After Being a Mermaid Chapter 10

Chapter 10

When an Jin heard the roar, he immediately reacted. It was the little partner the master found for him. Their pronunciation was the same.

He was stunned first, and then he became happy.

He can communicate with other mermaids!

He looked expectantly at the door, and the roar of the mermaid and the sound of cruel words were getting closer and closer.

There was a strange man’s voice in the middle: “little silver, calm down and don’t be angry.”

An Jin is a little nervous. His little partner doesn’t seem to have a good temper.

Three minutes later, Norman took the guests into the mermaid room.

The guest is a handsome man and a mermaid with a silver tail.

The silver Mermaid sits in the scooter. The scooter is similar to a scooter, but the pedal position is a rectangular transparent container containing water.

Xiaoyin stared at Norman fiercely. His tail kept patting the bottom of the container and wanted to jump out, but he was held down by Mu Chen.

When Xiaoyin saw her enemy, she wanted to teach him a good lesson, but she didn’t even touch each other’s clothes. She couldn’t help being angry.

He bared his teeth to Mu Chen: “bastard bipedal beast, you dare to stop me!”

With that, he waved his paw towards Mu Chen’s side face.

An Jin’s pupil shrinks suddenly and exclaims, “No.”

He knows the sharpness of mermaid’s fingernails very well. If he goes on like this, the man’s face will be wasted.

However, his vision of blood flowing all over his face did not happen.

The moment the mermaid’s nails touched the man’s face, the skin color of half of the man’s face suddenly became darker, and the nails didn’t scratch any wounds on his face.

“Ah…” Mu Chen’s head was exaggerated to one side. His body seemed to turn half a circle because he was beaten too hard. Then he knelt on one foot and covered his face.

Little Yin Leng hum and looked at him with a look: “stupid bipedal beast, you know my power! See if you dare to stop me.”

An Jin stares at a cluster of mental filaments that have turned gray in Mu Chen’s mental sea, and guesses that the change of his skin just now is due to the consumption of mental power.

Just thinking, I was surprised when I heard the mermaid’s words, and looked up at the mermaid.

Mermaid’s eyes and tail are silver white, her hair is silver gray, and her facial features are playful and beautiful. At this time, she raises her eyebrows and looks proud.

Didn’t the mermaid see the exaggerated performance trace of the man?

Even really think that they beat people to their knees?

Norman looked at Mu Chen speechless: “you should go to the literature and art department to play a play.”

Mu Chen stood up with his face covered and his tone was helpless: “it’s not for you. You let him fight and pretend to lose. He’ll be happy.”

Norman refused: “No.”

“It’s just a way to coax the mermaid,” Mu Chen looked at Norman suspiciously. “Haven’t you coaxed Ann so much?”

Norman: No

Mu Chen was surprised: “what did you do when Ann attacked you?”

“He never attacked me.” Norman said, looking at the pool.

After training his two legged beast, Xiao Yin turned his head and looked at an Jin. His eyes were right.

An would like to show a friendly smile.

“You just wanted to stop me?” Xiao Yin raised her chin slightly and looked at an Jin.

An Jin blinked and said honestly, “I’m afraid you hurt me.”

Little silver bared her teeth: “he is a bipedal beast I tamed. What do you care about him? Do you like him? He has been tamed by me. Don’t think about it!”

“Ah?” An Jin was at a loss and suddenly felt that it was too early for him to be happy.

Even if they can communicate with mermaids, they seem to have a big generation gap.

Norman stared at Xiaoyin’s exposed canine teeth and asked Mu Chen, “will Xiaoyin bully the mermaid?”

Mu Chen: “other mermaids don’t annoy him. He doesn’t care. Don’t worry. Your family is a pure Mermaid. Even if you fight, I should be worried.”

Norman looked serious. He had never seen a mermaid fight, and the mermaid was very timid.

He looked at Xiaoyin warily to prevent Xiaoyin from shooting at the little mermaid.

The mermaid’s senses were very strong. She noticed Norman’s sight. Xiaoyin immediately stared at Norman: “Wow! I almost forgot to take revenge on you. Do you dare to look at me? Do you provoke me!”

He showed his canine teeth, patted his tail down, lifted his body and extended his hand in the direction of Norman.

Mu Chen quickly rushed over and hugged Xiaoyin: “don’t be angry. Be careful, your hand is broken again.”

Xiaoyin was stopped again. He was so angry that he beat Mu Chen and was quickly put into the pool by Mu Chen.

Mu Chen skillfully took out three lunch boxes the size of an exercise book from the space bag, opened the lid and put them in front of Xiaoyin: “eat something to calm down.”

Xiaoyin was really attracted by the food and snorted: “bipedal beast, you finally understand something.”

Seeing that he didn’t show his teeth and wave his claws, Mu Chen knew that he had coaxed him and let him play by himself.

“Your Majesty, stay away from the pool, or he will try to attack you.” Mu Chen stood beside Norman and said.

Norman looked at his little mermaid near little silver and retreated silently.

“Ann is so beautiful,” Mu Chen looked at Ann Jin and praised her. After reading it for a while, he suddenly felt something wrong: “Ann is too quiet! Shouldn’t she be ill?”

Norman: “no, he’s quiet and good.”

