After Being a Mermaid Chapter 11

An Jin looks at Xiaoyin’s spiritual sea. After eating fish fillets, Xiaoyin’s small cluster of spiritual silk changes from gray to pure white.

Like his reaction to eating impurity free food, his mental strength increased.

Seeing that he didn’t respond, Xiao Yin grabbed the fish in his hand.

Xiao Yin stared at the fish, wrinkled his nose and bared his teeth unhappily: “why is it smelly? I want it fragrant!”

He stared at an Jin: “what just happened is fragrant!”

An Jin is surprised. Can you smell it?

The food without impurities is not affected by impurities and restores the original flavor of the food, but the fish fillets are very thin and the flavor is very light.

Anxin could not help but be nervous. He quietly looked at the two people on the shore. Their expressions were very calm.

Ann was relieved. It seemed that they didn’t smell it.

Also, such a long distance, such a light fragrance, if you can smell it, it’s too exaggerated.

He raised his finger to the back of the fish and comforted Xiao Yin: “it’s the fish. Look, the missing fish here is what you just ate.”

Xiaoyin looked at the fish’s back. After a moment of hesitation, he grabbed the fish and took a happy bite. After swallowing it, he stared at the fish: “it’s not the taste!”

He looked at the fish over and over, scratched a piece with his fingernails, ate it and threw it into the water angrily.

An Jin said, reaching out to catch it. He looked at the fish gradually sinking into the water and looked helpless.

I have to change the water before going to bed.

He waved his tail and was ready to pick up the fish. He was limited by little silver.

Xiao Yin circled around him and lifted his long hair to check: “where did you hide the delicious food?”

Although the other party is a mermaid, he is too similar to people. His two upper bodies are not dressed and are so close. An Jin is not used to it.

He swam to avoid Xiaoyin, but Xiaoyin also had a tail. He was very flexible in the water and stuck to him all the time.

On the shore, Norman frowned, worried that the little mermaid would be bullied and unhappy.

But he didn’t know much about mermaids. He wasn’t sure whether they were playing.

He turned and asked Mu Chen, “what is Xiaoyin doing?”

Mu Chen is also very confused. Why is Xiaoyin so sticky? Oestrus is still some time away!

He guessed: “probably like Ann and express closeness.”

Norman carefully observed the expression of the little mermaid, determined that the little mermaid was not happy to play the game, and said, “you call little silver.”

Mu Chen shouted into the water, “Xiao Yin, come here.”

The little silver pretended not to hear and pestered an Jin: “give me something delicious!”

An Jin has no idea about his rogue appearance. It’s like seeing a child who wants sugar.

He thought, “I have only a little. I’ll share it with you, but you can’t make trouble or tell others after you eat.”

Xiao Yin: “who are others?”

An Jin: “… I mean, I can’t tell bipedals and mermaids.”

Little silver hummed softly, “I won’t tell the bipedal beasts! They are so stupid that they can only understand ah, well, they can’t understand anything.”

An Jin thought: I’m afraid that’s what humans think of mermaids.

He was a little disappointed. It seems that mermaids and humans can’t communicate in language in this world.

An Jin reminded Xiaoyin: “it’s not good to tell mermaids.”

Xiaoyin quickly agreed.

An Jin: “get out of the way first.”

After Xiaoyin got out of the way, he swam to the bottom of the pool, picked up the fish, quietly cut off two finger long fish pieces, and floated to the furthest surface of the two people on the shore.

Xiao Yin immediately waved his tail and swam to him.

An Jin turned his back to the two people on the shore and asked Xiaoyin to face him side by side. Then he removed the impurities from the fish and handed it to Xiaoyin: “before eating, you can’t turn around.”

Xiaoyin is full of delicious food. He agrees with what an Jin says. He takes the fish and is reluctant to eat it in one bite, so he learns to eat it slowly.

He was so happy that his tail swayed in the water.

“You’re amazing! You can make the flat fish so delicious!”

An Jin smiled and his eyes fell on Xiao Yin’s head.

In the small silver spirit sea, the gray spirit silk quickly turns white, and the spirit sea is about to be filled.

“I’m so happy. It’s my first time to eat such delicious food!” Xiao Yin was excited.

An Jin found that Xiaoyin’s mental strength recovered faster.

He thought that the recovery speed of mermaid’s mental power was really related to his mood.

After eating the last piece of fish, all the spiritual filaments of Xiaoyin become pure white, and the spiritual power reaches the upper limit.

The swing of his tail increased, and he swam to the middle of the pool in an instant, and a beautiful spray appeared in the water.

He was very happy. His hands were raised, the fish tail swayed briskly, and the whole fish rotated in the water. His silver gray hair danced, bringing out a string of crystal beads.

An Jin clearly felt Xiaoyin’s happy mood, which seemed infectious. His whole body relaxed and his eyes bent unconsciously.

Mu Chen was chatting with Norman and looked surprised: “how, how?”

The little silver lips opened, and the sweet and ethereal song flowed in the room.

The moment the song sounded, an Jin saw that many white energy particles appeared in the sea of Xiaoyin spirit.

As the song continued, most of those energy grains flew towards the spiritual sea of him and Mu Chen, and a small part scattered everywhere and disappeared. Only a few grains flew to the spiritual sea of Norman.

