After Being a Mermaid Chapter 100

Sloan military training ground

Mu Chen and garrot practiced, and played two games soundly. In the third game, Mu Chen’s brain kept ringing. Mu Chen scanned his eyes and showed that it was set to private mode, but it was not connected.

After that, he couldn’t concentrate and soon lost.

Garrot jumped from the mecha and said dissatisfied: “the mistake is too big. The crane field doesn’t count. Fight again!”

Mu Chen casually stroked back his slightly wet short hair in front of his forehead and scanned his eyes and brain: “don’t fight.”

Garrot let out a voice and put his hand on his shoulder: “no, it’s still early! It’s nothing.”

Mu Chen: “I have something to do. Let’s fight with others.”

Garrot tutted: “their mental state is not as good as the crane! It’s a pity that I had to stay in SiO at that time, or I would follow your majesty to labe star.”

A few days after his party returned from Rabe, the mental state of all the accompanying personnel was much better than that at the time of departure. The crane made the military personnel who were not accompanied particularly envious.

Garrot thought of this and couldn’t help but look forward to saying, “I hope Rabe can open the tourist channel as soon as possible.”

Mu Chen’s thoughts were a little scattered. His fingers touched him on his brain and moved away. He answered: “it won’t be long before the transition point between SiO and Rabe can be built. If you want to go, talk to the queen, Rabe will certainly give you a pass.”

He moved his shoulder and shook garrot’s hand away: “there are several top mecha experts among the Rabe personnel accompanying us. Our mecha may have to be upgraded in a while. Did you hear from director Xie?”

Garrot was ready to take his shoulder again, stopped, turned and walked outside the training ground: “no, I’ll ask!”

When garrot left, Mu Chen’s brain shook again.

Mu Chen opens the virtual screen, which displays Xiaoyin’s video application.

Mu Chen looked at Xiaoyin’s name and couldn’t help thinking of his “learning activities” for Xiaoyin before leaving Labei star.

His right hand inadvertently held the  and when he finished, he realized his action and looked a little stiff.

He stared at his right hand, raised his hand and shook it hard: owe me!

At the thought of his later reaction and the scene of Xiaoyin’s reciprocity, his ears were burning. He wished that he and Xiaoyin could lose their memory and forget the events of that day at the same time.

However, the fact is just the opposite. Instead of forgetting, he always remembered that he would dream about the scene of that day even when he slept, and even more scenes that didn’t happen.

So that when he received the communication from Xiaoyin, he was a little flustered and uncomfortable.

Knowing that Xiaoyin is an intelligent creature, he clearly takes Xiaoyin as his buddy!

He looked constantly changing, hesitated for a moment, and thought of Xiaoyin alone in labe. He was not at ease, but he still connected.

The small silver plate sat on the floor of the living room, leaning against the sofa. At the moment when the video was connected, the body leaned forward slightly, as if it wanted to be closer, and hummed: “how do you connect the crane? It’s so slow!”

Mu Chen didn’t answer. His eyes fell on his face: “how did you get hurt?”

Xiaoyin casually touched the scar on his cheek and said, “didn’t you take part in the middle school entrance examination today? I caught a thief when I left the examination room,” his eyebrows raised and his tone was proud, “I kicked him away with one foot!”

Mu Chen looked at his lively appearance. Obviously, it was no big deal. He leaned against the wall at will and picked his eyebrows: “really? The crane is so powerful. How did he get hurt?”

Xiao Yin said loudly, “I’m really powerful! I just got caught accidentally when I took back the stolen things!”

He stared at Mu Chen discontentedly: “don’t you believe I’m very powerful?”

Mu Chen inexplicably remembered that when he was released from Xiaoyin’s hand, Xiaoyin asked him in a low and dumb voice: “am I fierce?”

Mu Chen photographed his forehead and felt that he was ill. He was even thinking about what famous spiritual experts Si Ao had.

He coughed slightly and said perfunctorily, “I believe,” quickly changed the topic and pointed to Xiao Yin’s face. “There are bacteria on the nails. Remember to disinfect. Don’t go back because the wound is small.”

He casually talked about the bad consequences of not disinfecting in time in case Xiaoyin didn’t take it to heart.

Xiaoyin looked at his appearance of serious persuasion, raised his mouth, raised his hand and put it in his heart: “ it’s strange. It’s clear that just a casual word can make me so happy. My heart seems to be soaking in warm water and feels so comfortable.”

