After Being a Mermaid Chapter 26

Mu Chen managed to comfort Xiao Yin with his super-high performance skills, and walked out of the mermaid room with a scratch on his cheek.

He poured a glass of water, took a sip and sat on the sofa to contact Norman.

Norman just discussed with the designer the production plan of the chef robot, and received a communication from Mu Chen. He connected: “come out of the holographic world? How’s Xiaoyin doing?”

“Unknown data has been detected and can’t get in at all,” Mu Chen sighed. “As for Xiaoyin, it’s very fierce. He hates wearing holographic helmets. He removed both helmets.”

“Unknown data?” Norman frowned. “Is your helmet good?”

“Do you suspect that there is something wrong with the helmet?” Mu Chen heard the mysterious sound of this and was surprised, “did you take ANN into the holographic world?”

Norman: “well,” he reminded again, “keep it a secret and don’t spread it.”

Mu Chen was very curious. He left the sofa and sat upright: “what happened after Ann entered the holographic world?”

Norman pondered, “I’ll take him to the holographic world when I’m free. See for yourself.”

Mu Chen: “OK, I’ll buy two new helmets and try again. I’ll contact you when I get the results.”

Until 11 p.m., Mu Chen didn’t contact Norman again. Norman sat on the sofa beside the bed reading. When he saw his communication, he immediately connected it.

Mu Chen: “still can’t, unknown data. I asked the holographic operation company. They said that some creatures can’t use holographic helmets, and the database doesn’t collect data.”

He said more curious: “one of them is the mermaid. According to them, the mermaid cannot enter the holographic world. If the team mode enters, the team members will not enter.”

“Your Majesty, how did you bring ANN in?”

Norman looked through the French window and looked back at the garden. The blue light sprinkled on the pool. He could see the blue light faintly. It was the light reflected by the small fish scales.

“What is the basis for holographic helmets to obtain various data of users and form virtual images?” He didn’t answer the question.

Mu Chen: “brain waves. Every individual’s brain waves are different.”

Norman’s eyes moved and his brain analyzed quickly.

After the little mermaid enters the holographic world, the default image of the system is human youth, and the appearance is extremely beautiful, which is similar to the appearance of mermaid form.

There are two possibilities. The little mermaid has human brain waves, or the brain waves of the pure Mermaid are similar to those of humans.

With the rapid development of science and technology, some people have done in vitro brain wave research many years ago, but the mortality is too high and has caused many criminal events. This research has been banned.

He was born in the royal family and had been in a high position for many years. He hardly had to think about it. A set of conspiracy appeared in his mind.

The little mermaid is not a mermaid, but human beings occupy the mermaid’s body and stay with him for some purposes.

But soon he ruled out the idea with reason.

If the little mermaid is really an enemy, it is impossible to treat him for spiritual riots, nor will it enter the holographic world with him. This stupid exposure behavior is illogical.

Then there is only the second explanation. The pure mermaid is different from the ordinary Mermaid, but closer to human beings.

This explanation is close to his personal experience. He feels more and more that the little mermaid is like a human teenager.

“Your Majesty?” Norman didn’t hang up the communication and didn’t speak. Mu Chen wondered.

Norman: please don’t try Xiaoyin’s reaction again in the future

Mu Chen said with a smile, “you’re welcome. Satisfy my curiosity. Let me meet ANN in the holographic world, and then let me take Xiaoyin to see Ann.”

He said and sighed: “Xiao Yin hates wearing helmets. He hasn’t been so grumpy for a long time. He seems to like Ann very much. Maybe he will be happier when he meets Ann.”

Norman: Yes, you can bring little silver tomorrow night

In the morning, Norman took the little mermaid’s breakfast and walked into the mermaid room.

Wearing a T-shirt, the little mermaid looks more like a human teenager.

Ann saw Norman in military uniform and immediately realized that he was going to work.

However, to his surprise, Norman did not leave directly after introducing himself as usual.

Three minutes later, the robot came in with a new holographic helmet in blue.

An Jin’s eyes lit up immediately, swam to the shore, put his hand on the shore, and looked up at Norman.

Norman took the helmet, looked at the little mermaid’s bright eyes and said seriously, “you can’t play until you finish breakfast. You can’t stay in the holographic world all the time. Remember to eat at noon.”

An Jin quickly ordered a little head, full of good, yes.

Norman looked at his beautiful water blue eyes: “remember what I told you? Whoever touches you will kick, and if you can’t win, you will go offline.”

