After Being a Mermaid Chapter 22

Norman took the little mermaid into the utility room. He glanced at the small box and knew that the box had been removed.

An Jin picked up the box, took out his helmet, put the box back, looked up at Norman and said happily.

Norman’s eyes flashed with surprise. The little mermaid’s action to open the box was too neat. Obviously, it was not the first time to do so.

An Jin straightens up with his right hand supporting Norman’s shoulder, and wears a helmet on Norman’s head in his left hand.

Norman tilted his head and avoided the action of the little mermaid.

The little mermaid helped him cure the spiritual riot, passed spiritual power to him, and worried about him.

As long as he doesn’t violate the bottom line, he doesn’t hesitate to meet all the requirements of the little mermaid, but now he holds the little mermaid and wears a holographic helmet, which affects his sight and is inconvenient.

An Jin didn’t give up and continued to put his helmet on his head.

Norman avoided again and said in a deep voice, “don’t move.”

An Jin paused and looked at Norman.

Aren’t you angry?

Norman was not angry and looked down at the Little Mermaid: “do you like helmets?”

An Jin shook his helmet, his eyes bent, and his attitude was obvious.

Norman comforted, “I’ll show you later.”

He said, holding the little mermaid slowly around in place, so that the little mermaid could see the things in the room and asked, “is there anything else you want?”

An Jin looks at the helmet and sees only the helmet.

Norman understood that the little mermaid was looking for a helmet.

He went out with the little mermaid, returned to the mermaid room, asked the robot to take the helmet aside, and then put the little mermaid into the water.

An Jing floated on the bank, pointed to the helmet on the robot’s hand and shouted hurriedly.

Norman: “helmets can’t touch water.”

He said, picked up his helmet, put it on his head and squatted down in front of the Little Mermaid: “I’ll show you.”

An Jin:… No, this is not his purpose!

He leaned forward and reached for Norman.

Norman looked at him without stopping his movements.

He has a certain understanding of the little mermaid. He is no longer vigilant to the little mermaid as at first, and will not doubt that the little mermaid wants to attack him.

He observed the little mermaid’s behavior in order to understand the little mermaid better.

An Jin was not moving fast. He took a little temptation. Seeing that he didn’t stop, his eyes lit up, he quickly put his hand to the switch on the right side of the helmet and opened the switch with a “click”.

Norman was unprepared and immediately entered the holographic world.

He is not the first time to enter the holographic world, so he directly appeared in the last offline position.

“Team Tang!” When an inch man saw him, his eyes lit up immediately, “I…”

The words began, and the figure in front of me disappeared.

Down, offline? Inch board head was stunned, and then tried to recall that he just said nothing annoying, didn’t he?

As soon as Norman withdrew from the holographic world, he looked at the bright eyes of the little mermaid.

He had thought that perhaps by chance, seeing the appearance of the little mermaid, he could be sure that the little mermaid knew that wearing a helmet and pressing the switch would enter the holographic world.

He thought of the skilled action of the little mermaid taking out his helmet and turning on the switch.

Did the little mermaid enter the holographic world? I think it’s fun, so I want to share it with him?

An Jin touched the edge of his helmet with his fingertips, raised it gently, and looked at Norman expectantly.

Norman took off his helmet and handed it to him.

An Jin took it and put it on his head.

After two seconds, he took off his helmet and put it on Norman’s head. Before he put it on, he put his hand back and put it on his head.

After going back and forth several times, he stared at his helmet unhappily.

Then he held the helmet in his left hand and stretched out his index finger in his right hand. His sharp nails rowed along the central axis of the helmet, looking like he wanted to divide the helmet in two.

He stretched his small face and looked very unhappy, but he controlled the strength in his hands to avoid damaging his helmet.

From his experience with Norman, he was sure that Norman could understand what he meant – he wanted to wear helmets with Norman.

Norman didn’t disappoint him. His wrist was pinched less than a centimeter after his mark.

“Don’t move.” Norman said, taking the helmet aside and handing it to the robot.

An Jin quickly reaches out his hand and looks like he wants to get his helmet back.

Norman: don’t worry. I’ll give it to you later

He said, picked up the little mermaid, went out of the mermaid room and went to the bedroom on the second floor.

He put the little mermaid in the bathtub and flooded the fish’s tail.

He looked at the little mermaid. The little mermaid sat in the bathtub with her head not against the water.

But after entering the holographic world, the body is likely to slide. If you wear a helmet, the helmet will get wet.

Norman thought for a moment, held the little mermaid’s shoulder and exerted a slight force.

An Jin didn’t understand. He moved with his strength and turned 180 degrees, facing the front of the bathtub.

He slipped his tail and held his hands on both sides of the bathtub to stabilize his body.

Norman thought for a moment, put a towel on the front of the bathtub, and then put the little mermaid’s arms on the towel.

An Jin blinked. What is this?

Norman took the helmet from the robot’s hand and put it on the little mermaid. After wearing it, he put his palm on the side neck of the little mermaid and exerted a little force.

An Jin’s neck is very sensitive. As soon as he touches the warm palm, he quickly shrinks his neck, raises his tail, and looks at Norman with his eyes slightly open.

Norman moved his hand. “Don’t be nervous. I’m not trying to attack you.”

An Jin saw that he looked serious, his face was upright, and his tail fell slowly and flattened.

