After Being a Mermaid Chapter 19

Norman walked to the bedroom and asked, “how’s District five?”

Adjutant: “two days at most.”

Norman put on his military uniform and ordered: “put the first and second legions into combat readiness, summon officers above major general of the first and second legions, and hold a meeting in ten minutes.”

“Received.” The adjutant should convey Norman’s order immediately after he leaves.

Norman hung up the adjutant’s communication and contacted Mu Chen: “I’ll lead the team to the Fifth District for support. The 345 Legion will stay in si’ao, and you’ll be responsible for the military headquarters.”

“Can your mental state support it? Why don’t I support it?” Mu Chen is worried.

Norman: I have no problem

His eyes are full of war. Limited by his mental state, he hasn’t fought well for a long time. He looks forward to it.

Mu Chen heard the speech and said seriously, “follow the instructions.”

All Star Alliance people know that his majesty SiO is a battle maniac. As long as circumstances permit, he will always go to the front line in person.

Especially when the enemy is a star beast.

Mu Chen finished his business and relaxed his tone: “do you want to send ANN to me?”

Norman: No, the Housekeeper will take care of him, and hornard is there

Mu Chen understood his refusal.

After all, the mermaid’s IQ is not high. If the master is absent for a few days, it is likely to forget the master. At this time, someone often appears in front of the mermaid, and the mermaid may mistakenly recognize the master.

This is a situation that no Mermaid owner wants to see.

After contacting Mu Chen, Norman made a series of arrangements.

He looked at the time, ordered the robot to buy an intelligent communicator online, and then walked into the study.

He opened zhinao and landed in the military account. The news of the adjutant immediately came: “Your Majesty, the participants have arrived.”

Norman enters the conference room of the military headquarters and turns on the holographic mode. The virtual image of all officers participating in the conference appears in the study in an instant.

Norman motioned to the adjutant, “contact the commander of the garrison in the Fifth District.”

Soon, a tall figure appeared in the middle of the round venue. He had dark circles under his eyes, looked tired, but his voice was very loud.

“Marshal,” the man saluted, “Major General Jim, a resident officer in the fifth defense zone, will report to you.”

He said, and a star map appeared in front of everyone.

Everyone present, or the senior officers of the whole of Austria, is no stranger to this star map.

Seeing the star map, someone subconsciously looked at Norman and his eyes were full of worship.

In the middle of the star map is the star of SiO. Around the star of SiO, eight regions are divided, of which one to five regions are blue and six to eight regions are white.

White means that the defense area has not been completed.

Lieutenant General Jim clicked in the Fifth District. The Fifth District was fully expanded, showing ten districts, with many red dots on it.

He pointed to the area with the most dense red dots in the middle: “the star beasts are mainly concentrated in areas E and F. area 5A is connected with the fourth defense area, and the fourth area has sent teams to support.”

Norman glanced at the war situation map, thought for a moment and made a deployment: “I led the escort to area E, the first regiment to area F, and cleaned the battlefield from the edge of the area to the middle.”

“The second Legion is responsible for the scattered small groups of starbeasts,” he looked at the head of the second legion, “is there a problem?”


Norman nodded and looked at Jim: “it’s summer season. Why are there a large number of star beasts in zone 5?”

Generally, animal tides occur only in spring.

Jim rolled his hair and said angrily, “it’s TM unlucky. A second-class Haru ate sub sand animal eggs and was chased by sub sand animals. As a result, he ran to zone 5 and jumped away.”

“Those sub sand beasts have one tendon. They want to cross zone 5 and continue to chase. How can I let them cross the zone 5 defense line? As a result, a small group has been solved and a large group has come.”

The head of a legion couldn’t help but ask, “can’t you kill the mother beast?”

Jim stared and blushed: “what about the mother beast? The basic rule of the defense area: there can’t be a star beast in the defense line.”

Norman frowned. “Jim, you should apply to go back to the main star for rest.”

“Marshal!” Jim was worried, “I don’t need it, I can…”

Norman raised his hand and stopped his words: “the spiritual sea is unstable. Officers on the edge of spiritual riots are strictly forbidden to garrison the defense area.”

Norman whispered, “you’re getting impatient.”

Irritability and irritability are the most common omens and external manifestations of mental riots.

Jim’s cheeks tightened: “I apply to solve this crisis and retreat from the front line.”

The defense zone is the most dangerous place, but it is also the place where military achievements are accumulated fastest.

His military skills are only a little short of applying to the military headquarters for a mermaid.

His assets, can not be photographed Mermaid, accumulate military merit is the only way.

Norman looked at him: “after the Haru crossed the defense line, you didn’t report to the master star. Yesterday, a Haru suddenly appeared in the palace and was killed by me.”

“You can’t have a star beast in the defense line. On the contrary, if a star beast crosses the defense line, you have to report to the main star. You should know what happens when civilians encounter a star beast?”

Norman’s voice was slightly cold: “this time, if you tell the Haru beast’s body to the ASHA beast, this animal tide may not happen.”

Jim was breathing fast. His attention was on the Ashar beast and didn’t pay attention to the news of the main star.

He is also happy. Anyway, only one Haru beast has crossed the line. Haru beast has the ability to jump. It may run to other places and may not go to si’ao.

Norman: “you’re not in good shape. Go back to the main star first.”

Norman made a direct decision and appointed the deputy commander of the Fifth District as the temporary commander.

