After Being a Mermaid Chapter 27

After eating the flat fish, Xiaoyin narrowed her eyes with satisfaction. The silver fish tail was lying in the water. Her eyes looked at an Jin brightly: “you’re so smart!”

When he ate the delicious food he was thinking about, he turned his attention to another place. He turned around an Jin and said, “this layer of skin is not good-looking, not as good-looking as our own skin.”

An Jin:… It took him a second to realize that Xiao Yin was talking about his clothes.

An Jin subconsciously looks at Xiao Yin. His white skin is wet, shining slightly, dazzling white.

He looked at it and quickly moved away, explaining: “this is clothes, not only to look good, but also to cover and protect the body.”

Little silver’s head tilted to the left, as if thinking. In the next moment, he stretched out a finger, and his sharp fingernail scratched off an Jin’s shoulder. His clothes suddenly broke a big hole.

An Jin quickly grabbed his hand and said, “Hey, what are you doing?”

Xiaoyin despised: “you were cheated by two legged animals. How can this kind of thing play a protective role!”

Xiao Yin said and stared at Norman on the bank. This two legged beast deceived the mermaid. It’s too bad!

An Jin sighs silently that his way of thinking is different from that of a mermaid.

Norman looked at Xiaoyin with an expressionless face. In his opinion, Xiaoyin’s action was not intended to take advantage of the little mermaid.

He looked at the little mermaid’s broken clothes, frowned and shouted, “Ann, come here.”

An Jin turned to look at him. Although he didn’t know what Norman called him, he still waved his tail and swam over there.

“Don’t go!” He swam less than two meters. Xiao Yin ran to him, grabbed his hand and showed his teeth to Norman.

“What’s the matter?” An Jin doesn’t understand.

Hasn’t Xiao Yin forgotten his holiday with Norman? How fierce Norman.

Xiaoyin pointed to the holographic helmet not far from Norman and said angrily, “he wants to hurt you. I have been sneaked by the hateful bipedal beast twice. Fortunately, I am powerful and didn’t let him succeed! He was honest only after I taught him a hard lesson.”

An Jin looked at his helmet and was stunned. He understood what Xiao Yin meant.

He subconsciously looked at Norman and Mu Chen.

He turned and asked Xiao Yin, “your Lord… Bipedal beast, have you ever worn a helmet?”


An Jin pointed to the shore. Xiaoyin understood and said angrily, “yes, wear it on my head when I don’t pay attention. If you want me to be invisible, take the opportunity to attack me!”

Xiao Yin Leng hum: “he was afraid of my doubt. He also took his helmet and tried to confuse me. As a result, he put the helmet on his head and was beaten to the ground by me.”

Xiao Yin concluded, rather disgusted: “my bipedal beast is really stupid!”

An Jin took a smoke from the corner of his mouth and thought it was good that Norman’s friend didn’t understand.

He silently analyzed Xiaoyin’s words and soon understood the truth.

Mu Chen wants to take Xiaoyin to the holographic world. Xiaoyin mistakenly thinks he is sneaking attack and is beaten.

As for why I have this idea, it probably has something to do with Norman.

He pursed his lips nervously. Norman still had doubts about his performance in the holographic world.

Soon, he relaxed again. Norman didn’t find anyone to study him. He just asked his friends to observe the reactions of other mermaids in the holographic world. Maybe he was just curious.

However, an Jin frowned and assured Xiao Yin, “he and you are wearing helmets?”

Xiaoyin nodded, raised his chin and said proudly, “I reacted much faster than him. I quickly broke my helmet and restored my vision. He was still stunned and was severely taught by me.”

An Jin doesn’t understand. How could this happen?

If they all wear helmets, Mu Chen can turn on the switch in an instant, and Xiaoyin will immediately enter the holographic world, and consciousness will not stay in reality.

If Mu Chen didn’t react for the first time, he shouldn’t make a mistake for the second time.

An Jin suddenly thought, holographic helmet… What is the basis for obtaining user information?