Norman thought for a moment, raised his hand, folded his hands, and made a posture with his face resting on his arms: “Ann, learn from me.”

Ann Jin understood that Norman put his palm on his back neck and pressed it down slightly. It was for this!

He learned from Norman and put his head on his arm.

Lying down like this, the body is much more stable, won’t slide, and it’s also very comfortable.

He suddenly realized that Norman asked him to hold this position because he was worried that he might wet the holographic helmet.

What a careful master.

Norman watched to make sure that the little mermaid didn’t feel uncomfortable or slide into the water. He got up, took the helmet in the room and went back to the bathroom.

He asked the robot to move a single sofa and put it next to the bathtub, then turn on the smart brain, connect the two helmets and set the peer mode.

In the mode option, Norman thought and chose: parent-child.

After the preparations, he put on his helmet, adjusted his comfortable posture against the sofa, and then turned on the switch.

Not surprisingly, I entered the holographic world as a parent for the first time and directly entered the parent-child setting room.

At the same time, an Jin entered the holographic world.

An Jin was stunned. He hasn’t turned on the switch yet! Turning to think about it, the guess is related to Norman’s operation of the brain.

The mechanical sound sounded: “it is detected that you are accompanied by your parents into the holographic world for the first time. Listen to your parents.”

An Jin:?

After the mechanical sound disappeared, he came to a room full of childlike fun, and there was still a mirror opposite.

At a glance, he saw an ordinary looking but extremely tall man in the mirror.

Norman himself has a great figure and strong muscles, but he is not exaggerated. He has both beauty and strength.

The man in the mirror is at least two and a half meters tall, with bronze skin. The muscles on his arms are like fists. He is strong and shows strength everywhere.

Ann Jin is stunned. Is this Norman?

It turned out that Norman had a King Kong in his heart!

Norman was also slightly stunned. There was a boy beside him. The boy was tall and exquisite.

Is this a mermaid?

An Jin was stunned for a moment and returned to God. This should not be his reaction!

He quickly opened his eyes, formed an O-shaped mouth, and pointed to his feet with a shocked face: “ah!”

Norman called out tentatively, “Ann?”

An Jin turned to look at him and maintained his shocked face.

Norman looked at his water blue peach eyes and made sure he was a little mermaid.

Is Mermaid a human image in the holographic world?

Norman didn’t approach rashly. He was afraid that the little mermaid wouldn’t recognize him. First, he introduced himself: “Ann, I’m your master Norman.”

An Jin’s eyes moved from his feet to his face, turned into surprise, cried happily and took a step towards Norman.

His heart moved, and the moment his feet fell to the ground, his body shook and tilted to the side.

From fish tail to feet, it’s too fake to walk immediately.

When he entered the holographic world, he didn’t go smoothly at the beginning.

An Jin silently praised his preciseness.

Norman was very fast. When the boy’s body was still a distance from the ground, he held the boy’s waist with one hand and held the boy steadily.

An Jin puts his right hand on his arm, and the muscles under his palm bulge. This exaggerated muscle is rare in the real world. An Jin can’t help pinching it.

No pinch.

An Jin:… He withdrew his hand in embarrassment and smiled back at Norman.

Norman’s eyes flashed with amazement and complete appreciation, without any superfluous ideas.

The next moment, he frowned. This appearance into the holographic world was too noticeable.

I don’t know if the little mermaid is willing to change its image.

An Jin thinks quickly. How can Norman change his image?

Soon, his heart moved, pulled the black hair on his forehead and puffed his cheeks: “bah, bah, bah.”

Norman grabbed his wrist. “Don’t pull it. It hurts.”

Holographic world is as like as two peas.

An Jin pouted unhappily and bah again.

Norman saw that the little mermaid didn’t like black hair and guessed that he wanted long blue hair.

Norman thought for a moment, his hands slipped and grabbed the boy’s waist.

With a soft cry, an Jin sat down on Norman’s strong left arm and suddenly raised his body.

He quickly held something to stabilize his body. At a glance, it was Norman’s head. His hand slipped quickly and held Norman’s shoulder.

Because of this position similar to holding a child, his face was slightly red.

He didn’t expect such a scene. How could he know that Norman, who has always been serious, would set such an exaggerated image for himself in the holographic world.

Compared with him, he looks like a giant.

It’s a waste of energy to hold him in both hands.

I’m afraid in Norman’s opinion, this posture is the most convenient for him who can’t walk with him.

He immediately decided to learn to walk as fast as he could.

Anyway, after the tail turns into legs, he can’t walk at first. He has already played this scene.

Norman took the boy to the left of the mirror. On the mirror is the youth shape setting panel.

He frowned, as if he were doing a very difficult thing, changing his hair settings one by one.

Hair color, thickness, gloss… After he changed it, he looked at the preset interface, recalled it and fine tuned it.

An Jin looked at his hair almost the same as that of a mermaid, and was anxious.

How can this do? Short black hair with this face is enough to attract attention. If you change to long blue hair, I’m afraid it looks like a goblin.

An Jin stretched out his hand, slapped on the second face and said happily.

Norman’s eyes fell on the ordinary and featureless system face, looked at it for two seconds, turned his head and looked at the excited Little Mermaid: “do you like it?”

An Jin continued to point to the system face with a bright smile.

Norman thought, it seems that there is a great difference between the aesthetics of mermaids and humans.


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