After Being a Mermaid Chapter 16

Norman went out, took the food the robot put on the table to the bathroom and handed it to the little mermaid.

An Jin sat up with the edge of the bathtub, took the tray and put it horizontally on the bathtub.

He looked expectantly at Norman, waiting for Norman to go out and eat.

Norman saw that he didn’t eat and asked, “aren’t you hungry?”

An Jin blinked and put his arm around the food, trying to make Norman understand what he meant.

Worried that Norman hated his food protection, he looked at Norman quietly.

If the host is not happy, he will send a crab leg to apologize!

Norman’s expression remained unchanged. It was common sense for mermaids to protect their food. He had found that little mermaids didn’t seem to like being watched and eating.

He started eating these days when he left.

Norman followed the meaning of the little mermaid, left the bathroom, sat down on the sofa in the bedroom, and took a nutrient to drink.

He finished drinking and opened the star network.

There was little talk about his spiritual riots on star. A few netizens questioned that he could not recover so quickly, saying that his majesty did not believe the announcement of the Ministry of information.

More people wonder why Haru appears in the palace.

Haru is a famous Unicorn among stars. Because of their strong transition ability, they can be seen on any planet.

However, the number of Haru beasts is not large, and they will not appear easily unless they are attracted by spiritual power.

Haru beast, like many star beasts, eats everything, and spiritual power is Haru beast’s favorite.

Netizens all know that your majesty returned to the palace from the military headquarters at that time, so it is impossible for your majesty to attract Haru beasts.

So who will attract Haru?

Some people speculate that it is a mermaid, but all the people of Sioux know that your majesty is still on the blacklist. There can be no Mermaid.

As the remarks about his Majesty’s private raising of mermaids were limited by the Ministry of information, the topic was transferred to the captain of the second team who stayed at the palace.

The reason is also very good. During the training of the guard team, the mental fluctuation attracted the attention of the Haru beast.

The spirit of the captain of the royal guard is all a +, and it is normal to attract Haru beasts.

Norman was very satisfied with the wind direction of the star network, affirmed the ability of the Department of public information, and swept away the current hot topics.

The top hot has the label of fire “pure Mermaid spirit transmission rate is 100%.

Norman knew after reading it that the sender must be the person he met on his return trip.

“Di……” with a slight sound, Norman zhinao received a message, which was forwarded by Tang Lin’s zhinao, from the scientific research institute.

“Mr. Tang, is the talk on the Internet true? The pure Mermaid can fully transmit spiritual power? I’d like to arrange researchers to come and check the body of the pure Mermaid, OK?”

Norman: I’m not sure. I don’t need it

The president of the scientific research institute tried to persuade, but was ruthlessly rejected.

He had no choice. At the end of the auction, the ownership of the mermaid was transferred.

As long as the master doesn’t hurt the mermaid, they have no right to interfere.

An Jin is full after eating a fish, a shrimp and two crab claws.

Considering that Norman was outside, he didn’t cook crabs, remove impurities and eat them raw.

He ate crabs like this for the first time. Fortunately, the meat in the crab forceps was very tender. After removing impurities, it tasted slightly sweet and delicious.

He bent his eyes contentedly, picked up the tray and bent down to the ground.

He operates his power to control the water in the bathtub, which forms a small water dragon.

He put his hand out of the bathtub, the Water Dragon flew around between his fingers, and his fingers were soon washed clean.

He happily cocked his tail, held the bathtub, stretched out his head and looked outside the bathhouse: “ah ~”

He called softly twice, and almost fell. He heard Norman’s footsteps.

Norman went into the bathroom, glanced at the remaining crabs and asked, “are you full?”

An Jin put his palm on his white belly and looked up at him.

Norman saw his clever appearance and a big cute word flashed in his head.

He glanced over the little mermaid’s slightly bulging stomach, knew that he was full, and asked the robot to take away the tray.

An Jin extends his right hand to Norman.

I was going to pull my sleeves. Thinking that Norman had just changed his clothes, I grabbed Norman’s fingers.

Norman was confused and didn’t know the purpose of the little mermaid, but he didn’t hide and let the little mermaid pull him.

Ann thought for a moment and pulled the finger of Norman’s other hand to prevent Norman from covering his mouth.

Seeing Norman’s obedient cooperation, he was in a better mood and his eyes bent into the shape of a crescent moon.

He was thinking of Norman’s kindness to him and brewing emotions.

After a while, his lips opened and a song of thanks sounded in the room.

The melody is melodious and warm, like the glory of spring, which makes people feel warm from the bottom of their heart.

Norman looked into the little mermaid’s clear eyes with a rare soft expression.

The little mermaid is so good.

Mingming was angry with him not long ago. Before he coaxed him, the little mermaid stopped being angry and sang to him.

After the song, he clearly felt that his mental state was better and his mental strength increased by 10%.

Thinking of what the little mermaid looked like after singing last time, he immediately looked at the look of the little mermaid.

Ann Jin loosened Norman’s finger, looked at him brightly, and looked forward to: isn’t it very nice!

Norman was relieved to see that he was in good spirits.

On his bright eyes, he couldn’t help rubbing his hair: “good, thank you Ann.”