An Jin’s eyes are bent. Norman is really like a parent.

His image in the holographic world is so ordinary that only parents think their cubs are good and worry that someone will take advantage of him.

Norman smiled at him, his jaw slightly taut and his lips pursed.

He thought in his heart that Ann was a mermaid, not his soldier, and swallowed the “serious point” that came to his mouth.

He asked seriously, “remember?”

An Jin noticed his serious tone and nodded quickly.

Norman put his helmet by the pool and was very satisfied that the little mermaid stayed in place to watch breakfast and didn’t come directly to get his helmet.

An Jin looked at the beautiful helmet and was full of joy. Before Norman left, he began to sing.

Norman turned around and looked at the little mermaid, facing her smiling eyes.

At the end of the song, Norman’s mental power recovered by 20%, and the range of black mental silk narrowed again.

Norman said seriously, “it sounds good. Thank you, Ann.”

An Jin’s eyes bent and smiled at him.

Norman left the mermaid room in good spirits and went to the military headquarters.

An Jin perceives that Norman leaves the villa, operates his powers, removes food impurities, and then cooks shrimp and crabs together. He eats sashimi while waiting for them to be cooked.

After breakfast, he broke the crab and shrimp shells, threw them into the toilet and washed them away.

He washed his hands, returned to the pool, picked up his helmet, put it on, floated comfortably in the water and turned on the switch.

The next moment, he appeared at the door of the restaurant.

Last time I had dinner with Norman, they went offline directly at the door.

It’s breakfast time at the moment. The street is very busy. It’s steaming everywhere, with the sweet smell of cakes, but it’s a pity that it’s also mixed with the bitter smell of impurities.

An Jin stands at the door and looks into the shop. He is still the waiter of yesterday. He is busy.

When the waiter is free, an Jin comes forward to say hello: “hello.”

The waiter was still impressed by him: “Hello,” glanced behind him, “didn’t team Tang come with you?”

An Jin shook his head and asked politely, “excuse me, do you know where to recruit?”

The waiter looked strange. Last time he saw clearly that Tang team was very kind to the boy. He even guessed that the boy was Tang team’s son. Unexpectedly, the boy had to find a job.

But I think it’s the end of June. Some schools have been closed. Maybe I want to experience life in the holographic world.

He pointed to the left front: “follow this road, turn left at the first fork, and at the end is the talent hall, where all the recruitment information in the town is.”

An Jin looked over there and apologized again: “thank you.”

The waiter thought he was very polite and listened to him. He thought that the Tang team held him like a child last time and taught him to pinch chopsticks. He suspected that he was young.

So he kindly reminded: “if you want to experience the working life, I suggest you go to the urban area. The environment there is good. Most of the guests in the town are hunters. They are reckless, irritable and difficult to get along with.”

An Jin thought, “how can I get to the city?”

Waiter: “there is a station behind the talent hall. First go to the window and pay 10000 star coins for the pass, and then buy a ticket.”

An Jin didn’t expect the holographic world to be so realistic. He needs a pass to enter the city!

Holographic company is a real moneymaker.

He apologized to the waiter again and went to the talent hall.

Along the way, no one would look at him more. He was very happy and felt very comfortable.

The talent hall has a large area, a bit like a modern waiting hall. As soon as you enter the door, there is a large electronic screen on the opposite wall, which scrolls a lot of recruitment information.

There are ten self-service machines on the left and right sides, which can accurately search the applied posts.

An Jin looks at the big screen carefully. The most popular position is hunter, then cook, driver and waiter.

Hunters require good physical fitness, sufficient endurance, high combat effectiveness, and 70% of their prey’s salary.

An Jin silently excluded the hunter, the cook and the driver.

Before the end of the world, he entered the kitchen many times, but she just watched Zhang’s mother cook. Zhang’s mother was afraid that he would be hot and dared not let him do it himself. She spoiled him many times and would cook a few simple dishes.

After the end of the world, the food is mainly full and cooked casually. There is no chance to improve cooking.

It seems that an Jin finds that he can only be a waiter.

Even the waiter is not qualified. He is not articulate.

An Jin, a top financial management student, stood in front of the self-service machine and fell into self doubt.

“Are you looking for a job?” A young boy with flaxen hair came up and asked. The boy’s facial features were very ordinary. At first glance, it was a systematic face.

An Jin nodded. Thinking that he had delayed too long, he took a step aside: “you first.”