His eyes were focused and his language was straightforward. Mu Chen’s heart jumped suddenly and his heart beat faster inexplicably.

He was a little confused. Xiao Yin’s words were too common. If he changed to the lines in the film, he might laugh, but now, he felt touched in his heart.

Maybe Xiaoyin looked too calm, so his words seemed especially sincere.

Xiao Yin finished feeling in her heart and exclaimed: “5978 He paused and seemed unable to express his meaning, adding, “very comfortable!”

Mu Chen: “… Don’t mention the crane again!”

Xiaoyin didn’t understand: “why?  I like it very much. At that time, my neck was red and bit me…”

Mu Chen: “I have something else to do. I’ve hung up.”

Little silver looked at the disconnected communication and snorted: human beings are really dishonest!

In the evening, Mu Chen returned to the villa.

After Xiaoyin left, he dismissed the helper and left only the intelligent housekeeper and housekeeping robot at home, so the villa was very quiet.

Mu Chen changed his shoes in the porch, unconsciously looked in the direction of the mermaid room, and soon took back his eyes.

He sat on the sofa and took out a nutrient solution for dinner. He always felt too quiet and strange.

When he was washing, he looked at himself in the mirror and his eyes fell on his face. He couldn’t help thinking of the wound on Xiaoyin’s face.

Xiao Yin’s acquaintances are all in si’ao. He only suffered a little injury this time. What if he suffered a serious injury? Who can Xiaoyin find?

The more he thought about it, the more worried he became. He thought on his face and soon had a flash of inspiration. If Xiaoyin’s concerns were solved, Xiaoyin would go back to si’ao!

After washing, he went to the study to sort out all the information about mecha combat.

Mecha has a long history. There are many materials on the market. Many materials have overlapping parts. He sorted them out for a long time and contacted an Jin.

Sure that Anjin was not busy, he asked Anjin to help translate some documents.

The day after Xiaoyin finished the entrance examination, she received a notice from the school: “congratulations on the entrance examination of Xinbei No. 1 middle school. Please go through the admission formalities within two days.”

He took the entrance examination for freshmen held by each school before the beginning of school.

The second examination is mainly aimed at students who make mistakes in the unified examination and grade skipping.

Rabe’s school season begins in October. Because the mermaid king is married, the second holiday of Rabe’s schools this year has been postponed from September and October to November, and the school opening time has been postponed accordingly.

After reading the information, Xiao Yin didn’t feel surprised. He prepared for the exam for more than two months. He thought the exam content was simple and didn’t consider the possibility of failing the exam at all.

He was very active. He quickly completed the admission procedures and chose day study without accommodation.

His classmates are younger than him. He doesn’t want to live with others, nor is he ready to live in the bedroom and exchange feelings with his classmates. He won’t stay in school for three years. He is ready to jump the grade.

After going through the formalities, he received the curriculum. The curriculum arrangement of Rabe junior middle school was very relaxed. (after school at 4:00 p.m., the students were free to participate in community activities.

Xiaoyin quickly made arrangements, went to the star network to check some information, and then contacted an Jin to learn interstellar language with an Jin.

Interstellar language is the common language of Star Alliance. He can understand it now because he is wearing a translator. Without a translator, he can’t understand human words at all.

It’s a skill he doesn’t master himself, which makes him feel very insecure. He will definitely return to si’ao in the future. Learning interstellar language is also to prepare for returning to si’ao.

He couldn’t help thinking that if Mu Chen heard him speak interstellar language, he would be surprised!

A few days later, at night

Little silver sat cross legged on the carpet in the living room and watched the learning video.

Watching, zhinao sent Mu Chen’s video application. He suspended the video, connected the communication, leaned loosely against the sofa and stared at Mu Chen: “ finally took the initiative to contact me!”

Mu Chen was stunned when he heard his voice with anger. He thought about it. Because he was uncomfortable, he really didn’t take the initiative to contact Xiaoyin.

Mu Chen was stared at by Xiao Yin’s silver eyes. Inexplicably, he was a little guilty: “ I’m busy recently.”

“Liar, Theo is celebrating Ann’s wedding. He’s not busy at all.” Little silver snorted.

Mu Chen: “…” suddenly found the disadvantage of Xiaoyin becoming smart. It’s not easy to deceive.

