After Being a Mermaid Chapter 21

“Ah?” An Jin was stunned and subconsciously touched his face.

When the waiter saw his puzzled and surprised appearance, he smiled and said, “isn’t this your first time into the holographic world?”

An Jin nodded: “HMM.”

The waiter looked at him with clear eyes and unskillful words. He suspected that he was a minor and that he looked like krypton.

He kindly reminded: “you are too high-profile. The price of pinching a face in the holographic world is so expensive. If you pinch such a beautiful face, isn’t it equivalent to writing ‘I’m a local tyrant to kill me’ on your face?”

“Since you have money, you go directly to the urban area. The environment there is good, and you don’t dare to kill guests easily. You are a fat sheep in Xinxing District Town, and you want to cut meat from you.”

An Jin:… He’s really not fat. He doesn’t have any meat or two.

He received the waiter’s kindness and politely thanked him: “thank you,” and asked his question, “how can I get to the city?”

The waiter thought he was embarrassed because he didn’t speak neatly. Now he found that he didn’t speak very well.

He was shocked: “you shouldn’t be less than three years old? How can your parents let you enter the holographic world alone! If you are like this, you will be slaughtered in the city!”

You know, the price of changing the body is more expensive than pinching the face.

The city is full of smart people. It’s no use pretending to be an adult. You can recognize it in a few words.

Children who are too young are too easy to be slaughtered because they only have fun and are satisfied with food and don’t care about the price.

An Jin: No, he won’t be slaughtered. Poor as he is, he is not qualified to be slaughtered.

He corrected, “I’m twenty,” and then added, “really, I don’t have money.”

The waiter didn’t believe a word: “it’s rare that you still remember not to show off your wealth, but remember to change your face next time,” he smiled. “The chef in our shop is very good. Would you like to come in and try it?”

An Jin blinked: “… No money?”

Waiter: “are you too dedicated to pretend to be poor? Don’t worry. The star coins of the real world and the holographic world are interconnected. You can pay with the real world account.”

An Jin shook his head in silence. In the real world, he was also penniless.

The waiter suspected that the bear child used up all the money given by his parents by pinching his face and changing his body. He looked at him sympathetically: “go offline and get ready to be beaten.”

An Jin:?

At this time, four more guests came. The waiter didn’t answer an Jin’s doubts and hurriedly welcomed them: “please come inside, what would you like to eat?”

An Jin didn’t stop. He went on. He smelled the fragrance of all kinds of food all the way. Although they all had a faint bitter smell, he was still greedy.

He hasn’t eaten cooked food for more than two years. Compared with the bad air at the end of the world, the bitter smell in the sour, sweet, salty and spicy aroma is not unbearable.

“Handsome boy, how about having dinner together?” A man stopped an Jin with amazing eyes.

An Jin was stunned: “no, thank you.”

The man’s right eye blinked: “don’t be so ruthless. Anyway, it’s a holographic world. They don’t know each other. Playing won’t be known.”

An Jin’s eyes are slightly open. It shouldn’t be what he thinks!

The man smiled: “Why are you so surprised? Don’t you just want to attract attention when you make this face?”

The man stretched out his hand to an Jin, and an Jin sidestepped away. The man stepped forward and wanted to catch up.

An Jin frowned slightly, took a step aside, quickly operated the water power, and a pool of water suddenly appeared at the man’s feet.

The man started fast, stepped on the water, suddenly slipped and fell face to face.

An Jin glared at the man, ignored him and walked quickly to the front of the food street.

Across the road, across the street is a row of pubs, full of people, very lively.

An Jin’s eyes fell on the LED screen at the door of the first tavern, on which there were two huge words: recruitment.

As soon as an Jin’s eyes shine, he can buy food if he works to make money!

He crossed the road and came to the door of the tavern to carefully read the recruitment requirements.

Working hours: 12:00 to 2:00 noon, 5:30 to 12:00 pm.

He thought about it. When Norman was at home, he usually delivered his meals at 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. and at 12 noon.

At these times, he can’t stay in the holographic world.

In his case, if you want to make money, I’m afraid you can only find hourly workers.

In addition to working hours, he also needs to be articulate, good at chatting and understand sales. He doesn’t meet the requirements.

An Jin left disappointed and didn’t take two steps. Behind him came a cry: “that boy, are you looking for a job?”

An Jin turns around and sees a smiling middle-aged man waving to him.

An Jin shook his head: “I don’t match.”

The man walked up to him with a smile and his eyes wandered on his face: “it doesn’t matter. It’s all written casually. Are you here to experience life?”

The man said, “I also recruit hourly workers in my store. Twenty star coins an hour and a 5% commission on the drinks sold. Do you want to try?”

An Jin hesitated for a moment, thinking that the holographic world could go offline at any time without security problems, so he nodded: “what do you call it?”

“Just call my boss,” the man led him to the tavern. “It’s a real lunch break. There are a lot of people. You’re good at it. It’s no problem to earn 100 stars an hour.”

An Jin followed him. When the door opened, the noise suddenly came out, and the voices were mixed.

An Jin walks into the store and sweeps his sight. Opposite leather sofas are placed on both sides of the store to form a small private room.

There are round table chairs in the middle of the shop. Men in twos and threes get together to chat and drink. The atmosphere is very lively.

The boss handed an Jin a black and white apron and pointed to the bar: “there are various wine introductions on the inner screen. You can see more, so as to introduce people and sell more.”

An Jin walked into the bar and saw the introduction of various wines. However, he didn’t understand very well. Fortunately, he could understand the sweet and spicy taste and degree.

