After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 98

The End

Under the dark sky.

The icy blade shone with crimson light, and easily cut off the limbs in front of him.

The viscous scarlet liquid splashed all around, and the broken limbs turned into dry fly ash at the moment of falling, and were thrown to the ground sprinklingly.

The youth’s expression was indifferent, but the attack was more fierce than the other, like an out-of-sheath sword, with an unstoppable edge, forcing the behemoth in front of him to retreat steadily.

There was a light gold flowing under his eyes, and the sky was full of scarlet and pitch black reflected.

While reluctantly coping, the mother retreated steadily, her expression gradually becoming solemn.

…It’s a bit bad now.

Although every wound caused by the other party is not fatal, but it is worn down little by little, like a bag being punctured, she can feel the power in her body is losing.

The way she appeared was actually more similar to a mimicry of energy.

The previous door just released her consciousness and part of her power, and her body was still trapped on the other side.

The concentration of malice in the real world is not enough, so she must rely on the skin to maintain her current stable form.

But now, not only did the blood sacrifice fail, but the consequences of the failure were eaten back on oneself.

Ye Jia also got rid of the shackles of blood, and could even cause direct damage to her…

Although these injuries still cannot shake her mother’s dominant position, they brought her an unprecedented sense of crisis.

According to this trend, her power in the real world will be exhausted sooner or later, or worse, the skin will be destroyed by the opponent, and she will be forced to be expelled back to the other shore.

No… this won’t work!

The mother’s expression became more and more terrifying, and a pair of scarlet eyes were rolling in the deformed eye sockets, shining with a cold and vicious light.

In order to hold the blood sacrifice later, she originally hoped to be able to capture and control her two direct descendants alive-but now it seems that she can’t keep her hands, or she will fall first.

The suspended sarcoma swelled several times in an instant, the sky and the earth shook, and the air was filled with frightening and terrifying yin.

The world shuddered.

Ye Jia gritted her teeth, her eyes cold.

It is not easy for him to deal with it.

Almost every attack came from his blind spots and blind spots, and his moves were deadly. Almost every attack was a dead hand.

His attack is only a slight weakening of the effectiveness of the opponent.

However, as long as he is touched by the opponent, he is bound to die.

The sound of the wind whizzed in the ears, adrenaline soared with the movement and speed, and the blood beat the tympanic membrane, as if sinking deeply into the dead sea bottom, everything around became extremely distant and slow, within the range of sight, The only thing that is clear is the tentacles and sarcomas that the opponent is constantly attacking. The nerves become sharp and sensitive as they sharpen, the breathing is noisy, and the blood is boiling in concentration.

Faster… and need to be faster.

The young man’s figure is slender and slender, and compared with the hill-like sarcoma in front of him, it is as small as dust that can be swallowed in an instant.

He dodged dexterously, tapping his toes on the rapidly attacking limbs, like an erratic shadow, easily shuttled between the attacks, as if a gust of wind could not be caught.

The mother’s heart was shocked.

She can clearly feel that the other person’s state is steadily and rapidly progressing and adjusting, which is visible to the naked eye, as if they are learning fast. This kind of growth rate is extremely terrifying, and the time required before and after is too short. In just a few tens of minutes, the seemingly weak humans in front of them gradually adapted to their current attack mode, slowly changing from being exhausted to coping with ease, and even being able to take time to counterattack.

Mother’s eyes rolled downward.

Ye Jia was taken aback and hurriedly avoided, but what he didn’t expect was that the opponent didn’t attack him according to the trajectory just now, and the suddenly stretched limbs rolled up the ghost floating in the air.

The ghost was caught off guard, his hideous and terrifying face was slightly distorted in shock:


The sticky scarlet sarcoma oozes fluid on its surface.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!” Li Ghost screamed, and the spirit body gradually melted and absorbed with the corrosive sound of “Zi Zi”.

Ye Jia was startled, and saw more tentacles sticking out of her mother’s huge hill-like body, like a huge net, densely covering the entire sky, and the surrounding ghosts were captured by all, piercing screams. Sounds sounded one after another.

His expression sinks slightly.


To replenish physical strength by eating his own children is indeed the mother of all evils.

The woman’s pale face was drooping, and the scarlet tongue protruded from her mouth, slowly licking the corners of her lips, showing a greedy evil.

Finally recovered a bit.

Her lips split slowly towards both sides, white fangs gleaming with cold light, row after row extending inward, viscous, corrosive saliva slowly flowing out of her mouth.