The boy looked at the screen: “I’m not looking for a job. I’m here to recruit people. Do you want to be a waiter?”

An Jin was embarrassed: “others don’t match.”

The boy asked, “can you barbecue?”

An Jin’s eyes lit up. His parents didn’t allow him to go out for barbecue. If he wanted to eat, Zhang’s mother would make the materials and eat self-help barbecue at home.

He is not good at cooking and his barbecue is OK.

“I will.”

“Can you do arithmetic?” The boy asked again.

An Jin nodded: “yes.”

Boy: “well, you work with me. The salary is calculated according to one-fifth of the profit. It ends on a daily basis. Would you like to?”

“Yes!” After an Jin promised, he thought of his situation and asked, “what time is the working time?”

Boy: “for the time being, do it in the afternoon from 12:00 to 5:00. If business is good, continue from 6:00 to 9:00 in the evening.”

An Jin: “I can’t do it at night.”

Six o’clock in the evening is his dinner time. Occasionally Norman will find him to play games. He can’t arrange the later time freely.

Only when Norman worked during the day, he was completely free.

The boy thought, “do it first, and then find someone on the evening shift.”

An Jin was a little happy. He didn’t expect to find a job so easily. He was worried about being trapped and asked cautiously, “will you not give me a salary?”

Boy: “of course not. Don’t you know that the labor relations in the holographic world are protected by si’ao law? Give me your account and we’ll add a friend. If I default on my salary, you can directly complain to me.”

An Jin opened his holographic panel and said awkwardly, “I don’t have an account.”

Boy: “just create one. Are you a novice in the holographic world?”

An Jin nodded and the boy said, “you can see at a glance.”

He taught an Jin to create an account, add friends, and then said, “it’s an internship this morning. You can go offline for dinner at noon and go to work directly in the afternoon, OK?”

An Jin nodded and thought that in the future, the lunch time should be ahead of time, otherwise he would not be able to catch up with work at twelve o’clock.

“My name is Dillon, and you?” Dilang takes an Jin out of the talent hall and asks.

“My name is Ann… Ann.” He doesn’t know how to speak in interstellar language yet.

Dillon led the roadside and said, “how old are you?”

An Jin: “twenty.”

Dillon turned to look at him. “Twelve?”

An Jin: “… Really twenty, if I were twelve, would you still hire me?”

Dilang: “it doesn’t matter how old you are. Just be able to do things. There are too few applicants in the morning. I want to start business today and don’t want to delay.”

An Jin blinked and realized the meaning of this sentence: “haven’t your barbecue shop opened yet?”

Dilang corrected: “it’s a barbecue stall. I worked for more than half a month before I saved the cost of setting up the stall.”

An Jin suddenly feels stressed. In case he doesn’t eat well and has no business, the boss won’t go bankrupt?

Dillon didn’t know he was thinking about bad luck. He took him first to buy all kinds of seasonings, then to buy a cart and a barbecue oven, and finally bought 20 kilograms of fresh meat kebabs.

After buying something, an Jin followed Dilang to a small room: “first put the meat kebab in a basin and marinate it. You can bake it in the afternoon.”

An Jin first looked at how Dillon did it, then put on his gloves and moved the kebab into a big basin.

Dilang looked at his performance and was very satisfied. They soon transferred the meat kebab, and Dilang pickled the meat neatly.

Dillon: it’s all right now. Come back to work in the afternoon

An Jin goes offline and returns to the mermaid room. At eleven o’clock, he takes a tray to find the robot and signals him to eat.

The robot delivers meals on time at noon every day. If he doesn’t eat in advance, he will be late for work.

The silver light flashed in the robot’s eyes and quickly analyzed the behavior of the little mermaid. An Jin got his lunch in advance as he wished.

At noon, an Jin enters the holographic world again after lunch.

Dillon pushed the grill out with a cart and saw him say, “just in time.”

An Jin hurriedly helped him push the cart and followed him out. As a result, he walked more and more sideways.

An Jin looked around. There was a forest not far ahead.

He was not afraid. After all, he could go offline at any time, but it was strange: “is it so biased that someone will buy it?”

“Of course,” Dillon pointed to all kinds of trucks near the forest, “hundreds of hunters go in and out of the forest every day. They are strong men and like to eat barbecue. Hunting is very hard. When they go in, they will think of eating more and saving enough energy, and when they come out, they will think of rewarding themselves.”

