After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 97

Deep in the cracked ground, twisted limbs stretched upward.

The surface of the sarcoma was scarlet and greasy, wriggling wantonly under the dark sky.

No matter how many limbs are cut off, how many attacks are received, it can always grow back quickly.

It seems that there is no way to do any harm to her.

The woman hangs high in the air, her pale skin is particularly clear against the black and red background, the loose human skin is deformed by the body underneath, the twisted face hangs low, and the voice from her throat is gentle and peaceful. Increasingly creepy:

“Why haven’t you found out yet?”

Behind her, huge tentacles were wrapped in Qianjun power, attacking them at a speed that the naked eye could barely catch.

The cold light of the blade flashed, and his limbs broke.

At the crack, more sarcomas grew out of peristalsis.

“You can’t hurt me.” Mother said.

Ye Jia gripped the long bone stalk of the sickle tightly in one hand, and a few thin strands of blood snaked down on his skin like a red swimming snake, falling into his palm, smudging the palm lines.

The bone stem was stained red with blood.

His face was ugly and a bit terrifying, so pale that he could melt into the night behind him in an instant, and his light-colored eyes stared at his mother who was floating in the air not far away, and the dark color surging under his eyes.

After being transformed back into human beings, it also means that they no longer have strong resilience.

Although Ye Jia’s body is much tougher than most humans, the wounds created by the heart-cutting still cannot be healed in a short time, hindering his actions everywhere.

The temperature of the air dropped drastically, and Ye Jia could see the white water vapor exhaling from his mouth and nose, which was swallowed by the surrounding air in an instant.

I could hear the sound of the heart beating, irritable and restless.

The other party did not give them time to think.

Soon, more limbs came,

Mother’s blood-red eyes rolled, thinking.

In the blood sacrifice just now, she was also greatly weakened. Although the two direct descendants in front of her were disobedient, they were not much threatening.

What she needs more urgently now is recovery.

Then we will regroup and make a comeback, but no matter what, it will take time.

The mother slowly raised her head to look at the sky above her head, with a low voice in her mouth. Her volume was not loud, but it was extremely penetrating, as if she could overcome the obstacles of space and spread it straight to farther places: “My children…”

The sky in the distance echoed the tremor.

Clouds rushed from all directions, Ye Jia was slightly startled, and turned to look in the direction where the change came from.

Three for S-level, thirty-four for A-level, and B-level……

The breath of countless ghosts twisted into one, and they were quickly approaching in this direction.

Soon, Li Guiqing’s white and hideous face appeared in the messy wasteland, and his greedy eyes stared at the two people in front of him, roaring and laughing wildly in his throat.

One half of the mother’s face collapsed hideously, but the other half still kept the appearance of a human, with her scarlet eyes drooping, she smiled and said:

“You guys have fun.”

As he said, the sarcoma wriggling outside began to shrink inward slowly.

She is leaving!

Ye Jia frowned.

…This is not enough.

If they wait for the mother to recover in time, they will no longer have such a good opportunity.

She can’t get the same trick again, I’m afraid she will really be powerless by then.

Fortunately, the mother’s body was too large, and she was injured again, unable to pull the ghost mythical creature away and disappear.

Ye Jia’s fingers tightened slightly, and the blood in his palm dripped into the soil. In the next second, his figure jumped up, and the blade of the sickle drew a white arc in the air.

However, a few A-level ghosts greeted him and blocked his way.

The sharp blade was shining, and every time one was cut, there was more to fill it up. Ye Jia could only watch his mother’s body slowly climb across the sky, farther and farther.

He was anxious.

“…Hello.” Ji Xuan’s low voice sounded from his ears.

Ye Jia was startled and turned to look.

The sea of ​​blood next to him rose up in an instant, roaring and rolling around, instantly swallowing and tearing the horrible howls of the surrounding ghosts.

A scarlet blood curtain rises around the two of them, densely enclosing them, vaguely able to see the shadows of the outside outline, isolating all those roars and roars, and the ears suddenly become dead silent, as if entering In an absolutely independent world.

Ye Jia was stunned, his eyes widened slightly.

In the light-colored eyes, the face of the other party suddenly approaching was reflected.

The cold fingers slid into the torn clothing and gently slid along the broken lines of the wound. The pain of nerve endings being stimulated mixed with itching spread, burning like a raging fire.

The body temperature of human blood stained his fingers, and the flesh under his palm healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

There was a muffled hum in Ye Jia’s throat, light and soft, as if gasping uncontrollably.

“It’s so warm,” Ji Xuan said softly.

In the next second, Ye Jia’s pupils shrank suddenly.

He seemed to realize something and turned his head to look aside.