—Next, it’s time for a big meal.


on the ground.

There was a stench in the air, and the crumbling corpses under the feet piled up and were slowly melting into the air.

However, the increase was much faster than the disappearance. Before Li Gui’s corpse became Yin Qi, more corpses and blood splashed down, layered on top of each other, forming a hellish picture.

Ji Xuan stood on it, like the lord of hell.

He squinted his eyes slightly, his scarlet pupils shone cold under his long eyelashes, and there was no extra expression on his pale face, but it was just putting an invisible pressure on the enemy.

The side effects of forcibly transferring the **** of his mother to Ye Jia to him are slowly appearing.

Ji Xuan’s movements slowed down.

However, the ghosts who besieged him became cautious and cringe—after all, most of the corpses under their feet were made by the opposite person alone. Even if some of their abilities were lost, the oppressive feeling brought by the current ghost king was still not small. watch for.

Unexpectedly, the ground beneath his feet exploded suddenly.

The sudden attack below the soil layer caught all the ghosts off guard.

Countless scarlet limbs emerged like dense insects, swaying in the air, and attacking all the ghosts on the ground indiscriminately.

Ji Xuan’s body had already acted before consciousness, and he leaped to the side to avoid it.

When he saw the scene in front of him, his heart trembled slightly, and he raised his eyes to look into the sky.

It turned out that this was the reason why the mother made her body so huge.

She is so cunning, she knows very well that in the face of such a huge volume, the opponent in front of her cannot capture every movement of her.

Therefore, while fighting with Ye Jia, she used the Yin Qi released from the corpse on the ground as a cover to manipulate a part of the scarlet sarcoma into the ground silently, just to wait for the current blow.

Ye Jia heard a shrill scream not far behind.

The miserable howl pierced the sky and was deafening, making his heart tremble instinctively.

…This voice came from where Ji Xuan was.

Ye Jia was distracted for a short half second.

Mother took this opportunity and rushed over.

Ye Jia reflexively raised his hand to block.

Just listen to the sound of “keng”, a crisp collision sounded.

With the light of the knife flashing, I saw the seemingly soft and greasy pieces of meat peeling off, revealing the sharp white teeth, biting the crimson blade firmly, and making a toothy rattle.

After being bitten, the sickle cannot be retracted.

Can’t escape.

Ye Jia supported the bone handle of the sickle with both hands, and the blue veins on the back of his hand were bulging, and his arms trembled slightly under the heavy pressure.

He squinted his eyes and stared at his mother who was slowly approaching him in front of him, his eyes gleaming like a lone wolf.

Out of the light, Ye Jia saw that the tentacles behind his back slowly surrounded him, and the area where he could move was gradually shrinking.

“Caught you.” Mother said.

She greedily looked at the young man in front of her, her mouth full of sharp teeth opened and closed as she spoke.

Ye Jia smiled shortly: “Really?”

Without warning, he let go of his hand, and the whole person immediately fell down quickly, flying accurately into the only gap before the envelopment was closed.

Want to run? !

The mother’s expression was fierce, she followed closely, and her tentacles suddenly rolled towards each other.

However, at the moment when the bite force loosened, the crimson blade disappeared like bubbles.

Ye Jia raised his head and looked from the bottom up.

A faint smile passed over his lips, fleeting, almost provocative.

His eyes fixedly fell on the huge monster in front of him, and the sickle appeared again in his palm.

Oops! He didn’t want to escape!

Mother was horrified and stepped back in a hurry.

However, the distance between them was too close, and they couldn’t escape the opponent’s attack range in such a short period of time.

The cold blade raised a faint red light, drawing a perfect arc.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah-”

One of the mother’s legs broke all the way from the base of the thigh, and the blade of the skin was torn, and the color began to fade and weather the moment it was cut off.

This is the second limb that has been severed since the wrist.


She stopped screaming abruptly, her expression became terrifying at that moment, she rushed forward, the corners of her cracked mouth raised, and she made a weird “hehe” sound: “It’s okay, I already know your weakness. ”

Ye Jia was shocked.

The mother’s limbs swiftly passed his ears and attacked his back. The sharp wind brushed his ears, bringing chills.

The man’s low muffled grunt suddenly sounded behind him.

Ye Jia’s pupils shrank slightly, turning his head to look instinctively.

Where is Ji Xuan’s figure in midair, and a palm-sized mouth protruded from the uneven scarlet limbs, grinning at Ye Jia, and making Ji Xuan’s voice: “Look, weakness.”