He resolutely changed the topic: “I have something to find you.” He sent a document to Xiaoyin: “click to receive it, and then import it into the translator.”

While receiving it, Xiao Yin asked curiously, “what is it? Is it a little movie you share with me?”

Mu Chen: “nonsense, how could I share that kind of thing with you!”

With doubts in her pure silver eyes, Xiao Yin expressed dissatisfaction with his tone and stared at him: “what’s that thing? Do you think it’s childish for me to watch children’s movies when I’m an adult?”

Mu Chen suddenly felt that his idea was a little yellow. The little movie Xiao Yin said was completely different from what he thought!

Xiaoyin zhinao connected the translator and explained loudly: “I’m not watching movies, I’m learning grammar!” He hummed: “remember what I said. I’m very mature.”

Some scenes flashed in Mu Chen’s mind, suspecting that Xiaoyin was driving. However, Xiaoyin was righteous, with pure eyes and a frank look.

Mu Chen began to doubt himself. Was he too impure?

See that Xiaoyin imported the data into the translator. He shared a video explaining the fundamentals of mecha driving to Xiaoyin: “crane is the most authoritative introductory course of Xingmeng mecha driving.”

Xiaoyin is very interested in driving a mecha. After listening to it for a while, he became absorbed. After a section, he suddenly realized: “the information just given me is the translation of words related to driving a mecha?”

Mu Chen nodded: “all professional words are involved.  as long as you wear a translator, you can learn to drive a mecha in si’ao, and the learning progress will not be affected by the language.”

Xiaoyin understood Mu Chen’s meaning: “do you want me to go back to si’ao?”

Mu Chen was inexplicably embarrassed when he saw it. No, he was not a pinch person: “ I’m not sure I’m alone in labe.”

Xiaoyin said again: “ I’m really good at saying things that make me happy,” he looked tangled for a moment and shook his head. “I don’t want to go back to SiO for the time being.”

Mu Chen quickly flashed a trace of disappointment: “why?”

Xiaoyin thought clearly: “Rabe’s science is more suitable for mermaids, and so is the environment. I can’t turn into feet at will. The time to maintain my legs is limited, and Rabe is more suitable for me.”

Of course, he can also study in si’ao, but the speed of learning is definitely not as fast as Rabe.

Theo doesn’t have the conditions to practice mecha underwater.

Mu Chen thought of the process of the mermaid changing her legs freely, and her expression changed slightly: “are you ready… Ready to find a partner and go back to si’ao?”

“Of course not. I’ll go back when I learn it,” said Xiao Yin. “It’s the partner I’m looking for!”

He thought for a moment and added, “if you are willing to be my partner now, I can go back now.”

If he can become human at will and understand the course, his study will not be affected.

If it weren’t for Xiaoyin’s pure eyes, Mu Chen even suspected that Xiaoyin was playing tricks. He avoided Xiaoyin’s expectation: “don’t be kidding.”

Xiao Yin frowned and said angrily, “I’m not kidding!”

Mu Chen was silent for a moment: “I can’t promise.”

Xiaoyin looked at him with a confident tone: “it doesn’t matter. The teke Mermaid will never give up when she pursues her partner. One day you will agree!”

Military training ground

Garrot drove the mecha to the corner to avoid Mu Chen’s attack. He made a pause gesture. He jumped off the mecha and shouted: “ it’s too hard today.”

Mu Chen withdrew the mecha in silence.

Garrot revolved around him and hit his arm with his elbow: “you’re in a bad mood? You’re in trouble? Tell me, I’ll help you find a way.”

Mu Chen looked at him and hesitated for a moment: “promise me that no matter what I say, I will keep it confidential.”

Garrot’s curiosity was aroused by him and quickly raised his hand to make a guarantee: “it’s absolutely confidential.”

Mu Chen stroked his hair and said what was bothering him recently: “ say, if a person says he likes you, but can stand not to stay with him, why? Don’t you like it at all?”

Garrot put his strong arm on his shoulder and smiled, “Hey, hey, there’s someone you like? Who is it?”

Mu Chen’s heart jumped violently and (consciousness denied: “No.”

Garrot: “ yes! If you don’t like it,  you won’t care what the other person thinks. And you won’t be upset because ‘you may not like you’.”

Mu Chen was stunned. His brain seemed to have been electrified. The fog originally shrouded in real ideas suddenly dispersed.

