After Being a Mermaid Chapter 1

Sharp pain came from his finger abdomen. An Jin subconsciously withdrew his hand and suddenly opened his eyes. The pain behind his head made him subconsciously frown.

“Ah, wake up!” The doctor shouted in surprise and excitement.

An Jin is a little confused. Wasn’t he killed by a zombie?

He looked at the owner of the voice, a man in white. The expression on his face looked very happy. After his eyes were aligned, he leaned over.

An Jin sees the silver needle shining on his hand. His pupil and fingers shrink at the same time. He quickly moves back and wants to open the distance.

The feet were not controlled and did not move back, but lifted up.

He was stunned and quickly looked at his feet. He was surprised to find that his feet were not feet, but a blue fish tail!

The fish tail bar lifted up, and the transparent fin at the tail expanded like a fan. Water slid down from it. The blue fish scale reflected the light. It was very beautiful, but an Jin was stunned.

“Pa…” when he was stunned, the fish’s tail unloaded its strength and fell into the water, causing spray. He was drenched with water.

The doctor nearby also didn’t avoid the water, and his body was wet.

Thinking that the little mermaid was angry, he quickly stopped approaching, retreated a little, hid the silver needle, raised his hands to show weakness: “don’t be angry,” he coaxed, “do you want to eat?”

An Jin looked at the doctor and his heart beat wildly. He couldn’t understand the doctor’s words at all, even his pronunciation was very strange.

After the end of the day, all international channels collapsed. He only met foreigners in the first year. Those people spoke English, and what this person said was obviously not English.

He hesitated for a moment and didn’t speak rashly. He didn’t quite understand why the doctor raised his hand and stepped back, but it made him less nervous.

He blinked his eyes, and the drops of water on his eyelashes fell to the end of his eyes, itching.

He raised his hand to erase it, and then his hand touched the end of his eye. He made a movement and moved his hand rigidly to his eyes.

The hands are white and slender, but the nails are very long, more than three centimeters. The edges of the nails are silvery. They are very sharp at a glance, with transparent fins between the fingers.

An Jin was stunned for a moment, took a deep breath to stabilize his mood, and looked warily at the man in white: “what is this place?”

With that, he was stunned again and his scalp was numb. This was not his voice at all.

This voice is soft, like a ball of cotton. His Mandarin has always been very good. This sentence is vague, soft, not like questioning, like coquetry.

He clearly saw that after he asked, the doctor’s eyes flashed suddenly, his face was full of energy, and he began to speak.

“My God, this is definitely the best voice I’ve ever heard! Are you flirting with me? It’s like a dream!”

The doctor was conscious of the lack of language and couldn’t express his praise in language. He couldn’t help approaching the little mermaid and wanted to rub the beautiful hair of the little mermaid to express his love.

An Jin couldn’t understand what the man said. He reached out and subconsciously avoided it. However, there was resistance behind him and couldn’t move back.

Seeing the hand approaching his eyes, he made a sudden effort and rolled to the left.

“Bang…” after a moment of weightlessness, an Jin fell into the water and was surrounded by the water, which made him feel safe from his heart.

He opened his eyes in the water, didn’t feel any discomfort, and breathed smoothly, which was no different from that on the water.

He looked up and saw a recliner in his original position, with the front end slightly raised and the back soaked in water.

He almost immediately imagined him lying on his seat with his tail in the water.

The man in white stood by the lounge chair, looked at him and waved to him. His tone was a little urgent, but very gentle, with a sense of persuasion.

“Little Mermaid, come here, I haven’t checked you yet!”

An Jin doesn’t understand. He doesn’t approach. He tries to control his tail and shake his body up and down.

He felt it, probably understood the law, put the fish’s tail forward, and moved back smoothly, farther away from the man.

In the moving room, the hair floating in the water swept through the earlobe and itched a little.

He reached out his hand and rubbed it gently with his finger belly. The earlobe was soft and felt no different from before. When he moved it away, he touched the edge of his ear.

It was hard and cool. He touched it and found that there was a circle of fan-shaped hard fins wrapped around the outside of his ears. He moved his ears and the fins became soft and shrunk.

An Jin put down his hand in a complicated mood. His fingers caught the hair and his scalp hurt slightly. He bypassed it and grabbed a handful of hair and put it in front of him. The water blue micro curled filaments are smooth and shiny. They look great.

An Jin thought he was dreaming.

However, all the feelings were too clear and true for him to deceive himself.

He let go of his hair, closed his eyes, opened them, bowed his head and looked at his body carefully.

The upper body is not different from before, but the skin is whiter and more delicate, white and shiny.

The upper body and the fish tail are perfectly over coordinated. The blue scales are like a small fan, overlapping and arranged from the waist and abdomen to the fish tail. At the end is a transparent glass like tail fin, which can shrink and expand.

He touched the scales with his fingertips. They were cold and smooth.

Finally, he touched his face, his cheeks covered with small soft scales.

Obviously, he was reborn and became a mermaid.

He moved in his heart, turned his back to the man in white and operated the water power. Almost in the blink of an eye, a water ball the size of a fist appeared in front of him.

He was slightly relieved that his water power still existed. Although it was very weak, it reassured him.

After the end of the day, if it hadn’t been for the awakening power, he would have died.