After the energy grains left, the spirit silk of the small silver spirit sea gradually faded.

In Mu Chen’s spiritual sea, a cluster of black spiritual filaments on the outside turned gray, and the gray spiritual filaments on the inside turned white.

An Jin also obviously felt that his mental strength had increased.

However, he noticed that Norman’s spiritual sea did not improve, and those energy grains seemed to sink into the sea.

Xiao Yin’s singing lasted three minutes. His mental strength was almost exhausted and recovered quickly.

Almost all the mental strength he consumed was passed on to an Jin and Mu Chen.

Only a small part dissipated and went to Norman.

Xiaoyin looked at an Jin: “I sing to Mermaid for the first time. If you still want to hear it, give me something delicious! Hum, it’s cheap.”

Xiao Yin said and looked at Mu Chen: “two legged beast, the song just now is my reward to you. Thank you!”

Mu Chen was almost moved to cry: “why is he suddenly so happy? It’s so easy to sing?”

“I’ve been eating and drinking for a long time these days. He didn’t sing!”

Mu Chen said and couldn’t help being happy: “my mental strength has recovered a lot. It seems that he likes Ann very much.”

Norman looked at the pool without expression, which was different from what he thought!

The little mermaid was not happy without a little partner. He found a little partner for the little mermaid. As a result, the little mermaid was not happy enough to sing. Did the little partner sing?

Mu Chen’s expression can’t hide his happiness. Tonight is definitely a surprise, or a big surprise.

He looked at Norman seriously: “I will help you coax Ann happy. If you don’t coax Ann happy, my conscience will hurt! Don’t worry, I will often bring Xiaoyin to accompany ANN in the future.”

Norman glanced at him lightly: “Admiral Mu Chen, no need. Ann doesn’t seem to like Xiao Yin.”

“How could it be! How happy they are!”

Norman said in a deep voice, “only little silver is happy.”

He looked at the little mermaid silently, and it happened that the little mermaid also looked at him.

Ann is a little worried about Norman.

Little silver’s mental power, only a little to Norman, has not worked.

These days, there are more and more black spirit wires in the Norman spirit sea, and the black on the edge is getting deeper and deeper, as if it would spontaneously ignite at any time.

He looked at Norman anxiously. Norman was a good master. He responded to his request and provided him with a place to live.

He also wanted to do something for Norman.

He asked Xiao Yin, “can mermaid’s songs convey spiritual power?”

“What is mental power?” Little silver tilted her head.

Does Mermaid have the concept of mental power?

An Jin thought for a moment and asked, “people… Do bipedal animals like Mermaid singing?”

“Of course!” Xiaoyin was proud, “our singing will make them feel better and comfortable.”

“Can all Mermaid songs make the bipedal spirit better?”

“Yes, but some bipedal beasts only use their songs a little,” said little silver with a slight chin. “My song is the most useful!”

He pointed to Mu Chen: “look at my two legged beast. How obedient it is. It’s all due to my singing.”

“Well,” asked an Jin, who didn’t understand, “what is obedience?”

Little silver stared at him: “don’t you feel it? He is very obedient! Your bipedal beast is not obedient, and your breath is restless and uncomfortable. It makes the mermaid want to hit him at any time.”

An Jin understands that Xiaoyin’s obedience refers to the calm of the spiritual sea.

Xiaoyin has a lot of spiritual filaments, which is the most spiritual filaments he has ever seen except his master.

However, the situation of the two people’s spiritual sea is very different. The owner of Xiaoyin has only black spiritual silk on the outside, and the rest are gray and white. The spiritual sea is very calm.

And his master, a large part of the spiritual silk on the outside is black, or the extreme black, like spontaneous combustion at any time, and the spiritual sea is very unstable.

The mermaid seems to be very sensitive to the spirit sea. The two people’s spirit sea is different, and their senses are completely different.

Mu Chen’s breath was peaceful, while Norman was oppressive and accompanied by dull agitation, like a volcano about to erupt, which made the mermaid uneasy and seemed to be threatened.

I wonder if his singing is of great use to the host.

Thinking of singing to others, an Jin bit his lower lip. He was a little nervous. He was not good at singing.

After being laughed at in primary school, I never sang in front of outsiders again.

“Can you teach me to sing?” He looked at Xiao Yin expectantly.

“How do you teach singing? Aren’t you born to sing?” Little silver is confused.

It’s a pity that an Jin is not a real mermaid and has no natural ability to sing.

However, he has become a mermaid. I wonder if his singing will be better?

Seeing that an Jin seems to have no common sense, Xiaoyin seriously reminded: “you can’t sing casually. You can only sing when you are happy, otherwise you will be very tired and have no spirit.”

“That’s very dangerous. Bipedal beasts will bully us while we are weak!”

An Jin:… I always feel that mermaids seem to have some misunderstanding about humans.

The humans he met were very friendly to mermaids.

He had wondered why he was so friendly before, but now he understood that it was for spiritual strength.

After looking at the master’s spiritual sea, an Jin shook his fist to cheer himself up.

He has listened to so many songs before. He can definitely practice one!

Thinking so, he looked at Norman again, feeling a little happy.

Finally, I can do something for my master!

He immediately made a plan in his heart and began to practice singing tomorrow.


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