After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 99

Extra 1

Although the battle is over, the difficult journey that belongs to mankind has just begun.

The reorganization of the Supernatural Administration, the restoration and reconstruction of human cities, and the disposal of ghosts left behind in the world… There are so many unsolved problems, and the real world is a waste of time.

In the first few months, the world was in chaos.

With the passage of time, everything slowly got on the right track.

As the most devastated city in the disaster, M City has not been completely rebuilt even now.

Therefore, the Sub-bureau of the Supernatural Administration of City M had to be temporarily set up near the edge of the city.

But at least this time, the Administration didn’t need to hide from others, so it directly allocated a whole building to them. In general, it can be regarded as an environmental upgrade.

Cheng Cezhi held a stack of unprocessed documents and walked in from outside the door familiarly.

He looked around, as if looking for something.

Not far away, a familiar voice sounded from below: “Man, what are you looking for?”

Cheng Cezhi lowered his head, crossed the pile of materials in his arms, and looked in the direction of the sound.

Behind a special table, the little black hand was waving to him enthusiastically: “Here, here!”

Cheng Cezhi was a little surprised: “What are you doing here?”

The little black hand stood out proudly, pointed to the famous brand on his desk, and said happily, “I am a special employee of the Supernatural Administration now!”

Cheng Cezhi bent down and took a look, only to see two words written on it:

front desk.

Cheng Cezhi: “…”

This is different from the beautiful front desk lady I imagined.

He seemed to think of something and asked: “Eh, can you leave Brother Ye now?”

“Of course.” Xiao Hei shook his hand, as if contemptuous of the delay in Cheng Cezhi’s news: “It’s already done, don’t you know?”

After Ye Jia personally took out part of his mother’s body in the chest cavity, and turned from a ghost to a human, Xiao Hei Shou realized that the secret bond between them was interrupted, but it was locked in the other side of the ghost. Inside, there is no way to tell Ye Jia about this.

When Ye Jia remembered that a little black hand was still locked in his ghost, it was already a week later.

For this reason, Xiao Hei Shou and Ye Jia had been sulking for two weeks.

It wasn’t until Ye Jiamian reluctantly agreed to give the phone to it, the little black hand opened his eyes and leaned forward again.

In order to earn the cost of recharging Krypton Gold, Xiao Hei Shou also found a part-time job.

After all, humans are not the only species in the world now, and ghosts and monsters also live here. Those ghosts who once helped the evildoer and supported their mothers were caught and put in special prisons, and those who wished to coexist harmoniously with humans The humans stayed and tried to find a way of coexistence under the premise of accepting the jurisdiction of the Administration.

So in this case, the little black hand becomes the front desk specially recruited by the Supernatural Administration, specializing in receiving visits from non-human beings.

“That’s it.” After listening to the little black hand, Cheng Cezhi suddenly realized.

The little black hand asked with joy, “Isn’t it great?”

Cheng Cezhi: “Yes, yes.”

Little Black Hand: “…Why do I think you are perfunctory?”

“No, no.” Cheng Cezhi quickly denied. He turned the subject off and asked: “Speaking of which, do you know where Brother Ye is now?”

“Oh, you just happened to be a coincidence.” Xiao Hei pretended to lower his head and flipped through the book in front of him, and continued: “Brother Ye just happened to come back from a mission, and he’s in the Director’s office now…”

“Thanks a lot.”

Before it was finished, Cheng Cezhi nodded and hurriedly walked towards the office.

“Hey, don’t forget to add me as a friend!” The little black hand shouted behind his back: “If you have time, let’s play black together!”

Cheng Cezhi beckoned to it: “No problem!”

As soon as I arrived at the director’s office, across a thin door, I heard a familiar wailing:

“…We really can’t live without you! Please, Brother Ye, let me do anything!…”

Cheng Cezhi’s hand that was about to knock on the door just raised halfway, and then froze in midair.

Behind him, there were employees passing by with a blank face holding the documents, all with a strange look. Obviously, this kind of thing happened more than once.

Cheng Cezhi cleared his throat and knocked on the door aggressively with his knuckles.

The door was not closed tightly, and it opened slowly inward.

The slender and tall young man stood helplessly in the room. The bright sunlight came in from the window, coating his light-colored hair tips with a dazzling gold, and his amber eyes were half-dangling in the sun. Down like flowing molten gold: “You get up first…”

Wu Su put on a crying face, holding Ye Jia’s thigh without any image, still wailing:

“Do not-!”

Cheng Cezhi: “…”

Ye Jia took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of her nose with some headaches: “You…can’t you look like a chief?”

Wu Su corrected him very rigorously: “Interim Director.”

He grabbed a few wrinkles on Ye Jia’s pants: “I will let you do you want to be!”

Ye Jia was surprised: “Don’t!”

“Then you stay and help me…” Wu Su continued to whine: “I won’t get up if you don’t promise me!”