Mu Chen opened his eyes incredulously and was quiet? Good? Is this a word for mermaid?

Mu Chen envied: “your luck is too good!”

Thinking of the most important point, he asked, “is the therapeutic effect of his singing really good?”

Norman said expressionless, “I don’t know yet.”

Mu Chen: “it’s only a few days since you bought it. You don’t have any experience in raising mermaids. It’s normal that you won’t coax him to be happy.” He smiled and asked, “shall I teach you experience?”

“No need.” Norman thought that the experience of other families did not apply to his little mermaid at all.

In the pool, an Jin listened to the two people and watched Xiao Yin eat.

The mermaid grabbed a flat fish, bit it like a cake, and then chewed it quickly.

A fish is finished in less than ten seconds.

An Jin was surprised by this wild eating method. He tightened his heart and looked at Norman quietly.

Will the host feel strange when he sees him eating?

“Hey,” little silver shouted at him, “do you want to eat?”

An Jin waved his hand: “no, you eat.”

After eating food with impurities removed, he is not interested in untreated food.

Little silver looked at him, swept his long hair, which was not decorated and soft enough, and suddenly threw down the fish in his hand.

Or smashing is more appropriate. The rice basin was smashed and slid forward.

Xiao Yin was very angry: “haven’t you tamed your bipedal beast? He didn’t give you tribute food? He didn’t take you to enjoy the service?”

“I knew he was a bad bipedal! You’re so unlucky!” Little silver stared at Norman on the shore.

An Jin was startled by his reaction and confused.

Xiaoyin swam in front of him, patted his left shoulder with his right hand, grinned and showed his sharp canine teeth: “learn from me.”

An Jin: “…” he doesn’t really want to learn.

Small silver fell on his shoulder and moved his hand to his back neck. His fingernails were close to the skin of his back neck. He said fiercely, “learn quickly!”

On the shore, Norman saw his body move, and Mu Chen said, “don’t worry.”

An Jin’s back is numb. He is not familiar with the mermaid. He is not sure about the mermaid’s temper. He doesn’t know whether it is a real threat or a false threat.

He opened his mouth silently, revealing the standard eight teeth. He looked down and couldn’t help reaching out to touch the canine teeth.

His canine teeth seem shorter than little silver.

Xiao Yin stared at him, not satisfied: “you have no deterrent. No wonder you haven’t tamed your bipedal beast! He’s so fierce that you can’t scare him!”

“Don’t you find that your two legged beast has been staring at you? He must be ready to attack you. You have to make him afraid!”

An Jin: “no, he should not have such an idea.”

“You are too naive,” said Xiao Yin seriously. “You must have been cheated by the two legged beast. He seems very cunning.”

An Jin looked at Norman, who was awe inspiring. He felt that the mermaid might not know the meaning of cunning.

“You misunderstood. He’s very kind to me. Look,” he pointed to the wall. “I can watch the video anytime.”

He thought for a moment, swam his tail to the farthest shore and grabbed the big crab for supper: “this is the food he gave. I didn’t finish it. I’m going to eat it late at night.”

Little silver moved her eyes from the crab to an Jin’s face, swept her eyes up and down, and said in a deep voice, “I see.”

He grabbed the silver gray hair: “sure enough, force is not good, and beauty can tame bipedal animals. I didn’t tame him at the beginning, just because it’s not good-looking!”

An Jin: you don’t understand!

He rationalized the mermaid’s way of thinking. In the mermaid’s idea, humans provide them with food, either because they are beaten or attracted by beauty.

He couldn’t help asking, “what are we to mankind?”

Xiaoyin: “of course it’s the mermaid master!”

With that, Xiao Yin swam back and caught a fish in one hand, and then returned to an Jin: “let’s compete. If you lose, give me the food.”

An Jin handed him the crab: “don’t compare, I’ll give it to you.”

Little silver stared at him: “are you asking to mate with me?”

“Cough…” an Jin was stunned and quickly waved his hand, “no, don’t misunderstand.”

Xiao Yin looked at him blushing: “you’re so strange.”

An Jin was blankly: “what’s the matter?”

Xiaoyin: “we mermaids only give food to cubs and food to adults for courtship.”

An Jin: “sorry, I don’t know.”

“You’re so strange. Didn’t you know it from birth? It won’t be forgotten with memory.”

An Jin looked embarrassed and thought it was good that human beings didn’t understand them, otherwise he would show his stuffing.

“Thank you for telling me. Can we exchange food?”

Xiaoyin agreed to the exchange.

An Jin adjusts his position, backs to the two people on the shore, draws a piece of fish from the fish’s back, and removes impurities before putting it into his mouth.

He has been very skilled in removing impurities. In fact, even if he faces people, others may not find that the fish fillets are purified at the entrance.

An Jin has been eating the same food for several days. He is very satisfied with the new food. The juice is less, but the meat is fresh, compact and delicious.

When he ate the third piece, he put the fish in front of his mouth and suddenly stretched out his hand.

His wrist was caught, and then his fillets were snatched away, and his wrist was released in an instant.

“Ah!” He was startled and his tail bounced in the water.

Xiaoyin squints, swallows the fish fillets with intoxication on her face, and looks at an Jin brightly: “it’s delicious! I want more.”


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