I saw that Ji Xuan’s other hand gripped the blade of the sickle tightly, and the thin blade cut deeply into his palm, and the dark red blood gushed out and slid along the sharp blade. Down.

The blade greedily sucked the blood in Ji Xuan’s palm, like a long-hungry beast licking the bones of its prey.

Ye Jia was startled, and subconsciously wanted to retract the blade.

But I don’t know why, the accustomed method of retracting seems to have failed, and the blade is still firmly held in the opponent’s palm.

“What are you doing?” Ye Jia was anxious, he raised his hand and grabbed Ji Xuan’s wrist: “Let go.”

But Ji Xuan took the opportunity to take a step forward and clasped the opponent tightly in his arms.

The blood flowing from the palm of his palm seemed to be attracted by some invisible force. The spider webs were generally intertwined and spread on the white blades, dyeing it into a dazzling scarlet little by little, as if it had been condensed by blood.

Ji Xuan’s pale face became thinner, as if it was melting into the air behind him little by little.

Ye Jia stared at the man in front of him, his eyes were burnt red, and his voice suppressed a deep anger:

“Do you want to die that way?”

He sternly said:

“let go!”

“I’ll be ready soon.” Ji Xuan whispered in his ear, his palms tightened, and the sharp blade collided with the metacarpal bones, making a rattling noise.

The angry struggle and attack of the young man in his arms seemed meaningless to him, and was completely resolved by his chest and embrace.

The blade greedily sucked the blood until it was dyed bright crimson.

Ye Jia stood still on the spot, his chest undulating rapidly. Under the cloth cut by the blade, the skin on his chest had become smooth and intact. His pale and slender fingers clenched the bone stalks stiffly, and cold fingers. The tip glowed blue from the force, and it almost took an external force to break it apart.

Ji Xuan slowly let go of his hand, and his **** fingertips lightly swept across the back of the opponent’s hand like feathers:

“Now, you can hurt her.”

Ye Jia’s fingertips flicked, he turned his head and looked at Ji Xuan, his voice hoarse:

“what have you done?”

If this option was possible from the beginning, he didn’t believe that Ji Xuan would stay for now.

Ji Xuan raised his hand as if surrendered.

One hand was stained with Ye Jia’s blood, and the other hand was marked by a knife with deep bones. The blood was still dripping down slowly: “Hey, don’t look at me like that… I’m this time I didn’t do anything.”

“…You!” Ye Jia stepped forward, firmly grasping the other’s collar.

Ji Xuan laughed lowly.

He let the opponent grab his collar, lowered his head, and gently rubbed the tip of his nose against the opponent’s forehead:

“Now, I have put all the chips on your body.”

Ji Xuan raised the injured hand, slowly broke the opponent’s hand holding his collar apart, and forcefully inserted the blood-stained finger into the opponent’s finger, clasping Ye Jia’s ten fingers.

Blood spread in the palms of the two close to each other.

But Ji Xuan was not afraid of the pain, and he squeezed tighter and tighter, and whispered: “Let me sacrifice myself only once.”

He stared at Ye Jia, his voice was very soft, with a smile that would be blown away by the wind as soon as he exited:

“You have to be clear, this time you stretched out your hand to hold me, so there is no possibility of you regretting it anymore.”

“Don’t lose,” Ji Xuan’s voice smiled, like a whisper from the lover’s pillow, but there is no creepy cruelty:

“Otherwise, I will let the entire real world that you love to accompany you.”

Ye Jia was startled.

He raised his head and looked into the other person’s eyes.

Those scarlet eyes looked back at him without evasive, the paranoia and obsession under his eyes were so strong that they seemed to be able to turn into an entity, and they were so turbulent that they could swallow him.

In the next second, the blood curtain beside him disappeared as soon as Ji Xuan’s voice fell.

Outside the blood curtain, the ghosts are full of black and white, with hideous faces one by one.

The cloud above his head was thick and thick, and not far away, he could see the back of his mother slowly leaving.

“Go.” Ji Xuan raised his hand and dropped a kiss on the back of the other party’s blood-stained hand, still with a relaxed and happy smile on his face.

Ye Jia turned his head and stared at Ji Xuan fixedly: “A word is fixed.”

Ji Xuan lifted his lips: “Okay.”

He raised his hand, and the sea of ​​blood rushed towards all the ghosts who stood in front of Ye Jia, clearing a path for him in an instant.

Watching the opponent’s figure slowly disappear in front of him.

Ji Xuan narrowed his eyes slightly, raised his right hand, which was stained with Ye Jia’s blood, and landed on the palm of his left hand that was severely injured.

The blood stopped.

