After Being a Mermaid Chapter 28

Dillon suddenly changed his face and threw the packing bag he was sorting into the cart: “come on, lift the barbecue oven onto the cart. We have to leave quickly.”

An Jin was nervous by his mood and hurriedly helped to lift the oven. He was a little puzzled: “what’s the matter?”

Dilang: “the sound just now is the sound of the black horn roaring beast. It sounds like rage. Now it’s far away from us. If it’s closer, you have to resist with mental strength, otherwise you will be injured.”

He put the empty basin on the oven and grabbed the handle of the cart: “we can go offline at any time, but the oven will be abandoned. Look at the forest.”

An Jin looked over and saw that in the forest, where the roar came from, the surrounding trees fell, smoke and dust rose everywhere, and the trees at the edge of the forest shook violently.

As he looked at it, he said to himself, “ink horn roaring beast”, and he always felt very familiar.

Soon he remembered that when he entered the holographic world with Norman, someone asked Norman for help and mentioned the word.

“It’s a geographical advantage here, but no one set up a stall because it’s unsafe outside the protective cover of the town,” said Dilang, pushing his car to the direction of the town and urging an Jin. “You go offline first and I’ll drag things back to the cabin.”

An Jin answered, but he didn’t go offline. Instead, he opened the panel. The sign belonging to the parents was bright, right in the forest.

Norman is hunting the black horn roar!

He thought and ran to the forest.

“Ann,” Dillon looked back and saw that he didn’t go offline. Instead, he ran to the forest and shouted, “what are you doing? Go offline!”

An Jin: “I’ll go and have a look. If there is danger, go offline. Don’t worry.”

When Dillon saw him say so, he didn’t bother. He was worried that the scope of the next sound attack of the Mexican horn roar beast would expand, so he would not delay and enter the town.

An Jin ran towards the little blue dot on the panel. There were many shrubs and weeds in the forest. Fortunately, the hunted man walked out of the way. He ran smoothly.

After a while, the black horn roaring beast roared again. An Jin was dizzy and had a fishy smell in his mouth. He quickly ran the power therapy.

Ten minutes later, he saw Norman and the huge star beast in front of Norman.

The star beast had dark skin and two shiny black horns on his forehead. At this time, there were many blood holes in his body. His big copper bell eyes were congested and attacked Norman like crazy.

An Jin tightened his heart and bit his lips without making a sound.

Norman’s tall body was very agile. He escaped the attack of the black horn roaring beast. When he turned sideways, he shot. The warhead with spiritual power penetrated the neck skin of the star beast and splashed bright red blood.

The black horn roaring beast raised its hair and roared wildly. The sound was huge and produced vibration. Taking it as the center, the sound waves were pushed away layer by layer, and the nearby collapsed trees rolled back, making it more open around one person and one animal.

Anjin was prepared this time and ran the power ahead of time without discomfort.

He looked at Norman nervously. He found that whether the star beast attacked Norman or Norman attacked the star beast, Norman’s mental power would always decrease.

Norman, expressionless, quickly moved to the right side of the star beast and fired several shots at the neck. The star beast turned his head, raised his iron column like feet and stepped on it quickly.

An Jin acted faster than he thought. Subconsciously, he wanted to run over and stumbled over the grass stem on the ground. His feet quickly stepped on the ground to stabilize his body.

Norman rolled over to avoid the attack, noticed him, his eyes changed slightly, and said in a deep voice, “Ann, go offline.”

While talking, the roaring beast attacked him again. He dodged and fought back at the same time.

An Jin stood where he was, neither offline nor moving again, worried about affecting Norman.

The black horn roaring beast was covered with scars and shed a lot of blood, but the attack was still not slow.

Norman was also stained with blood, but he was dressed in black. Ann Jin couldn’t see whether he was hurt or not.

An Jin is worried that Norman’s mental strength is being consumed rapidly.

Norman saw that the little mermaid didn’t come any closer. He put down his heart and focused on dealing with the black horn roaring beast.