Behind, the mother’s breath has approached.

In an instant, the situation was settled.

Ye Jia has nowhere to go.

The monster behind suddenly opened its huge mouth and swallowed the young man in front of him.

The woman’s figure was still slender, and she couldn’t see that she had just eaten a young man who was taller than herself.

The corners of her split mouth were raised, and the scarlet eyes gleamed with joy and satisfaction.

Since they started fighting, Ye Jia has never made a mistake.

It’s like a machine designed for combat. The nerves, bones, and muscles are all used and operated to the maximum efficiency. It is countless, and even the mother feels terrible.

However, she discovered that Ye Jia’s only loss of consciousness occurred when a scream came from Ji Xuan’s direction.

So at that moment, my mother thought about what she should do next.

Mother smiled slightly.

This is humanity, even the strongest one—weak, stupid, and predictable.

As long as the weakness is pinched, there is no longer any threat.

It’s a pity…

She lowered her head and looked at her severed leg. Under the neat cross-section, the scarlet limbs were squirming, and a certain black-gray liquid dripped from it, turning into fly ash when it came into contact with the air.

The mother’s expression was distorted for a moment.

She took one of her legs before she died…

It is really cheap for him to be swallowed, otherwise she must make this stupid and arrogant human pay the price.

She slowly retracted her huge body, her scarlet eyes rolled, and she looked towards the ground not far away—

Now it was time to meet her other stupid and arrogant child.


“Okay, stop it all.”

Mother’s lazy voice sounded from a short distance above her head.

Below, the ghosts stopped one after another and retreated fearfully.

The woman was sitting on the hill-like sarcoma, with a pale face hanging down. Her wrists and legs were broken, and huge limbs that did not fit her body emerged from it, entangled with the sarcoma behind her.

She slowly wiped off the remaining blood on her face and looked down at the man standing in the corpse.

The other side stood alone and looked back at her steadily.

His expression was cold and indifferent, but in those scarlet eyes of the same color as his mother, there seemed to be a terrible storm brewing.

Ji Xuan slowly said, “Where is him?”

The man’s back was straight, and he didn’t waver when he asked these two words, only the fingers hanging on his side were slightly tightened.

Mother laughed: “Why, are you still asking him now?”

Obviously, there is no suspense anymore now, and he will ask such naive questions.

It’s really not like that Ji Xuan who has been with her on the other side for so long.

The mother shook her head and said regretfully, “Unexpectedly, in such a short period of time, you would have been infected with human stinks.”

“I don’t need a disobedient child.” The woman raised the remaining pale hand and dropped it on her abdomen. The smile on her lips deepened: “So, I let him return to where he should be. .”

Suddenly, there was dead silence in the air.

Ji Xuan’s eyes were heavy, staring at the woman in front of him, a certain gloomy emotion surging under his seemingly calm surface.

Mother looked at Ji Xuan, who had been silent since just now, and put out her hand like grace:

“My child, as long as you are willing to admit your mistakes, I will not blame you for your disobedience.”

She smiled:

“Of course, there will be a little punishment.”

After all, leaving Ji Xuan behind will still be useful for opening the blood sacrifice again in the future.

Mother looked down at her fingers, and then said lightly, “Well, let’s start by personally putting to death those ghosts and humans who dared to defy me.”

Ji Xuan chuckled softly: “You are really magnanimous.”

His tone was very plain, but from the line between the lines, he revealed a sense of contemptuous sarcasm.

The mother’s expression was slightly heavy.

She could hear the disrespect in the other’s tone.

The thin white and **** finger tapped on the sarcoma impatiently: “You don’t think…you still have the power to defy?”

The mother sneered: “Do you think I don’t know? Ace can hurt me with a sickle, and also use your tricks, because you bear all the costs and let him get all the benefits alone.”

“It’s really selfless.” She smiled contemptuously: “It’s a pity that I believe someone wrong.”

The mother leaned forward: “The current you, not only cannot cause harm to me, but also…”

Her gaze swept across the man in front of him, saw through the weakness of the other person with a vicious glance, and chuckled: “You should be tortured by side effects now.”

“Obviously, I don’t have the strength for the first battle, so I’m so stupid…stupid.” The mother shook her head uneasily: “You know, I don’t even need to act now.”

She glanced down.

However, Ji Xuan still had the expression of joy and anger that was difficult to distinguish. He did not agree or deny, as if it were a statue.

The mother twisted her lips and smiled maliciously: “You don’t believe it, do you?”

