After Being a Mermaid Chapter 20

An Jin laments that the cartoon plot is so exciting that he turns his attention from the changes of the environment to Joey.

Only then did I find that Joey’s appearance changed and taller. He looked about ten, not five.

Joey waved his little fist: “holographic world, I’m coming.”

At this time, the narrator appeared, and the young voice briefly and clearly introduced Joey’s favorite activity: visiting the holographic world.

An Jin can’t understand every word. He doesn’t understand it until he listens and watches the video.

He didn’t watch fantasy films, but cartoon science fiction films.

Joey’s helmet, called holographic helmet, is the necessary equipment to enter the holographic world.

Joey is obviously familiar with the holographic world and goes straight to his destination: Food Street.

After that, Joey began to eat nonstop.

An Jin stared at the boiled meat slices in front of Joey. The red soup made him salivate unconsciously.

He really wants to eat spicy food!

He didn’t eat spicy food for a long time. The more he looked, the more greedy he became. He thought that when Norman came back, he must apply for a change of recipe!

If Norman doesn’t agree, he’ll… Sing more songs!

Ann thought and looked forward to Norman coming back immediately.

Joey’s lips turned red and tears were coming out, but the chopsticks didn’t stop.

He took a piece of meat wrapped in red pepper juice and was about to put it in his mouth. Suddenly, the scene changed and he returned to the room again.

Joey remorsefully took off his helmet: “why is an hour so fast!”

Sweet and tender narrator sounded: children under the age of 10 can only stay in the holographic world for an hour at most every day!

When the ending song sounded, an Jin found that the episode was over.

In this episode, he knows a lot of food, both familiar and unfamiliar. There are rich kinds of food, which makes him itch in his heart.

I really want to eat~

I hope the host can come back soon.

At this time, Norman was still on interstellar voyage.

Twenty hours later, his support fleet arrived in zone 5.

Norman made a strategic plan and led the fleet into the battlefield. He first drove his mecha into the star herd.

The black mecha has a sharp momentum, is huge but extremely flexible, and blood flows everywhere.

Norman’s face was expressionless, his brown eyes were deep, and his eyes fell on the star beast without temperature.

It was not until the next morning, near the time he contacted the little mermaid, that he left the battlefield and returned to the main ship for repair, leaving a pile of shocked subordinates.

“Your Majesty, it’s been a long time since Linlin fought so well!”

Someone asked, “what happened? Didn’t your majesty just riot? Why are you so energetic?”

If you are not energetic, you can’t drive a mecha for a long time.

Using mecha will continue to consume mental power. People with poor mental state dare not operate mecha at all.

Because it is likely to fall into spiritual riots during use.

Some people couldn’t help guessing, and the tone was full of longing: “the research institute has developed a new Soother?”

“I think it’s possible. Maybe we can use it when we go back this time!”

Only the members of the Royal Guard kept a secret and thought: I think too much.

Your majesty doesn’t have any new soothers, only a pure Mermaid.

Thinking of this, the members of the guard couldn’t help being jealous of the remaining comrades in arms.

When they were away, they didn’t know how many songs the little mermaid sang and how much spiritual power she passed to the back door guard.

The jealous rear door guard was full of depression and confusion.

Why doesn’t the little mermaid sing?

Is the little mermaid unhappy that his majesty has left?

An Jin doesn’t know that someone is eager to sing. When he practices a song, he is satisfied that he can cope with emergencies. He doesn’t intend to continue practicing songs.

After all, it takes mental energy to practice songs, and he has to practice powers.

After Norman left, an Jin didn’t see any living people except meeting Norman in the newsletter every morning and evening.

On the fifth day, he was really bored and floated on the water to vent his thoughts.

When his sight swept to the door, he suddenly thought that he had not visited the villa for so long.

He climbed out of the room and saw the robot standing at the door.

He tried to move into the villa and looked at the robot’s response.

The robot stood still without stopping him or holding him back to the room.

An Jin’s eyes bent. The robot completely obeyed Norman’s orders and didn’t stop him, indicating that Norman allowed him to wander in the villa!

Without scruples, an Jin climbed to the nearest room and decided to visit the villa from near to far.

He visited one by one. When he came to the third room, he looked up at the door number: the utility room.

He opened the door and looked inside. The room was very large. There were all kinds of things, electrical equipment and household goods in it.

Many things are brand-new at first sight, and some don’t even open the packing box.

An Jin was curious about the things in this world, so he held the door frame, put up his tail and looked at all kinds of things from left to right.

When he turned his head to the right, he suddenly paused and moved to the left.

There’s a big box. There’s a small box like a shoe box on the big box.

What attracted his attention was the small box.

He looked carefully at the patterns and words on the box and his eyes lit up: it was the holographic helmet he had seen in cartoons.

He was surprised when he watched the video, so he was impressed and wouldn’t admit his mistake.

He stared at the small box for a long time, and all kinds of delicious food flashed in his mind.

He swallowed his saliva and climbed into the utility room.

After entering the house, he turned around, looked at the robot standing not far away, thought, and closed the door.

If the robot finds that he has abnormal behavior, I’m afraid it will report to Norman.

How can pets use holographic helmets? It’s not normal.

So you can’t let the robot see!

He held the big box upright and took some trouble to get the small box.

He sat down slowly with his tail flat on the ground. After checking the packaging, he carefully opened the box and took out his helmet.

He first read the instruction manual, which was only a thin piece of paper. He couldn’t understand the text instructions. Fortunately, there were picture instructions.

