After Being a Mermaid Chapter 18

Norman thought of the timid character of the little mermaid and couldn’t help guessing.

The noise caused by his diving frightened the little mermaid?

He didn’t approach the little mermaid rashly. His tone was gentle: “Ann, come here.”

An Jin swam farther with a swing of his tail.

Norman: ”

He frowned and looked at the little mermaid.

Finally, his eyes fell on the little mermaid’s ears, and his white ears turned pink, which was particularly obvious.

He was stunned: shy?

The Mermaids he had seen were fierce and bold. He had never seen a mermaid shy.

An Jin felt his eyes behind him and touched his ears awkwardly.

It’s all men. Is his reaction too much?

No, in Norman’s eyes, he is not even a person, just a pet.

Do any pets see their owners running away without clothes?

No, A normal pet won’t be like him!

An Jin squeezed his fingers hard, stretched his small face and turned calmly.

Norman’s strong chest was exposed on the water, and the rest was submerged in the water. The blue light sprinkled on the clear water, and everything under the water became hazy.

An Jin’s expression was slightly loose, but he didn’t dare to look around and looked straight into Norman’s eyes.

Norman saw this and doubted that his judgment was wrong. If he was shy, he wouldn’t look at him like this.

Red ears, probably scared and angry.

He approached the little mermaid tentatively and observed the reaction of the little mermaid.

An Jin’s breath stagnated, and all kinds of conjectures flashed in his brain. He couldn’t help but make a voice of doubt: “ah?”

What is this?

Norman seemed not to be angry when he saw that the little mermaid had been staying where she was.

He started the original plan, approached and stopped one meter in front of the little mermaid.

He raised his left hand, palm upright, palm facing the Little Mermaid: “Ann, attack my palm.”

As he spoke and demonstrated, he punched the palm of his left hand with his right hand.

An Jin is confused, looking for a fight?

Norman saw that the little mermaid didn’t move, held the right hand of the little mermaid and lifted it up, and then put his palm right on the tip of the little mermaid’s fingernail.

An Jin subconsciously curls up his fingers, but Norman pinches him: “force.”

Norman didn’t expect the little mermaid to understand and let the little mermaid understand with action.

He stretched his left hand forward, held the little mermaid’s finger and attacked the palm of his hand.

Ann would like to see Norman look serious, so she made a little effort according to Norman’s meaning.

He clearly felt that the touch of the fingernail tip had changed.

As he looked down, he saw that the skin on Norman’s palm became darker and harder.

He suddenly understood Norman’s purpose: to train his mental strength and strengthen his physical ability!

He looked at Norman’s spiritual sea. There was still black spiritual silk around the spiritual sea, but the color was much lighter, black and gray.

In the middle, a large area of gray spiritual silk has turned white, and the spiritual sea is in good condition.

He then relieved himself, slightly increased his strength and attacked Norman’s palm.

Norman saw that the little mermaid understood what he meant and loosened the little mermaid’s finger: “continue to attack.”

An Jin clawed with five fingers and waved to Norman’s palm.

The palm of his hand became as hard as iron at the moment of his fingernail.

Norman: increase your strength

He demonstrated with his right hand, pushed back with his elbow, and then attacked forward.

With the elbow thrust, the force will increase a lot.

An Jin saw that he resisted easily, no longer scruples, learned his posture and attacked hard.

Norman relaxed again: “come again.”

An Jin: “…” he began to doubt himself.

Is he too useless to give the host any pressure.

The master did not achieve the purpose of exercise at all!

He pursed his lips, took a deep breath, his delicate little face was full of seriousness, pushed his elbow back, and then quickly launched an attack: “ah!”

He shouted an encouraging slogan, but affected by the sound line, he had no imagination at all.

The milk is fierce.

Norman was fascinated by his appearance, and a smile flashed in his eyes.

He finally understood why there were pet slaves.

He is willing to pet such a sweet, clever and lovely pet as the little mermaid.

An Jin almost attacked with all his strength, but he still didn’t put any pressure on Norman.

His eyes moved from Norman’s palm to Norman’s face and looked at him quietly.

Will the host be disappointed with him and think he is useless?

But he saw Norman’s mouth slightly raised and smiled.

An Jin’s cheeks bulged: do you think his weakness is ridiculous!

An Jin turned his head away from Norman, put his hands behind his back, and said plainly that he didn’t cooperate.

Norman had a deeper smile in his eyes.

He raised his hand and rubbed the little mermaid’s hair: “don’t be angry. You are already very powerful. Just practice your hand speed more. Your strength is in your tail.”

Because of this action, the distance between the main pets is very close.

Norman had a strong sense of existence. This distance made an Jin’s heart beat uncontrollably faster.

An Jin kept saying in his mind, “I’m a pet, I’m a pet,” and managed to resist the urge to swim.

But unexpectedly, his tail was suddenly touched by Norman’s foot.

He struck Norman with a thrilling, fish tail reflex.

Norman wanted to signal the little mermaid to try the power of the fishtail, but he didn’t expect the little mermaid to be so sensitive.

He reacts very fast. Before the fish tail hits him, the skin from his chest to his legs strengthens instantly.

“Wow…” with the violent sound of water, Norman was photographed to slide far back and draw a white line on the water.

An Jin was stunned, looked down at his beautiful tail, and hurriedly looked at Norman.

“Are you okay?” He swam towards Norman and asked anxiously.

I spoke Mandarin in a hurry, with a soft, sticky and vague voice.

Norman didn’t understand, but it didn’t prevent him from understanding the worry in the little mermaid’s tone.

He got into the water and broke out in front of the little mermaid a second later.