However, the huge wound still fell in the palm of the palm, with its skin open and fleshy, like a grinning mouth.

Ji Xuan looked at the wound, watching the blood on both sides converge into a thick blood stream.

The smile on his lips deepened, and he moved his palm to his lips and licked it lightly.

The scarlet tongue was curled up with blood, and the smell of rust diffused in the mouth.

You and I are blended together, no one can separate.

Even death will not work.


Mother tidyed up her skin little by little.

The collapsed skin and loose bones were pushed back to their original positions, and the twisted pieces of meat were slowly gathered under the skin. The impact of the blood sacrifice backlash on her was unexpectedly terrifying, and it was almost impossible to maintain the skin that carried her body… …hateful.

The woman’s gradually restored face became distorted with malice and anger.

This is the first time she has suffered such a big loss since she can remember… and even was forced to leave temporarily to find a place to recuperate.

Wait for her to fully recover–

Suddenly, the mother’s eyes widened.

She slowly turned her head and looked behind.

The pale face of the youth was approaching at some unknown time. His expression was very cold, and there was a kind of almost indifferent calm. A pair of light-colored eyes reflected the crimson light of the sword, even if he didn’t laugh or laugh, he also had a chilling look. gas.

It seemed to be a sharp blade pushing to the front of the throat, and he could instinctively feel the deadly chill from the opponent in the blink of an eye.

The mother backed away hurriedly.

“Bah–” The sharp blade pierced through the air, and only heard a “chuck”. The huge sarcoma wriggling in the air was suddenly cut into two pieces. At the moment of being cut, the entire limb faded. The charcoal gray that became dry and loose was annihilated by the strong wind in the next moment.

……what? !

The mother’s pupils shrank suddenly.

She gathered up her limbs, quickly moved away from Ye Jia’s attack range, and looked at the youth not far away suspiciously.

Was he actually hurt? !

How can it be?

All the gifts from the mother are poisonous seeds-it can endow terrible to formidable power, and it can also bring invisible shackles.

No offspring can hurt her…unless…

Mother’s expression turned ugly.

Below the ground.

The ghosts were surprised to find that the sea of ​​blood that had been fierce and fierce just now became thinner unknowingly, disappearing in the air little by little, and the deterrent power just now disappeared quickly.

Some ghosts broke free and flew in the direction of Ye Jia, but they were abruptly pulled back before they left far away.

Ji Xuan narrowed his eyes: “I am here.”

With force under his palm, Li Gui’s body was instantly torn apart.

The broken limbs splattered and the remaining blood fell on the man’s pale cheeks, slowly dripping down, his voice was cold and light, with a hint of careless cruelty:

“Where else do you want to go?”

On the ground, the black ghost cast a glance at each other, and roared at the single Ji Xuan.

The man’s slender figure is like a wave of uncertain wind, shuttles among the ghosts, and brings a splash of blood wherever he goes, but the blood wave never rises again.

Two A-level ghosts were torn apart again.

Behind the corpse, a long-hidden S-level Li ghost sprang out cunningly, and the blood sword shot from the eyeball flew away with a mighty force, violently piercing Ji Xuan’s shoulder.

Ji Xuan did not make a sound, but his figure paused for a few seconds.

“Hahahahaha!!!!” The S-level ghost laughed arrogantly, “Ji Xuan… the legendary ghost king, mother’s beloved protagonist, you also have today!!”

It felt that it had seen through the opponent’s weakness and pretentiousness, so it finally gave up its usual caution and shrinking, and recklessly attacked Ji Xuan.


The violent limbs were wrapped in internal organs and blood, and fell to the ground.

Behind the remnant body, the tall man stands in the blood like a killer who climbed up from hell. A pair of scarlet blood pupils are slightly squinted, and the thin and narrow pupils look like cold-blooded animals. A terrible sense of coercion:


The ghosts who were waiting for an opportunity around were frightened, and they forgot to come forward for a while.

Until one of the ghosts hissed insidiously: “…hey, look, look at his injuries, don’t be scared, we are about to win.”

At this time, those Li ghosts noticed that the clothes on Ji Xuan’s body had long been wet with blood from an unknown source, and under the broken placket, the skin covered with fine wounds could be vaguely seen.

The raging fighting intent ignited in the eyes of many ghosts.

Yes, indeed.

The former ghost king would not be approached by ordinary ghosts, let alone be left with any wounds.

This time, they had the upper hand.

“Very good,” Ji Xuan chuckled, and slowly wiped out the blood stains on his face: “What you want is this kind of spirit.”

He narrowed the scarlet eyes and said lightly:

“Then you guys can try it out.”

See who can kill the current ghost king with his own hands.

