After Being a Mermaid Chapter 23

Norman selected the system face and asked the little mermaid again, “do you really like it?”

An Jin continues to point to the system face.

Norman pressed the OK button. The next second, an Jin’s beautiful facial features became featureless, which belonged to the appearance that would be forgotten at a glance when he walked into the street.

The system also generates a matching parent face, which is crossed off by Norman.

An Jin looked at the mirror and smiled happily.

This face has a sense of security whether looking for a job or shopping.

Norman saw that the little mermaid looked at the image in the mirror and smiled happily. He doubted that the mermaid’s aesthetics was different from human beings.

He looked through the body panel and couldn’t find the image of mermaid.

After an Jin saw it, his heart suddenly mentioned that he didn’t want to change his body shape!

He glanced at Norman’s bulging muscles and felt that Norman could not be allowed to play freely.

He has become a mermaid for many days. When he wakes up, he will occasionally be stunned. If his body changes and he looks down and sees bulging muscles, he may feel disobedient.

Compared with the way the mermaid shook its tail when it was happy, he held his feet together, shook back and forth, excitedly pointed to his feet, bowed his head and pointed to Norman’s feet.

As he pointed, he cheered and looked at Norman with bright eyes.

A happy look because they are in the same shape.

Norman saw that he looked happy and didn’t dislike his legs as much as his black hair, so he gave up the idea of changing his body.

He opens the panel, presses the leave button, and a prompt pops up.

“Please select the destination, where you or your child will go offline.”

Norman subconsciously looked at the little mermaid. Did the little mermaid successfully enter the holographic world?

No matter which two person travel mode, the system will take the last offline location of the person who has entered the holographic world as the destination by default.

This prompt pops up, indicating that both of them have entered the holographic world, and the offline location is different.

The person who enters the holographic world for the first time will directly jump to the setting room. After setting the image, the system will pop up the confirmation pop-up box and press OK to enter.

If there is no operation in the setting room for ten minutes, the entry or exit selection box will pop up. If there is no operation after the countdown of 60 seconds, it will be automatically offline.

He had guessed that the little mermaid went into the setting room and went offline automatically without operation timeout.

Then he thought it was fun to become a human, so he shared with him the fun “game” of wearing a helmet.

He did not expect that the little mermaid successfully entered the holographic world.

He was thinking and accidentally pressed the button? Or, not unintentionally?

An Jin looked at the word “child” and smoked at the corners of his mouth. He was not nervous because of the system reminder.

Norman knew and did not know that he had entered the holographic world. He had two ways to deal with it.

Now Norman knew that his plan to learn the language and walk step by step had to be changed.

After all, it is not difficult to know that he has entered the holographic world and investigate what happened to him.

He was not afraid that Norman knew that he spoke interstellar language. He was a beginner.

As for walking, after entering the holographic world, the tail becomes legs. There is an adaptation process. Whether he has entered the holographic world or not, he just looks like he is going to fall, which is very reasonable.

Norman’s guess was inconsistent with the things. He was curious about the little mermaid, so he chose the offline location of the little mermaid.

Instantly, their surroundings changed and suddenly appeared at the door of the tavern.

There were three people sitting around the round table by the window of the tavern. A man facing the door was stunned when he saw Norman and an Jin, and touched his companion with his elbow: “ah, is that team Tang?”

“I’m dazzled? He’s holding a young man?”

“Shouldn’t it be a real partner?”

“It’s impossible. He’s cold and paralyzed. How can he find a partner!”

The man with short hair immediately put out the smoke and stood up: “I went there. Our boss has been looking for him for several days.”

An Jin sat on Norman’s arm, almost at the same height as Norman. He was not used to it for a moment. He soon realized the advantage of growing tall and had a good vision.

He turned his head and looked around. When he saw the sign of the tavern, he said conditionally: “bah, bah…”

An Jin:

No, I seem to have developed a bad habit.

Bah, he didn’t react until he finished. He’s human now!

He blushed and looked at Norman awkwardly.

Norman knew the rookie area very well, so he immediately knew that the tavern was a distance from the initial point.

He looked at the initial point and was thinking about how the little mermaid came here. He heard the little mermaid express his dislike.

“Don’t like this tavern?” Asked Norman.

He just asked casually and didn’t expect the little mermaid to answer. He guessed that the little mermaid had something to do with the tavern from the initial point to here.

Judging from the attitude of the mermaid, she probably had an unpleasant experience.

As he walked, he was ready to go to the tavern to ask about the situation. A young voice suddenly sounded in his ear, clear and soft.

An Jin said slowly: “I don’t like it.”

Norman jerked his eyes away from the tavern and looked at the boy: “Ann?”

An Jin’s eyes fell on his mouth and his face was thinking, as if he were studying something.

“What’s the matter?” Norman stared at the boy. He even suspected that he had just had an auditory hallucination.

Although the little mermaid is now a young image, it is essentially a mermaid!