Black horn roar beast is the most difficult star beast to hunt in the holographic world. It is not particularly powerful, but it has tenacious vitality and can attack with sound, which consumes mental power.

The best way is to fight in rotation, which is consumed slowly, but the distance of sound attack is very large, so it is difficult to achieve car battle.

Neither online nor offline, because each online position is the offline position. If you are unlucky, the online may be directly trampled on the soles of your feet by roaring beasts.

Eddie’s team tried to form a team with other people, reach another position in the holographic world, and then rush to the battlefield, but failed.

Hearing the roar on the way here will consume your mental strength, and it takes time to get on the way. It is difficult for those who deal with the roaring beast in front to support.

The holographic world is set that if the star beasts leave the war, they will recover immediately and do not need to heal slowly.

Therefore, if you want to hunt star beasts, you must kill them at one time and not grind them to death slowly.

This is why many people choose to practice in the holographic world.

As long as you leave the war before the star beast dies, you can repeatedly deal with a star beast a day and carry out targeted training.

About half an hour later, Norman shot the black horn roaring beast in the neck again. His shooting was always accurate, and almost all bullets landed on the neck.

The black horn roared and the beast wailed. The huge animal pupil was red with blood. He raised his head, opened his mouth and made the last sound attack.

Ann Jin looked at Norman’s spiritual sea and began to sing.

The light song sounded, and the energy particles quickly flew into the Norman spirit sea.

Norman was stunned and looked at the boy. Unexpectedly, the singing in human form also had a therapeutic effect.

An Jin smiled at him. When he didn’t notice, he operated the water power, condensed the blood on the face of the black horn roaring beast into a fast rotating water arrow, and quickly shot it into its eyes.

“Woo…” a short cry of pain, the sound of the black horn roaring beast stopped suddenly, fell to the ground with a thud, and the ground trembled.

An Jin looked over and his eyes were slightly bright. This was his first water power attack. He was very satisfied with the result.

Norman came up to him: “why not go offline?”

Ann Jin didn’t mean to worry about Norman. It was like doubting Norman’s ability. He knew that Norman would be fine even if he didn’t do it.

He said, “I just want to see. You’re great!”

Norman couldn’t resist the young man’s bright eyes. His broad palm fell on the young man’s head and rubbed it. He seriously said, “Ann is also very powerful. Many people can’t cope with the continuous voice attack of the black horn roaring beast.”

He said, looked at the boy and asked, “do you feel uncomfortable?”

Ann shook her head. “No,” he frowned, raised his finger to Norman’s strong arm, where there was a blood stain, “are you hurt?”

Norman: it’s not my blood

Ann was relieved and was about to put down his hand. Norman caught his hand. He was stunned and looked up.

Norman stared at the little mermaid’s fingers and asked in a deep voice, “what’s going on?”

The little mermaid only changed her appearance, but her body did not change. Her fingers were thin and soft. At this time, there were obvious signs of scalding on her white skin.

An Jin curled his fingers: “it’s all right.”

Norman listened to the soft voice of the little mermaid and thought that the little mermaid was good tempered, timid and delicate. He suspected that someone was bullying him, and his face became more and more serious: “someone was bullying you?”

An Jin shook his head: “it’s really all right.”

He doesn’t want to tell Norman that he works in a barbecue stand for the time being. He’s going to surprise Norman.

Ann Jin put a little force on his finger and Norman let him go.

An Jin smiled and pointed to the black horn roaring beast: “do you want to get it out?”

Norman: I’ll tell someone to come and take it away. You go offline and have a rest first

An Jin shook his head. He was in a good mood and his mental strength recovered quickly. He didn’t want to go offline yet.

His eyes were very bright and asked, “are you free now?”

Otherwise, it shouldn’t be in the holographic world.

Norman: “free.”

An Jin looked forward to: “will you go to a place with me?”

Norman looked at the time. It was less than five o’clock and nodded, “OK.”

An Jin’s eyes bent. After a while, he didn’t listen to Norman. He bowed his head, pointed his toes to the ground, couldn’t help looking up and asked, “aren’t you curious?”

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile: “curious, you’ll tell me?”