His appearance in the holographic world appeared in his mind, which was somewhat similar to that before him!

Did Xiaoyin not enter the holographic world because Xiaoyin was a mermaid and his consciousness or brain waves were human?

He thought about it and decided to verify it himself.

He patted Xiaoyin on the wrist: “you don’t have to worry. The helmet is not used to attack us. Let me go first.”

Xiao Yin: “how do you know?”

An Jin: “I’ve played. Look, is there water on the helmet? That’s the Lord… My bipedal beast specially made it for me.”

Xiaoyin let go of his hand. An Jin swam to the shore and looked up at Norman. His head tilted: what’s the matter with him?

Norman squatted down and rubbed his palm on his head. “Tell me if you’ve been bullied,” he looked down slightly. “Do you want to change?”

An Jin was stunned. He understood that he had misunderstood. He felt concerned. He was in a good mood. His eyes bent and shook his head.

He thought about it and gave Xiaoyin a thumbs up, indicating that Xiaoyin was very good and didn’t bully him.

Norman saw his eyebrows bent, so he withdrew his hand and said, “go play.”

An Jin smiled at him, picked up his helmet and swam to the middle of the pool.

Mu Chen looked at Norman in surprise: “how do I feel that ANN can understand what you say?”

Norman: “he’s smart.”

Mu Chen looked envious and was about to express his envy. He saw that in the pool, an Jin put his helmet on Xiaoyin’s head and hurriedly said, “stop an an, Xiaoyin will be angry, and he will be blasted by Xiaoyin…”

Before Norman could speak, his helmet was on the little silver head.

Little silver’s head shook, not like rage, but like curiosity.

Mu Chen choked: “I found that Xiaoyin turned out to be a double labeled fish.”

An Jin turned on the switch and asked Xiao Yin, “can you hear me?”

Xiao Yin: “yes,” his head shook left and right, and his face was puzzled by an Jin. “What’s fun? There’s only a two legged beast talking.”

“Oh, he didn’t say it,” said Xiao Yin after a while. “He said it again… Again.”

An Jin guessed that it was the system prompt tone.

In this way, Xiaoyin really can’t enter the holographic world.

He turned off the switch and took off his helmet.

He looked at Xiaoyin and felt guilty. He told Xiaoyin it was fun. Xiaoyin was happy to put on his helmet.

Little silver put one hand on her waist and pointed to her helmet: “that’s it? That’s what you call fun? Your two legged beasts are too much! They don’t pay you funny things. You’re pathetic.”

He glanced at an Jin’s face and shook his head: “sure enough, it’s not enough to tame two legged animals only by beauty. Learn from me and I’ll teach you how to tame them by force.”

He said, grinning, showing sharp canine teeth.

An Jin looked at this familiar scene, refused to learn, and said seriously, “thank you, my… Bipedal beast is very good to me.”

He shook his helmet. “I like helmets. You don’t like them because we have different hobbies. Just like you like flat fish, I prefer shrimp.”

His eyes bent into Crescent: “what he buys is what I like.”

Xiaoyin blinked with thinking in her eyes. After a while, she converged her canine teeth and looked at an Jin: “you are so strange. You are different from the mermaid I know.”

Mu Chen and Xiao Yin have the same feeling: “Ann is so special. Did you just see it? He can turn on the helmet switch.”

“He likes to play with helmets.” Norman said.

Mu Chen looked at Norman: “I always think you are too calm. You don’t seem surprised that Ann is so smart.”

Norman: as I said, he’s smart

Mu Chen felt that he wanted to re understand the “wisdom” used in an an.

An Jin holds his helmet, turns his head and looks at Norman, bites his lips and swims over.

Norman must have known that he was different from other mermaids, but he didn’t show it at all. Why?

He wants to know the answer.

He handed Norman his helmet, pointed to little silver, shook his head, and looked down on the helmet. His eyes were wet – the helmet was broken!

Norman immediately understood the meaning of the little mermaid and comforted, “the helmet is not broken. The little silver can’t be used. You can use it.”