How can a mermaid speak interstellar language!

An Jin opened his mouth: “ah?”

He made an imitation of Norman’s mouth, and the tone of his voice was not accurate, which was between interstellar ah and ANN.

It’s completely different from the mermaid’s language.

Norman’s pupils trembled. It was really the little mermaid talking and learning from him!

He knew that the little mermaid had a high IQ and would imitate his actions, but he didn’t expect that the little mermaid could learn interstellar language.

Is… Norman’s eyes fell on the boy’s face.

Did the little mermaid learn from him because they are all human now? Or is it because it is human that it can speak interstellar language? Mermaid form without law?

In Mermaid form, the little mermaid never spoke interstellar language.

“Ann.” He shouted softly.

An Jin looked at his mouth carefully and imitated again: “an an an.”

Norman was surprised that the little mermaid learned the language so fast.

He looked serious and said, “Ann is your name.”

Anxin’s heart moved. Norman’s reaction was better than he thought. He seemed only surprised, not afraid that non-human creatures could speak.

He seemed to accept the fact soon and teach him seriously.

He asked Norman to enter the holographic world with him, just to let Norman know that he would speak interstellar language when the holographic world was human, so as to observe Norman’s reaction,

If Norman didn’t panic or ask anyone to study him, he would slowly show his ability to speak in reality.

In this way, Norman had a process of acceptance, so that he would not be shocked to hear the mermaid speak suddenly.

If Norman’s reaction was bad for him, he continued to pretend not to speak in reality.

He has two forms in the holographic world and the real world. The structure of man and mermaid is different. Man can speak when he is in shape and Mermaid can’t speak when he is in shape. It makes perfect sense.

He was happy with Norman’s reaction and thought that Norman might know that he had spoken when he first entered the holographic world. His eyes bent: “I know.”

He pointed to himself: “Ann!”

Norman Weileng, the little mermaid is not just learning from him, but can already say something.

“That’s smart,” Norman praised. “Who did you learn interstellar language from?”

An Jin didn’t answer, but Parrot: “Zhen Congmin.”

The boy looked serious and repeated, inexplicably cute, and a faint smile appeared in the corners of Norman’s mouth.

Inch board head stood at the door stunned, rubbed his eyes, and determined that the person holding the teenager and smiling at the door was Tang team.

He sighed to himself. He didn’t expect such a gentle man who was silent, unsmiling, cold-blooded and ruthless like a robot.

Inch board head walked in front of the two: “team Tang, is this your son?”

An Jin’s eyes stared round, and his sight suddenly fell on the inch board head.

What son! He’s not a son!

The system prompt didn’t say he was a son, just a child.

Norman thought the little mermaid was alert when she saw the stranger, raised her hand and rubbed the boy’s head: “I’m not afraid.”

He did not deny the words of inch board head, and explained that it was more surprising that teenagers were mermaids, which might cause unnecessary trouble.

He was not sure whether the performance of the little mermaid was special or common.

He asked, “what’s up?”

Inch board head: “the city has released a reward for the black horn roaring beast. Our boss wants to take this order. He wants you to lead the team.”

Norman: I’m not free today

“It’s all right later. It’s been hanging up for two weeks. All the previous answers failed. I’m afraid only you can lead the team.”

Norman pondered for a moment: “contact you when you are empty.”

This is the promise to lead the team. When his eyes brightened, he quickly said, “thank you, team Tang. I won’t bother you. I’ll tell the boss.”

Norman nodded, got on the locomotive at the door and left quickly.

An Jin was surprised and curious after listening to their conversation.

It seems that Norman is very strong in the holographic world, but he only understands what the other party wants to ask Norman for help, but he doesn’t understand what to do.

He frowned, only watching cartoons, learning language is too limited.

Soon his eyebrows will stretch. When he is free, he will enter the holographic world to listen to people chat. His vocabulary will increase very quickly!

He shook his feet, poked Norman in the arm, pointed to the ground and motioned Norman to put him down.

Norman put the boy on the ground and put his hand on the boy’s shoulder. When he saw that the boy was standing very steady, he completely moved away.

An Jin smiled at Norman and took a step slowly, as if afraid of falling. After stepping firmly on the previous step, his hind foot kept up.

After ten steps, he quickened his pace and soon walked naturally.

He looked back at Norman, pointed to the opposite food street and looked forward to: “eat!”

Norman saw his greedy appearance and smiled in his eyes: “go and find a shop you like.”

It happened that he had some questions to ask the boy.

An Jin went to the food street.

Norman followed the boy and observed him silently.

His surface is calm, but his heart is not calm. The performance of the little mermaid is really shocking.

Even human beginners can’t walk and speak better than little mermaids,

He originally thought that the intelligence quotient of the little mermaid was equal to that of a human five-year-old child, but now it seems that it is far more than that.

An Jin stops at the door of a restaurant and looks straight at the braised fish at the table near the door.

It looks like you can’t walk when you see delicious food.


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