He always felt that his concern for Xiaoyin was due to the habit formed in his previous relationship mode. It was not only the emotion of concern, but also the habit of worrying about Xiaoyin’s various things.

Similarly, he felt that he was different in Xiaoyin’s heart. Xiaoyin wanted him to be a partner because of his previous relationship.

Xiaoyin doesn’t know what love is. After all, if you really like it, how can you refuse to get closer to the person you like?

Although he knew rationally that there was a reason for Xiao Yin to stay in Rabe, although he would study a little slower, he would be closer to him.

But Xiaoyin still refused to go back to si’ao. He felt that Xiaoyin might not really like him, but was used to being with him.

Garrot’s words woke him up. His attention was wrong from the beginning!

If he is just used to Xiaoyin, he shouldn’t worry about whether Xiaoyin really likes him?

Mu Chen pressed the forehead. When he was not sure what Xiaoyin wanted, he moved his heart to Xiaoyin.

He was in a mixed mood: “ if you don’t say this, I’ll ask you another thing.”

Garrot wondered, “what’s up?”

Mu Chen, “what is Ruirui for you?”

Garrot: “man,” he said, looking around and whispering, “I used to feel like a son.”

He reminded Mu Chen: “you must not tell Ruirui this sentence!”

Mu Chen: “don’t worry, I won’t say.”

He thought for a moment and said: “59788

Garrot thought carefully and shook his head: “he has grown up. His decision must be reasonable. If he decides to stay in Rabe, I support him and go to see him when he is free.”

He said proudly, “we have a good relationship. He doesn’t trust me. He went back to SiO.”

He said something unconvinced: “I used to say that he has a good relationship with Xiaoyin. It is clear that Ruirui and I are human and Mermaid with a good relationship.”

Mu Chen’s heart was immediately pierced.

Garrot patted him on the shoulder: “ don’t worry, Xiaoyin is very powerful. He really grew up very fast in Rabe.”

Mu Chen: “how do you know?”

“Yesterday, Rabe held the middle school students’ mecha League. Xiaoyin participated in the one-on-one competition. I saw it when Ruirui and Ling Ling watched the live broadcast. Xiaoyin is the champion. Although he has studied mecha for a long time, he has a good sense of combat.”

Mu Chen’s expression changed slightly. Thinking for a moment, he strode out and waved back: “I have something to do. I’m leaving.”

Mu Chen returned to his office, directly searched the star network for the video of labe middle school students’ mecha competition, and then jumped to the video of Xiaoyin competition.

Xiaoyin has many shortcomings in mecha combat, but it is very good for beginners.

After reading it, he looked again. Only once did he distract himself from looking at the barrage. The more he looked at it, the tighter his brow was.

“The school grass of Xinbei No. 1 middle school! Gao Leng Xueba, only learning in his heart! Super handsome!”

“Ah! So handsome and powerful. I want to change schools.”

“Oh, what’s great? Is it fun to participate in the middle school students’ competition at an age?”

“ let’s forget it. The competition has been reviewed by. The school grass just learned the mecha soon. It’s too late to go to school that hinders?”

Mu Chen releases the intelligent barrage mode, watches all the barrages, looks at the full screen confession in a complicated mood, and supports Xiaoyin.

“Don’t even dream. The school grass has a partner.”

“? don’t talk nonsense! I don’t believe it!”

“The school grass said it himself. Don’t just look at the battle of the school grass, look at the award ceremony.”

When Mu Chen realized that the video had jumped to the awarding link.

The host smiled and asked, “congratulations on your winning the personal Gold Award. What is your original intention to learn to drive a robot?”

Little silver’s hair was tied into a horsetail, and his playful facial features were completely exposed. His face was publicity and dazzling. There was no expression on his face. He looked very cold against the cold white skin and gray hair.

He almost didn’t think about it and replied: “at first, I felt very powerful, but now there is another reason, because I think my partner is very powerful,” he paused. “Very powerful.”

He looked serious and his tone was firm: “I hope I can match him and make him think I’m reliable.” at this point, the corner of his mouth turned away, “don’t treat me as a child.”

The barrage in the crane increased significantly: “ah, ah, a small action of the crane is so cute.”

“Ha ha, it’s a good high cold! It’s so childish. No, it attracts me more!”