An Jin tilted his head and expressed doubt.

Norman explained, “you’re a solid Mermaid. It’s different.”

An Jin was surprised. He turned to look at Xiao Yin and looked down at himself. Solid color means that the color of his hair scales is the same?

He suddenly realized that no wonder Norman was not abnormal. It turned out that he had a reasonable explanation in his heart.

He breathed a sigh of relief and didn’t treat him as an alien.

He smiled at Norman and went back to the water to chat with little silver. He wanted to know more about the mermaid.

At almost nine o’clock, Mu Chen took Xiao Yin away.

Norman rubbed the little mermaid’s hair. “Good night, good night.”

An Jin waved, “ah!”

In the morning, Norman walked into the mermaid room with breakfast and introduced himself as usual: “Ann, I’m your master Norman.”

An Jin put his hand on the bank, wagged his tail and watched Norman sing a song.

Norman just thought the little mermaid was too good, and his voice was gentle: “it sounds good, thank you, Ann.”

He didn’t stay much. He was going to inspect the military base this morning.

When he returned to the military headquarters from the base, it was less than 11 o’clock. He checked his schedule and only had to attend the award ceremony of Imperial University’s mecha League at 7:30 p.m.

He looked through the documents. There was no big deal to deal with, so he leaned back, put on his helmet and entered the holographic world.

He looked at the eye panel first. The little mermaid was not online.

He contacted inch board head: “Eddie, I’m free now.”

Eddie immediately replied: “the boss said he would get all his hands right away and see you by the forest.”

“OK.” Norman replied.

On the way into the forest, Eddie and the members of the hunting team kept talking about the kebabs bought at a high price yesterday. The more they said, the more greedy they became.

Norman listened in silence and decided to end the hunt and buy some for the little mermaid.

As usual, an Jin took the tray to find the robot at 11 o’clock, got the lunch smoothly and cooked it.

He thought while eating that if only there were spices, he could make a seafood hot pot!

After dinner, he went to the garden and swam slowly twice. Thinking of the last star beast attack, he returned to the room, floated comfortably in the water, put on his helmet and entered the holographic world.

When he arrived at the cabin rented by Dillon, Dillon was putting the marinated meat kebabs on the cart. When he saw him smile, the smile disappeared the next second and he looked angry.

An Jin was stunned: “boss, am I not late?” He came early on purpose.

Dillon waved his hand: “no, I’m just angry to see you think of yesterday again.”

An Jin came forward to help and asked, “what happened?”

“The person who bought our kebabs yesterday sold them at a high price. I heard that you can’t buy one hundred kebabs!” The more Dillon said, the more angry he became. “Damn, we’ve been busy for a long time, and we don’t earn as much as the change we resell.”

An Jin was surprised: “one hundred? It’s too expensive.”

Dillon: “in the holographic world, except for the trained hunters and those of us who make money, we are all willing to spend money to eat.”

He sighed: “I was wrong. I didn’t expect your craft to be so good. The price we said yesterday was still too low.”

An Jin thought that according to the cost, the profit was good. I heard that 100 people also bought it, and I thought it was too cheap.

“How much do you think is appropriate?” He asked.

Dillon: “twenty strings, five hundred strings, and a limit of forty strings. What do you think?”

An Jin: “… Boss, how many kebabs did you buy today?”

“Fifteen hundred kebabs. You were busy baking fourteen yesterday. I’ll take the whole number according to yesterday’s,” said Dillon. “If you feel tired, sell less tomorrow.”

“Just right.” An Jin said, and then quickly calculated in his heart.

If you sell it at Dillon’s price and sell it all, you can sell 375 stars. Excluding 20% of the cost, he can get 40% of the net profit, that is, 12000!

An Jin’s eyes lit up. His salary was enough for him to buy a second-class beast core.

He looked straight: “I think your price is very appropriate,” thought, and his voice was lower. “If you can’t sell it, lower the price.”

“That’s it.” Dylan clapped.