“Then give it a try.” I saw the woman’s slender fingers lifted slightly, and a tentacle came out, and the scarlet liquid dripped from it, spread out, and flew towards the eager ghosts.


The bones pierced the skin, and the roar of abnormal change sounded.

There was a faint red light in each pair of eyes, with a crazy and hungry look, staring closely at Ji Xuan who was standing not far away.

“Go.” Mother smiled and said lightly.

The frenzied Li ghost howled, like a mad dog that had been disconnected from the chain, rushing towards Ji Xuan eagerly.

The combat effectiveness of each Li Ghost has soared several times compared to the previous one. Ji Xuan, who had already fallen into the wind, was even more difficult to handle. He dodged and avoided the attack with difficulty, but the wounds on his body became more and more, and his movements changed little by little. Got slow.

Mother looked down, admiring Ji Xuan’s embarrassed appearance:

“Did you figure it out?”

Ji Xuan’s pale fingers pierced the throat of one of the ghosts in front of him, and he raised his eyes to look at the opponent, his thin lips conjured an arc of sarcasm:


The next Li ghost left three deep-bone scratches on his arm, and then he was snapped and his neck was twisted.

Ji Xuan avoided the third ghost who rushed from behind.

Across the densely packed heads in front of him, those scarlet eyes looked straight at the place where the mother was. There was a certain dark and crazy emotion growing in the eyes, like a monster breaking free from the cage, revealing a terrifying true face:

“I will eat you.”

—Only in this way can my brother and I become one.

“Then, I will eat everyone.” Ji Xuan said with a smile.

—Since there is no possibility of having the light, then simply sink into it together.

Even though the other party was clearly at a disadvantage, when facing that kind of sight, her mother still couldn’t control the sudden change in her heart-instinctively told her that Ji Xuan’s words were not false, but the true thoughts in the other’s heart.

In this case, it cannot stay.

Mother’s expression was hideous for a moment, and she slowly raised her hand, but before she could move, a strange sense of danger suddenly struck.

It was like a piercing steel needle pierced into the body, causing a physical shudder.

The strong wind hits.

Mother instinctively flashed to the side, but did not completely avoid it. Under this blow, the huge Roshan trembled, shook, and shattered. It was a purely terrifying and violent power, splashing flesh and blood.

A monster made of white bones came slowly, the huge goat’s head was still hung with pieces of meat, and deep in the black hole of the eye socket, there was a chilling blood.

It’s a blood gu fish.

The mother’s expression suddenly became cold.

This is the first time she feels that her authority is constantly being challenged.

This sign of rebellion must be suppressed here.

The huge, hill-like body behind the woman is rapidly reorganizing and recovering from itself, and the cold killing intent gleams in the depths of her scarlet eyes.

The monster with the goat skull confronted her without fear, behind which was a heavy cloud rolling.


“Hey! Why don’t you call me when you meet here?”

Not far away, a wanton and arrogant voice rang.

The blazing yin fire exploded among the ghosts, and the scorching crackles and roars resounded through the sky.

The mother looked in the direction of the commotion in amazement.

I don’t know when, the human breath came from the edge of the wasteland occupied by ghosts.

Surrounded by the dark sky and dark ghosts, the strange breath that poured in was like sparks that suddenly lit up in the dark, faint and lonely, but clear and vivid, and could not be ignored at all.

All the actions of the ghosts couldn’t help but stay for a moment, and all the ferocious and ugly faces showed expressions of astonishment uncontrollably.

They did not expect…

Those weak and absolutely inferior human beings still have the guts to come back.

“BLAST! Save me some!” The girl’s dissatisfied voice rang along with the buzzing of the chainsaw: “You don’t know how long I have been locked up, and the joints are about to rust.”

“You two, don’t be so reckless.” The man said helplessly, “Pay attention to the formation.”

As her voice fell, the hum of insect swarms rang.

The suddenly enlarged centipede jumped into the insect swarm, and the pliers clicked and collided with each other, and in a flash, they shredded a B-level ghost in front of them.

Ji Xuan was also shocked.


Didn’t the shadow ghost take everyone from the Supernatural Authority away?

At this moment, the shadow ghost appeared bitterly from behind the crowd.

While it swallowed a ghost attacking itself, it didn’t forget to turn its head and explain to its boss:

“This, this is really not that I don’t want to stop, they insist on coming back…”

For A-mi, everything is completely beyond common sense-if it tells a group of ghosts the pros and cons, tell them that the chance of winning is almost zero, as long as they go back, 100% of the face is death, and there will be no ghosts willing. Come back.

