After Being a Mermaid Chapter 14

“Like it?” Norman asked, looking forward to the little mermaid.

An Jin understood and wanted to nod. He thought that he was a mermaid and should not understand human language.

So he controlled the impulse of nodding and slowly extended his hand to the captain of the guard.

At the same time, he looked at Norman, and when Norman showed his displeasure and disapproval, he withdrew his hand.

Norman motioned to the captain of the guard, “give it to him.”

The captain of the guard gently put the crystal core on the little mermaid’s hand. When he approached, his body was slightly stretched to prevent the mermaid from waving a claw at him.

However, the little mermaid had been obediently held by his majesty. When he put the crystal core on, the little mermaid gave him a smile.

The captain of the guard immediately froze, and an iron man’s heart pounded.

Your Majesty’s little mermaid is too clever! It’s so beautiful!

Norman frowned slightly. The little mermaid didn’t think the crystal core was sent by the captain of the guard, so she smiled at the captain of the guard?

He looked at the captain of the guard and said, “get back.”

The captain of the guard looked at the little mermaid and left the villa very reluctantly.

An Jin quietly ran the water power to explore, and immediately felt the energy contained in the beast’s core.

As like as two peas of a zombie crystal, he felt the same.

He held the beast’s core and bent his eyes. He couldn’t wait to upgrade his powers with the beast’s core.

But not now. After the crystal nucleus energy is absorbed, obvious changes will occur, which can only be upgraded when you are alone.

He was so happy that his tail fin swung up and down unconsciously.

This is the second level crystal core, enough to raise his water power to the first level and have excess energy. Great!

Hornard saw the little mermaid happy and couldn’t help feeling aggrieved for the Little Mermaid: “Your Majesty, you’re too irresponsible. You certainly haven’t bought jewelry for ANN, but the animal core makes him so happy!”

“I told you that mermaids like shiny things! The beast’s core is not bright enough.”

Norman corrected, “he doesn’t like jewelry.”

Hornard: “Your Majesty, don’t make excuses for your carelessness! You don’t have a pet at all, just a biological soother.”

Norman looked at the little mermaid and got a smile.

His expression softened, and the patron’s clever pet he liked.

He gently put the little mermaid into the mermaid scooter and pushed it into the suspension car.

Hornard stood at the door: “there are Mermaid goods in the nursing center. You must buy more for the little mermaid, or I’ll go with you?”

Norman reminded, “Mr. hornard, all the stars know that you are my personal doctor.”

Hornard had to give up the idea and watch the suspension car leave.

An Jin looks at the suspension car and has some doubts.

He thought Norman had taken him out of the room to wash his hair, but now he was obviously going out.

He looked at Norman sitting opposite the scooter.

Norman made an appointment for the private room of the nursing center and touched his finger in his brain.

He had a capsule out of thin air, and then squeezed the two fingers into a thin piece, like a mask.

Norman skillfully covered the capsule on his face and soon changed his face.

When an Jin first Norman, Norman was this ordinary appearance.

He looked at Norman’s face in surprise and could not see that he had done anything.

The mask of the world, too powerful!

Norman noticed his eyes. “Don’t know?”

An Jin blinked and thought that if it was a mermaid, wouldn’t it be easy to recognize it?

He held out his finger, pointed to Norman’s face and let out a whisper of surprise.

His voice is soft and cute.

Norman closed his slightly open eyes, thought for a moment, touched his cheek, touched his fingers, the mask bounced up and shrunk into a capsule to reveal his original appearance.

“I’m your master, Norman.”

He finished and put on his mask again.

An Jin then withdrew his hand, bent his eyes and gave Norman a smile.

Norman was satisfied to see him recognize it.

In a moment of silence, he imitated the tone of pet owners he had seen and praised: “how clever.”

An Jin looked at Norman’s serious and handsome face, and the corners of his mouth tilted slightly.

If he hadn’t understood it, he couldn’t see that the man was praising him.

He thought, the master is really a serious man.

Before long, the suspension car landed in front of a building.

The waiter bowed to meet him at the door. When he saw an Jin, his eyes showed a look of shock and quickly took back his eyes.

“Sir, you have private room No. 7. Please follow me.”

Norman pushed the scooter in.

An Jin looks up at the tall building, with a colorful sign hanging above it, which is very conspicuous: pet care center.

An Jin:

Well, he’s really a pet now.

An Jin was sent to a room with blue as the main color, half of which was occupied by the pool. There was a water bed next to the pool, and two waiters stood next to the water bed.

When the two waiters saw an Jin, they were stunned, and then their eyes burst into a very bright light.

“First, sir, do you need to give him a relaxant?”

Norman: No He picked up the little mermaid and put it directly into the water bed.

An Jin looks blankly. What is this?

Norman put his hand on his shoulder and pushed back slightly.

An Jin blinked and lay down with his strength. After lying down, his neck was just stuck on the soft neck pad, and his hair was gently held up by the waiter.

An Jin has the illusion of being in a barbershop for an instant.

When the waiter saw him lying obediently, he couldn’t help shouting: “God, he’s so good.”

Norman stepped aside: “wash and care to ensure softness and don’t break your hair.”

“Yes, sir,” said the waiter. “Next door is the master’s lounge. You can wait there.”

Norman nodded and prepared to go to the lounge to deal with the follow-up of the Haru incident.