An Jin looked at the time: “boss, I want to buy some vegetables and put them in the house. Can I borrow the barbecue oven in the evening?”

Dillon smiled: “do you want to open a small stove for yourself?”

An Jin shook his head and his eyes were very bright: “I want to treat. He invited me to dinner before.”

Dillon was still thinking of rubbing some food. After all, his craft was great. When he heard this, he stopped his mind: “go and buy it. I’ll give you access to the door and use the oven at any time.”

He knows very well that he can make money mainly by an Jin, so he is very generous.

An Jin thanked and happily went out to buy.

He bought all kinds of meat, especially the star animal meat Norman ordered at the last meal. He also bought a lot of vegetables.

Vegetables are well roasted and taste no worse than meat.

He thought about it and bought disposable bowls and chopsticks. When he saw the cup, he was moved. He also bought the cup and bought fresh strawberries and milk.

He put the bought things in the cabin and helped Dillon push the car to the place where the stall was set up yesterday.

On the way, someone saw them and hurriedly followed them. As they walked, they said they wanted 200 strings and had to pay immediately.

Dilang stopped: “don’t worry, man. We had a trial operation yesterday and became famous. Today we are officially open and can’t sell at a loss. Today we restore the original price, 20 strings of 500, and each person is limited to 40 strings.”

“Boss, I’ve been in the town before. Who are you kidding? How can I lose money if the meat is a pound, and your price is too expensive?”

Dillon was a little guilty and hesitated to hear him say so.

An Jin thought about the second-class animal core, and heard the speech seriously refuted: “brother, you buy a kilo of meat and bake it yourself. If you taste it, you will know that we are expensive.”

“Boss, I want forty strings. I paid in advance. I’m the first one. I can’t let people jump in the queue.”

“I, I want forty strings, too!”

The man who was too expensive clenched his teeth and said, “I want it too.”

Ann was relieved and her eyes bent with joy.

He knows very well that the meat he roasts is unique, so he has confidence. However, the profit is too large, and he is afraid that some people are too expensive. Fortunately, these people are willing to spend money.

More than a dozen people have paid the bill before they set up a stall.

Soon, there was a smell in the air. It was very spicy, but it failed to completely cover up the bitter smell of impurities.

Dillon’s face changed slightly: “shit, someone robbed business.”

When I approached, I found that it was two middle-aged men. There was a long line in front of the stall. The bald man in front of the stall shouted: “two yuan a string, only one thousand strings left. Hurry to eat.”

Hearing the news, the bald man looked back, proudly raised his eyebrows and continued to shout for sale.

Dilang and an Jin set up the barbecue stove. When the people in line next door saw them, they heard that it was the one that caused a sensation yesterday. They quickly prepared to move their position.

Hearing Dillon shouting out the price, some people hesitated, and others went to line up.

Many people only heard that they had never eaten an Jin’s kebab, so they couldn’t help sarcasm: “are you crazy about money? It’s so expensive to sell, why don’t you grab it!”

The bald man looked at Dilang and looked like a close uncle: “young man, be kind. I saw with my own eyes that you bought more than 70 kilograms of meat in the morning and didn’t spend a hundred stars.”

As soon as the people around heard this, the eyes of Dilang and an Jin immediately changed.

“This is to regard us as the big head of injustice!”

“Profiteers, such a big profit, I want to complain!”

Dillon’s face was black. “You get what you pay for. It’s worth it. Just don’t buy it,” he estimated the number of people and said to the people in line, “the purchase is limited to 80 strings. Is there anything to add?”

“I want it!” The first strong man bought yesterday was a little slow today. He ranked third. When he heard the speech, he quickly opened his mouth.

He patted the person in front of him: “man, give me the remaining amount. You can buy 80 strings, and I’ll buy 40 more.”

The man was still hesitant. As soon as he heard it, he hurriedly said, “I’ll buy it too.”

The rest of the people added, and now Dillon smiled proudly at his bald head.

An Jin opened the oven, put the meat kebab on it, looked at the strong man, and couldn’t help laughing when he looked down. If he didn’t know it was a coincidence, he would think that Dilang had invited him.