Dilang showed his white teeth: “I’ve investigated it for a long time. The business here is absolutely good.”

An Jin thinks what he said is reasonable and has confidence in this job.

However, he rubbed his wrist and looked at the forest with a bitter face: “shouldn’t we have to cut firewood by ourselves?”

Dillon looked at him strangely: “although the holographic world is behind the real world, it is not ancient times. How can you cut firewood by yourself.”

An Jin: “what’s burning? There’s no place to plug in.”

Dillon took out a palm sized green animal core from his pocket: “I bought a barbecue oven with animal core as energy.”

An Jin’s eyes immediately adhered to the beast’s nucleus. He saw at a glance that it was a first-class crystal nucleus.

“Are animal cores easy to buy?” He asked eagerly.

Dillon: “of course it’s easy to have money. This first-class beast core cost me 1000 star coins. It’s our biggest asset. The first thing to finish work every day is to put it away. If I forget, remember to remind me.”

An Jin answered and asked, “how many star coins do you want for the secondary crystal core?”

“Ten thousand.”

An Jin remembered the price, looked at a pile of kebabs and asked, “if we sold out all our meat today, how much can we make?”

“I bought 20 jin of meat, about 400 strings, a string of one star coins, which can sell 400 star coins.”

An Jin paused. He had no experience of lack of money. He didn’t lack it before the end of the world. After the end of the world, money was useless and things were more valuable.

When he heard 10000, he didn’t feel much, but after listening to Dillon’s words, he silently calculated that all the meat was sold, and his salary was only 80.

Thinking of the secondary animal nucleus absorbed by him, I felt distressed.

Dilang continued: “this is only the selling price. If the cost of flavor, meat, animal core and so on is increased, the profit loss is 20%, and the net profit is only about 320.”

An Jin:… It hurts even more. The daily salary is less than 80.

He silently lamented that with this speed of making money, when would he be able to invite Norman back to dinner and afford a beast core!

“Of course,” said Dillon. “It’s only the net profit of 20 kilograms of meat. If business is good, you’ll make more if you sell 1000 or more a day.”

An Jin suddenly perks up. The boss is right. There are infinite possibilities in the future. He doesn’t get a dead salary!

As long as the barbecue tastes good, business will not be bad.

After all, people who come to the holographic world, except those who work to make money, are almost all for food.

An Jin looked at the meat kebab with impurities in the basin and asked Dilang, “boss, can’t you buy meat without black spots?”

Although all the food he had seen had impurities, he still had a hope in his heart.

Maybe there is pure food without impurities! It must be more delicious.

“What! Black spots?” Dillon suddenly raised his voice. “I bought a fresh meat kebab. The meat seller said it was a star beast.”

He leaned over to the edge of the basin and stared at the meat kebab: “which kebab has black spots? I have to take it to find the store and let him lose money!”

An Jin was stunned and looked down at the meat in the basin. In his eyes, each piece of meat had black spots.

He suddenly realized what others could not see!

His thoughts flew around, guessing that it had something to do with his water power.

He smiled with a disguised smile and awkwardly pointed to a string of meat: “I was wrong. It’s pepper. It probably didn’t wipe evenly. At first glance, it looks a little black.”

Dillon breathed a sigh of relief: “that’s good. I’m afraid that unscrupulous sellers will mix bad meat. If you find out, you must tell me in time.” He said, wiping the pepper away.

An Jin nodded, “OK.”

He calmed his heart a little and his eyes were very bright.

Others can’t see the black spots, which means that those people can’t judge whether the food has removed impurities from their appearance.

He thought of the way he had deliberately turned around to eat before, and deeply felt that he was unnecessary.

Instead, he thought that Xiaoyin found that the meat had changed, and he thought it was useful to be cautious.

After all, although there is no difference in appearance, there are no impurities and the taste is more fragrant.

Dillon set up the barbecue oven, inlaid the animal core into the groove on the right side of the oven, pressed the switch, saw that the oven was working normally, and closed it again.

He asked an Jin, “are you good at your craft?”

An Jin thought that the quality of business was related to his salary, and immediately nodded, “very good.”

Dillon: “then you bake it and I’ll settle the bill and pack it.”

An Jin nodded and put the seasoning bottle in a convenient position. He looked at the direction of the forest. Someone came out and someone went in.

So he turned on the switch, took a handful of meat and put it on the oven. While brushing oil, he used water to remove impurities.