After reading it, he put on his helmet and adjusted it slightly to make the helmet fit his head completely, and then put his back against the big box to make a comfortable posture.

When he was ready, he raised his hand and pressed the button on the right side of his helmet.

Suddenly, a mechanical sound sounded in his ear: “welcome to the holographic world. It is detected that you have entered the holographic world for the first time. Please read the instructions for newcomers.”

An Jin points out the instructions for newcomers and silently points out the fork.

Compared with the ability of listening and speaking, the ability of reading is too poor.

He clicked on it directly. The next moment, he appeared in a white and empty room, facing a “mirror”.

An Jin looked at the people in the mirror and all his attention was focused on his straight and slender legs.

He was stunned and quickly bowed his head. It was his leg!

His heart beat wildly. He was too excited to believe it.

He took a deep breath, raised his feet and took a step. He moved forward a little, but he swayed when he landed.

I haven’t walked with my feet for some time. I’m not very good at walking.

He was so excited that he took another two steps. At this time, he heard a mechanical reminder: “it is detected that you have not changed your appearance. You will be recognized in the holographic world. Do you want to enter directly?”

In the mirror, next to his mirror, an option box appears at the same time: “yes / No.”

An Jin recovers from the excitement of having his feet again and looks into the mirror.

After seeing his appearance, he was surprised: it was a little too good-looking.

Black short hair, water blue peach blossom eyes, slightly upturned eyes, red lips, set off with cold white skin, very amazing at a glance.

He was amazed by himself, and then realized that this face seemed to be the combination of the former him and the present Mermaid.

He looked at the left side of the mirror. There were many options on it, such as changing skin color, changing face shape, changing body shape… Etc., similar to the face pinching interface of the game.

He looked at him in the mirror and finally fell on the water blue eyes, which were no different from the mermaid shape.

He felt unsafe, so he chose to change the pupil color.

He selects black and a pop-up box pops up: please ensure that the account balance is sufficient.

The lower left corner of the pop-up box shows zero balance, and the lower right corner is the recharge button.

An Jin:… Penniless.

He tried the other options. Each one needed money, including changing the name.

Now his default name is a ten digit symbol starting with K.

He also studied the panel and found that the cheapest way to hide the appearance is to use the randomly generated system image.

Very ordinary, one can hardly remember at a glance.

An Jin is very excited. However, the cheapest is ten star coins.

An Jin is too poor and can only choose to enter directly in the end.

The moment he pressed the button, the room disappeared. An Jin looked around. He was in the corner of the street.

He looked around and noticed a square LED screen in the front left. It looked like a map from a distance.

He immediately went that way. He started too fast and almost tripped himself.

An Jin: “…” he held the wall to stabilize his body, slowed down and walked slowly.

On the screen is a map of his area, and there is a sign in the newcomer area in the lower right corner: you are here.

An Jin looked carefully for a while and had a general understanding of his location.

This is a small town. There are continuous forests outside the town, which seems to be relatively backward.

He walked down the street to the end, and the lively voice came from the left.

He turned and looked to the left. There were all kinds of restaurants and snack bars on both sides of the street. There were a lot of people on the road, and most of them were tall.

He walked there. Before long, he passed a restaurant. The spicy smell came from the restaurant. When he smelled it, he couldn’t help frowning.

In the spicy flavor, there is also a bitter smell that is not strong, but can not be ignored, which destroys the delicacy.

An Jin looked at the restaurant. There were a lot of people in the store. Four big men near the door were sweating.

He looked back and went on, but he heard the name ‘Norman’.

Someone is talking about Norman.

He stopped quickly and stood at the door listening carefully.

“I guess his majesty Norman will be back in less than a week!”

“It’s been five days. A week is too short. I guess ten days.”

“Your Majesty Norman is powerful. In my opinion, he may be on his way back now.”

The big man’s voice was loud and excited: “don’t underestimate your majesty, have you forgotten? Ten years ago, when your majesty Norman made the plan to establish a defense zone, how many people thought your Majesty was Arabian! But you see, now five defense zones have been built.”

Another person sighed: “unfortunately, only your majesty is SSS spiritual power. Alas, if there were more SSS spiritual generals and more people to deal with the high-level stars and beasts in the universe, maybe the defense zone plan has been completed.”

An older man said, “it’s very good now. There are five defense areas. Most of the battles between SLO and starbeasts have been transferred to the defense area. SLO is already the safest living star in the Star Alliance.”

“I really look forward to the day when the defense zone is fully completed!”

The man’s voice was lower: “I’m afraid it’s difficult. Your majesty, the situation of the spiritual sea has become worse and worse in the past two years, and the construction of the defense zone has made little progress.”

“Speak, your majesty, there was a mental riot not long ago. How could you go to the front line of the Fifth District in person?”

“It’s said that his majesty just wants to appease the people and doesn’t participate in the battle. His mental power can’t operate the mecha at all.”

“Cough,” one coughed lightly, “eat vegetables. Where did you hear that?”

An Jin was a little surprised. He didn’t fully understand it, but he could feel from these people’s dialogue that they admired Norman very much.

His master, his status seems unusual.

“Hello, would you like something to eat? There are many dishes in our shop and the prices are reasonable.” A waiter saw an Jin standing at the door for a while and came out to ask.

An Jin turned his head and found that the other party was much taller than him. He looked up slightly and smiled shyly.

“I have no money.” The first time he spoke in interstellar language, he was a little stuttered.

The waiter looked surprised and pointed to his face: “don’t tease me. Your face cost at least 100000 stars?”

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An Jin: I want money. I’m just a passer-by’s face


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