He removed impurities while brushing oil, and his action was more agile than yesterday.

Twelve people, each bought 80, and sold most of them at once. He was not worried that he couldn’t sell, so he focused on barbecue.

After a while, the pure fragrance came out, and the people in front silently swallowed their saliva and stared at the kebab.

The baldheaded guests unconsciously looked over. Someone couldn’t help walking from the end of the team to Dillon’s side.

Soon, the first guest got the kebab and couldn’t wait for a second. He didn’t let Dillon bag it. He took it in his hand and stood next to him and ate it.

He wolfed down his food and ate it all over his face. Because it was so spicy, tears came out, but he couldn’t stop.

Seeing his appearance, the original hesitant people immediately ran back and lined up.

In front of the bald stall, it was cold and deserted. Only three people were waiting. They had paid for it and baked it right away.

“Boss,” a man shouted to Dillon, “I want twenty strings. When I buy it here, I’ll go and line up.”

Dillon counted the number: “no, it’s sold out.”

“What?” The man was shocked, and Dillon looked at the man. “Didn’t you just think it was too expensive? Don’t buy it to save money.”

Baldheaded silently calculated an account in his heart. He was shocked by Dillon’s income and couldn’t help being jealous.

He went to the stall and sighed on his face, “young man, your craftsmanship is very good,” he said. He went to an Jin’s right and suddenly reached out to the seasoning bottle. “Where did you buy the seasoning? I’ll try it next time.”

Ann Jin didn’t have time to talk to him. Dillon was angry: “don’t get in the way of your work.”

“Yes,” said the man in line anxiously, “you stay away from the man.”

The bald face was angry for a moment, smiled again and walked away: “sorry.”

An Jin roasts another batch. He picks up the pepper bottle, sprinkles a little on the meat, and then acts slightly.

It’s not his hot.

Before baking, he removed all the impurities in the seasoning. It was clear that there were impurities in this bottle of chili powder.

He immediately guessed that it was bareheaded. There was space for backpacking in this world. It was very easy to change things.

He thought for a moment. If he put it forward now, he would have a hard time explaining it and delay his work.

So he pretended not to find it, removed the impurities from the pepper in his hand and continued to bake.

After a while, the strong spicy smell from the next door came, much more fragrant than before.

“Everybody, I just went there and learned it now. I only sell a string of two-star coins. It’s cheap and delicious!” Bareheaded yell.

People who didn’t line up immediately rushed over. One person bought five strings to try the taste, took a bite and thumbed up: “delicious!”

He had never eaten an Jin’s barbecue. At the moment, he just thought that the barbecue with bald head was the best he had ever eaten. He kept boasting: “another hundred.”

The bald man cheerfully responded. His man quickly began to bake and whispered, “I said it must be the reason for the seasoning. I bought the meat in the same house as the boy.”

Dilang looked at the stall next door and stared at an Jin’s actions for a while. He didn’t understand: “how did he learn? I see you baked so many times and didn’t learn.”

An Jin smiled and didn’t speak, but he paid attention to the stall next door.

When the kebab next door is sprinkled with chili powder, he runs his power to remove all the water from the bald home kebab.

“Boom…” the barbecue stand next door suddenly caught fire, and the roasted meat suddenly became black charcoal.

The barbecue man and bald head were not hurt and were smoked with black smoke.

An Jin turned his head and looked, lowered his head and smiled silently, bending his eyes.

Bareheaded roared, “what’s the matter with you?”

Man: “I don’t know what’s going on. I always bake like this.”

Baldheaded immediately looked at the chili powder. He suspected that there was a problem with the chili powder, but he couldn’t say it. He could only eat a dull loss.

“Boss, can’t you bake any more? Give me the money back.”

Baldheaded to pay back the money, clean up the stall, and looked at Dilang and an Jin angrily.

Ann Jin and Dilang ignored him. Dilang whispered happily, “deserved it.”

It was almost three o’clock when an Jin roasted the last hundred.

