After Being a Mermaid Chapter 25

Norman decided to use questioning to verify whether the little mermaid could understand interstellar language.

He looked at the Little Mermaid: “Ann, is the braised fish delicious?”

An Jin nodded immediately and said excitedly, “ah!”

Norman through his response analysis, mermaid form can understand interstellar language, but can’t speak it.

He approached the little mermaid and pinched her chin with his fingers.

An Jin’s eyes are slightly open and his head subconsciously shrinks back.

Norman used a little force: “don’t move,” he raised the little mermaid’s chin. “Good, open your mouth and let me see.”

Hearing his words and guessing his purpose, an Jin’s heart beat suddenly calmed a little, but the tip of his ears still couldn’t control redness.

He dared not look at Norman, his eyelids drooped slightly and opened his mouth skillfully.

Norman looked at his mouth carefully. Except that the canine teeth were longer than humans, there were slight differences in his throat, and the whole was similar to humans.

Can’t you speak interstellar language because of this subtle difference?

He looked away from the mouth of the little mermaid. As soon as he raised his eyes, he saw that the long and warped eyelashes of the little mermaid kept trembling, and the neck and ears without scales were red.

He frowned, frightened?

His heart could not help but soften. Although the little mermaid was afraid, her face turned red because she didn’t want to refuse his request.

He loosened his fingers and gently rubbed the little mermaid’s chin with his thumb: “don’t be afraid. I’m just looking at it and won’t attack you.”

An Jin felt his chin itch slightly and his face was hotter. He was stunned when he heard Norman’s words.

He looked at Norman’s serious face, smiled and shook his head.

He was not afraid of Norman, and even because of Norman’s attitude towards him and his character, he would have a sense of security around Norman.

Norman thinks, isn’t he afraid?

He suddenly thought that the little mermaid was shy because he was naked and his ears were red.

So, just shy?

Norman looked at an Jin and said seriously, “sorry, I don’t know mermaids. I’m offended.”

The little mermaid has high IQ, a sense of shame, will be shy, can understand interstellar language, and even can speak interstellar language in the holographic world.

Except that it is Mermaid in shape, it is almost the same as human beings.

He thought that he could no longer treat the little mermaid like a pet. He had to treat the little mermaid as a human teenager.

An Jin was slightly surprised, then smiled, and his eyes bent into crescent moon.

Norman was such an honest man that he was glad of his good luck again.

He shook his head to show that he was fine. After thinking about it, he raised his hand, gently pinched Norman’s cuffs with his two fingers and shook them from side to side.

Now that Norman can say the word ‘offend’, Norman won’t refuse and won’t be surprised if he wants clothes?

Norman looked at the cuffs. “Want clothes?”

An Jin’s small head immediately went up and down, and his eyes looked forward to it.

Norman nodded: “OK,” his eyes fell on the beautiful tail of the little mermaid. “The tail can’t wear pants, but can only make a custom skirt.”

An Jin immediately shook his head and patted his tail. He didn’t want to wear a skirt!

In his opinion, the scales on the surface of the tail are natural clothes. There is no need to wear anything else. Anyway, nothing is exposed.

What’s more, wearing skirts, swimming and crawling to solve physiological needs, everything is troublesome and almost no benefit.

Norman saw that he didn’t like it, so he said, “then just buy clothes.”

Norman opened his brain and chose a waterproof coat for the little mermaid to choose.

The style of waterproof clothes is very simple. Ann carefully chose two short T-shirts and shook her head.

He’s a little embarrassed. Does Norman think he’s in trouble?

Mermaids in other people’s homes don’t have the expense of buying clothes at all.

He looked at Norman quietly. Seeing that he was not impatient, he was a little relieved and secretly decided to make money as soon as possible.

You can’t spend Norman’s money on everything. You have to invite Norman back to dinner.

Thinking of this, he raised his hand and pointed to the holographic helmet in the robot’s hand.

He can enter the holographic world at any time with his helmet.

Norman: This is not for you

He bent over and picked up the little mermaid and went to the mermaid room.

When he went downstairs, he observed the little mermaid silently. The little mermaid put her hands on her abdomen and looked at the stairs.

His eyes swept the little mermaid’s ears, white and transparent, not red, and he didn’t look shy.

He classified the action of holding the little mermaid into what he could do.

Entering the mermaid room, Norman put an Jin into the water, then opened zhinao and contacted the owner of the holographic helmet manufacturer with Tang Lin’s identity: “urgently customize two waterproof holographic helmets.”

Boss: “Mr. Tang, our helmets are waterproof. If there are no special requirements, you can buy them directly.”

Norman: “what I want is not bad in water. This degree of waterproof.”

Boss: “… Mr. Tang, you didn’t mean to make trouble? Who would use holographic helmets in the water?”

“Can you do it? No, I’ll find someone else.” Asked Norman.

The boss raised his voice: “of course! I’ll do it for you tomorrow.”

After hanging up the communication, Norman looked at the Little Mermaid: “I’ll give you a new helmet tomorrow.”

Ann floated in the water, looked up at Norman with her little head, her eyes bent into crescent moon.

He understood. Norman made a custom helmet for him.

He looked at Norman’s spiritual sea and felt that he had to sing a song!

Otherwise, I can’t express his gratitude.

