After Being a Mermaid Chapter 13

Norman walked into the mermaid room with an Jin in his arms and briefly explained what had happened to honard: “you check him first.”

After hearing this, hornard maintained his shocked face and came forward to examine the little mermaid.

“It’s all right. It’s just too much mental energy consumption. Just rest for a period of time with the recovery speed of mermaid.”

Hornard looked away from the examination results and couldn’t help asking, “did he really sing when your mental riot spilled?”

Norman: Yeah

When he answered, he squatted down and prepared to put the little mermaid into the pool. As a result, his sleeve was pulled.

An Jin stopped Norman’s movements, turned his head to the pool with the back of his head, cocked his tail and made a posture that didn’t cooperate with the water.

Norman looked at him suspiciously. “Don’t you want to go into the pool?”

An Jin raises his hand and points to the bathroom.

He stayed on the grass for a long time and crawled around on the ground. He was covered with ash and didn’t want to dirty the pool.

Norman understood what he meant and carried him to the bathroom.

An Jin pointed to the ground again. Norman put him down and stood by the door looking at him.

An Jin was very satisfied with his master. He looked up and smiled at Norman, and then cleaned himself up.

Hornard stayed by the pool for a moment, recovered and walked behind Norman: “Your Majesty, why are you so calm! Don’t you know how special ANN is?”

Norman certainly knew that mermaids were very perceptive.

During human spiritual riots, even if the control does not overflow, the mermaid’s emotions will be stimulated and excited.

If the spiritual riot overflows, the mermaid’s reaction will only be stronger, either screaming to escape or struggling to attack.

No mermaid has ever sung in this case to treat mental rioters.

Generally, when human beings are in a mental riot, they can only calm down with soothing agents, and then try to coax the mermaid for treatment.

Of course, this is good luck.

With bad luck, people without mermaids can only bear the pain of spiritual riots. After the spiritual silk dries up, the spiritual sea shrinks and the spiritual level drops.

The lower the spiritual level, the less the interval between riots. Until the spiritual sea collapsed, the man almost died.

This is why the Sioux people especially want to raise a mermaid.

The earlier the mermaid is raised, the healthier the spiritual sea will be. The master who gets along well with the mermaid, let alone spiritual riots, can even be at the top for a long time.

Of course, it is difficult for advanced spiritual people to keep their mental power at the top.

After all, the mental power of mermaids is also limited, and the number of senior mermaids is rare.

Norman said in a deep voice, “it’s confidential.”

Hornard looked serious: “I will never spread it, but… Haru beast suddenly attacked the palace. I’m afraid you can’t hide the news of your spiritual riot.”

Norman looked calm: “it’s all right.”

Hornard couldn’t help worrying: “I’m afraid the Haru beast came for Ann.”

Their eyes could not help but fall on the little mermaid.

An Jin listened to them with his ears and cleaned his tail with water.

Some tiny grass scraps stuck to his tail. He washed them carefully and washed away the ash, and his tail became shiny.

After washing his tail, he lifted his hair in front of him. He saw some messy dense hair stained with grass scraps, so he couldn’t start.

Norman’s eyes were white. It was the back of the little mermaid without hair. It was thin and white.

He slightly looked away, opened his brain and sent a message to the captain of the second team left behind.

Soon he received a reply with a slight frown: “I know that Ann’s people in the palace are limited. It should not be for Ann’s sake. I just heard Ann singing and was attracted.”

Hornard looked at the little mermaid cleaning himself with bright eyes, and was stunned when he heard Norman’s words.

“How could he hear Ann sing? No, Ann sings several times a day?”

Norman: “he sang twice in the back garden. Before he finished the second time, the Haru appeared.”

“How is that possible?” Hornard was surprised. “Are you mistaken? Mermaids are so easy to sing?”

Norman’s face was expressionless: “the mental strength of the four guards in the backyard has increased.”

Hornard: “… So Ann sang for them for the first time? No, the escort is not allowed to get close to the villa? They shouldn’t have seen Ann.”

Norman: No. ANN is singing in the garden. They heard her

Hornard opened his mouth slightly, stayed for a while to digest this sentence, and his eyes were very bright: “that is to say, his singing has a good effect on strangers.”

“Moreover, he can sing without being coaxed,” he couldn’t help sighing. “God, what Fairy Mermaid is this!”

Hornard said with a look on his face and said seriously, “Your Majesty, I apply to live in the villa next door.”

Although he is a doctor and does not consume mental energy as frequently as a soldier, impurities will enter the body even if he eats nutrient solution.

After resisting impurities, mental power will be consumed and then reduced, and the condition of mental sea will gradually deteriorate with age.

That’s why the life span of the Sioux people is getting shorter and shorter.

Since the cosmic disaster, impurities have spread all over the galaxy. In addition to Leo, the people of many planets have been tortured by mental power.

Hornard secretly planned to live in the villa next door. When the little mermaid sang, he could immediately run to the back door to listen!

Norman: “whatever you want, let Joseph arrange your room.”