No one lined up in front of the booth. The last guest had something to do and went offline. Dillon remembered the person and said an approximate time. The guest will go online and get it later.

An Jin thought about getting off work and making money. His face was full of happiness.

While there was no one, he thought and asked, “boss, do you know mermaid?”

Dillon rolled his eyes. “Do I look like a primitive man? Theo, who doesn’t know the mermaid?”

“Do you like mermaids?”

Dillon: “what’s the use of liking? I can’t afford it all my life.”

An Jin guessed that the mermaid was not cheap, but there was no specific concept. Listening to him, he was inexplicably nervous: “is it very expensive?”

“Of course, not long ago, the only pure Mermaid sold for 25 billion.”

An Jin: “… 25 billion?” It’s not him!

Dillon suddenly approached, “Ann, tell me the truth.”

Anxin suddenly mentioned it. Did it show up?

Dillon patted him on the shoulder: “how old are you? Also, where is your home? Why haven’t you even heard the news that kindergarten children know?”

An Jin smiled awkwardly and reluctantly found a reason: “the family is relatively poor and has few words.”

Dillon was silent for a moment: “in the future, we will make half of our profits.”

An Jin: “…” he really didn’t sell miserably for a raise.

“No, you bought everything, and you pickled the kebabs. I only roast meat. 40% is enough.”

Dillon: “you can open a barbecue stand with today’s salary. It’s all your credit for the good business.”

An Jin shook his head: “no, you did all the preparatory work. It’s not easy to pickle so many meat kebabs. I just barbecue and don’t have to worry about anything. I’m very satisfied with your salary.”

If it weren’t for Dillon, he might not even find a job.

Dillon smiled, “OK, I’ll give you a bonus at the end of the month.”

An Jin did not refuse any more, but turned to the beginning topic: “is there only a pure Mermaid in SiO? What does he look like?”

De Lang: “I only know it’s blue. Only scientific research institutes and people participating in the auction know it.”

An Jin immediately confirmed that he was the only pure Mermaid.

Thinking that Norman spent so much money on him, he suddenly felt a little stressed.

He couldn’t help saying, “is Mermaid important to human beings? Is it worth spending so much money?”

“Of course, without mental strength, you can’t resist food impurities. Your body will be polluted and die of melanosis. Ordinary people are OK. There are few impurities in nutrients, and your mental strength is slowly consumed. Generally, you can carry it until you are 70 or 80 years old.

“Military generals or elites in some industries who frequently use their spiritual power are not enough. Providing spiritual power to mermaids is equivalent to prolonging their lives. No amount of money is worth it.”

Dillon sighed, “if I were rich, I would take one.”

An Jin’s eyes sparkled after listening.

He’s more useful than he thought!

He doesn’t have to worry about being abandoned at all. His relationship with Norman is very stable.

He used to just feel himself, and now both reason and emotion believe that Norman will not hurt him.

In this case, it doesn’t matter if he speaks in reality!

He couldn’t help being excited. It would be much more convenient to communicate, and he could do more.

At this time, a private room in the tavern

Three strong men sat around the sofa. The small table in the middle was full of barbecue and wine. One person sighed: “it’s great. If only they could eat like this every time after hunting.”

“This barbecue is so delicious. How can it be so delicious!”

The other man didn’t answer and ate the barbecue in silence.

After a while, the man suddenly stopped and looked at the two clinking glasses: “do you feel anything?”

“What?” They were surprised. One of them was impatient. “Barry, you have something to say.”

Barry stared at the messy signs on the table, repressed his excitement and said, “mental strength has recovered.”

The two looked at each other and felt attentively. One wondered, “is there?”

In the holographic world, they will not pay special attention to the state of the spiritual sea. After all, the system will remind them when it is dangerous. At that time, they will go offline directly, and the spiritual sea will recover after a period of time.

One person opened his eyes: “it’s true! Third, think about how much wine we drank? There are a lot of impurities in the wine, but our mental strength has hardly decreased.”