“No,” Anxin blinked. “Then there will be no surprises.”

He whispered, “but you don’t even ask, as if you don’t expect it at all.”

Norman was slightly surprised. He looked at the boy’s slightly bulging cheek and seriously thought whether he was too boring.

He said seriously, “I’m looking forward to it.”

An Jin’s face was slightly red. Norman cooperated with his careful thinking, but he was a little embarrassed and his head turned to one side.

Norman looked at the boy’s Pink side face and smiled deeper in his eyes.

Soon, the logistics personnel of Eddie’s team came and thanked Norman again and again: “team Tang, the boss and Eddie haven’t recovered their mental strength to a safe point. It’s forbidden to go online. Let me thank you for your help.”

The boss and Eddie couldn’t hold on in the middle of the fight and were forced off the line by the system.

Norman nodded, “you’re welcome. You’re busy. Don’t worry about me.”

The logistics personnel transferred more than half of the reward to Norman and asked the team members to work.

Norman didn’t check the amount. He hunted in the holographic world mainly for exercise, and making money is incidental.

He looked at the little mermaid. The skin under the little mermaid’s chin was white and tender, and looked soft and clean.

He raised his hand, took off his T-shirt neatly, and his strong and exaggerated chest and abdominal muscles exposed without shelter.

An Jin looked at it for two seconds and quickly looked away.

The members of the nearby hunting team praised: “the muscle of the Tang team is a man’s dream!”

“It’s so handsome. I really want to get such a figure, but it’s too poor.”

Norman didn’t answer. He wiped the blood on his body with a T-shirt, wiped the residual dry blood with a wet paper towel from his backpack, and changed into a clean T-shirt.

After he put it on, he grabbed the little mermaid’s waist with both hands, put the man on his left arm and walked out of the forest.

An Jin quickly held his shoulder and noticed that he had changed his clothes. He guessed that it might have something to do with him. The tip of his ear was red: “I can go by myself.”

“You almost fell.” Norman stated the facts.

An Jin was stunned and wanted to refute. He thought of the trip by the straw before. He felt ashamed and whispered, “I’m just careless.”

Norman rubbed his head. “It doesn’t matter. You’re light. I’ll walk faster with you.”

Ann accepted the reason. Norman hugged him. It was more time-saving!

Outside the forest, Norman looked left and right with a slight frown.

An Jin also looked around: “what are you looking for?”

“I heard that there is a barbecue stand nearby. The barbecue is very delicious. You should like it.” Norman explained, move on.

An Jin’s eyes are bright. Unexpectedly, his kebab is so hot!

The corners of his mouth curled up and pressed the pride in his heart: “maybe the stall has been closed.”

Norman will be very surprised to know that he baked the kebab later. The more he thinks, the happier he is.

At this time, Dillon, the boss of the barbecue stand, was in a bad mood.

He returned to the cabin and was preparing to clean the oven and the basin for curing kebabs. Mu Chen came to the door.

Mu Chen’s image in the holographic world is very handsome, and his figure has changed, but he is thinner and looks like a noble childe.

“Excuse me, are you Dillon?” Although Mu Chen recognized Dilang, he asked politely.

Dillon wondered, “I am. What can I do for you?” He added, “today’s kebabs are sold out.”

“I’m not here to buy kebabs. I have something to ask you,” Mu Chen smiled gently. “To show my sincerity, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Mu Chen, head of the third Corps. Hello.”

He said, opening his panel and showing it to Dillon.

The real identity is hidden on the panel and can only be seen with my permission.

After reading it, Dillon’s eyes widened, surprised and excited.

Imperial University students are no strangers to the generals of the military headquarters. He nervously wiped his hands: “general mu, general Mu Chen, what can I do for you?”

Mu Chen smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t be nervous, relax,” he said like chatting. “Do you know that your barbecue can improve your mental strength?”

“… what?” Dillon didn’t react for the first two seconds. When he reacted, his voice couldn’t be controlled at all.

He looked at Mu Chen incredulously, with an expression of ‘are you teasing me?’.

