After Being a Mermaid Chapter 2

An Jin recalls the doctor’s attitude and feeding behavior. The more he thinks about it, the more he feels that his guess may be true.

He may have really become a pet!

An Jin stays where he is. What, what should I do?

He panicked for a while, and soon he calmed down again. Maybe he misunderstood.

He had a fantasy and clenched his fist to cheer himself up silently. As a result, after his fingers were bent, his palm was butted by the tip of his fingernails and couldn’t hold it at all.

An Jin: “…” he summoned up his courage and let it out.

He relaxed his fingers in silence, crossed his hands tightly relative to his ten fingers, and held a fist in both hands.

It doesn’t matter. He comforted himself that no matter what his status, he will live well.

“Di -” was beating vigorously. A crisp electronic sound came from the right. An Jin returned to his mind and looked at it.

Two men came into the sliding door, one in a white coat and the other in a black suit.

Or run more accurately. The man in the white coat walked forward with an angry face. The black suit followed him and wanted to pull, but he didn’t dare to pull. His anxious forehead was sweating.

“Professor Jin, I promise the Mermaid will be fine. It’s really fine.”

Professor Jin said angrily: “you still want to hide it! The topic of the attack on the star auction house has been on the star net fire.”

He accentuated: “I shouldn’t agree with your stars to undertake this month’s Mermaid auction. If the mermaid has anything…”

Speaking of this, he and an Jin looked at each other, and his voice became hoarse.

An Jin blinked and looked blankly: are they arguing?

The man in suit sighed quietly, wiped the sweat on his forehead and compared his thumb to the doctor.

Fortunately, the mermaid woke up and worried him to death.

You know, this mermaid is the only senior Mermaid in nearly a hundred years!

Mermaids are classified according to the color of hair, eyes and tail. All different colors are low-level, the same color of the two parts is intermediate, and all three are high-level.

The higher the mermaid level, the better the effect of singing on mental riots.

The number of mermaids cultivated by scientific research institutes is small, and even fewer are above the intermediate level.

When a mermaid becomes an adult, it will be auctioned and then raised by the buyer.

If there are intermediate Mermaid adults in the scientific research institute in any month, the mermaid auction in that month must attract wide attention.

This month is even more unusual. Not only an intermediate mermaid has grown up, but also an advanced Mermaid – a solid mermaid has grown up.

I don’t know how many people have been counting the days since the little mermaid was born, waiting for him to grow up.

The star auction house took great efforts to get the opportunity to undertake the auction from the fierce competition.

Unexpectedly, the scientific research institute sent the mermaid to the auction house at noon. In the afternoon, the auction house was attacked, and the mermaid was accidentally injured and unconscious.

Fortunately, I woke up!

The doctor inferred from the previous situation that Professor Jin came to be held accountable, so he hurriedly said, “Professor Jin, the mermaid is fine.”

As he spoke, he opened the examination results in Zhi’s brain and showed them to Professor Jin.

Professor Jin looked carefully, his face relaxed, but his tone was very heavy.

He looked at the suit man: “boss Bernie, the scientific research institute sent the mermaid to the stars at noon, and the stars were attacked in the afternoon. Your confidentiality work is really disappointing.”

Bernie’s face was also not good-looking: “before the publicity work, we always paid attention to confidentiality. I admit that I have the responsibility of oversight this time, but I dare not bear the responsibility of divulging the information.”

“What do you mean?” Professor Jin frowned and asked angrily, “do you mean someone in the scientific research institute leaked the information?”

Bernie didn’t answer him directly, but said, “not only the scientific research institute and the stars, but also all auction houses participating in the bidding of the scientific research institute can know that the mermaid has been sent to the stars today.”

Professor Jin was dissatisfied: “this has never happened before.”

Bernie is also very helpless. There was no solid Mermaid before!

Dare to take risks to divulge information, isn’t it aimed at the great interests represented by the pure mermaid?

He couldn’t help but say a fair word for the company’s security team: “if the auction is not in the stars, the other party may have won.”

Professor Jin snorted: “when you bid for qualification next month, see if the appraisers will believe you.”

Bernie shrugged his shoulders, looked helpless, but didn’t care much in his heart.

His goal has always been pure Mermaid. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t undertake the auction of scientific research institutes after holding this month’s Mermaid auction.

Anyway, the auction of the only pure Mermaid in nearly a hundred years is enough to make the stars famous.

Professor King stopped arguing with Bernie. He found that the little mermaid was always quiet and couldn’t help worrying.

He squatted in front of an Jin: “why is it so quiet? Is it uncomfortable? Is he hurt?”

When an Jin saw him approaching, he waved his tail and moved back to distance.

He looked at Professor Jin. The middle-aged man looked at him with an obvious expression of concern and anxiety.

He blinked puzzledly, wondering why Professor platinum reacted.

Suddenly, his heart tightened. Did he say that the original Mermaid knew Professor Jin?

His retreat was abnormal, which worried Professor Jin?

He thought for a while, tentatively came forward, grabbed Professor Jin’s sleeve, looked up at Professor Jin with his small head and smiled at Professor Jin.

The next moment, Professor Jin seemed to be hit by a acupoint. He was stunned, and then his eyes turned red.

