After Being a Mermaid Chapter 24

The waiter saw an Jin and welcomed him out: “Hello, please come inside. What would you like to eat?”

An Jin turned his head and looked at Norman with bright eyes.

The waiter looked down his eyes and said with a smile, “it’s a friend of Tang team. I don’t know what kind of food you like? I can recommend it.”

Norman: “first, I’ll have a piece of braised fish. The rest depends on the menu.”

He went to the boy and his sleeves were pulled by the boy.

An Jin pointed to the braised fish at the recent table, looking forward to it.

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile: “it’s already ordered.”

An Jin was embarrassed, pursed his lower lip, silently wrote down the name of the dish, followed Norman to the empty seat in the corner, and they sat down side by side.

Norman opened the electronic menu on the table: “order what you want.”

Worried that the boy didn’t understand, he pointed to the pictures of various dishes.

When an Jin saw the picture, his eyes lit up.

When he makes money, he must ask Norman back!

He didn’t order unfamiliar dishes. He ordered steamed fish, spicy lobster and scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Thinking that there were only two people, he didn’t continue to order. He pushed the screen towards Norman.

Norman added another star beast meat and a soup. Click OK.

He asked the boy again, “how did you learn interstellar language?”

At this time, someone at the next table shouted, “boss, another piece of boiled meat, delicious!”

An Jin turned his head and then turned back to see Norman: “delicious!”

Even the language and gas are very similar to that man’s.

An Jin thought that it would be reasonable for him to speak when he entered the holographic world for the first time. The best way is to let Norman know that he has a strong ability to learn to speak.

Norman asked this question twice, but the boy didn’t answer it. He couldn’t help guessing that the boy didn’t understand.

However, judging from the reaction of teenagers, it is likely to be learned after listening to people.

Norman looked at the boy. The boy sat in a chair and put his hands on the table. He was obedient and clever. His eyes stared directly at the propaganda pictures on the table. Even if he looked ordinary, he looked naive and lovely.

If the little mermaid did not enter the holographic world with him, when he saw the teenager, he would never think that the teenager was actually a mermaid.

An Jin noticed his gaze and turned to look at him. His head tilted slightly to the right to express doubt.

Norman suddenly thought of something and asked, “why don’t you like that tavern?”

An Jin’s cheeks bulged, his hands on the table overlapped, gently shook them, explained the main situation, and made sure he had heard every word.

“Someone wants to touch my hand.”

He hesitated and didn’t continue to explain what happened later. After all, it was a long time.

As a little mermaid entering the holographic world for the second time, her language ability should not be so strong,

He said this sentence intermittently, but every word was accurate.

Norman understood almost immediately what was going on.

The little mermaid has no money and can’t change its image into the holographic world. The appearance of the little mermaid itself is very exquisite.

He knows the virtues of some people in the holographic world.

He frowned fiercely, “do you remember the ID?”

The appearance of the holographic world can be changed, but the ID will not. Everyone will have a unique ID on his wrist.

An Jin blinked and looked blankly: what is ID?

Norman grabbed his left hand and turned his wrist. There was a number: “this is your ID.”

An Jin was surprised that he didn’t notice.

Norman saw this and didn’t ask. Obviously, the little mermaid didn’t remember.

He put a little force on his hand. When the little mermaid looked up at him, he said seriously, “if someone touches you in the future, you’ll hit him!”

He said and looked down at the slender fingers of the little mermaid. His nails were round and pink. At first glance, they had no attack power.

His eyes continued to move down and fell on the little mermaid’s feet.

I wonder if there is any change in strength after the tail becomes legs and whether it can beat others.

He loosened the boy’s hand, moved the chair aside, opened the distance between the two, then stretched out his right leg and placed it not far in front of the boy.

He looked at the boy: “you kicked me.”

An Jin:?

Norman saw the boy standing still and kicked his right foot with his left foot: “kick.”

He pointed to the boy’s right foot and his own: “you kick me.”

An Jin made sure that he had just heard right. He kicked gently according to his request and felt that he had kicked an iron plate.

Norman: come on He patted it on the table, then increased his strength, “hard.”

An Jin looked at him, his eyes suddenly bent into a crescent shape, and the corners of his mouth turned up.

Although Norman always looks very serious, he is actually more careful than many people.

Since he knew Norman, Norman always used action to make him understand all kinds of meanings, just like now.

The solemn demonstration made him feel warm and cute.

Norman saw the boy suddenly laugh, looked at the table, took another picture, and made a thumping sound: “do you like it?”

Seeing his misunderstanding, Ann shook her head, “no,” he pointed to Norman’s foot, “kick?”

Norman nodded, “push.”

An Jin tried to kick with a little force first. Norman’s feet didn’t move. Norman asked him to use his greatest strength.

An Jin took a deep breath and kicked Norman’s right foot. His feet collided and made a dull thump.

Norman’s feet were knocked back a little. An Jin’s feet were taken forward. Because of the force, his body was taken forward by inertia and fell forward.

The whole process is only one second. An Jin has no psychological preparation at all. He can’t stabilize his body. Subconsciously, he closes his eyes and welcomes the pain.

Norman fished the boy with his long hand and easily caught him. When he looked down, the boy closed his eyes and flashed a smile in his eyes.

