After Being a Mermaid Chapter 17

Norman stood by the pool, wondering if the little mermaid would stay in the mermaid room.

Just as I was going to the mermaid room, I saw the little mermaid swimming out of the channel like a blue light.

An Jin swam to the middle of the pool, floated up and broke through the water.

He pulled his hair from the corner of his eye and looked at Norman.

Norman shook his mind for a moment. He never paid attention to his appearance. Suddenly, he found that the little mermaid was very beautiful.

Wet hair stuck to the white side of the neck, water blue pupils glittered, and the little mermaid was shrouded in the blue light, beautiful as a dream.

Norman didn’t come back until the ethereal song sounded, and he was fascinated by the song.

Light and pleasant music, with silk playfulness, makes people feel light.

Norman felt that with the singing, abundant spiritual power poured into his spiritual sea.

When an Jin finished singing, he saw Norman with appreciation and his eyes bent.

Sure enough, he doesn’t have a filter for himself. He sings really well now!

Norman looked at the little mermaid with an indelible surprise in his eyes.

He has accurate judgment on mental power. One song sung by the little mermaid during the day can restore his mental power.

But what he just sang restored 20% of his mental strength.

His sight fell on the smiling face of the little mermaid. He couldn’t help guessing. Was it related to his mood?

The guard outside the door revived from the song and found that his mental strength had not increased at all. After disappointment, he couldn’t help but be surprised.

What Xingwang said is probably true!

The little mermaid passed on her spiritual power to her majesty!

Suddenly, the four became lemonade at the same time.

Norman went to the pool, squatted down and waved to the little mermaid, “come here.”

An Jin swam over, put his hand on the Bank of the pool and raised his small head.

The next moment, he felt a soft touch on his head. He raised his eyes and looked at Norman gently.

Norman: Thank you, Ann. It sounds good

In one day, the little mermaid sang to him three times.

If it gets out, it will definitely cause an uproar.

There are countless posts on STARNet about “how to coax mermaids to sing”. Even if the si’ao people who have the best relationship with mermaids can hear songs twice a week, they will be envied by countless people.

Norman knew very well that he didn’t coax the little mermaid to sing.

The little mermaid sang for the first time because she was worried about him. The last two times were to thank him.

He just bought some toys and built a pool.

He found that after the little mermaid sang a song, as long as he did something for the little mermaid, the little mermaid would sing to him.

Clever and sensible, it’s really likable.

An Jin is not good at dealing with the scenes of being thanked and praised, and is a little shy.

After thinking about it, he rubbed Norman’s palm and made a soft noise.

You’re welcome. He just wants to pay back as much as he can.

The voice was light and soft, and fell in Norman’s ears as if she were coquettish.

Norman continued to rub the little mermaid’s hair and observe his look.

Norman was relieved to make sure that the little mermaid was not uncomfortable because of singing and passing spiritual power to him.

That night, an Jin slept directly in the outdoor pool. The transparent pool water glowed blue under the light of Youxing. He sank at the bottom of the pool and soon fell asleep.

He slept very well. When he woke up in the morning, the flare came out soon, and the flare temperature was mild.

He lay on his back on the water, enjoyed the morning view for a while, and swam back to his room to solve his personal hygiene.

Before long, Norman personally took his breakfast and went into the mermaid room.

An Jin looks at the same breakfast variety. Fortunately, it’s a mermaid. There have been some changes in taste, otherwise he’s tired of eating no matter how delicious it is.

Norman still introduced himself seriously: “Ann, I’m your master, Norman.”

An Jin smiled at Norman, so that Norman could know that the little mermaid remembered him.

Norman didn’t stay much. After showing his face in front of the little mermaid, he left the villa and went to the military headquarters.

An Jin opened the video and learned the language while eating breakfast. Two hours later, he went to the back garden.

The sun was shining brightly. It was not comfortable on his skin. He chose a place with shade in the corner.

He lay on the side of the pool, changing his tail, enjoying the leaves and flowers and soothing his eyes.

It was quiet around, and his perception was more sensitive. Suddenly, he looked in the direction of the back courtyard wall.

He felt that there were four people standing there. They should be the guards of the villa. He had seen Haru when he appeared.

But before that, he didn’t find the existence of the guard. After the ability was upgraded, he could feel it.

Noticing that the people were motionless, he turned his attention to the flowers and trees.

After looking back for a while, he saw a black seed not far from the Bank of the pool.

He carefully observed the trees and flowers in the garden, and finally his eyes fell on the trees with leaves like the palm of his hand.

He stretched out his hand and picked up the seeds. He guessed that the seeds were knocked off when the swimming pool was built and the trees were transplanted.

Looking at the impurities in the seeds, my face was thinking.

Water has no impurities and trees have impurities. Is it because there are impurities in seeds at the beginning of growth?

He thought about it and worked his power to remove impurities from the seed.

He looked around, chose the space between the two flowers, and wanted to plant the seeds there.

He put his hands on the Bank of the pool, ready to climb up, think of something and go back to the water.

He hasn’t practiced his powers since they were upgraded.

After the ability is upgraded, you have to train the control of the ability.

When the control force reaches the point of freedom, as long as there is a crystal core, it can be upgraded.

An Jin concentrated and controlled the water in the pool. A water Dragon flew in front of him, and then changed into a water arrow with his imagination.

An Jin reached out and touched the arrow. His hand directly passed through the arrow formed by the water without pain.

He pursed his lower lip, not very satisfied.

After thinking carefully, he focused on the water arrow. The water arrow began to rotate faster and faster until he couldn’t see clearly.