He smiled at Norman, immersed in emotion, and began to sing.

The ethereal song sounded, and the melody was light and pleasant, like a clear spring gurgling in the mountains.

At the end of the song, the mental strength consumed in the Norman battlefield recovered a lot, and the state of the mental sea became more stable.

Norman thought he felt right. Since the little mermaid sang, as long as he did something for the little mermaid, the little mermaid would sing to him.

The little mermaid of his family is not only clever and sensible, but also grateful.

He praised, “it sounds good. Thank you, Ann.”

An Jin was happy and embarrassed. He smiled at Norman and sank into the water, revealing only a pair of eyes.

Norman knew that Mermaid singing would consume mental energy. Seeing this, he thought the mermaid wanted to go back to the water to rest.

He rubbed the little mermaid’s hair: “have a good rest. Don’t sing if you are uncomfortable.”

Seeing the little mermaid nodding, Norman left the mermaid room and came to the study.

He opened his brain and inquired about the performance of the mermaid after entering the holographic world. There was no relevant content.

No one ever brought a mermaid into the holographic world?

He thought for a moment, contacted Mu Chen and asked directly, “has Xiao Yin ever played with holographic helmets?”

Mu Chen: “no, it’s not a mermaid’s toy… Does Ann want to play? Just give it to him if she wants to play. Mermaids have to coax, not to mention that Ann is so good in your family.”

Norman didn’t give a specific explanation, but his tone was very serious: “you take little silver into the holographic world once, and then tell me his reaction.”

Mu Chen was very familiar with him. Seeing his serious attitude, he couldn’t help wondering: “what happened after Ann entered the holographic world?”

“It surprised me.” Norman said.

Norman had a calm personality since childhood. Mu Chen could not think of anything that would surprise Norman.

Mu Chen was immediately aroused by strong curiosity: “OK, I’ll try to take Xiaoyin to the holographic world and contact you later.”

Norman warned, “keep it a secret and don’t spread it.”

Mu Chen was more curious: “OK.”

After Norman hung up the communication, he felt the quiet spiritual sea and sufficient spiritual strength, and wanted to do something for the little mermaid.

Compared with those who try to make the mermaid happy and may not be able to hear a song, he does too little for the little mermaid.

He thought for a moment and thought of the little mermaid’s satisfaction when eating vegetables.

He opened the official website of omnipotent housekeeping company and filled in a robot customization form in the high-end customization center.

On the other side, the designer assistant who looked at the custom table was stunned.

His daily work is to sort out the customization table and convey the customer’s requirements to the designer. The designer formulates the scheme through the customer’s requirements, and then he discusses the materials with the customer and determines the price.

If the customer is satisfied, submit the deposit, and then the designer designs the finished product drawing and submits it to the manufacturer for production.

He is an experienced assistant and has seen many customization requirements, but today’s customization table still surprised him.

He got up and passed on the client’s request to the designer.

The designer was stunned when he heard his description: “you mean someone wants to customize a robot chef?”

“Yes, it requires the best materials,” the assistant added. “It also requires robots to learn all the recipes on the market.”

Designer: “… What do you say is his purpose?”

He really can’t guess the customer’s needs. Eat delicious food? It’s impossible.

The impurity content of directly cooked dishes is more than ten times higher than that of nutrients made after treatment. No one will eat directly.

Eating a meal will consume a lot of mental power, which is equivalent to suicide.

The assistant thought hard: “maybe it’s a foodie who wants to smell the fragrance of all kinds of delicious food to satisfy his greed.”

Designer: “can’t you just go to the holographic world? The price of a robot made of the best materials is enough to eat in the holographic world for a lifetime.”

Assistant stall: “then I can’t think of the customer’s purpose. He chose urgent customization. I hope we can reply to him as soon as possible.”

Designer: “do you have any special requirements for appearance?”

Assistant: “No.”

“What a strange guest,” sighed the designer, “I’ll make a plan. I’ll contact the customer directly later.”

At the end of the communication with Norman, Mu Chen picked up the helmet commonly used in the room, turned out the backward helmet from the sundry room at home, bound the two helmets in zhinao and went to the mermaid room to find Xiaoyin.

He first observed for a while. Little silver floated on the water, playing with beautiful hair. He seemed in a good mood.

Little silver eyes glanced at him, bared his teeth, and his eyes fell on the strange thing in his hand.

Mu Chen approached and shook his helmet: “shall we play a new game?”

He coaxed Xiaoyin for a long time, took out Xiaoyin’s favorite food, and put a helmet on Xiaoyin when Xiaoyin was happy to eat.

He quickly put it on and turned on the switch.

“Unknown data detected, entry failed.” Mechanical sound reminder.

At the same time, the angry roar of the mermaid suddenly sounded in his ear, and the air flow beside his head changed rapidly.

Mu Chen’s heart tightened, and his fighting instinct made him strengthen his body quickly.

The next moment, with a click, the helmet split in two and slid down from both sides of his head.

When his vision recovered, he saw Xiao Yin angrily showing his canine teeth and waving his sharp claws at him again.

The helmet on Xiaoyin’s head shared his fate with his helmet. He was separated first and fell into the water.

While avoiding Xiaoyin’s attack, Mu Chen lamented: Your Majesty hurt me!


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