During the fight, Ji Xuan raised his eyes and cast a glance towards the sky. Not far away, where the clouds and sarcoma were intertwined, he could barely see the small figure standing in front of the huge monster with his naked eyes.

He curled his lips slightly without a trace.

This time, the real battlefield is above, not here.


The clang of the blade reverberated in the bleak cloud, the ugly and huge limbs turned into dry powder pillars at the moment they were crossed, all their vitality was taken away, and they became flying dust, completely blending into the back and rolling. Among the moving clouds.

Ye Jia’s eyes were shining with the cold light, like a raging dark fire in the depths of the deep abyss.

The crimson blade brought up the splashing blood, and the sharp piercing sound threw away the blood drops, and landed on his side face, with a deadly and terrible beauty.

The weapon in his hand was humming, swallowing the opponent’s power, and he could feel that he was getting stronger at an extremely fast speed.

In addition, whether it is the flexibility of the limbs and joints, the strength that can be exerted, or the skill and conciseness of the skills, all are their peak levels.

All the skills learned from the game, whether it is fierce attacks or fierce tactics, have been thoroughly used.

Mother’s avoidance gradually became embarrassed.

The growth of her body can’t keep up with the speed of destruction, she can feel that every attack of Ye Jia is closer to her body, closer to——

Mother gritted her teeth.

She exposed one of her arms, and took advantage of the gap created by the opponent’s attack, and used the remaining limbs to rush towards the young man’s back. The sarcoma squirmed, tearing at the opponent relentlessly, and greedily opened her big mouth——


The mother’s limbs slammed into the rising blood curtain.

The familiar waves of blood trapped his back like a strong shield, impervious to the wind.

Ye Jia’s expression was blank for a moment.

Because he knows very well…this was released by himself.

Just now it was just the instinct to fight.

The mother’s scarlet eyeballs turned slightly, and her gaze fell on Ye Jia’s face, greedily patrolling the unexpected look on the other side, her lips curled up, and she smiled and said, “Oh… so it is.”

She admired Ye Jia’s expression: “It seems you don’t know yet.”

With thin white fingers on her lips, her mother’s expression is very happy, but her voice is still loving and gentle: “All gifts have a price, but now it seems…”

“You are the one who accepted the gift.”

She raised her second finger: “The other person has paid for it.”

The mother leaned down, her scarlet eyes reflected the other’s shaking face, and her voice contained a sinister voice: “So, which role do you each play?”

Ye Jia’s fingers tightened, her finger bones rubbed, making a chuckle.

“You want to save him, don’t you?” Mother reached out to him and smiled: “Then come back to me, I promise, as long as—”

Her voice has not fallen yet.

The crimson blade slid at a speed that the naked eye could not catch, silently and eagerly, like a soft wind passing by, kissing quietly.

Mother stared blankly.

On the snow-white wrist, a thin bloodstain appeared. The next second, the thin palm fell off, exposing the squirming limbs under the skin.

Blood spurted, and the viscous scarlet liquid suddenly splashed, staining the cloudy sky behind it.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!”

A sharp and painful scream from behind her throat, her expression suddenly became hideous, there was a terrifying viciousness and ugliness, a pair of **** eyes staring at the young man in front of him, roaring. : “How dare you… How dare you! It really hurts me!”

The hand that had been severed by the wrist slowly descended, turning into fly ash in mid-air.

Ye Jia carried the bone handle of the sickle on his shoulders and looked directly at the opponent without evasiveness. His expression was deep and cold, showing a rock-like unshakable calmness and willpower:

“I agreed to a bet.”

He raised his hand, and the crimson tip of the sickle pointed at him:

“Plus, I believe him.”

Ji Xuan.

The ghost with deep obsession has always obeyed his own heart and desires.

There is no end to his greed and thirst, and a brief gratification will only increase deeper greed.

Ye Jia used all the methods and spent several years, whether it was hiding, speaking badly, fighting each other, or even going to death in person, without breaking the opponent’s hand tightly.

His eyes flashed across the opponent’s paranoid crazily crimson eyes.

The ghost who tasted the satisfaction of desire is like being caught by an addiction that cannot be quit.

After the loss is recovered, it is simply impossible to let the other party take the initiative to let go.

sacrifice? It is no longer in the options.

Ye Jia stared at the twisted face of the mother in front of him, and slowly raised his lips, revealing a shallow smile:

“It seems that destroying your skin is a way.”

The sharp edge of the blade was reflected in his eyes, his expression was cold and remote, with a terrible sense of oppression and almost arrogant confidence, his voice was calm but composed, as if he was making a decision to fate:

“I won’t lose.”



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