softly in a childish voice: “Just a moment.”

Ye Jia was stunned, his eyes fell on the corner of the sofa inadvertently.

The note that he picked up just now fell there, with the traces he just grabbed on the edge, and the messy handwriting on it looked a little fuzzy in the dim light.

Ye Jia’s eyes were dark.

He raised his hand to hug Ji Xuan in his arms, and turned his back slightly to the side without a trace, cleverly blocking the paper full of words:

“…Just for a while.”

Ji Xuan lifted his head from Ye Jia’s arms, a pair of scarlet eyes gleaming like half-condensed blood in the dark, he asked:

“Is there a reward this time?”

Ye Jia paused, lowered his head, quickly pecked the opponent’s forehead, and asked calmly, “Is it all right?”

Ji Xuan: “It’s different from last time.”

Ye Jia: “…”

Get an inch!

He twitched the corners of his mouth, curled his fingers, and knocked **** the opponent’s forehead:

“The time is up, let me go and change back.”

Facts have proved that Ji Xuan will only selectively listen to the part of the order that is beneficial to him.

Therefore, it took Ye Jia a long time to pull Ji Xuan from his body, who had suddenly grown bigger in his arms.

He took a breath, his hair was a little messy, and he pushed Ji Xuan out impatiently:

“Go back!”

“Wait…” Ji Xuan resisted the door frame and looked at the opponent with the eyes of an abandoned dog: “Brother…”

Ye Jia sighed, “It’s not that there is no time when everything is over.”

Ji Xuan lowered his eyes, the previously playful expression dissipated from his eyes, with a bit of concentration and seriousness, the light in his eyes made Ye Jia subconsciously stagnate:

“Then it’s settled?”

Ye Jia: “…what?”

The man’s deep contoured features were shrouded in a dim light, and the deep shadows enveloped his eyes, with a somewhat imperceptible paranoia.

Ji Xuan’s gaze fell on the opponent’s body, and Ye Jia could almost feel the temperature and weight of the opponent’s eyes, as if pouring the fiery emotions of the world on his body, as if he could burn his skin.

His voice was low and gentle, as if it was a whisper in the ears of a lover:

“After everything is over.”

Ye Jia was silent for a long time.

The figure of the young man is like a silent sculpture, shrouded in darkness, without breathing or moving, like a dead thing.

After a long time.


He responded in a low voice.


After being pulled for a “reward” at the end, Ye Jia finally sent the opponent away.

Ye Jia stroked the corners of his lips.

Was bitten.

His fingertips gently rubbed from the wound, and the broken skin disappeared instantly.

Even after the last time, the opponent’s technique still hasn’t improved. The sharp canine teeth scratched his own lips, bringing out a faint smell of blood in his mouth.

Is it a dog?

Ye Jia frowned.

Perhaps because there was a part of the opponent’s strength in his chest, a strange pain spread from the scar.

Ye Jia was distracted.

He suddenly remembered that day, after the end of Hyakki Yakyu, in the corridor, after the other party unbuttoned his shirt, the hideous scar on his chest, and the fatal wound that directly penetrated the heart, looked particularly shocking on the pale skin.

And now…

Ye Jia recalled the feeling when the palm of the other party pierced his chest.

There was not much pain, but it was very cold, and the cool breeze poured into it, every subtle movement of the opponent’s fingers affected his nerves.

Immediately afterwards, he later realized the pain of being transformed into a ghost.

Ye Jia found that he didn’t know when he touched the hurt position.

He laughed, but there was not much smile in his voice.

Ye Jia put away the black notebook properly, then bent down and picked up the scattered paper on the ground one by one.

He watched the burnt clean ashes and confetti flying in the room, and finally disappeared completely.

There was a trace of gunpowder smoke remaining in the room, nothing else.

At this time, his cell phone rang.

Ye Jia switched on the phone.

Blast’s slightly excited voice came from the microphone: “This side of the Supernatural Authority, get it done.”

very good.

In this case, his plan can begin.

Ye Jia turned to leave, sighed and landed in the empty room behind him, and disappeared into the air in an instant, as if he had never appeared before.

[First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the mother cannot return to city m]

“I will use the ghost mythical creature to send you to a position away from my mother who is about to open the door.” Ye Jia said, pointing his finger at the corner of the map: “The two hundred thousand souls are required to be sent to that place, and Ji Xuan’s information is also Confirmed this.”

“Using the props seized from the capital, try your best to hold them.”

The pale fingers of the youth moved to the other corner not far away, and landed on the icon of city m: “And I am back here.”