An Jin looks at the selected open space. The water arrow swishes into the ground. With the arrow as the center, the ground forms a large pit with a bowl mouth, and the soil splashes everywhere.

The next moment, the water arrow turned into water and wet the soil.

An Jin propped up his body and looked over there. The pit was not big, but it was very deep.

He runs the power again, forming a hollow water ball around the earth, which is wrapped in the ball.

An Jin controls the water ball to fall into the pit and fills the pit shallower.

He repeated several times. When the depth of the pit was suitable, he wrapped the seeds with water balls, moved them to the pit, controlled the wet soil and buried the seeds.

Thinking for a moment, he used his power to remove part of the water from the pit, fearing that the seeds would be drowned.

After successfully planting a seed, an Jin thought of the previous scene of planting flowers with Grandpa gardener. He was in a great mood.

He wagged his tail to practice the attack power of the water power.

One water arrow, to two water arrows, after stabilizing, add another.

He tried several times. If he wanted the water arrow to have attack power, he had to run at high speed. In this case, he could only control three water arrows at most.

He was very satisfied with this result. The primary water power of the previous base could not do it to his degree.

He concentrated on his practice and didn’t stop until the water arrow could be controlled at will.

At this time, he felt tired, the spirit sea was dim, and his mental strength was almost exhausted.

He relaxed floating on the water, closed his eyes to feel nature and calmed down.

Mental recovery is getting faster.

An Jin is very satisfied. Once he is happy, his mental strength recovers faster.

In the afternoon, an Jin still studied for two hours, and then went to the garden to practice his powers while playing.

During the break, he floated on the water and looked at the sky. Suddenly, he thought of the scene of Norman spiritual riot.

Then he thought of the song he sang in an emergency.

He realized that there was not always time to brew feelings.

You have to practice a song to deal with emergencies!

His delicate little face became serious, and all the songs he could sing flashed through his mind.

He eliminated those unfamiliar, incomplete singing, too difficult and wrong feelings one by one. Finally, he hesitated for a long time and chose childhood.

An Jin’s eyelashes trembled slightly, his breathing was a little short, and he was a little nervous.

At the beginning, he was ridiculed for singing this song.

He sang very seriously, but to others, there was no fluctuation at all, like reading words instead of singing.

Later, he went home and recorded it quietly. He found the facts said by his classmates and was sad for a long time.

When Grandpa gardener knew it, he sang it to him again. Almost no key was right.

Then he learned this song with Grandpa gardener. He still remembered grandpa gardener touching his head and saying that he hoped Xiaojin would have a carefree childhood.

Thinking of this, an Jin breathed, then smiled and began to sing.

The music flows briskly, and the water blue energy grains rise and fly around.

Most of the energy particles flew to the spiritual sea of the four guards standing guard in the backyard.

The four stared at each other almost at the same time.

One of them immediately sent a message to the captain.

The second team leader Yiluo got up from the seat in front of the monitoring: “check the working condition of the energy isolation cover.”

“Report to the captain that the isolation cover is working normally.”

Iloh: “watch out, especially in the overhead area.”


Iloh turned and walked out. His steady pace was much faster than usual.

A person on duty in the monitoring room quickly shouted, “Captain, I want to ask for leave!”

He heard it! The little mermaid is singing! He wants to go!

“Not approved.” ELO refused without hesitation, quickly went out and came to the back door.

He saw that all but the four guards on guard, Dr. hornard, and the other two idle captains had arrived.

One ear was close to the wall and looked addicted and excited.

Iloh frowned: “stand up straight!”

Yes, all the guards stand straight.

Hornard didn’t move. His ears were close to the wall and whispered, “what are you nervous about? Except for this villa and the villa where the guard lived, the palace is empty and not afraid of being seen.”

Seeing what else iloh was going to say, he stared: “be quiet.”

Iloh was silent for a moment and stood silently against the wall.

As soon as the others saw it, they quickly restored their original posture.

There were only four guards standing guard, each maintaining a straight posture.

An Jin sang, his voice getting smaller and smaller, and looked sheepishly in the direction of the back door.

He felt that there were more and more people there.

Won’t you hear him sing?

He stopped immediately.

Thinking of the bad singing he didn’t know before, his eyes showed thinking.

He doesn’t have a tape recorder. He wants to know whether it sounds good. It’s most direct to see the audience’s response.

People in the backyard can just let him experiment!

If they are curious to hear the song, they will leave if they listen to it for a while! It sounds good to stay.

The more he thought about it, the more reasonable he felt. He thought he didn’t know each other and wasn’t shy. He sang again.

Before he finished singing one song, he felt that there were more people in the backyard. When he sang the second time, there were more people.

He was full of confidence and seemed to sing well!

In the evening, Norman came back. As soon as he entered the mermaid room, he was held by the little mermaid and listened to a song.

Norman rubbed the little mermaid’s hair. “It sounds good. Thank you, Ann.”

He has not been so calm for many years, and he has sufficient mental strength.

An Jin made sure he liked it and wagged his tail happily.

Don’t worry about singing anymore.

Norman saw his happy appearance and thought that the little mermaid really liked him.

After a little thought, he felt that the plan could be implemented.

He bent over, picked up the little mermaid, came to the backyard pool and put the little mermaid down.

An Jin swam around in the water and looked at Norman with a red face.

Norman took off his shirt and trousers, leaving only one bathing suit, revealing his perfect figure.

He jumped into the pool and swam next to the little mermaid.

But the little mermaid swam away like a frightened fish, with the back of his head facing him.

Norman mused. Did he just annoy the little mermaid?


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