They are such species that seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

However, when they told this group of humans the same story, their reaction was beyond the shadow ghost’s expectations.

After a long silence, one of them said:

“In this case, we can’t let our companions fight alone.”

What is even more shocking is that under such simple reasons, all human beings actually agreed to this suicide attack.

A-mi looked at Ji Xuan, and said with some confusion: “Humans…really are very strange species.”

So… even wearing it is a bit wary.

Maybe, just maybe, can human beings really turn defeat into victory?

So, with this idea, A-mi also came back.

Even if it is undoubtedly defeated, it really wants to witness the end of this species.


The loud impact sounded from the top of the head again.

The blood gu fish swayed its tail and rushed towards its mother again, biting the opponent’s limbs with its wide open mouth, and did not let it go no matter how the opponent attacked.

After being thrown away, even though the ribs on his body were broken and the limbs fell off, the blood gu fish still rushed forward tirelessly, angrily hitting the huge Roshan in front of him.

-“Bang” “Bang”.

There was darkness and silence all around, and only a faint impact sound could be heard, which seemed to be coming from a long distance, and it was hard to hear it.


It was like falling into the shaking deep sea, and the whole world was shaking slightly with it.

What is it…?

Ye Jia’s eyelids moved slightly.

Immediately afterwards, there was another collision.

He opened his eyes.

It was pitch black, and no light could penetrate.

A layer of blood wrapped Ye Jia’s whole person in it, like a curtain, loyally guarding its owner.

This is where?

Ye Jia’s brain worked slowly.


There was another sound.

He straightened up with difficulty, but he couldn’t focus on it, so he could only fall back again.


Something fell out.

Ye Jia reached out and fumbled for it-it was a small triangle with a jade-like soft touch, and there was an eye-shaped hole in it.

He was startled.

“The All-Knowing Eye”.

The term suddenly popped out of his mind.

Ye Jia squeezed it, the cold stone texture fell heavily in his hand, and his chaotic mind became sober little by little.

He remembered what happened before he lost consciousness.


Ye Jia looked around the darkness in front of her.

He should be in his mother’s body now.

Ye Jia couldn’t summon his own weapon.

Neither the sickle nor the blood wave that Ji Xuan gave him could be summoned or used.

Only the blood curtain in front of him still reluctantly exists, isolating the tumultuous darkness outside from Ye Jia.

…How can I get out of here?

The cold surface of the stone was warmed by his skin, and the hard edges and corners were in the palm of his hand, causing faint pain.

Ye Jia was startled.

He hesitated, and finally slowly raised his hand, placing the omniscient eye in front of his eyes.

The scene in front of him was particularly shocked, even Ye Jia couldn’t help his pupils shrinking, and even forgot to breathe for a few seconds.

In those blacks… densely packed, all souls eaten by mothers, humans, ghosts, or numbness, or pain, expressions or screams, or solidification, stacked on top of each other without seeing the beginning or At the end, it was like an endless ocean, and he was the only lone boat floating in it, and it might be swallowed in the next second.

Ye Jia took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

Then, through the omniscient eye, little by little, he carefully searched for any possible breakthrough in the darkness.

Ye Jia suddenly noticed that somewhere deep in the darkness, a faint light came through.

what is that?

He was not sure, but instinctively told him that maybe…very important.

There was hardly any focus in the deep and undulating darkness, and it became extremely difficult to move forward.

Ye Jia can only step on the faces of the swallowed remnants, and move forward with difficulty a little bit.

The light was very dim, like a candle that was about to be blown out in the squally wind, or the faint moonlight reflected on the turbulent waves, it seemed that it would be completely submerged by the surrounding darkness in the next second.

Several times, Ye Jia suspected that the bright light would disappear in the blink of an eye.

But it didn’t.

It always shines hard and stubbornly, just like a long-supported obsession, after everything has been annihilated, it still persists in the world stubbornly.

Getting closer.

Ye Jia could barely see the outline of the light.

It is a sphere with a thin barrier suspended around it, and in the center of the sphere, there are many…


That layer of barrier is not so much protection as it is imprisonment, and a thin line of shimmering light extends from their bodies and disappears at the end of darkness.

Ye Jia was slightly startled.

He didn’t know what he was seeing now.

Ye Jia approached the past, and as the distance shortened, the outlines of those souls gradually became clear.