An Jin tilted up the corners of his mouth, recalled the pet’s coquettish appearance, rubbed Norman’s palm with his head, and gently said, “ah ~”

The cat meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow me?

He raised his eyes and looked at Norman’s expression quietly.

Norman’s lips bent slightly, and the little mermaid’s voice was soft and sweet, which softened his heart.

It was also the first time that a creature approached him clearly.

Thinking of the recent spiritual riots, the little mermaid was not only afraid, but also worried about singing to him, and she couldn’t help but love it.

He felt the pleasure of keeping pets.

Seeing that the little mermaid liked to be rubbed, he rubbed his hair again before moving his hand.

“I’m going back to the military headquarters. You’ll stay in the bathtub in the afternoon.”

Norman finished and gave the order to the robot to look after the little mermaid.

He put all the goods he bought before next to the bathtub for the little mermaid to play.

Ann stayed in the bathtub until Norman left.

He was absorbed and determined that Norman left the villa. He looked at the robot standing at the door, propped up his body and moved out of the bathtub.

He climbed into the bathroom and closed the door to isolate the vision of the robot.

His tail lay flat on the ground. He sat with his back against the door and looked at the animal core carefully. He looked serious.

He put the beast’s core in the palm of his left hand, closed his eyes and turned the water power to absorb energy from the beast’s core.

Soon, the energy consumed by his singing was made up, and the spiritual sea was bright and dazzling with water blue light.

An Jin takes a deep breath and continues to absorb energy. The spirit sea vibrates slightly. In a moment, an Jin’s forehead emits a layer of virtual sweat.

About half an hour later, an Jin’s spiritual sea doubled and the number of spiritual filaments doubled.

An Jin took a breath, wiped out the sweat dripping from his forehead to the end of his eyes, and looked down at the beast’s nucleus.

The fiery red animal core was only slightly red at this time, and a few cracks appeared in it.

An Jin’s eyes turned and his power operated. Almost instantly, a water polo the size of a basketball appeared in front of him.

He bent his eyes, controlled the shape of the water ball, felt the strength of the primary power, and withdrew the power.

Level 1 powers are much better than beginners.

At the end of the world, he can only keep records in the warehouse, and junior powers can go out to find supplies.

He looked at the beast’s core. Although he was reluctant, he absorbed all the remaining energy, and his mental power returned to a full state.

There was no energy in the beast’s nucleus. With a click, it fell apart.

His mental strength recovered quickly, which was a waste.

But the change of the beast’s nucleus was so obvious that he couldn’t hide it. Keeping it would only arouse suspicion.

He cut the fragile animal core with his fingernails, threw it into the toilet and washed it away.

After that, he opened the door of the bathroom and saw the robot standing straight at the door with silver eyes.

He was startled and gave a little cry.

The robot determined that the little mermaid’s vital signs were normal and went back to the bathroom door to guard.

An Jin returns to the bathtub with doubts.

After Norman came back in the evening, an Jin understood after hearing the robot report that the robot had detected that he had stayed in the bathroom for too long and was guarding at the door.

Norman went to the military headquarters to break the rumors about his mental state and came back after handling military affairs.

He took off his military coat, bent down, picked up the little mermaid and walked downstairs.

At about 7:30, it was dark and the villa was lit everywhere, almost the same as during the day.

An Jin was obediently held by Norman and dared not move, for fear that he could not slide down.

Returning to the mermaid room, an Jin found the changes in the room at a glance.

The pool wall on the side near the wall was opened to form a circular channel. The channel is very wide. It is not a problem for four people to swim side by side.

An Jin raised his eyes and looked out of the window. There were no branches near, but there were branches on the side and further away.

He pulled Norman’s sleeve and pointed to the garden.

Norman secretly said that the little mermaid was really smart and went to the back garden with the little mermaid.

The land near the villa in the garden has become a huge swimming pool.

The swimming pool and the wall are paved with smooth white materials. The water is clear to the bottom, and two quiet stars are reflected on the water. It is beautiful and dreamy.

Norman went to the pool and put the little mermaid in the pool.

Instead of swimming away immediately, an Jin smiled at Norman with his small head back, and then waved his tail.

The water blue scales shine brightly, delimiting the water surface with a white water line.

An Jin sank into the water and saw the passage to the room without accident.

He turned his body, looked up at Norman on the bank, smiled brightly at him, turned back and swam into the passage.

After entering the channel, I found that the pool wall in the channel was inlaid with colored luminous stones. Where the lights at the two ends in the middle could not shine, the luminous stones were particularly bright.

An Jin waved his tail and swam through the colorful water. For a moment, he felt like he was in a fairy tale.

Soon, he crossed the passage and came to the familiar room.

He spat out a flurry of crystal bubbles happily.

In the future, if he goes to the back garden, he won’t have to climb around. If he wants to bask in the sun, he doesn’t have to worry that his tail will dry. He can bask in the pool.

Everything is just right for him.

He felt the joy of being a pet!

Norman is the best master in the world!

He was so happy and moved that he went back and forth.

The author has something to say: Thank you for your support

An Jin: it feels good to be a pet

Norman: it feels good to have pets

An Jin: that’s great. Keep going like this

Norman: no!!


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