His black hair was pressed close to his forehead, and the water droplets fell into his eyes. He blinked and lifted his hair up with his backhand.

His strong facial features were completely exposed. His sword eyebrows were sharp and his brown eyes were deep. At this time, he was soaked in water and was surprisingly bright.

Ann Jin was stunned. Norman was definitely the most handsome man he had ever seen.

“I’m fine.” Norman’s voice is low. He is a standard subwoofer. He is very dignified when he is serious and gentle

An Jin rubbed his ears and felt that the description used by his sister next door was very appropriate – it made people pregnant.

Norman pointed to his tail: “the strength of the tail is very good. Strength doesn’t need training, just sensitivity.”

An Jing looked at his tail with his hand. He was a little happy when he thought of the scene just now. His tail fins swung up and down.

He’s still great!

When I looked back, I inevitably saw Norman’s body not in the water.

Somewhere, it is particularly obvious, which is very consistent with Norman’s image of a tough man.

An Jin’s face turned red and his eyes moved up and turned sideways.

Norman saw the little mermaid’s red ears and neck at a glance.

The shyness is obvious.

He suddenly realized that when he went into the water, the little mermaid avoided, probably because of shyness.

He thought of the scene where the little mermaid went into the bathroom to avoid him. At first, he thought it was shame. Now it seems that he may still be shy.

Norman was surprised that the little mermaid would be shy and intelligent because of human clothes.

If it wasn’t for the mermaid’s appearance, he would think the other party was an innocent teenager.

Norman found that the little mermaid’s ears were redder under his gaze.

He thought a little, went ashore, picked up his shirt and trousers and went indoors.

An Jin heard the news and turned to look at it. The faint light sprinkled on Norman’s nearly bare back, and his moist skin glowed slightly.

He took a look and quickly withdrew his head.

He sank underwater and cooled his face and ears with water.

Is the training over? Earlier than he thought.

He wondered if his tail had just hit Norman too hard.

Do you want comfort?

Just thinking, he heard Norman’s footsteps from far to near.

He surfaced and looked over.

Norman was dressed in dark green sportswear and held a ball in each hand. One was a screaming ball that could be chirped, and the other was a leather ball that could be hung under a fishing rod.

Norman went to the pool and shouted, “Ann.”

An Jin looks at him.

After successfully attracting the attention of the little mermaid, Norman raised his hand and threw the screaming ball out.

The screaming ball hit the spot very accurately and slid into the water against the wall of the pool.

An Jin feels inexplicably familiar with this scene, like a dog owner throwing a Frisbee.

He looked at the little blue ball floating in the water, and then at Norman.

It’s not like him, is it?

Norman raised his finger to the screaming ball: “Ann, pick it up.”

That’s true!

An Jin’s eyes are round. He’s just a little mermaid! Why practice picking up the ball?

Seeing that Norman’s face was serious and not joking, an Jin decided to be obedient.

He swung his tail, swam quickly to the opposite side, picked up the ball, and swam to Norman.

He raised the ball and handed it to Norman.

Norman took it and pinched it. The ball creaked.

Norman saw that the little mermaid’s sight fell on his hand with the sound, raised his hand again and threw the ball across.

“Go and get it back.”

An Jin: “…” isn’t the screaming ball used to coax him?

It’s different from what he thinks. He just wants to pinch the ball and yell!

An Jin looked up at Norman. Norman pointed across and said again, “pick it up.”

Well, the largest supplier of accommodation.

An Jin turned and swam to the opposite side and picked up the ball.

However, it is not over yet.

After five rounds, an Jin was out of breath. He grabbed the ball and threw it to the ground by the pool, bah.


He doesn’t like screaming balls anymore.

He raised his head and cried out to Norman wrongfully.

He is a sports scum and has no interest in sports!

Norman squatted down and gently squeezed his arm from wrist to big arm. He felt his muscles tremble and frown: “endurance is too poor!”

An Jin blinked innocently and spoiled: “ah ~”

What does he want to do? Even in a fight, the mermaid’s natural strength and his water power are enough.

He doesn’t go swimming.

The soft coquettish voice made Norman’s idea waver.

It must be hard to become a war pet.

The little mermaid is so delicate. Can you stand it?

He looked at the ball in his hand, which he used to train the little mermaid’s speed and agility.

Any more training?

Ann would like to pay attention to his eyes, staring at Norman in disbelief.

He has suffered from the ball for a long time. After that, he doesn’t want to take the ball on his head anymore.

Not to mention now so tired!

He’s just a little mermaid!

This is not what the little mermaid should bear!

He quickly grabbed the ball and threw it away. He booed the ball, pointed the back of his head at the ball, tooted his mouth, and protested all over his body.

Norman’s eyes lit with a smile when he saw him like this.

The clever little mermaid has a little temper. It seems that she really doesn’t like it.

Compared with the mermaid who roared and waved her claws to express her dissatisfaction, the little mermaid was too cute.

Norman thought for a moment. The training and pet made the little mermaid angry and stopped singing. The gain is not worth the loss.

He picked up the ball and said, “if you don’t like it, you won’t practice.”

As soon as an Jin’s eyes brightened, he sank under the water, Gulu spit a series of running bubbles, and then his head came out of the water and smiled at Norman.

Norman rubbed the little mermaid’s hair when the brain on his wrist rang.

He looked at the communication, from his adjutant.

“Your Majesty, there are a large number of star beasts in zone 5. Please ask for support.”

With one word, Norman looked sharp and sharp.

He got up, pointed to the mermaid room and strode into the villa.

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What happened between the implementation and abandonment of the plan?

Norman: coquettish


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