When sprinkling seasoning, he removed all the impurities at one time for convenience.

Since his appearance can’t change, he doesn’t worry that someone will find something unusual.

As for the fact that meat without impurities can restore mental power, he is not afraid to be known. After the holographic world goes offline, the mental power will be restored. It is not obvious to restore the mental power in the holographic world.

Even if someone is connected to the real world, he doesn’t worry about being found. After all, who would have thought he was a little mermaid!

Only Norman would know, and he knew that Norman would not hurt him.

After all, he is a very useful mermaid!

Soon, the strong meat fragrance floated out. The meat fragrance was spicy and particularly attractive, and the aroma was very pure, without the bitter smell used by si’ao food.

Dillon was tidying up his bags. Smelling the fragrance, he couldn’t help swallowing: “God, I thought you were boasting about your good workmanship. I found the treasure!”

An Jin is also greedy. He was very satisfied with a full meal yesterday, but he smelled the aroma of food without impurities and found that he was too easy to be satisfied.

How delicious it would be if you removed impurities and ate the food you ate yesterday!

Ann was greedy when she thought more and more, and her eyes were glued to the kebab in her hand.

I really want to eat a bunch! If he offered to pay in advance to buy a string, would the boss be willing?

no way! With a small face, he denied himself first. He is a migrant worker and can’t covet products.

Not far away, the hunters who had just returned from hunting in the forest smelled the fragrance and swallowed their saliva one by one: “what is so fragrant?”

“Boss, look there. Someone set up a barbecue stand.”

A strong man ran away: “boss, I’ve finished my work today. Let’s go first.”

“Shit, wait for me, buy me twenty, not fifty!” The other man reacted and ran.

“I can’t!” Dilang couldn’t bear it. He stretched out his hand to an Jin, “give me two strings quickly.”

“Go aside,” the strong man pushed Dilang away and looked at the thin an Jin, “young man, give me a hundred strings first.”

An Jin’s eyes opened slightly: “one, a hundred strings?”

Strong man: “yes,” he stretched out his hand, “is the top ready? Give it to me first.”

Dillon’s face was black. “That’s mine!”

The strong man paid at the speed of light: “what’s yours? I’m the first to pay, and the first to bake is mine.”

An Jin was very busy, handed two strings to Dilang, and then said to the strong man, “he is my boss.”

Strong man: “…” he stared at Dilang, “what’s the matter, little brother? Are you not ready to make money in business? Eat yourself before you sell it. You’re not afraid of bankruptcy?”

Dilang ignored him and devoted himself to the barbecue. He took a bite. He only felt that his teeth were full of strong fragrance. There was no bitter smell. It was smooth, tender and elastic. He ate two strings in three or two.

He looked at an Jin with bright eyes. He didn’t want to spend money to register the recruitment information. He thought that anyway, he just took a hand and looked for someone. He didn’t expect to pick up a kitchen god!

“Boss, I want a hundred strings!” Another man ran and shouted.

After a while, three people were attracted by the smell and ran over. When they heard the shouting of the people in front, they looked again. Dillon, who wanted to swallow all the barbecue sticks, asked for a hundred strings one after another.

Dillon reluctantly threw away the signature and said to the last man, “there are four hundred strings in total, one hundred for each of the first four, no more.”

“What!” The man was originally hooked by the fragrance. He was greedy. “I’ll add money and bake me a hundred strings.”

Dillon didn’t expect this situation. He thought it would be good to sell 400 strings on the first day.

After all, there are many barbecue shops in the town. The marketing considerations he said to an Jin are actually beautified. Many hunters prefer to go to pubs and drink while eating.

Of course, there are those who are not hungry and anxious, and are more willing to buy food nearby.

He thought that although he had taken some advantages of geographical location, he had little advantage, and knew where the recruited staff were so awesome.

He was helpless: “there are only 400 strings. You can discuss with the guests in front and let them share your strings?”

“I don’t want to!” The first four guests opened their mouths together, and the strong man in front said, “I’ve changed my mind. I want four hundred strings, all of which belong to me.”

A man in the back was angry: “fart, do you want to fight?”

An Jin looked at the people who were going to fight and was stunned.

The waiter is right. The hunter is really grumpy.

He quickly gathered up the 20 roasted kebabs and said to the man in front, “brother, your kebabs, this is the 20 kebabs. You eat them first. The freshly roasted ones taste the best.”

The strong man immediately turned around, took the kebab, took a bite and stared round: “God, it’s delicious!”