Seeing this, Mu Chen was more sure that the effect of barbecue had nothing to do with Dilang. He nodded seriously: “what I said is the truth. It seems that you don’t know.”

“How can I know? How can it be! If I know, how can I sell at such a low price?” Dillon spoke very fast. “It’s not right. It doesn’t seem to be of much use in the holographic world.”

When he said this, he calmed down a little and soon became nervous again: “don’t you think I took advantage of the holographic company and committed a commercial crime?”

He raised his hand and promised, “I’m definitely not,” he continued when he thought of his own man. “My guy is definitely not that kind of person. His family is very poor. He doesn’t even know a few words and can’t speak neatly. He’s estimated to be only a few years old.”

He concluded: “there must be some misunderstanding!”

When Mu Chen heard the speech, he couldn’t help but doubt that the previous guess was wrong.

The Ministry of information can’t find specific information. Are they unregistered citizens in remote areas? Is there a place like that in SiO?

Mu Chen thought that if there was a misunderstanding, he must report to his majesty and pay close attention to the development of the economy in remote areas.

However, on second thought, the effect of barbecue does exist. If it has nothing to do with both people in the barbecue stand, it is even more impossible.

The first thing they investigated was the meat store. The meat in the store was very ordinary without any special. The investigation results of seasoning were the same as that of meat.

All interference matters are excluded, which can only be related to people.

He looked at Dillon. Is this guy a movie king? Was the shock just played out?

But Dillon’s information from small to large is transparent and has no suspicious points.

If she was really capable, Dillon wouldn’t even be unable to take out the money for her mother’s hospitalization. She also took time to set up a stall to make money during the exam.

After thinking about it, Mu Chen still thinks the man is the most suspicious.

He asked, “where’s your plan?”

Dilang: “it’s time to go offline,” he said. He opened the panel and saw an Jin online. He was surprised, “eh, I didn’t go offline, so I don’t…”

“Boss.” Just then, a clear and soft voice came from outside the door.

He turned his head and saw that his buddy was held in his hand by the famous Tang team in the town. He was surprised for a moment, and then suddenly: “you mean Tang team when you say inviting friends to barbecue?”

An Jin nodded and poked Norman’s arm. Norman understood and put him down.

Mu Chen looked at Norman in surprise, looked at an Jin again, and then jokingly said, “team Tang, won’t you introduce me to this boy?”

The light of gossip flickered in his eyes. The whole si’ao people mentioned his majesty. The adjectives were always powerful, cold, serious and silent.

When did you see your majesty holding people and looking gentle?

Mu Chen was almost sure that his Majesty was secretly in love!

An Jin recognized Mu Chen’s joke, blushed and politely said, “Hello, I’m an an.”

“An……” Mu Chen’s voice paused and suddenly looked at Norman. The words he spit out were very heavy, with a strong smell of inquiry, “an?”

Norman looked unchanged and nodded, “yes, you’re right.”

Mu Chen takes a deep breath and subconsciously looks at an Jin’s feet.

It’s feet!

He felt that he had been strongly impacted and even suspected that he was having an absurd dream with no change.

The room was suddenly quiet.

Dilang quietly took an Jin’s arm, pulled him aside, pointed to Mu Chen and whispered, “this is general Mu Chen. He said our barbecue can restore mental strength and come to investigate.”

What he said was a whisper. He said it very quietly. In order to make an Jin hear clearly, he almost leaned in an Jin’s ear.

Norman frowned unconsciously.

An Jin was stunned when he heard the speech, and soon calmed down. He thought that the military headquarters was really powerful. He found it so soon.

He was not used to being too close to people. He took a step aside and comforted Dillon with a smile: “it’s all right.”

When Dilang saw that his reaction was flat and didn’t look like he was found making small moves, he muttered, “I said it must be a misunderstanding.”

Mu Chen calmed down and went to Norman. The general’s discovery was whispered to Norman.

Norman’s sight immediately fell on the boy’s hand. The injury on the boy’s hand was hot!