“Yes, it is!” The third suddenly patted the table.

Barry: “I didn’t drink. Before I came to the pub, I didn’t have much mental strength left. Now it’s up almost 10%. I only ate barbecue halfway.”

He narrowed his eyes: “brothers, here’s a chance to make money!”

“What do you say?” The two immediately stared at him with bright eyes.

Barry: “there are two possibilities. One is what the people at the barbecue stand can do to make the food have the effect of restoring mental power. The other is what they have done or there is a bug in the holographic company.”

“If it’s the first, they probably have this ability in reality. If it’s the second, collect evidence and receive an award from the holographic company.”

He said, sitting up straight and looking serious: “now, investigate the actual identity of the two people at the barbecue stand. Don’t scare the snake. I think the first possibility is very great.”

“If they are used by us, we will have endless wealth.”

At the same time, the military conference room

All the participants were calm on the surface, but their eyes were full of excitement.

A major general said, “I tasted it myself. I’m sure the barbecue can restore mental strength. If they can be used by us, the soldiers won’t have to worry about mental riots in the future.”

Mu Chen nodded. At this time, his intelligent brain rang. He shared the information directly.

He tried to keep his voice calm: “the investigation results of holographic company came out. The program works normally without any bugs. It can make the barbecue have mental recovery effect, which shows one thing.”

He glanced at all the participants: “people who make barbecue effective originally have this ability.”

At that time, there was a neat sound of pumping air in the conference room.

“Admiral, I propose to investigate the stall owner and the staff immediately and recruit them to the military headquarters at any cost.”

“Seconded.” Several harmonies should sound at the same time.

Mu Chen nodded and asked the adjutant, “where’s your majesty?”

“Your Majesty is in the holographic world. He orders you not to disturb anything.”

Mu Chen pondered: “just in time, I’ll go to the holographic world to contact the two people later, and report to your Majesty in person.”

He looked at the person in charge of the information department: “find out the real identities of the two as soon as possible,” and then looked at a lieutenant general, “send the strongest scout to get things related to the two.”

Finally, he looked at the person in charge of the scientific research department: “organize people to establish a scientific research team in the holographic world to study everything related to restoring mental power.”

Several people were ordered to make arrangements immediately.

Soon, the person in charge of the Information Department reported the survey results: “the stall owner is di Lang, a sophomore at Imperial University. Her family is poor. Her mother was ill and hospitalized not long ago. Her address is…”

“Working man, 20.” The person in charge looked at the report and stopped here: “no more.”

Mu Chen: “what about your name, family situation and address?”

The person in charge also looked strange: “no, I can’t track the address.”

Mu Chen raised his eyebrow: “if I remember correctly, the military headquarters can’t track the address. There are two situations, involving large secret bases and the residence of important people?”

The person in charge nodded: “yes,” he received another supplementary message, “the stall owner told him to be safe.”

Mu Chen’s heart jumped, Ann? It has the same name as the mermaid in your Majesty’s house.

An idea came into his mind. Although he felt incredible, he couldn’t help asking, “man, is it a person?”

Everyone looked at him strangely. The person in charge said seriously, “of course.”

Mu Chen coughed: “are you wearing a skirt?”

The person in charge looked at him strangely: “Admiral Mu Chen, the man is a man in pants.”

Mu Chen said in his heart, pants, have two legs.

There are many people surnamed an, many called an, and the same name is normal.

He threw away the unreliable idea and pondered: “it seems that it may have something to do with this man. I’ll talk to Dillon and maybe I can get some useful information. If not, I’ll propose to your majesty to hold a meeting to obtain the highest tracking right and find it again.”

The person in charge nodded.

The adjutant handed the holographic helmet to Mu Chen, and Mu Chen put it on.

An Jin and Dillon knew nothing at this time and handed the kebab to the last guest. They both smiled easily.

An Jin moves his wrist and Dillon clears up the stall.

“Roar…” suddenly, a loud roar came from the forest.

An Jin was startled and his heart beat wildly. He raised his hand and covered his ears.

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