Cheng Cezhi: “…”

Why does it feel like the current scene… is a bit weird?

How did the position of the director become a hot potato!

Ye Jia turned to look towards the door. When he saw Cheng Cezhi, his eyes lit up, as if seeing a savior: “Cheng Cezhi, you are here! Are you looking for the director to talk about things—”

Cheng Cezhi: “Actually, I’m here to find you…”

Ye Jia: “…”

He showed a dead-hearted expression.

Wu Su got up from the ground, sorted out the wrinkles of his clothes, patted the dirt on his pants, and asked with a serious face: “What? Just tell me what’s the matter.”

Cheng Cezhi lowered his head and flipped through the documents in his arms, drew out a stack and handed it to Ye Jia:

“Two S-level fluctuations have been detected in the capital. I hope you can support…”

Ye Jia frowned with a headache: “Where are Wei Yuechu and Chen Qingye?”

Cheng Cezhi: “The two of them are cleaning up in M ​​City.”

“What about BLAST?”

Cheng Cezhi flipped through the file: “A mission is in progress.”

Ye Jia still tried to struggle again: “That…”

Wu Su: “Brother Ye, don’t force me to kneel down and beg you.”

Ye Jia: “…”

He took the document from Cheng Cezhi’s hand with a tired look: “…Okay.”


The key was inserted into the door lock, and the sound of metal collision sounded.

Ye Jia opened the door.

A dark figure rushed forward and immediately hugged him.

The man’s body temperature was cold, his arms tightly hugged Ye Jia into his arms, and the two chests were pressed together without any gaps.

He lowered his head and buried it in the warm neck of the young man, rubbed the tip of his cold nose gently against the soft skin of the other party, and whispered: “Brother, why did you come back so late?”

The deep voice brought up the tremor in the chest, like a huge net that densely wrapped Ye Jiaxi in it.

Ye Jia tilted her face and nudged Ji Xuan:

“You are so slimy.”

“I’m not a human being.” Ji Xuan tilted his head and rubbed Ye Jia’s shoulders, his gaze stayed on the young man’s auricle that was stained with a light flush, the corners of his lips curled up without a trace, and he replied in a serious tone: “I am a gooey ghost.”

Ye Jia: “…”

He laughed angrily: “You let me go, I haven’t changed my clothes yet.”

Ji Xuan: “No.”

Ye Jia’s strength on Ji Xuan’s shoulder increased a little, and he wanted to forcibly tear the opponent off his body.

There was a muffled snort in Ji Xuan’s throat.

Ye Jia stopped immediately and asked nervously, “What’s wrong? Did I touch your wound?”

In that battle, Ji Xuan was the most injured.

After everything was over, Ye Jia knew that the other party did not directly heal his wounds, but transferred his injuries to his own body, and in the case of losing the gift of his mother, facing the siege of all other ghosts alone, almost covered in wounds.

In addition, as a direct lineage, Ji Xuan’s blood is closely connected with his mother.

Although his mother was not dead, she was severely wounded and returned to the other side. Ye Jia was not sure what effect this would have on Ji Xuan.

Ji Xuan shook his head: “It’s okay.”

Ye Jia frowned, her expression serious.

He grabbed Ji Xuan’s wrist: “Come here, let me see.”

Ji Xuan was obediently pulled by him and sat down on the edge of the bed.

The plackets were open, revealing a strong and pale chest. From shoulder to waist, it was wrapped in bandages layer by layer, and faint blood oozes from below, smudging a deep dark red.

The bandage is specially treated, but for ghosts, whether it has any effect or not is a matter of two.

But under Ye Jia’s insistence, Ji Xuan put on a bandage—of course, the premise is that the other party does it himself.

Ye Jia quickly and carefully removed the bandage.

His eyes are drooping, and his light-colored eyelashes tremble slightly with the movement of his sight, like the beating sunlight or the wings of a butterfly that are about to fly.

Ji Xuan’s eyes were dark.

Ye Jia concentrated on examining the wound on Ji Xuan’s body.

The huge wound that once lay on his chest was torn again, and the blood was rolled outwards drippingly. Although he no longer bleeds, it still undulates with Ji Xuan’s movements, and it looks shocking.

-There is no sign of growth at all.

Ye Jia pursed her lips, frowning tighter.

He began to examine the other wounds on Ji Xuan’s body, side waist, chest, back, neck, abdomen…Although most of the wounds improved, they still did not reach the standard of “intact” in Ye Jia’s heart.

Ye Jia touched the side of Ji Xuan’s neck with her hand, fingertips across a scar on the opponent’s neck, and asked worriedly:

“How are you feeling now?”

Ji Xuan held Ye Jia’s wrist, lowered his eyes, and said thoughtfully: “It’s warm.”

Ye Jia frowned: “Seriously.”

Ji Xuan pulled the opponent’s hand to his lips and kissed: “I’m very serious.”