After the arrangement, he asked about the army assembly.

Commander of the Second Corps: “the logistics department is loading materials and is ready in about a quarter of an hour.”

Norman nodded, “leave in fifteen minutes and break up.”

Norman withdrew from the conference room and went out of the study.

The housekeeper delivered the express received not long ago: “master, communicator.”

Norman took it: “Ann in the mermaid room or the garden?”

Robot: “Mermaid room.”

Norman went into the mermaid room and waved to the little mermaid, “come here.”

An Jin immediately noticed that he had changed his clothes and couldn’t help worrying.

Suddenly put on a military uniform. What’s the matter?

He swam to the pool and looked up at Norman.

Serious, but not flustered, very calm.

An Jin is relieved. It seems that there is no problem.

Norman squatted down, took the little mermaid’s left hand and put the children’s bracelet on the little mermaid’s hand.

The bracelet is one finger wide and black, with a square button in the middle.

Norman opened his brain and dialed the communication.

An Jin’s bracelet rings immediately, and the button flashes green.

Norman presses the button, and a virtual screen appears in front of an Jin. Inside the screen is Norman at this time.

Anjin’s eyes light up, video communicator!

Norman: “I’m going out for a few days. I’ll contact you every day. Press here to connect.”

Norman patiently taught several times and decided that an Jin would learn to leave.

He told the robot to take good care of the little mermaid, explained the situation to hornard and walked out of the villa.

The Royal Guard has been fully equipped, and the warships are neatly arranged over the palace.

Norman stepped onto the warship, confirmed the palace defense to the captain of the guard, ensured that it was comprehensive and tight, and nodded slightly.

Before long, the Royal Guard landed at the military airport and joined the first and second corps to support.

The next morning, an Jin was eating the breakfast brought by the robot, and the communication rang.

He quickly hid the cooked crab behind his back and made sure that the crab was completely blocked by him before connecting the communication.

Norman’s handsome face appeared on the virtual screen, a straight military uniform, behind which was the silver metal wall.

Norman seriously introduced himself: “Ann, I’m your master, Norman.”

An Jin hears this sentence every day. Unexpectedly, Norman doesn’t forget to communicate when he goes out. The corners of his mouth can’t help turning up.

Norman really has a sense of ceremony!

He smiled and said, “ah ~”

Norman was satisfied that the little mermaid had not forgotten him. Seeing that the little mermaid was in good spirit, he put his heart down.

He looked at the little mermaid, didn’t know what to say, and was silent for a moment.

He would have said less, not to mention that the other party is still a mermaid who can’t speak.

After a moment of silence, he thought that the mermaid liked shiny things. He got up and went to the window: “space is very beautiful. You may like it.”

The screen perspective changes, Norman’s figure disappears, the magnificent space occupies the screen, various planets seem close at hand, and the colorful galaxy is dazzling.

An Jin was shocked and his eyes were slightly open. He was stunned for a while before he recovered.

So this is an interstellar world!

He felt a little incredible and couldn’t help yearning.

Can he go to space in the future? Enjoy the scenery of space for yourself.

“Thank you.” He said his thanks in Mandarin.

Norman didn’t understand. When he saw the little mermaid with a soft voice and a smile, he was obviously in a good mood.

He thought a little and said, “I’ll take you out for actions with high safety factor in the future.”

If the danger is low, it is completely feasible for the little mermaid to stay behind the army.

An Jin understood, so his eyes lit up for a moment.

He’s looking forward to it!

Norman is definitely the best master in the world! I’m willing to take him to space!

Norman saw that the little mermaid was so happy. For a moment, he felt that the little mermaid seemed to understand what he said.

He knows that some pets can understand their owners’ orders, but they are only short orders.

“Ann.” Norman cried.

Anjin subconsciously looks at Norman.

Norman pointed out the window and said, “do you like it?”

An Jin blinked and nodded softly, “ah!” Suddenly realized that the reaction was too human, and waved, “ah.”

Like a voice to express the excitement of seeing the beautiful scenery.

Norman: sure enough, he thought too much.

He let the little mermaid continue to enjoy the beautiful scenery. He didn’t hang up until the adjutant came to him.

An Jin looks at the bracelet and ponders. When Norman asks him, it’s too natural. He can’t judge whether Norman asks at will or tries him.

Usually Norman would ask him questions, but he just called his name, which seemed a little different.

He opened his mouth and pronounced Norman’s name in interstellar language.

The pronunciation is a little astringent, but it is still clear.

How would Norman react if he knew he could speak?

An Jin thinks that in this world, he can speak. In Norman’s eyes, it is equivalent to modern cats and dogs can speak.

On this thought, he dared not think any more. He always felt that he would be sent to the laboratory immediately.

Although Norman is very kind to him, he dare not take risks. He is very satisfied with his current life for the time being!

His mind turned to space and thought that he might go in person in the future. The more he thought, the happier he was.

He finished the rest of his breakfast, disposed of all kinds of shells and bones, washed his hands, and went back to the pool to watch the video.

He has a strong language learning ability and can already understand cartoons, so he can also have fun in learning.

Today’s cartoon protagonist Joey has a holiday. As soon as Joey gets home, he can’t wait to go back to his room and put on a helmet.

In an instant, Joey came to another world.

An Jin was stunned. Did he watch cartoon fantasy films?


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