After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 96

Ye Jia stopped his pace abruptly.

Something’s wrong.

In the darkness ahead, the aura of malice was rapidly diminishing at a rapid speed, as if… disappearing out of thin air.

Ye Jia gritted his teeth, raised his eyes and glanced at the top of his head.

Although this might alarm the ghosts in M ​​City, but…

Can’t wait anymore.

The huge sickle in the palm of the palm flashed with an icy arc in the dark, and the moment it fell, the thick wall in front of him was suddenly cut and collapsed, and the smoke and dust engulfed the metal-like smell and surged.

Not far away is a very deep and deep pothole.

Ye Jia stopped in front of the pothole and looked down.

It was dark, like a deep pit that could never be seen to the bottom, inside it came the sticky smell that came out when maliciously infiltrating the soil, but Ye Jia was very clear that there was nothing underneath.

Ye Jia stared blankly at the dark and deep void below, and the pothole looked back at him, like a lonely eye socket, staring quietly at the young man standing in front of him.

……how come?

Without opening the blood sacrifice, it is impossible for the mother to draw away malice.

Could it be that his plan was discovered?


Ye Jia was the first to deny this idea in his heart.

If you were really discovered, then there shouldn’t be no people here right now.

However, it is impossible for the mother to start the blood sacrifice without his presence. He is one of the necessary introductions…

In the next second, Ye Jia seemed to suddenly realize something, and his pupils suddenly tightened.

It was like piercing the gap between the bones of the spine with a cone of ice, and the bone-chilling chill exploded, making him almost shiver.

He slowly raised his head, and his cold fingertips touched his lips.

Yesterday, the bite was a bit painful under the already repaired skin.

The previously neglected clues suddenly connected in Ye Jia’s mind, linking the scattered fragments together.

Ye Jia turned his head abruptly, his gaze pierced into the darkness, like a sharp blade, penetrating all physical and non-physical spaces.

Draw conclusions quickly in my mind.


It’s too late.


The blood pool was tumbling and transpiring, and the ground shook violently under the shaking. The clouds above his head were like huge roaring waves, rolling up jet black and scarlet waves.

The concentration of yin and malice in the air is so thick that it is almost impossible to breathe.

All the humans present had their eyes widened with pale faces, fixedly looking at the scene beyond imagination before them, feeling fear from the depths of their souls.

So… terrible.

Although BLAST and Chen Qingye, who have experienced the game, are better, their faces are no exception, the same ugly. The sense of crisis cultivated in the battle beats hard in the back of their heads, screaming and pulling frantically, but they seem to be under their feet. It was rooted, stuck firmly under the ground, almost unable to move half a step.

At this moment, Chen Qingye suddenly felt that his arm was pulled by something.

Wei Yuechu blinked at him.

“!” Chen Qingye suddenly widened his eyes, almost unable to believe his eyes.


How could this happen?

Moreover, where did the other party emerge from?

Wei Yuechu hurriedly held the opponent, “hush”, then lowered her voice and said to Chen Qingye:

“Quickly, the blood sacrifice is about to begin. All humans must leave this neighborhood, otherwise they will all be involved.”

This is her mission this time.

If other ghosts under Ji Xuan are allowed to do it, I am afraid it will be difficult to gain the trust of the Authority. Therefore, only people they are familiar with can do this kind of work.

The incomparable shadow ghost sent by Ji Xuan who was fighting with them just now turned his head and secretly gestured at them.

–It’s now.

BLAST and Chen Qingye gritted their teeth, and finally took a deep look at the churning blood pool not far away, and followed Wei Yuechu with the members of other bureaus behind them, and began to evacuate behind the girl’s movements—the girl’s movements were light and silent, and seemed right The neighbourhood is very familiar, and at a glance, I know that a careful plan has already been carried out, using the most unobtrusive way to secretly leave in the direction away from the blood sacrifice.

The tremor on the ground became more intense.

The dry ground cracked open, and the scarlet viscous liquid flowed and infiltrated, and the black mist formed by malicious condensation floated in the air.

Below is the boundary between the other shore and the real world.

Ji Xuan lowered his head and stared at the film. The scarlet limbs of his mother stretched their teeth and claws under the film, and the flesh wriggled, waiting for the moment to break through the barrier.

The power in the body is being pulled, and it is steadily flowing, starting from the feet of the feet, losing strength, and the cold is winding up like a snake.

He lifted his lips slightly without a trace, and his scarlet eyes flashed with dim cold light.


The mother’s human body was suspended in mid-air, her eyes drooping, blood vessels under her pale skin were undulating, her expression was calm, she slowly raised her hand, and the blood pool under her feet quickly evaporated with her movements.

Suddenly, her eyes shrank sharply and stopped without warning.

The mother turned her head and looked at Ji Xuan stubbornly. Her calm and elegant face suddenly became ugly: “You–”

Ji Xuan’s heart was shaken.

The next second, before he could react, his throat was pinched tightly by the tentacles that burst open from the ground.

Ye Jia, standing beside him, was torn up like a broken kite. The young slender figure suddenly broke and turned into a slap-sized doll, which was then torn into pieces.

“How dare you!” The mother’s expression was particularly horrible, her face twisted, and scarlet liquid seeped from under her skin.

The tentacles continued to grow deep, hanging Ji Xuan high in the air, and then tightened vigorously.

He could almost hear the gurgling of his bones being screwed and healed again.