He brushed through one bunch and continued to eat the second.

The guest behind him sniffed the fragrance, swallowed his saliva silently, and patted the strong man on the shoulder: “brother, give me a string to relieve my greed.”

The strong man couldn’t hear it. The man gritted his teeth: “I’ll give you two… Three… Five later. No more!”

The strong man thought for a moment, turned around and gave him a string, so the two people in line behind him learned from each other.

The fifth guest was greedy. Several more people rushed over. He waved his hand and said, “it’s sold out.”

Dillon also said, “it’s sold out today. Come back tomorrow.”

“Why is it sold out so quickly? Go and buy finished meat kebabs. I’m willing to wait.”

“I’d like to.”

Dillon hesitated: “now I marinate the kebab and others sell it. I’m not sure how it tastes.”

By now, the smell of barbecue had dispersed, and more people came smelling it.

An Jin is fast. He brushes on the meat kebabs with a brush. An Jin estimates the remaining mental strength: “boss, you can buy another 1000 kebabs. I’ll bake them. The taste won’t be too bad.”

He knows too well that such fragrance is mainly to remove impurities. His craft is rich and beautiful.

People here are used to the bitter smell and have never eaten pure fragrant food. Only when the contrast is strong can they feel particularly delicious.

Upon hearing the speech, Dillon immediately made a decision: “well, I’ll buy some pickled meat kebabs.”

The fifth guest quickly said, “I want two hundred strings!”

Dillon: “no one is limited to a hundred strings,” he shouted. “The last nine hundred strings are on a first come, first served basis!”

The person walking this way heard the speech and ran quickly.

Dillon took the top four orders and went to buy meat kebabs.

He is not worried about trouble at all. The last person who wants trouble is the person waiting for the kebab.

Sure enough, someone was dissatisfied and roared an Jin. He was immediately carried away by the strong man: “don’t disturb the young man to bake the string. Did you pay for it?”

An Jin looked up and smiled at the strong man. The brush in his hand brushed fast.

Military headquarters

Norman drove a mecha and practiced continuously on the virtual battlefield for two hours. He didn’t come out of the training ground until he was reminded.

He jumped off the mecha, took the mecha back to the mecha button, untied the top button of his combat suit at will, and walked to the office.

Passing a lounge, the excited voice of the soldiers came to my ears.

“It’s really delicious. I finally bought a bunch at a high price and wanted to swallow the sign.”

“Unfortunately, the quantity is too small to buy.”

Norman walked over and thought of the boy’s love for food. He stepped back and turned to the training room: “you just said that there are super delicious things. Where can they be sold?”

The soldiers quickly stood straight and saluted: “report to your majesty, the holographic world is near the barbecue stand in the forest.”

Norman nodded, “thank you.”

He turned to leave and decided to take the little mermaid to eat in the evening. However, he thought that Mu Chen would take Xiaoyin to find the little mermaid tonight and decided to postpone it for one day.

When the soldiers saw Norman leave, Qi Qi was relieved: “unexpectedly, your majesty is also interested in delicious food!”

One man worshipped: “Your Majesty is so strong. He practiced mecha for two hours today.”

“Yes, I don’t dare to touch the mecha.”

“You say, why is your majesty suddenly so energetic?”

“I heard that a new soothing agent appears, and it may be available soon.”

All the soldiers couldn’t help looking forward.

Norman returns to the office. The adjutant follows up and reports on business. After listening, Norman sees the adjutant still standing: “is there anything else?”

Adjutant: “it’s almost July. The information department wants to discuss the live broadcasting time with you this year.”

Norman frowned: “cancel.”

Adjutant: “I’m afraid it’s difficult. It’s a Sloan Austrian tradition to have a live broadcast of the palace every July, which is conducive to narrowing the relationship between the royal family and the people. Before your spiritual riots, you haven’t appeared in front of the people since then. The information department thinks this is a good opportunity.”

“If you cancel, it will not be conducive to your people-friendly image, but also make people worry about your mental state.”

Norman: do I have an image close to the people

Adjutant: “… People admire you.”

Norman dropped his eyes and his eyes fell on the military report. Since the news of his spiritual riot spread, several planets were not honest.

With the singing frequency of the little mermaid, his mental strength reached the peak. It won’t take long. Before that, he didn’t want to create complications.

He thought and said, “choose whichever day you have no schedule.”