He looked a little annoyed. He forgot to give the little mermaid money. The little mermaid played in the holographic world. If he wanted to eat, he couldn’t buy it without money.

I must have worked because I didn’t have money.

After the report, Mu Chen suddenly said, “no wonder the information department can’t find the information and track the address. No wonder Dilang says he is poor, doesn’t know words and doesn’t speak neatly. I’m surprised that SiO is so poor.”

Norman was even more upset. He couldn’t help but feel distressed when he thought that his little mermaid had not learned to speak.

Mu Chen still poked him in the heart: “Your Majesty, you are too stingy. You don’t even give your pocket money.” He looked at an Jin with two bright eyes: “if Xiao Yinjin can talk to me, he will spend all my money!”

Norman said in a deep voice, “I didn’t expect it.”

He was not short of money since childhood. He usually paid with money directly by fingerprint or pupil. The process was almost silent. He didn’t even feel that he spent money at all.

He regarded the little mermaid as a teenager, but he was too impressed by the mermaid and didn’t expect that the little mermaid needed to spend money.

He opened the panel and transferred 100 million star coins to the little mermaid.

An Jin heard the prompt sound and opened it. It was Norman’s transfer reminder. He stared at the row of zeros behind him. He was surprised. He quickly looked at Norman and wondered, “why transfer money to me?”

Norman: I’ll buy you something and tell me if it’s not enough

An Jin shook his head, turned the money back and said seriously, “you have spent a lot of money for me. Now I can make money by myself.”

He walked up to Norman, his eyes shining with pride: “I baked the delicious barbecue you said. The last time you invited me to dinner, I wanted to invite you back.

“I bought a lot of dishes with yesterday’s salary. Sit and wait. I’ll cook a barbecue for you.”

Norman didn’t move and looked down at the boy: “do you make money to invite me to dinner?”

“Not at all,” said an Jin, scratching his face in embarrassment. “I’m going to buy something.”

Mu Chen’s heart is sour into lemon. His majesty is too lucky. The mermaid doesn’t have to coax him to sing actively, but also makes money and treats him to dinner!

Norman felt soft and rubbed the boy’s head: “you don’t have to work. What do you want to buy? It’s right to spend money for you.”

Although an Jin knew that Norman said this because he could provide mental strength, his heart beat faster.

He looked at Norman’s serious expression and suddenly felt that Xiaoyin was right. They were not pets, but Mermaid masters.

Norman will give him what he wants, will not abuse him or abandon him. He will only be good to him. He has nothing to worry about. This is not what the master is?

However, he is not a real mermaid. He is a person with independent personality and doesn’t want to rely entirely on others.

He smiled at Norman, “I like making money myself. I feel satisfied.”

He pursed his lips, looked at Mu Chen, looked at Norman, and whispered, “can I still work at the barbecue stand in the future?”

Norman pondered for a moment: “do you like barbecue?”

An Jin wrung his eyebrows and thought, “it’s not the same,” he pinched his fingers shyly, “I can only barbecue.”

“You can do what you like. What do you like?” Asked Norman.

An Jin’s heart moved, thought, and didn’t speak.

What he really wants to do is meaningful only in reality, but in reality he is a mermaid.

Norman saw that he didn’t speak and thought he couldn’t think of what he liked. He said, “you’re still young. You haven’t found that what you like is very normal. You’ll know later.”

“Well,” said an Jin in a low voice, “can we continue the barbecue?”

Norman looked at the boy’s fingers. If the boy liked it, he would not stop it, but the boy clearly just wanted to make money. He wanted to change his job selfishly.

Seeing that the topic turned to the barbecue, Mu Chen said to Dilang, “I found that someone investigated you and your mother. I asked someone to transfer your mother to the military region hospital. She may not be at ease if she doesn’t know my people. Go and see her.”

Dillon’s face suddenly changed: “is it about barbecue?”

Mu Chen nodded: “don’t worry, we have controlled people, and neither you nor your mother will be in danger.”

Dilang thanked, said hello to an Jin, and then went offline.

Mu Chen closed the door and smiled at an Jin when he came back: “Hello, an, I’m Mu Chen, the master of Xiaoyin.”