Mu Chen didn’t pay attention to the barrage at all. Xiao Yin’s words kept repeating in his brain. His heart beat rapidly, and there was never a wonderful feeling of  in his heart.

Happy, moved, and the idea of wanting to meet, all rushed to him.

He closed his eyes, calmed his mood and dialed Xiaoyin’s video.

Xiao Yin quickly connected. His silver gray hair was draped behind him. He was casually wearing a tie pajama. A large area of skin in front of his chest was exposed, almost dazzling white.

Mu Chen’s breath stagnated: “why do you take a bath?”

Xiaoyin leaned against the sofa and said irritably, “just went out for a run, a mermaid suddenly ran in front of me. I was conscious of attack. He was frightened and threw all his cakes and drinks on me.”

He rolled his half dry hair and Tucao: “I didn’t make complaints about him. I was still crying.”

Mu Chen could almost immediately think of the scene at that time: “is it a Sark mermaid?”

Xiaoyin was surprised: “how do you know?” His upper body was straight. He looked at the window. He didn’t see anyone. He was relieved. “I thought he was coming with him.”

Mu Chen: “is he pestering you?”

Xiao Yin said, “you want to make an apology to me. Please, I ran back to take a bath.”

Mu Chen didn’t know what he thought. Before he thought it over, he said, “he should want to send food to you, or maybe he wants to confess to you.”

“No way,” said Xiao Yin, “I don’t know him at all.”

Mu Chen: “ the video of the mecha game is on the Star Internet. Many people who watched the video like you very much.”

“I’m so powerful. I deserve to like me, and it’s none of my business,” said Xiao Yin. She suddenly realized something and stared at Mu Chen. “Did you see my game?”

Mu Chen was dissatisfied and asked, “what’s important about the crane? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Little silver’s eyes moved: “it’s just a small game. What’s important.”

Mu Chen was even more angry: “the crane is your first time to participate in the competition at school. How can it be unimportant? Ruirui Lingling knows. Who else knows? Ann? Bubble? Gu Gu?”

Xiao Yin scratched her hair and was not good at lying. To be honest, “well, they all know.”

“Shit,” Mu Chen took a deep breath and angrily said, “are you kidding me?”

A good friend told him everything, but he didn’t tell him what the crane meant? I don’t care about him at all.

His confidence in watching the award ceremony is gone again!

Xiaoyin found that he was really angry, a little flustered and said loudly, “I didn’t!” He said quickly, “I see the battle of you. You are very powerful, much more powerful than me now.”

“I don’t want you to see how weak my crane is!  just remember how strong I will become in the future!”

Mu Chen: “……” he pinched the bridge of his nose and deeply felt that his brain circuit was different from that of Xiaoyin.

Knowing Xiaoyin’s idea, he suddenly felt a little cute, so he smiled.

Xiaoyin stared at him: “are you laughing at me? Who let you watch the video! Now forget it all!”

Mu Chen couldn’t help laughing: “are you young or not? How can you say to forget?”

Xiaoyin opened the split screen: “I’m bored to death. Who sent it online!”

Seeing that Xiaoyin really cared, Mu Chen quickly explained: “I didn’t laugh. As a beginner, it’s very powerful. Every mecha soldier is getting stronger and stronger, and everyone is weak.”

Xiaoyin immediately asked, “when I was a beginner, was I as good as me?”

Mu Chen raised her eyebrows: “of course, it’s better than you.”

“I don’t believe it!”

Mu Chen: “if you don’t believe it, it’s impossible for us to play a game.”

Little silver chin gently raised: “then fight later!”

Mu Chen nodded: “OK, I’ll accept the challenge at any time.”

Xiao Yin’s eyes were bright and looked forward very much. He leaned forward and was closer to the camera: “then we agreed!”

Mu Chen made a sound and looked away from the small silver exquisite clavicle: “I’ll hang up and go blow dry my hair.”

Xiao Yin: “Oh… You came to me suddenly because of the game?”

Mu Chen looked at him: “well,” he was silent for a moment, “there’s another thing.”

Xiao Yin watched him and waited for him to speak.

Mu Chen recognized his mind and Xiao Yin’s mind. He didn’t want to tangle. Of course, it was too fast for him to get married in one step.

He smiled: “let’s fall in love.”

Small silver eyes stayed for a moment, and then burst into a very bright light: “good!”


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