The scarlet eyes are like a dark and deep abyss, in which a fiery dark tide is surging, almost able to engulf the other party.

Ye Jia was scalded by his sight.

He coughed slightly and his eyes floated for a moment.

He sullenly took his hand out of the palm of the opponent, and said coldly: “Sit down, I’m about to start treating the wound.”

Ji Xuan sat up obediently with a smile on his lips:

“Come on, I’m ready.”

Ye Jia rolled his eyes, and didn’t bother to care about this kind of dishonest attitude with him/

The bandage went round and round the man’s tight, pale back.

The young man’s upper body leaned forward, his arms spread out, and he vacantly held the other person in his arms, suddenly pulling closer and further away.

His breath was gentle and steady, falling on the side of the opponent’s neck.

It’s itchy, as if the soft hairs were swept across.

Ji Xuan’s apple moved up and down.

His gaze moved down and fell on the young man’s waist. His shirt was rolled up, revealing a small patch of smooth and shiny skin, as if it was shining in the sun.

The work of this period of time made Ye Jia a little thinner. The pants that once fitted were slightly looser and hung on her hip bones.

The waistline sank down smoothly, stretched out a flexible arc, and dropped an imaginative shadow between tossing and turning.

Very suitable to be held.

Ji Xuan quickly put the images in his mind into practice.

The man’s well-knotted and slender palms were tightly attached to the opponent’s waist, his fingertips slyly slid into the clothes, and slid upwards little by little—

Ye Jia frowned: “Don’t move.”

He moved aside, but the opponent’s hand followed him.

Even getting bolder and bolder.

Ye Jia’s cheekbones were dyed with a thin layer of red, not sure if it was shame or anger: “Ji Xuan, are you endless?”

Ji Xuan encircled the opponent’s waist with his hands in an inch, raised his head and leaned closer: “It’s not over.”

He unbuttoned the other party’s buttons quietly, his voice seemed to have been polished by gravel, low and mute, with a hint of aggrieved nasal voice: “Brother…You have been working overtime for several days…”

Ye Jia frowned:

“…No, I have a mission tomorrow.”

The cold fingertips are as flexible as the soft body of a snake, climbing up little by little.

Ji Xuan: “It doesn’t matter, I will let you go to bed earlier.”


If I fall for you, there will be ghosts!

Ye Jia held down Ji Xuan’s shoulder and resolutely withdrew back: “Impossible.”

Ji Xuan “his” inhaling a cold breath.

Ye Jia was startled, and hurriedly withdrew his hand: “It hurts?”

“It doesn’t hurt.” Ji Xuan smiled, leaning forward and kissing the other party’s lips.

Ye Jia realized that he was being fooled. He turned his face and dodged: “No… I really have a mission… Um.”

The remaining words were swallowed by the opponent’s lips.

Ye Jia was concerned about the wound on his body, and had not dared to struggle hard, but to Ji Xuan, that level of resistance was at best a taste.

Soon, the youth’s light-colored eyes were covered with a layer of water mist, his face was so hot, and his breathing became unstable.

A struggling look flashed through his eyes:

“Really not…”

Ji Xuan bit his lower lip: “It’s really possible.”

Soon, the struggle was engulfed by the fog of confusion.

“Ding Zero Zero—”

The deafening phone ring suddenly rang in the quiet room, as if thunder exploded, and fell into the ears without warning.

Ye Jia was startled, and instantly returned to his senses.

He bounced abruptly and touched the phone.

The call is connected.

There was a quick voice over there, very low, and what I heard through the microphone was not very real.

Ye Jia’s expression became serious.

“Um… um… ok, I’ll be there soon.”

The phone hangs up.

Ye Jia’s face was flushed, and there were bite marks on her lower lip, but her eyes became clear and sharp.

With a gloomy face, Ji Xuan watched the cooked duck fly away from his arms and got dressed by the way.

Ye Jia turned to look at Ji Xuan:

“Sorry, something really happened in the bureau.”

Ji Xuan looked gloomy: “Those idiots, don’t you know how to live without them?”

Ye Jia sighed:

“Recently is a critical period, and I have to understand it.”

He thought for a while and said:

“Moreover…the overtime pay is still a lot.”

Ji Xuan looked depressed: “You are not short of money.”

Ye Jia corrected him: “You are not lacking.”

He lowered his head and hurriedly touched Ji Xuan’s lips: “Good night, I’ll be as soon as possible.”

With a “click”, the door lock touched.

The silence in the room was restored again.

Ji Xuan raised his hand and touched his lips with his fingertips.

The warm and moist touch of human lips still remains on their lips, but the temperature is gradually fading over time.

The scarlet tongue stuck out and licked his lower lip softly and affectionately.

Looking at the tightly closed door not far away, Ji Xuan’s eyes were slightly narrowed, and a gloomy cold light gleamed in his scarlet eyes.

Such things as excessive overtime…

It seems that it must be resolved.

Otherwise, isn’t he pretending to be sick?


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