Most of them are remnants of souls.

Weak, pale, and some of the outlines are clear, some are vague, but compared to those souls that have been assimilated into chaos by the darkness, they appear much more complete.


Ye Jia didn’t hold much hope, and said tentatively.

There is no soul response.

Ye Jia was not discouraged, and moved closer again: “Hey, can you hear—”

His voice was suddenly stopped.

It was as if something was stuck in his throat, preventing him from saying the rest.

It was a soul whose skin had been stripped. The bright red muscles and muscles had lost the protection of the skin and were exposed, but they could still see the youthful and good-looking figure.

Although I can’t see her face, Ye Jia just knows who she is

Her skin was once hung in the cramped container, waiting to be transported elsewhere.

Ye Jia subconsciously let go of his breath, slowly turned his head, and looked at the other soul on the side.

It was a young housewife with a familiar face. Her body was soaked with blood from her chest to her abdomen, and her clothes were bloody. Ye Jia remembered that she had seen it with her own eyes in the residential area after the Hyakki Yaga, her husband time and time again. Stabbed the knife into her body.

What’s going on… Why are they here?

Ye Jia felt that his brain was in chaos, and countless kinds of guesses were ups and downs in the chaos.

Just as he was in a daze, suddenly, a small voice sounded from the side:

“It’s you…”

He stunned suddenly, turned his head and looked in the direction of the sound.

I saw a boy who was only seven or eight years old standing not far away. There were two **** holes in his eyes, as if they had been dug out.

The little boy looked at Ye Jia with those empty eye sockets, as if he could still see him without the help of eyesight.

Compared with other people, his face is clearer, and he has not lost the ability to think and speak:

“I know you.”

The little boy said confidently in a childish voice.

—He should be the master of that pair of eyes.

Ye Jia was startled.

However, when he saw it, the pair of eyes had already been packed into the box, so why would the other party know him?

Seeing Ye Jia’s confusion, the little boy said:

“Because she told me about you.”


Ye Jia felt that she had lost the ability to think.

He didn’t want to think, didn’t dare to think.

The little boy’s voice sounded exceptionally crisp and innocent in the dead silence:

“She was already here when I came.”

“However, she rarely speaks, and she is in a daze most of the time.”

The little boy turned his head and pointed to the two people on the side:

“That elder sister and aunt could still talk at first, but slowly they will only be in a daze.”

His expression was a little sad: “I have been in a daze recently… and maybe I can’t continue talking soon.”

“However, although she is in a daze for a long time, she can still talk occasionally,” the little boy tilted his head: “Moreover, she seems to be the one of us who has been here the longest.”

Ye Jia heard herself ask: “Is she…here you said?”

Her own voice sounded strange and remote, Ye Jia was almost a little uncertain that this sentence was actually said by herself.

“Of course.” The little boy without eyes said as he stretched out his hand: “She’s there.”

“Are you here to find her?” the little boy asked.

Ye Jia was speechless.

The little boy sniffed: “It’s great, I want to see my mom and dad too.”

After speaking, he stood there and stopped moving, as if he also started to daze. ,

Ye Jia looked at where the opponent was pointing.

In the dark, it seemed that there was some force forcing him to move forward and move closer.

As he progressed, the unlucky remnant soul separated by his side, making way for Ye Jia.

At the end of the road, there is a ray of remnant soul.

The light was dim and incomplete, and her face had almost disappeared. Only the vague outline of the human figure could be seen vaguely. A thin thread was connected from her body to the darkness. Although it looked the most broken, it was on that thin thread. The light seems to be a bit brighter than other souls.

Suddenly, Ye Jiaru was struck by lightning.

Is this kind of thing… really possible?

He did not dare to think, did not dare to think, did not dare to breathe.

The wisp of remnant soul seemed to have sensed something in the same way, raised his eyes dull and dull, and looked in the direction of Ye Jia.

Ye Jia was stunned, looking back at her.

He opened his mouth, but no sound came from his mouth.

…is it you?

Is that you?



Humans and ghosts fought together.

In addition to experienced players, there are also ordinary members of the Supernatural Administration, who carefully formed a mobile team and used props to solve the ghosts who were alone.

Everyone’s eyes are burning with raging flames, struggling, not only for their own survival, but also for the future of the entire world.

In the air.

Behind the mother, the huge limbs wriggled with their teeth and claws, and they were re-plying together little by little.

She narrowed her eyes gloomily and looked at the monster not far away.

For some reason, there seemed to be a slight discomfort from the depths of the skin.