An Jin: ”

He quickly withdrew his hand and looked at Professor Jin at a loss.

Professor Jin looked as old as his father’s generation. Suddenly his eyes turned red. He really didn’t know what to do.

Did he do something wrong?

An Jin deeply feels that language barrier is too troublesome.

We must strive to learn the language of human beings in this world!

Professor Jin recovered after a while and said excitedly, “you see, he just smiled and smiled at me!”

He is definitely the happiest person in Sioux!

The doctor looked at the excited Professor Jin and struggled to restrain his emotion. He didn’t say that the mermaid had smiled at him.

In fact, he is also a little worried. It seems that the little mermaid after waking up is a little wrong.

Too good, too quiet.

Professor Jin quickly calmed down his mood. He also felt that the little mermaid was not quiet. He personally checked the little mermaid.

The body data of the little mermaid shows that he is very healthy, but

Professor Jin said angrily, “he was injured in the back of his brain. How dare you hide it!”

Bernie laughed: “it’s just a knock. It doesn’t break the skin. It’ll be fine in two days.”

Professor Jin stared at him and was dissatisfied with his attitude: “don’t you see that he has no spirit?”

Bernie felt that the mermaid was so perfect that he had a big head when the other intermediate mermaid was noisy.

Of course, he also knew that he could not say this to Professor Jin, so he looked to the doctor.

The doctor knew it clearly and said to Professor Jin, “it may be a little uncomfortable now that it is so quiet. Although the congestion in the back of the brain has been removed with a therapeutic instrument, the wound will feel pain.”

He said in a warm voice, “you have seen the examination results. He is in good health. You don’t have to worry too much.”

What else was Professor King going to say? He and Bernie’s bracelet rang at the same time.

After reading the news, Professor Jin frowned and couldn’t hide his anger.

“How can this be done! How can it be auctioned tonight? It’s too urgent. The mermaid should be sent back to the scientific research institute and auctioned when her body is fully recovered.”

Bernie knew that they had received the same message and thought for a moment: “I think the Dean was right.”

“The news of mermaids in the stars has been known all over the network. The pure mermaids are too attractive. The longer they stay, the more dangerous they will be. I’m afraid many star thieves will be moved, not to mention the smugglers hiding in the gutter in the native land of sior.”

Professor Jin was silent for a while, contacted the Dean, hung up the communication soon, and said to Bernie, “I’ll keep an eye on the process after that, in case of any accident to the mermaid.”

Bernie didn’t care: “that’s hard for Professor king.”

Bernie opened his brain, turned it into a photo mode and said to the rest of the humanity, “step back and I’ll take a promotional picture of him.”

Two people step back and make sure they don’t stop the little mermaid.

Bernie pointed his brain at the little mermaid and soon it was over.

He then looked at the time and said to the doctor, “let him eat and send it to the exhibition room at a quarter past five. I’ll take a picture of the other one.”

The doctor nodded and looked at Bernie’s brain: “that’s good?”

Bernie raised his eyebrow: “it’s enough to see that it’s a pure Mermaid, not to mention that I took a good picture.”

The doctor looked at the little mermaid to be auctioned tonight and was full of heart.

But thinking about his savings, he sighed silently.

If he’s not a doctor, it’s hard to see a little mermaid. It’s time to be satisfied.

A minute later, all the Sioux people who passed the qualification certification of the Scientific Research Institute – without bad records and with assets of one billion, that is, the starting price of the pure Mermaid, received an Jin’s photos.

There is only one photo, but it is loved at a glance.

The little mermaid floats in the water, her beautiful blue hair falls on her shoulders, and her skin is more white.

The villain fish’s water blue eyes look very gentle, with a quiet breath. People who see the photos can’t help but feel the same: he’s very good.

These people know all auction houses very well. Even the most grumpy mermaid is loved in their publicity pictures.

But after seeing the picture of the blue Mermaid, they still couldn’t help thinking.

This one is different. This one is absolutely good!

Some people don’t care whether they are good or not. They only come for the pure Mermaid.

After all, the higher the level of mermaid, the better the effect of singing on spiritual riots.

Anyway, mermaids will sing when they are happy. They are delicious and good to drink. They can’t fight back and scold back. They can always make mermaids happy!

The Royal patrol returned smoothly to the military airport

Norman returned to the palace, injected himself with a soothing agent, and the spiritual riot stopped a little.

He pressed his forehead in silence, and the communication suddenly rang.

He connected, and the excited voice of the private doctor hornard came: “Your Majesty, you are finally back! The pure Mermaid auction was advanced, and you almost missed it.”

Norman’s expression remained unchanged: “Mr. hornard, I thought you were used to disappointment.”

“It’s different this time!” Hornard said, “I’ve seen the publicity map. This Mermaid can definitely cure your spiritual riot.”

Norman refused to comment on groundless words and asked, “when is the exhibition?”

The state of his mental sea was so bad that mental riots existed almost all the time, and his sense of mania went hand in hand.

I have to buy a mermaid.

Hornard: “at five thirty, at the star auction house,” he said and reminded, “don’t forget to change your identity.”

Norman remembered some unpleasant memories and was even less hopeful about the auction.

But he had to go. He couldn’t miss any hope.


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