Since the door was opened for the first time in City M, in the past few decades, all the malicious acts deposited in the ground due to the killings will flow in the direction of City M in the past few decades.

Similar to the principle of the Yin Well Effect, Yin Qi and malice will gather in low-lying areas.

That’s why the mother digs the springs below M City. However, the place where the first door is opened cannot make a second door. So this will inevitably lead to the mother’s need to guide the malice flowing from these springs to her preparation. The place where the door was opened for the second time, and Ye Jia happened to use this time difference to “purify” it in advance before the malicious intention was taken away from M City.

“Very simple, right?” Ye Jia retracted his hand, and when he raised his head, he met Wu Su’s big tearful eyes.

Ye Jia: “!”

I saw the middle-aged man with a beard with tears in his eyes, and he yelled: “Brother Ye!!!”

Ye Jia: “!!!”

Wu Su looked moved, crying like a little girl: “So, so, you really didn’t leave us!!! Uuuuuuuu scared me to death…”

Ye Jia: “…”

He turned his head to look at the others with a calm face: “Does everyone understand?”

Wu Su: “?? Why ignore me, Brother Ye!”

Chen Qingye pushed his glasses: “It’s just that I just feel spicy eyes.”

Blast nodded in agreement.

Wu Su: “…”

My boy’s heart is hurt.

“What’s next?” Blast suddenly thought of something and continued to ask: “After you finish the malicious purification, what should we do?”

Ye Jia: “When the concentration of malice in the world cannot support the mother’s existence, she will be excluded from reality. However, the most primitive, the first door of the game and the real world will not be closed, and the ghosts and monsters will remain. It will exist, but as long as the mother leaves, the balance between humans and ghosts should be gradually restored…So the first thing is to abolish the law and kill the souls of innocent people. It can’t be asked any more…”

“Wait…” Blast interrupted him, frowning with some doubts: “I actually asked, if everything succeeds, do I want to pick you up in M ​​City or something.”

He scratched his head and laughed: “Why did you start talking about reconstruction after the disaster?”

Blast unintentionally continued: “Anyway, you were still with us at that time, you can just say no more then?”

Ye Jia paused without a trace, then raised the corners of her lips and raised a smile:

“you’re right.”

He rolled up the map: “I don’t need to pick me up at that time, I have the ability to protect myself, but you, go deep into the gathering place of ghosts, and you will die if you are not careful.”


The broken limbs rolled in the pool of blood, sticky black and red stuck to everything, continuously exuding a strong smell of blood and rancidity.

The clouds above were so thick that even the slightest light of the sky could not penetrate in.

The surrounding ghosts hovered guarding, whispering:

“Is everything ready?”


“Mother should open the door soon, right?”

“That’s natural, it should be tomorrow…”

Before the voice of the Li ghost fell, he heard the roar and screams of Li Gui not far away. The flesh and blood flew everywhere, and the bleak sky was instantly stained with blood. Those guards instantly Surprised:

“Why, what’s the matter?”

“There is an intruder!!!” A shrill scream came from a distance: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

How could there be an intruder?

In such a central location, the surrounding area is basically strictly guarded. How can an intruder enter this neighborhood without any ghost awareness?

“Hurry up! Report it to mother!” A sharp, deformed neigh came from the Li ghost’s throat.

In addition, the Li Gui shook his jelly-shaped body, and all four or five faces on his face showed the same horrified expression: “Yes…Yes!”

In the distance, blast’s hands are full of hot fireworks that can almost burn the air. Li Gui’s figure is twisted into a weird shape in the blazing fire, and in the screams, it turns into charred debris. Gu worms are on the side. Dancing densely, Ah Chang’s huge dark body was swaying, and the sharp claw feet cut Li Gui’s body in two sections in front of him, and the turbid internal organs rushed down.

“Hahahahahaha!” Blast laughed: “It’s been a long time since it was so cool!”

“Can’t you be quiet at this time?” Chen Qingye glanced at him sternly: “Be careful behind.”

The bullet flew out from the dark barrel, and instantly smashed the head of the Li ghost that was leaping toward the blast. The skull was mixed with brain plasma and blood splashing, looking like a thrilling explosion.

“Wow.” Wu Su’s eyes were shining, and he stared at the new gun in his hand and whistled: “It’s a prop in the game, and the intensity is different.”

Here are all the elites in the Supernatural Administration. They all came with the determination and belief that they will die, so they are extremely brave in combat. Coupled with their unexpected reality, they have formed an unstoppable momentum for a time. In the blink of an eye, he moved forward tens of meters.

m outside the city.