Villains are also timid in Merman form.

When an Jin opened his eyes, he saw himself holding Norman’s arm and almost hanging on Norman’s arm. His face turned red. He quickly loosened it and took a step back.

When he moved, the pain in the front bone of his lower leg came: “hiss…”

He took a breath and immediately a mist floated in his eyes.

Before the end of the world, he was a pampered young master, especially afraid of pain, but his parents didn’t like him to cry. He was not delicate and rarely cried, but he couldn’t control his physical tears.

He hurriedly looked at Norman’s leg, his voice was slightly hoarse and softer: “do you hurt?”

He really didn’t expect that his feet were so strong that he could kick Norman.

He’s in such pain. I’m afraid Norman doesn’t feel well.

Norman was stunned. He has learned from the past and has suffered countless injuries in training competitions. No one has ever asked him that.

He looked at the boy’s reddish eyes with obvious worry. He was silent for a moment and said, “it doesn’t hurt.”

He grabbed the boy’s slender waist with both hands, easily lifted the man up and gently put him back into his seat.

Before an Jin could react, he sat back in his chair.

He looked up at Norman, who was like a hill in front of him, and suddenly understood Norman’s aesthetics.

He pointed to Norman and then to himself, “can it be the same?”

“Yes,” Norman squatted down and rolled up the boy’s trouser legs, “but the strength and endurance are related to himself.”

After the little mermaid’s tail turns into feet, it has strong power, but it is still delicate.

An Jin’s feet felt warm. He felt a little itchy. He unconsciously shrunk his feet, and the tip of his ears turned red.

Before the end of the world, except for Zhang Ma and grandpa gardener, he rarely had close contact with people. After the end of the day, everyone was vigilant and kept a distance.

He felt uncomfortable, especially Norman’s strong sense of existence.

Norman gently pressed his leg bone, made sure it wasn’t broken, and comforted, “minor injury, it’ll be fine soon.”

If it’s too serious, he’ll have to take the little mermaid offline.

In addition to serious trauma of the spiritual sea, physical injury and loss of the spiritual sea, the holographic world will automatically recover after offline, which will not affect the actual physical condition.

Norman got up and seriously said to the boy, “whoever touches you in the future, you’ll kick whoever you can’t win.”

He said, and taught the little mermaid how to go offline.

An Jin found that Norman’s position on his panel was a small blue dot and a “parent” sign.

An Jin:… Seems better than the master.

“Are you ready to serve?” The waiter came up and asked.

Norman nodded. He bent down, lifted the boy lightly, put the boy on his left arm and walked to the left.

An Jin quickly held his shoulder and stuck his eyes on the table: “eat!”

He was a little anxious. The waiters began to serve. Norman wouldn’t take him out of the holographic world because he was injured, would he?

He hasn’t eaten good food for more than two years and doesn’t want to give up this opportunity at all!

Norman chuckled. Because of the sound line, he was low and magnetic: “don’t worry.”

He went to the washstand in the left corner and put the boy down: “follow me.”

He put his hand under the thin tube on the wall. A second later, a drop of hand sanitizer fell into his palm.

An Jin did it, and learned that he put his hand under the faucet, took some water, rubbed his palm, washed his hand carefully, washed it clean and dried it.

Norman’s attention was always on the boy. The boy wore the most common face and seriously imitated his actions, which made him feel cute for some reason.

He praised: “Ann is so clever.”

An Jin is a little embarrassed. He is not a real mermaid. He will feel guilty when he is praised like this.

When they return to the table, an Jin is immediately attracted by the dishes on the table.

The braised fish is very well cooked. The juice thickened on the surface is red and oily. The spicy lobster is also a big red bowl. A flower knife is drawn on the back of the steamed fish, and the fish meat at the opening is white and tender.

He swallowed silently and turned to Norman.

Norman picked up his chopsticks and handed him a pair: “learn from me.”

Ann Jin’s speed of learning surprised Norman again. He could use chopsticks in less than two minutes.

An Jin was very happy to eat. Although each dish had a slight bitterness due to impurities, the seasonings and dishes had a strong taste, and the bitterness of impurities was directly ignored by him.

Compared with eschatological food and food without any seasoning before, it is already very delicious.

When he couldn’t eat at all, he stopped and touched his bulging stomach. It was a pity that he was not the king of big stomach.

Thinking of coming to the holographic world in the future, he was happy again.

Norman saw his face satisfied and asked, “do you like it?”

An Jin nodded hurriedly: “delicious!”

“What else do you want to do?” Asked Norman.

An Jin still feels pain on his feet. He doesn’t want to walk and shakes his head.

Norman chose to go offline. The scene in front of them changed at the same time and returned to the bathroom.

Norman took off his helmet, helped the little mermaid take off his helmet and handed it to the robot.

An Jin quickly stretched out his hand: “ah!” He will enter the holographic world in the future.

Norman looked at him. “Ann.”

An Jin blinked and tilted his head: “ah?”

He was not ready to expose that he could speak in reality. He had to observe Norman’s next actions first.

Norman knows that he can speak interstellar language in the holographic world. Will people study him because of curiosity?

An Jin can’t help feeling a little nervous.

Norman looked at the reaction of the little mermaid and thought, can’t the mermaid form speak interstellar language?

So can you understand?


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