Mother frowned, but ignored the discomfort.

She raised her eyes and stared angrily at the blood gu fish in front of her.

You must kill a hundred.

Let all the ghosts know the result of betraying themselves.


In the boundless darkness, the light of the soul is faint and dim.

The young man shuddered uncontrollably, shivering from head to toe.

The chaos in my mind seemed to have become a paste.

That face…the outline is blurred, and the five senses are almost unrecognizable, but I don’t know why, Ye Jia recognized the other party—even though it has been so long, but the familiar breath seems to be branded and deepened. It was deeply burned into the depths of his soul, even though he thought he had forgotten it long ago, but touching it many years later would still cause a burst of pain in his heart.

It was like being brought back to the rainy night with thunder.

He was soaked, standing in front of the door, shivering and looking into the dark room.


Ye Jia’s voice was hoarse, and he could hardly hear the original voice.

He was panicked, cautious, almost a little scared.

Are you in a daze?

Are you awake?

Can you still recognize me?

All the questions were choking deep in Ye Jia’s throat, and he couldn’t make a complete sound anyway.

There was chaos in front of him, and the irrational remnant soul fixedly looked at him. Time seemed to have no meaning. It was stretched into a whole life in an instant, and then shortened into an instant. Finally, after a long time, the remnant soul of the woman raised his hand. , Little by little he probed towards Ye Jia.

On that fuzzy face, there was a look that Ye Jia was so familiar with that he couldn’t be more familiar:


Ye Jia’s fingertips trembled coldly, he raised his hand and leaned towards the other party.

The soul body glowing with dim white light is illusory, and it seems that it will be blown away in the next second.

Fuzzy and broken fingers touched Ye Jia’s fingertips, and then… passed through.

Obviously there was no real sense of touch, but Ye Jia shook uncontrollably, as if being scalded.

Her eyes were slightly bent, showing a little smile:

“grown up…”

In the next second when the voice fell, the thin line behind the remnant soul was broken every inch.

The mutilated soul began to dissipate little by little.

“Wait…wait…” Ye Jia tightened her fingers in panic, but the spirit body in her palm turned into broken powder: “Don’t go now…”

do not go.

hold on…

Obviously…I just met.


The blood gu fish swayed its tail, lowered its head slightly, the huge goat horns shone sharply, and then rushed straight to the Roshan that seemed unshakable again—

Ji Xuan caught a glimpse of him during the battle, and his heart was shaken, and he said sharply:

“Don’t go there!”

But it was too late.

The tentacles broke through the air, the angles were tricky and precise, and they rolled straight toward the core of the blood gu fish!

The huge body of the Blood Gu fish was firmly imprisoned by the tentacles, no matter how hard it struggles, it can’t get rid of the restraint.

Mother gazed at it happily.

The tentacles plunged fiercely under its ribs, deepened little by little under its painful tremor, and leaned toward its core.

The blood gu fish turned his head with difficulty, trembling and biting one of his mother’s tentacles, as if he would tear off a piece of the other’s flesh even if he died.

“I don’t know good or bad.” Mother sneered.

Her tentacles tightened suddenly, and the blood gu fish let out a whine.

However, just when her mother was about to crush the core of blood and tears, her movements stopped abruptly.


Her eyes widened, her scarlet pupils constricted.


Ghosts are born from obsession.

When the obsession dies, the soul body disperses.

Ye Jia lowered her head and stared at her empty palm in a daze.

There was a commotion in the darkness behind, as if trembling in anxiety.

He slowly gathered his fingers, and he could vaguely see the shape of the blade appearing in his palm.

The mother’s ability to control this space is declining.

Not only was he able to re-summon some of his weapons, but he also knew how to destroy his mother’s skin.

Ye Jia turned his head slowly.

The little boy who had lost his eyes looked at him behind him, his childish voice, but with a maturity that did not match his age, he asked carefully:

“Brother, are you leaving?”

Ye Jia: “Yes.”

He lowered his head, put his palms so empty as to fall on the top of the opponent’s hair, and replied in a gentle and low voice:

“But don’t worry, I will take you with you.”

“Then, can I see my parents again?” The child’s voice was full of joy.

Ye Jia smiled: “Maybe not.”

His voice was soft and soft: “But, one day, we will reunite.”

The crimson blade drew a perfect arc, and at the moment it passed silently, the shimmering silk threads were all broken.

The **** dissipated together with the obsession.


The tentacles shuddered, losing their strength, and could no longer trap the blood gu fish.