The adjutant immediately replied, “you have no schedule on the third. I’ll make an appointment with the information department on the third?”

Norman nodded, “yes.”

When the adjutant left, Norman thought about it, opened his brain, and first looked at the status of the little mermaid’s helmet, online.

He smiled and thought that the little mermaid really liked the holographic world.

I don’t know what the little mermaid learned today.

He clicked on the official website of the most famous clothing brand in Sioux. After asset certification, he jumped to the customization page, selected one of the styles loved by young people, and asked to make two pieces of waterproof cloth.

An Jin has been busy all afternoon. He has hardly stopped. His hands are very sour, but he is in a good mood.

Dillon checked his income and was in a very good mood: “excluding the cost, 1400 kebabs had a net profit of 1000!”

His eyes lit up: “this is still the first day. We prepared too little kebabs, and we must earn more in the future.”

An Jin silently calculates his salary. He remembers that the last time Norman invited him to dinner, he spent a total of two hundred and three.

His eyes lit up. When he got his salary tomorrow, he could invite Norman to dinner!

With a soft sound, he opened the panel and found that the balance had changed from zero to 400. He was stunned: “boss?”

Dilang said, “your good business is mainly due to your good workmanship. In the future, four parts of your profits are yours.”

An Jin was happy and said seriously, “I must work hard!”

Dillon laughed and thought for a moment, “do you think we should raise the price?”

An Jin nodded hurriedly: “I also think a string of one star coins is too cheap.”

This is food to remove impurities!

“How much do you think is appropriate?” said Dillon

An Jin thought about it. The star animal meat in the holographic world is very cheap. One star coin per kilogram is equal to 20 kebabs of meat. In this way, the profit is also great.

He hesitated: “try selling two yuan a string first? If the guest thinks it’s expensive, then adjust the price?”

Dillon agrees. I have an appointment to see you tomorrow. An Jin goes offline.

Norman returned to the villa, put on his clothes, and when he entered the mermaid room, he saw the little mermaid floating in the water, spitting bubbles, and the beautiful fishtail swaying leisurely. It was obvious that he was in a good mood.

When an Jin saw him, he immediately swam to the shore, picked up his helmet, then swam to Norman, looked up at him and shook his helmet.

If the boss gets a temporary raise, he can ask Norman back today!

Norman said, “Mu Chen will bring little silver later. He won’t go to the holographic world tonight.”

He paused and asked, “do you remember Xiao Yin?”

An Jin nodded. It was the only Mermaid he had ever seen.

Norman helped him put his helmet on the shore and asked, “have a good time in the holographic world today?”

An Jin nodded and his tail flicked.

This was the first money he made in the world. He was very happy.

He was in a good mood and full of spirit. He simply sang a song for Norman.

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile. He didn’t do anything for the little mermaid, but the little mermaid sang a song. It seemed that he was really very happy.

Soon, Mu Chen brought Xiao Yin.

An Jin observes Xiaoyin silently. Xiaoyin sees that Norman is not as fierce as the first time. He just bares his teeth, like a polite threat.

Mu Chen said with a smile: “last time he went back, he didn’t stare at his hands every day. Instead, he took flat fish every day. He had forgotten that you interrupted his hand.”

Seeing an Jin, Xiaoyin quickly patted the scooter with his tail and urged Mu Chen: “stupid bipedal beast, don’t let me go!”

To humans, it’s just angry and roaring.

Mu Chen was helpless: “you see, he is fierce these two days.”

Xiaoyin entered the water and immediately swam to an Jin: “I want to eat flat fish!” He gently raised his chin. “In order not to forget, I remember with a flat fish every day!”

An Jin was curious: “can’t you remember if you don’t recall?”

“Do you remember the past?” Asked little silver.

An Jin: “well, do mermaids have poor memory?”

Xiao Yin: “yes,” he said proudly, “I can remember for seven days! Remind me of things I don’t want to forget every day, and I can always remember.”

Xiaoyin said again, “I want to eat flat fish.”

An Jin still has an impression of Xiaoyin’s child’s mind: “I don’t have fish.”

Xiao Yin: “I have.” He swam to the shore, showed his canine teeth to Mu Chen and stretched out his hand, “bipedal beast, give me tribute quickly!”

An Jin: ”

Mu Chen is very familiar with Xiaoyin. He skillfully takes out three food boxes and puts them on the bank.

Small silver opened, caught a flat fish and swam back to an Jin. His silver eyes flashed: “make it delicious.”