An Jin suddenly realized that no wonder he felt familiar. He smiled and said, “hello.”

His heart moved. He thought that Dilang mentioned Mu Chen’s identity and Mu Chen’s attitude towards Norman. Mu Chen was a general, so what would Norman be?

He knew that Norman worked in the military headquarters, but he had no concept of his position. He asked curiously, “are you also a general?”

Norman nodded and an Jin’s eyes lit up: “it’s really powerful.”

Without outsiders, Mu Chen couldn’t help asking, “Ann, do you know that your roast meat can restore mental strength?”

Anxin hesitated for a moment, thinking about his importance to Norman, without concealing it, nodded: “HMM.”

Mu Chen stepped forward excitedly: “how do you know?”

An Jin subconsciously retreated: “I sent spiritual power to them.”

Norman reminded Mu Chen, “calm down and don’t scare Ann.”

Mu Chen: “I’m sorry,” he restrained his excitement. “You mean, you passed your mental power to food?”

An Jin nodded and his eyes brightened: “they will become very delicious!”

He felt Mu Chen’s friendly attitude. Knowing that Norman and he were good friends, he said, “I’m going to bake something for Norman. Would you like to join me?”

Mu Chen nodded hurriedly, “OK.”

An Jin thought to himself that he had bought a lot of food. He turned out the food in the corner and put it on the table one by one: “wait a minute, you can bake it soon.”

He said, opening the window and looking at Norman, “can you help move the barbecue oven to the window?”

Norman moved the grill as he said.

An Jin thanked him. Seeing that he was still standing, he asked him to sit and wait.

Norman: can I help you

An Jin shook his head: “no, the ingredients I bought are handled. Just bake them directly.”

He turned on the switch, put the difficult food first, and brushed the oil and put the seasoning neatly.

Mu Chen looked curiously and whispered to Norman: “Your Majesty, how to deal with this?” He said with a sigh, “many people in the military headquarters are looking forward to it. They think someone has the ability to restore the mental power of food. Unexpectedly, it is still related to mermaids.”

He couldn’t help feeling: “no wonder you said that you were surprised after Ann entered the holographic world. I’m still surprised now. Is he really Ann?”

“Yes,” Norman said, “solid mermaids and may be closer to humans than fish.”

Mu Chen looked at an Jin’s neat action and nodded in agreement: “do you want to announce it?”

Norman looked at the little mermaid and pondered for a moment: “no, the mermaid is precious enough. There is no need to add exciting chips to the malicious people.”

Mu Chen said, “I’m afraid I can’t hide it. In addition to the military headquarters, other people also found the role of barbecue. Those people thought about Dilang and ANN and were warned by my people.”

Norman: “let the holographic company announce a bug,” thinking of the silence before the little mermaid, he said, “bug is reserved. As the welfare of the holographic world, when Ann doesn’t want to barbecue, cancel the welfare.”

Mu Chen: “are you going to make money from Ann barbecue?”

Norman was a little helpless. “Whatever he likes,” he paused. “Talk to holographic about a good price.”

Mu Chen agreed: “the barbecue of pure Mermaid can’t be too cheap.”

At the moment, the smell of barbecue comes out. The rich meat aroma and sweet corn are mixed with spicy and sweet, which stimulates people to secrete saliva uncontrollably.

Mu Chen took a deep breath: “it’s too sweet! I didn’t buy kebabs online before. I’m so lucky.”

An Jin roasted the star beast meat Norman ordered last time, put it on a plate, handed it to Norman, and said expectantly, “will you taste it?”

Norman stared at the meat. Unexpectedly, the little mermaid remembered the dishes he ordered. His heart was soft. He took the meat and tasted it. The pure meat fragrance spread in his mouth with a slight acid: “delicious.”

An Jin’s eyes bent: “last time you had dinner, I didn’t think you could eat spicy food. Your taste was sour. You only gave a little pepper and a little lemon juice when baking.”

Norman was stunned. Unexpectedly, the little mermaid noticed that he felt strange and warm.


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