I don’t know how Mermaid exists in this world? Whether water powers are useful.

He thought for a moment, trying to test the attitude of men in white and see if he could get some information.

He turned and looked up at the man. For a moment, he could hardly manage his expression.

The man held a black fishing rod in his hand, and a long treated fish was hung under the fishing rod. The fish had some black spots on the flesh after the skin was removed.

An Jin watched the scene silently, “fishing with fish.”.

If he wasn’t the one who was caught, he might find it very interesting.

The doctor stared at an Jin and saw that he was quiet and didn’t look angry. He pressed the telescopic button and the fishing rod was longer.

So an Jin saw that the hanging fish was getting closer and closer to him.

His eyes unconsciously fell on the fish, his Adam’s apple rolled uncontrollably, and the word “want to eat” popped out of his mind.

An Jin: ”

This is definitely not the emotion he should have.

He doesn’t like to eat raw fish, not to mention the small black spots in the white and pink fish, and I don’t know if it’s moldy.

He had tasted a lot of hunger in the end of the world, but he wouldn’t mind this little defect, but when he wasn’t hungry, he wouldn’t be greedy when he saw it.

It must be because he became a mermaid and was affected!

He hesitated for a moment and decided to cooperate with the man. At the same time, he also wanted to find a man to understand the situation.

He first simulated in his brain how the fish tail controls the direction, swings the tail and moves forward smoothly.

When he reached out and could touch the fish, as expected, the fish moved forward again.

An Jin: ”

Pretending not to notice, he was’ caught ‘by fish all the way to the shore and caught the fish smoothly.

The doctor took a black metal disc and said gently, “I’ll examine you. Don’t be angry.”

An Jin looked at the man. The silver needle in the man’s hand was gone. He felt the man’s friendly attitude. He blinked and didn’t move.

The doctor opened the intelligent brain virtual display screen, gently pasted the disc on an Jin’s left wrist, and carefully checked each line of numbers on the screen.

An Jin looked at the display screen in surprise and looked at the silver bracelet on the doctor’s wrist.

This is an era of advanced technology!

His eyes were bright and he looked at the display screen with some regret. He didn’t know a word except numbers.

He looked at the man and smiled and took down the metal disc. He guessed that the man might be a doctor and was doing a physical examination for him.

He is more at ease. This is good news. Human beings seem to be friendly to mermaids.

Of course, it can’t be concluded. After all, he saw only one person.

The doctor pointed to the fish in an Jin’s hand: “eat, your body is all right.”

An Jin didn’t understand the man’s meaning, but he saw that the man wanted him to eat fish.

He hesitated for a moment. He didn’t know when to get food next time. He should eat more and maintain his strength.

He stared at the fish for a while, raised his right index finger, crossed his fingernail and scratched on the back of the fish. A thin fish fillet was pasted on the surface of his fingernail.

An Jin was surprised that his nails were so sharp!

Then his eyes lit up, this is combat effectiveness!

He raised his hand and handed the fillets to the man in white.

The black spots in the fish made him uneasy. Just in case, he had to try a man’s attitude.

The man was stunned and looked dazed with the joy of being hit by the grand prize: “are you… For me?”

God, he must be dreaming! The ferocious mermaid who protects food will take the initiative to feed him!

He is definitely the happiest person in the world!

When an Jin saw that he didn’t eat, his heart was tight. Shouldn’t he really poison?

The next moment, the man quickly picked up the fish fillet, put it in his mouth and swallowed it. He looked intoxicated, like eating some delicacies.

“Thank you, woo woo, my life is complete.” The doctor was moved and smiled at the little mermaid.

How could there be such a clever mermaid!

An Jin didn’t understand the doctor’s words, but when he saw his smile, he also raised the corners of his mouth and returned to the doctor with a smile.

The doctor was obviously stunned and his smile froze on his face.

An Jin was embarrassed. He remembered the scales on his face and couldn’t help raising his hand to cover his face.

Is it too scary now? Thinking so, he showed a little apology in his eyes.

Ugly and scary, he was wrong.

“My God!” The doctor recovered from his stupidity and burst into a scream, which was even more excited than the star chasing girl when she saw Aidou, “smile! You smiled at me!”

An Jin was shocked. For the first time, he heard a man’s voice as high as a fork. His fingers moved and tried not to cover his ears. It’s not polite.

Looking at the man’s excited and happy appearance, he breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that the man has just stayed, and should not be frightened by his ugliness.

Perhaps, he tilted his head and thought to find a reasonable explanation. Did the other party laugh at the mermaid for the first time?

The doctor was so excited that his love for the little mermaid reached the top in an instant. He got up, went to the freezer and took a basin full of different kinds of fish and put it in front of an Jin.

Seeing his feeding behavior, an Jin politely said, “thank you.”

The soft voice sounded, like being brushed by feathers, very gentle.

An Jin is a little uncomfortable. He is not used to the current voice.

The doctor is intoxicated. It sounds great!

His eyes were shining, spoiled and fascinated.

An Jin touched his eyes and tightened his heart.

There seems to be something wrong!

Why is this look so like the look of her sister next door at her Persian cat?

An Jin froze, and a bad feeling came to his mind.

He has become a pet!


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