An Jin saw him go out, subconsciously got up, and his tail tilted up.

When he felt his hair pulled, he quickly fell back and his tail fell on the water bed.

“Ah…” the waiter shouted nervously.

Norman turned back when he heard the news and looked at the little mermaid nervously.

How timid.

Norman thought, but he was a little happy when he saw the little mermaid’s dependence.

He said to the waiter, “I’ll wait here.”

The waiter immediately brought him an armchair and put it near the water bed. He envied, “you have a good relationship with the mermaid.”

Norman sat down with a faint hum.

The waiter returned to the water bed and looked at the little mermaid lying obediently. His eyes were full of love.

Two waiters, his main job is to ensure that the mermaid does not move so that his colleagues can clean it.

But this little mermaid can’t use him at all.

An Jin’s hair was gently massaged. He felt very comfortable. However, the eyes of the waiter on his side made him very uncomfortable.

He lay like this, his upper body was completely exposed without the cover of his hair, and the waiter kept looking at him.

He grabbed the animal’s core and silently held his chest with both hands, but after holding it for two seconds, he felt that the belly button was empty.

He closed his lips awkwardly and kept saying ‘I’m a pet’. His eyes unconsciously looked forward to Norman.

Norman looked at the virtual screen carefully, and his fingers operated a few times from time to time.

He browsed the Internet about Haru beast and his spiritual riots, issued orders to the Ministry of information to control speech, prohibited people from fishing in troubled waters, caused panic, and announced that he was fine.

Then reply to the parties asking about his mental status.

After replying, he looked up at the little mermaid, just opposite the beautiful blue eyes of the little mermaid.

I don’t know how long the little mermaid watched him.

The first time he took the little mermaid out, he suddenly found that the little mermaid seemed a little sticky.

An Jin and Norman looked at each other. As soon as their eyes lit up, they whispered.

Although it was a meaningless pronunciation, his voice was soft and sweet. With such a gentle shout, people’s hearts were soft.

The waiter looked at an Jin more warmly.

An Jin knows that in other people’s eyes, he is just a pet. He looks at him because he likes it.

But he was really hairy. Even if he was impolite, he couldn’t help staring at the waiter.

Then he looked at Norman and reached for Norman.

Norman looked faintly at the waiter: “don’t keep looking at him.”

The waiter quickly looked away and said, “sorry.”

Norman approached, pinched the little mermaid’s wrist and put it back: “relax, he didn’t want to attack you.”

An Jin:

Although it was a misunderstanding, the waiter looked away and achieved his goal.

More than half an hour later, an Jin’s hair care was completed.

Norman picked him up horizontally. He immediately lifted his hair in front of him and touched his fingers. He was very soft, and his eyes couldn’t help bending.

Norman put him back in the scooter and pushed him out.

When passing private room 3, a young blonde came out of the private room.

When the young man saw an Jin, his eyes immediately flashed. His eyes swept one by one from an Jin’s hair, pupil and tail, and then looked at Norman: “Mr. Tang?”

At the end of the auction, the scientific research institute had issued an announcement: the pure mermaid was taken away by Tang Lin at a sky high price of 25 billion.

Up to now, the news is still hot on the star network. Many people publish comments on the star network every day, “father Tang, let’s have a look at the pure Mermaid.”.

Of course, he never got a reply. After Tang Lin shot the mermaid, it was like missing.

Norman’s face was expressionless.

Tang Lin is a fake identity corresponding to his face at this time. In order to continue auctioning mermaids during the period when he is blacklisted by the scientific research institute.

“It’s great to meet you,” the young man was very happy and pointed to an Jin. “I have an intermediate Mermaid. I’ll pay 10 billion to buy the mating right of your Mermaid. If the mermaid they bred is advanced, I’ll give you another 10 billion, and the auction right of the cub belongs to me. If it’s medium-class, we’ll sell it equally. How about it?”

Mermaid cubs need careful care, so Sloan law stipulates that all Mermaid cubs must be raised by scientific research institutes.

When the cub reaches adulthood, the owner of the parents of the cub has the high-level auction right of the cub, that is, it can be bought at the lowest auction price.

Of course, before the auction, the original Mermaid must be handed over to the scientific research institute to appease for a period of time before the auction.

Of all the Sioux, one can only have one Mermaid at most.

Norman coldly refused: “not much.”

He pushed the little mermaid forward, and the young man quickly stopped him: “don’t you think the price is too low? You can talk about the psychological price.”

Norman said expressionless, “I’m not short of money.”

The young man was stunned.

Norman walked around the young man and pushed the little mermaid to the commodity area.

An Jin sat in the scooter blankly. He understood most of the words of the young man. He was sure that when the man pointed to him, he said the word “mating”.

He suddenly had a very bad hunch that the master wouldn’t let him breed, would he?

He knew Norman had just refused. What if he could?

He took a deep breath and calmed down a little, but the more he thought about it, the more likely it was.

Mermaids will be auctioned in this world, and human beings are particularly good to mermaids. It can be seen that mermaids are very precious.

Since it is precious, the more the better.

As for how much, what else can we do besides living?!

An Jin feels very bad. He doesn’t want to be forced to drive with strange fish, let alone be a father.

He grasped the beast core and had to improve his strength quickly. If he was forced, he could resist.

He looked up at Norman with his little head.

Let the master realize that he is very useful!

More useful than breeding!


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