Joseph was the captain of the Royal Guard, which lived in the surrounding villas.

Norman said as he gave several orders to the captain of the guard.

Hornard reached his goal and was in a good mood. He thought of something and asked, “was he happy when Ann sang to you?”

Norman’s worried eyes of the little mermaid appeared in his mind: “unhappy.”

Hornard pondered: “it seems that the pure mermaid is different from the ordinary Mermaid. She doesn’t sing when she is happy. Why do you think?”

Norman’s eyes moved: “worry about me.”

Howard: it seems to be a lemon.

He looked at Norman’s face. “How do you feel after listening to the song?”

Norman: “the spirit sea is very calm, and the spirit power has been restored by 10%

Hornard: it’s a solid mermaid

He looked at the little mermaid with hot eyes, frowned and questioned Norman: “I’m curious. How did you get his favor?”

“Look at his hair. Haven’t you ever taken him to the nursing center?”

“Another mermaid has to attack you for a long time. You don’t even know how to take him for maintenance with such beautiful hair.”

An Jin tilted his head and carefully arranged his hair with his fingers.

Although the hair is very strong and won’t break easily, it can’t resist sharp nails.

An Jin pouted unconsciously. She went back and forth to the back garden several times today. Her hair has been scattered on the ground in a mess.

He managed to clean up the grass scraps. His nails were too long and inconvenient. He couldn’t straighten them out after a long time, and broke several.

He had an impulse to cut his hair short.

But he could only give up the idea that hair was the only thing he could cover his body.

He looked at the broken hair on his fingernails and frowned unhappily.

When the doctor mentioned his hair, his beautiful eyes turned, turned his head, grabbed his hair and showed it to Norman, Pooh unhappily.

He looked at Norman expectantly. Should there be something like shampoo and conditioner in this world?

Norman was silent for a moment. He bent down and picked up the Little Mermaid: “your hair is very beautiful. I’ll take you to nursing.”

An Jin heard his soothing tone and understood the word hair. Seeing Norman take him away, he guessed that Norman would wash his hair.

So he obediently let Norman hold him and looked at Norman’s spirit of restoring calm.

Although there were no more sparks, the black areas were reduced, and even a gray area turned white.

But for the huge spiritual sea, this change is too small.

Norman’s mental state is still not good.

An Jin is a little helpless. His spiritual strength is limited. Compared with Norman, the gap between the size of the spiritual sea is bigger than that between basketball and table tennis. It is of little use to sing a song only once.

Well, his eyes are bent. He will keep in a good mood and recover his mental strength as soon as possible.

So we can sing more songs for Norman!

Next time, you must sing a good song!

Thinking of singing, he thought of the monster. If only he could get the crystal core.

If the crystal core, like the zombie core, can improve the power, his spirit sea can be upgraded.

Thinking for a moment, he decided to try.

When Norman took him out of the room, he pulled Norman’s sleeve and attracted Norman’s attention, he turned his head to the back garden and raised his fingers to the sky.

After thinking about it, he grinned and bared his teeth, imitating the monster.

Norman thought he was still angry with the Haru beast and comforted, “the Haru beast is dead.”

Seeing that he continued to walk towards the gate, an Jin hurriedly pulled his sleeve again.

He reached out to the back garden and shook his hand up and down, his neck extended to the other side, and made a hurried sound.

Hornard watched and guessed, “the mermaid has a deep hatred. Didn’t he see the body of Haru?”

Norman thought for a moment. He was in a mental riot and unstable. He didn’t notice whether the little mermaid saw the body of Haru.

Seeing the little mermaid stubbornly pointing at the sky over the backyard, Norman ordered the captain of the guard: “bring the body of Haru.”

He took the little mermaid to the back garden. After a while, the captain of the guard came in through the back door and was stunned when he saw Norman.

Your majesty, the spirit sea has calmed down so soon!

He quickly gathered his spirit and took out the Haru from space.

Haru animals piled up in the empty part of the garden like hills. Their heads were bloody and terrible.

“You see, he’s dead.” Norman said to the little mermaid.

An Jin’s eyes lit up and pointed to the Haru beast, clearly indicating that he was going to pass.

Norman saw that he seemed much better, so he let him go and hugged him.

When an Jin saw Haru’s head, he immediately looked disappointed. There was a hole in his head and the crystal nucleus had disappeared.

He pointed to the hole and shouted, looking at the captain of the guard.

The captain of the guard was slightly stunned by his water blue eyes.

Norman knew that the little mermaid’s IQ was not low. Seeing him like this, he looked at the Haru beast and asked, “where’s the beast core?”

The captain of the guard took out a round beast core the size of a palm and similar to a ruby and put it on his hand: “it’s a secondary beast core.”

An Jin’s eyes lit up immediately. He extended his hand to the crystal nucleus, extended it half and took it back. He looked up at Norman with expectation.

I really want to!

At the end of the world, zombie crystal core is a precious material. I don’t know whether the crystal core is expensive in this world.

As a pet, can he have it?


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