Ye Jia felt that her mother’s breath had left from the depths of the city.

Very good, it seems that the battle over there has been effective.

He raised his hand and pulled up his hood. A pair of scarlet eyes flashed in the shadows like a sharp cold light like a blade out of a sheath. In his palm, a huge sickle slowly emerged, reflecting on the thin blade like a moonlight. The blood-red light of the sky.

The figure of the youth melted into the darkness.

His movements were swift and swift, walking silently, silver light flashed wherever he passed, and Li Gui was cut off his throat before he could even make a sound.

Ye Jia can smell the sticky stench in the air.

After becoming a ghost, his senses have been extremely terribly improved.

He walked through the twists and turns of the tunnel, as if he had already known where his destination was. He didn’t hesitate at all. It was like a shadow passing through the air, quiet as if he had already become a part of darkness.

He was able to smell, the malicious smell was getting stronger and stronger, and the distance was being rapidly drawn away.

Ye Jia raised his hand and pressed it on his chest.

The sarcoma must be taken out at the end, because the moment it was taken out, the mother would be alarmed-she would immediately know what she was making.

Therefore, it must be fast.

There was a slight itching deep in his chest.

Ye Jia suddenly discovered that this wound had an absurd resemblance to that on Ji Xuan’s body.

The same is based on lies and shaped by the opponent’s hands.

Ye Jia didn’t know why he thought of the other party at this time. He forced himself to withdraw his mind, his eyes fixed in the darkness in the distance, and he had vaguely felt the approach of the end.

one way or another……

In order to prevent the other party from doing any irrational behavior, Ye Jia left the notebook with the other party and put it in the room before leaving.

It was given by his mother to his grandfather, and in a sense… it was a family relic.

Ye Jia didn’t know if what he did was correct.

But… this is the best way now.

The door in front showed a vague outline, and a malicious sticky smell came from it——



The mother’s figure appeared above the scarlet blood pool.

She dropped her feet, her pale toes gently stirred the rotting tissue and sticky blood in the blood pool.

“Isn’t it solved yet?” Her voice was still gentle, but the ghosts around shuddered: “It’s all my children, why is the gap so big?”

Behind his mother, the high-ranking ghost who had just arrived joined the battle.

“Bring me the fruits of your victory.” The mother smiled and said in a loving voice: “Kill all that are not marked, and the limbs sink into the pool. I want to catch those marked alive.”

The blood-red tongue sticks out and slowly sweeps across the lips: “Maybe… I will become your brother.”

As soon as the high-ranking ghosts joined, the human side immediately became difficult.

Human screams one after another, and the people in front of them see sweat on their foreheads, and they are somewhat unable to cope with the increasingly powerful and unstoppable attacks.

“Oops…” Blast gritted his teeth, a hoarse voice leaked from his throat, and blood gradually leaked from the corners of his lips.

How long is there?

How long will it last?

Suddenly, he saw that not far away, the figure of a ghost suddenly jumped out, the elongated and thin figure stretched, and the face with blurred facial features quickly approached——

It’s Ami!

Blast was startled, his eyes widened slightly.

But at the moment he was stunned, the opponent had already attacked without mercy.

What…what’s going on?

“Mother.” The man’s familiar voice sounded from not far away: “Do you know why they invaded such a core area?”

Chen Qingye was taken aback for a while, turned his head and looked in the direction of the sound.

I saw Ji Xuan’s figure stepping out of the darkness behind his mother, with a pair of narrow scarlet eyes hanging down, falling on the people below, without the slightest emotional fluctuations in the eyes: “There is internal response.”

Everyone was surprised.

“Ji Xuan, you–” Blast’s eyes flushed, and he gritted his teeth fiercely, as if he wanted to rush out and tear him apart.

Ji Xuan calmly retracted his gaze:

“Mother, you are going to open the door tomorrow, right?”

The mother looked at each other’s face: “Yes, my child.”

Ji Xuan: “In case of any changes, it’s better to start now.”

“Um…” Mother lowered her eyes, as if thinking about the feasibility of the other party’s proposal: “It’s not impossible…”

After two hundred thousand souls were invested, the number of blood sacrifices was enough, and it was only a matter of introducing the maliciousness of M City into it.

as well as……

She raised her eyes, fell behind Ji Xuan, and asked gently, “My child, what do you think?”

The slender figure of the young man slowly walked out of the darkness, a clear and handsome face exposed to the light.

All human beings stared in disbelief, almost unable to believe the existence they saw——

I saw the young man’s scarlet eyes lifted slightly and looked at his mother who was sitting not far away:



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