An Jin wanted to laugh a little. He took the fish and swam to the farthest pool. Although he knew that the food would not change in human eyes after removing impurities, he turned around to be cautious.

He cut a large piece of fish, removed impurities and handed it to Xiaoyin.

Thinking of Xiaoyin’s explanation of the mermaid’s gift, he didn’t eat and returned the flat fish to Xiaoyin.

Xiaoyin was intoxicated with the fish, didn’t answer, and said in a deep voice: “this is your hard work.”

An Jin wanted to laugh inexplicably. Seeing that Xiao Yin was so happy, he suddenly moved in his heart.

After humans and mermaids eat food with impurities, mental power will automatically resist impurities.

He uses the water power to remove impurities. In essence, it consumes mental power.

The mental power of mermaid can be transmitted through singing. If the mental power is transmitted to food, will the impurities of food be offset by the mental power?

The more he thought about it, the more he thought it was possible. He stared at the fish in his hand and pondered whether to sing a song to the fish.


“Why are you watching it? Eat it. You’re welcome.” Said Xiao Yin.

An Jin looked at Xiao Yin and asked, “do you want to sing?”

Little silver held his chest with both hands: “if you want to hear me sing, of course, but,” he pointed to the remaining flat fish with his long fingernails and swallowed silently. “You have to make it all delicious.”

An Jin: “… Try singing to it, it may become delicious.”

“Really?” Xiaoyin immediately grabbed the flat fish and stared at an Jin, “you didn’t lie to me?”

An Jin said honestly, “it’s just my guess. I’m not sure. Let’s try it together?”

Xiao Yin carried Bian on his back: “this is mine.”

An Jin couldn’t laugh or cry. He joked, “didn’t you just tell me?”

Little silver hesitated and returned the fish to him: “here you are, I still have!” He forced the fish into an Jin’s hand, swam to the shore, and swam to an Jin with the whole rice basin.

On the shore, Mu Chen sighed: “Xiaoyin is very protective of food. He even gave Ann his favorite flat fish. It seems that he really likes Ann.”

He touched his chin and suggested, “Xiaoyin’s estrus is coming, or let him pair with Ann?”

Norman frowned, “No.”

“Why? Although Xiaoyin is not a pure Mermaid, it is also an intermediate Mermaid,” promoted by Mu Chen. “I think they are very suitable.”

Norman thought of the little mermaid boy: “not at all.”

Mu Chen spread his hand: “all right, let’s see what you’ll find for ANN in the future.”

Norman frowned more tightly: “why do you have to pair mermaids?”

“Your Majesty, don’t you know that mermaids have estrus? If they don’t match, they will be very uncomfortable.”

Norman’s face was cold and he couldn’t imagine the boy with the mermaid.

Suddenly, two sweet songs sounded in the room, and Norman and mu Chenqi were stunned.

Mu Chen whispered: “look! How good their relationship is. They sing as soon as they meet.”

An Jin sang with mermaids for the first time. Their voices were different, gentle and crisp. The same was very ethereal. They were not ugly, but very special.

An Jin stared at the flat fish. He found that only a little of the energy particles floating out of his spiritual sea fell on the flat fish, and most of them still flew to the Norman spiritual sea.

Almost half of Xiaoyin’s spiritual power fell to the flat fish, a small half to the Mu Chen spiritual sea, and a small half to his spiritual sea.

At the end of the song, Xiao Yin grabbed the flat fish, bit it, and then his eyes brightened: “delicious!”

An Jin looks at his flat fish. There are fewer impurities, but they are not completely eliminated.

Mental power can indeed counteract impurities, but he has too little mental power to fall on the flat fish.

After eating, Xiaoyin tilted her head: “Hey, I’m better after eating!”

An Jin was more curious about another thing: “what were you thinking when you just sang?”

Xiao Yin: “I hope the flat fish tastes better. I really want to eat the flat fish.”

An Jin thinks that the effect of his singing is not good. Is it because his emotion is not as strong as Xiaoyin?

He thought for a while and decided to try again next time.

The corners of his mouth curled up and he was very happy.

He doesn’t have to secretly eat the food to remove impurities in the future, because the mermaid can remove the impurities of food, but no one has found it before.

His water power will not be exposed.

Moreover, Norman would have a reasonable explanation if he knew that the barbecue he sold in the holographic world could restore his mental strength.

He frowned and thought of how to better invite Norman!


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