The boss pointed to the small glass in the corner: “you can also taste it and recommend it.”

An Jin nodded. Before the apron was put on, the front and back hands tied the belt, and a guest came: “handsome boy, experience life?”

The guest’s companion whistled to an Jin and compared his thumb: “good taste, nice face.”

An Jin’s face was slightly red. Only he knew that he didn’t pinch his face at all.

He asked, “what would you like to drink?”

His voice at this time was different from that of the mermaid. He was young and clear, but he was still very soft. He spoke slowly, like a spoiled child.

“Oh,” shouted the guest, holding the counter, “kid, how old are you?”

The companion joked: “rich young master, do you experience the working life of adults? Your voice, be careful to attract bad uncles.”

An Jin sipped his lips, didn’t answer, took out two bottles and put them on the counter. He seriously recommended: “these two degrees are not high, with a little sweetness. Do you want to try them?”

At this time, a hand stretched out and directly grabbed an Jin’s hand.

An Jin reacted quickly, loosened the bottle and frowned at the man.

The man had an ordinary systematic face and looked straight at an Jin: “brother, I want to taste it. I’d like to recommend some more.”

An Jin grimaced, took two bottles of wine and put them on the counter. The man’s hand stretched out again. An Jin slipped down, grabbed the bottom of the bottle, lifted the wine bottle and hit the man’s hand heavily.

“Ah!” The man cried out in pain, took back his hand and roared, “what’s your attitude, boss!”

The boss soon came over and looked at an Jin. His smiling face was fierce at this time: “apologize to the guests.”

An Jin’s cheeks puffed with anger and didn’t speak.

At the end of the day, because he was good-looking, some people had thought about him. He was lucky and was saved by the boss of the base. Because he had the ability and learned finance management, he became the warehouse keeper of the base and didn’t suffer any injustice.

He hates people who take advantage of others!

The other two guests couldn’t see it: “the man wanted to take advantage, and the waiter just fought back.”

The boss sneered: “if he didn’t have this face, I would let him work in the tavern? What’s the matter with the holographic world being touched? If you really care, why do you have such a face?”

An Jin’s eyes were slightly open and looked at him incredulously.

How can there be such a fickle person! Mingming smiled like a good man before.

The boss snorted: “look what I do? I know you have money. What about money? You don’t know who I am. Since you want to work, don’t put on the airs of a young master and leave if you don’t want to.”

An Jin took off his apron, threw it at the counter and walked out angrily.

“Don’t go,” a guest sitting by the aisle stretched out his hand and smiled to catch an Jin. “Brother, please drink.”

An Jin quickly dodges and runs out of the tavern.

“Handsome boy, have a drink together?” When someone passed by and saw him, his eyes flashed with amazement and invited him.

An Jin was so angry that he went offline directly.

He took off his helmet, put it back in the small box and left the utility room.

He was not interested in visiting the villa. He went straight back to his room and soaked in the water to calm his mood.

After a while, he swam to the side of the pool, put his hand on it, sat down on the Bank of the pool and looked down at the pool.

The pool can’t compare with the mirror, but it can probably see the appearance clearly, ignoring the scales on the cheeks and the ears with fins. It’s really beautiful in human aesthetics.

Ann sighed, too beautiful is trouble.

He lifted up the water and broke the calm of the water. The reflection shook and couldn’t see clearly.

It’s too risky to enter the holographic world with this face!

Don’t mention looking for a job. It’s easy to get into trouble on the road.

In the holographic world, there are no realistic constraints and do not know each other. Those people do things without scruples.

An Jin jumped into the water and lamented that if only he had money, he could change his face.

He sank into the water. Suddenly, he felt something, surfaced, swam to the shore and looked at the door.

After a while, the door was pushed open and Norman in a straight military uniform stood at the door.

An Jin’s eyes lit up immediately. He was happy. He put his hand on the bank, unconsciously leaned forward, and his tail was swinging briskly in the water.

Norman took off his hat and handed it to the robot. He went to the pool and squatted down: “Ann.”

An Jin blinked: “ah!”

Norman looked at his sparkling water blue eyes and rubbed his long hair. “Aren’t you happy these days?”

He asked about the little mermaid on the way and learned that the little mermaid hadn’t sung for several days and didn’t even go to the garden today.

An Jin tilted his head incomprehensibly. In addition to the unhappiness of the holographic world just now, he has always been very happy.

Norman saw that he was ignorant and didn’t expect him to understand.

An Jin rubbed his palm and looked at his mental sea. The mental sea was in good condition, but it consumed a lot of mental energy.

An Jin sees this, his eyes bent into crescent moon.

It should not be too much for him to help the host recover his spirit and then apply for delicious food!

He wagged his tail happily, and thought of the feeling of being down-to-earth when he had both feet.

He looked at Norman. He could feel that Norman was getting better and better for him and cared about him more and more.

Listening to people in the holographic world, Norman is a great man. He also thinks Norman is trustworthy these days when he gets along with Norman.

Perhaps Norman knew he could speak and would not do anything to hurt him.

Thinking of this, an Jin moved in his heart. He pulled Norman’s sleeve and pointed to the door.

Norman looked at the door. “Want to go out?”

An Jin hesitated, didn’t nod, and still pointed to the door.

He reminded himself to be gradual and not impatient.

Norman understood his gestures, bent down to pick him up, followed his directions, and walked all the way to the utility room.

An Jin reached out and pushed open the door, pointing to the holographic helmet.


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