It broke free from its entanglement and swam awkwardly into the distance.

But the mother can no longer take care of it.

There was a faint sound of “Kala Kala” under her skin, and the dry and cracked lines began to spread quickly on the woman’s white skin, spreading like a spider web, spreading all over the body in the blink of an eye.

“Impossible…impossible!” she shouted hoarsely with a grim expression.

This…what’s the matter with this skin bag!

Why can’t it be supported suddenly!

No, no, no, no, no! !

She doesn’t allow… Don’t allow it! !

The mother raised her hand in a panic and put together the pieces that fell from her face, trying to press them back into place, but her actions caused more pieces to fall, and the whole person was falling apart quickly.

“Ah ah ah ah -” she screamed sternly, “Quick, give me a new body, quick!”

The woman’s belly stirred, as if something was struggling under it, trying to get out of—

All of a sudden, the audience was silent.

Everyone looked over in amazement.

However, none of them knew what was going on and why such a sudden change occurred.

Just like a layer of rapidly weathering soil, the mother’s skin collapsed quickly. Soon, those screams turned into sticky squirming noises, and no longer had human vocal organs. Soon, even the shape of humans. No longer own.


There was a loud noise.

The container collapsed instantly, and a pile of swollen sarcomas fell from the air.

Do not…

No no no no no!

Sarcoma screamed silently, struggling desperately in mid-air.

There were cracks in the ground, and a weird red light lit up. Under the deep abyss, the other side slowly opened its door to welcome its aborigines.

At this moment, I only heard a stab—

A sharp cold light flashed.

In the rain of blood, the squirming belly was torn apart from the inside, and the young man’s figure emerged from it.

Ye Jia felt that he was falling.

He raised his head and looked at the sky covered by dark clouds. Between the clouds and the gaps between the clouds, the blue sky can be vaguely seen, like a washed gem, shining with distant and cold light.

He fell in a trance, a sense of weightlessness enveloped his whole body.

In his sight, there was a pouring rain of blood, a distant galaxy, and loud noises from afar, but Ye Jia couldn’t hear anything, only the whistling wind passing by his ears.

Sink, sink.

The limbs were heavy as if they were filled with lead, unable to lift it at all, and seemed to be able to fall asleep.

Ye Jia’s eyelids slowly fell.

Suddenly, without warning, a familiar voice came from not far away, like a sharp blade, cutting straight into a chaos, instantly pulling Ye Jia back from that almost trance state:

“elder brother-”

The other party’s voice is low and rapid, and the tail trembles slightly, full of a certain kind of emotion that overflows, and almost makes his heart tremble.

Ye Jia was startled.

In the next second, he felt that he was firmly embraced into a cold embrace.

The fall stopped.

He raised his eyes to look.

The man lowered his eyes, and under his long eyelashes, a pair of scarlet pupils shuddered slightly in his eye sockets, and his cold arms trembled with restraint, as if he was embracing the young man in his arms in disbelief.

He seemed to be afraid of using too lightly and slipping away from his arms again, and he seemed afraid to hold the phantom too tightly.

Ye Jia pressed the opponent’s arm, and the real touch under his palm pulled him back from the chaos:

“A Xuan…”

He murmured.

Ye Jia blinked.

A big teardrop rolled down.

Ji Xuan was taken aback, feeling a little at a loss for a while, he asked nervously, “What, what’s wrong?”

Ye Jia raised his hand and touched his cheek as if waking up from a dream.

It’s cold and humid.

The tears slid down, fell along the chin, dripped on the back of Ji Xuan’s hand, and shook him.

Ah… That’s it.

Ye Jia shook his head, curled up the corners of his lips, and the amber eyes became clearer and brighter after being washed:

“It’s just… I saw someone.”

A person who is very important to him.

Ji Xuan stared at him.

After a long time, he lowered his head and gently kissed Ye Jia’s tears.

His fingertips are still full of blood, and the hostility brought about by the killing has not yet disappeared from his eyes, but his lips are cold and soft, gently brushing the young man’s cold cheeks, soft as if a feather fell. .

Ji Xuan kissed Ye Jia’s lips little by little.

This time, Ye Jia didn’t hide.

The two of them pressed their lips to their lips, and there was a vague voice in Ji Xuan’s throat, as if he was acting like a baby:

“Brother, you promised me that after everything is over… do you count it?”

Ye Jia laughed:

“Well, talking counts.”

He raised his head and responded to the kiss.


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