In the severe pain, Ji Xuan gritted his teeth, the powerlessness brought by the blood sacrifice still remained on his body, and he could hardly make any counterattacks.


Obviously the blood sacrifice has not been completed yet, why did his mother find his hands and feet moved?

“You are really bold.” Mother’s voice was hoarse like a ghost: “Then, compared to you, you are ready to accept the price–”

Numerous viscous and surging limbs gush out from under the ground.

Between darkness and scarlet, the sound of a sharp blade piercing the sky suddenly sounded without warning——

Like a cold moonlight, it fluttered across, as if a soft kiss fell from the sky, but it shone with a deadly cold light.

In the next second, plasma splashed, and the limbs wrapped around Ji Xuan’s neck suddenly broke and flew straight out.

Ji Xuan’s body fell down.

The young man’s figure broke through the black fog and smoke, wrapped in blood, and his slender and pale hand wrapped his arms around the opponent’s waist, leading him away from the top of the blood pool.

The two landed not far away.

Ji Xuan looked startled.

He turned his head: “You…”

The stagnant and hoarse voice was stuck in his throat, and his eyes fell on the front of the opponent’s chest, which was wet with blood.

The damp blood soaked layer by layer from the inside to the outside, and the skirt of the clothes was cut, exposing a **** chest.

Ji Xuan could feel a warm touch from the place where the two of them were closely attached.

The smell on the opponent… belongs to humans.

——He now knows exactly what happened just now.


Before the dark pothole, the young man stood quietly.

There was still a malicious residual smell in the abyss below.

Even if he left immediately and rushed to the blood sacrifice place, there was still not enough time.

The only thing that can stop the blood sacrifice… is to make the mother stop actively.

Ye Jia raised his hand and dropped his palm on his chest.

——”This sarcoma must be taken out at the end, because the mother will be alarmed the moment it is taken out.”

She would immediately understand the real position of her other direct line.

Between Ye Jia’s fingers, the sharp blade flashed with a cold shimmer.

The sharp tip pierced the skin and cut the flesh and blood, and the sticky scarlet blood gushed from the wound, dampening the clothes in an instant.

The youth’s face was cold and pale, his eyes drooping slightly, his eyes gradually faded from scarlet under his long eyelashes, and his amber-like pupils flickered in the dark.

His breath trembled, but his fingers were calm and steady.

It’s ok.

Just… dig it out.


Ji Xuan felt his throat shrink suddenly.

It hurts.

It was like being stabbed in the chest by a sharp blade and stirred indiscriminately, abruptly tearing his internal organs to pieces.

This kind of pain was thousands of times more terrifying than what he had just experienced, and his nerves were trembling, no less than a living Ling Chi.

It hurts.

He raised his hand, his fingers trembling visibly, staying in the air.

Ji Xuan gritted his teeth, his fingertips afraid to move forward.

He had never felt this way before.

So strange, so scary, so… panic.

“Does it hurt…?” The man’s voice was hoarse, his vocal cords seemed to have been cut with a blunt knife, and every syllable was **** pain, and even when he was breathing, he could feel the **** smell that suddenly diffused.

Ye Jia turned his head and glanced at the other person.

His face was pale, without a trace of blood, he was more like a ghost than a human, with cold sweat on his forehead, and blood that hadn’t dried up on his lips.

In the next second, the young man raised his foot and kicked Ji Xuan’s stomach.

The opponent was kicked out unsuspectingly and fell to the ground half a meter away.

Ji Xuan raised his head blankly.

Ye Jia’s voice is cold:

“You lied to me?”

His knuckles creaked, seemingly engulfed in flaming anger.

——What to say, after everything is over, it is actually a lie.

What a liar with rhetoric.

Ji Xuan: “…”

He laughed suddenly, but his tone was gentle as if to cry:

“Isn’t brother the same?”

He said that he would never be separated, but in fact he was ready to die.

All liars.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah—”

Not far away, the mother let out an angry roar and roar, and it was calmed by most of the evaporated blood pool, maliciously infiltrating the ground and flowing down, the gap between the other shore and this side has been closed-the blood sacrifice was forcibly stopped halfway through. , But there is no way to make up for the energy that has been lost anyway. If she doesn’t stop in time, otherwise in the situation just now, she will definitely be pulled back to the other side by backlash.

Now, although she still stays in the real world, her power is mostly lost.

The mother’s long black hair hung down and soaked in blood, a pair of scarlet eyeballs protruding violently, she looked at the two people not far away, twisted and huge figure struggling under the human skin, supporting her body Almost deformed:

“How dare you defy your mother—”

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes slightly.

In his palm, a huge crescent sickle emerged: “Wait for me to settle accounts with you.”

Ye Jia turned to look at Ji Xuan, and reached out a hand to the other party:


Ji Xuan was startled, and slowly raised his hand, grasping the opponent’s palm.

The temperature of human fingertips almost burned him, from the skin to the depths of the soul.

After a long absence, he recalled the time before he became a ghost.

In the dark night, with blood on his fingertips and Li Gui’s head under his feet, he stood alone in the cold ancestral hall, waiting for the warmth that would never come.

Everything he grabbed was abruptly torn away from the palm of his hand, deprived of it, and left him.

Ji Xuan raised his eyes to look at the young man in front of him.

The other party’s fingers were placed in his palms, firmly held back, and pulled him up.

The blood blended in each other’s palmprints, seeming to whisper a language that has been known to mankind since ancient times:

together forever.


This time, he will not be abandoned.



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