After Being a Mermaid Chapter 29

Ann was very happy to see that Norman liked to eat. She turned back to the barbecue and asked, “Admiral Mu Chen, do you like spicy food?”

Mu Chen took back his envious eyes on Norman and hurriedly said, “I like spicy and sweet. Just call me Mu Chen.”

An Jin nodded, filled him with a plate of spicy barbecue and a sweet potato, and handed it to him.

Then put the other baked ones on a large plate, put them on the table, turn around and prepare to continue baking.

Norman took his wrist. “Eat while it’s hot.”

An Jin thought for a moment, nodded, moved his wrist, and Norman released him.

An Jin went to turn off the oven and didn’t go back to the table. Instead, he washed the strawberries and put them on the plate.

He had planned to use water power to make strawberry juice before inviting Norman. He didn’t expect to meet Norman. He couldn’t make juice and had to eat strawberries.

It’s also good. Barbecue tastes strong and fresh fruit tastes refreshing.

An Jin sat down and tasted a strawberry. The sweet and sour fragrance filled his mouth. His eyes narrowed slightly because of acid. After eating, he said to Norman, “the seller didn’t lie to me. It’s really a little sour. Do you like it?”

Norman looked at his expectant eyes and the red strawberries. He took one and put it in his mouth. His deep eyes lit up. He nodded after eating: “it’s delicious.”

He was amazed by the sweet and sour taste!

He has eaten it before, but the fragrance mixed with the bitter smell of impurities is not delicious.

Mu Chen also took one and tasted it. He couldn’t eat sour. He hissed and quickly swallowed it: “it’s delicious,” he looked at an Jin, “how did you pass your spiritual power to the food?”

“Sing.” An Jin said what he had long thought.

Mu Chen looked at the barbecue on the table and wondered, “I didn’t hear you sing just now.”

“I sang in my heart,” an Jin pursed his lower lip and whispered, “my singing is different from yours. I’m afraid to be found that I’m not human and dare not sing.”

When he sings with emotion, the song has no specific language, and the sporadic language is also Mermaid language; When you consciously sing, you sing Mandarin, not interstellar language.

That’s a good reason.

When he finished, his fingers on the edge of the table worked hard, and his fingertips were slightly white. He looked up at Norman, dropped his eyes quickly, puffed his cheeks, and said angrily, “but they are terrible if they don’t sing.”

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile: “do you convey spiritual power to food in order to be delicious?”

An Jin nodded and looked at him brightly: “do you think they taste a lot?”

Norman nodded, “yes, Ann is great.”

An Jin looked at him seriously and his face was slightly red.

Mu Chen ate potato chips and his eyes were full of expectation: “in the real world, can you also transfer your spiritual power to food?”

An Jin: “yes,” he explained, looking at Norman, “I didn’t mean not to give you delicious food, but… I found it too.”

He was able to remove impurities with water very early, but it was only discovered that mermaid’s song could remove food impurities.

It was for this reason that he felt that the ability to remove impurities did not matter, because he would not expose the water power.

Norman didn’t care. Even if the mermaid was intentional, it was all right. It was nature for the mermaid to protect food.

He comforted the Little Mermaid: “it’s all right.”

The more tolerant he was, the more he felt that he couldn’t eat alone. He quickly said, “I’ll give you delicious food every day in the future,” he added. “You have to prepare more food for me. You’d better change the variety.”

His eyes looked forward to: “can I have some more vegetables and fruits?”

“Yes,” Norman frowned. “If you want something else, why don’t you tell me?”

An Jin blinked and whispered, “you’ve been very kind to me. I don’t want to give you any trouble.”

Norman’s heart was soft and his tone was gentle: “tell me everything you want in the future. You’re good and don’t bother.”

“Yes,” Mu Chen turned jealousy into appetite and kept eating. Then he answered, “you are good and sensible. You can’t stand trouble. If he thinks you’re in trouble, you go home with me and I’ll buy you what you want.”

Norman glanced at him faintly, and Mu Chen hurriedly said, “I’m kidding. I have little silver enough!”

Ann Jin blushed when they said it. Norman handed him a bunch of potato chips. He smiled at Norman and took it.

Speaking of business, Mu Chen asked, “do you transmit spiritual power to food in reality and consume much spiritual power?”

An Jin thought and thought of a suitable and accurate description: “enough for me to make five breakfasts delicious!”

Mu Chen asked Norman what his breakfast was and asked, “how many breakfasts can you make delicious by singing a song?”

“Four copies!” An Jin estimated.

Norman frowned and asked, “after you sang to me in the morning, did you convey spiritual power to the food?”

An Jin nodded.

“Nonsense!” Norman said in a deep voice, “you can’t do this in the future. The remaining mental strength is too low and dangerous.”

Mental strength is too low. In case of emergencies, there is no use of mental strength and forced overdraft, which will cause strong trauma to the mental sea.

He looked at the boy seriously: “remember?”

Although his holographic world face is ordinary, his figure is very tall, which is easy to give people a sense of oppression. At present, his serious appearance is particularly frightening.

Ann Jin was not frightened. He was very sensitive to good and evil and knew that Norman was good for him.

He looked at Norman with a smile: “don’t worry. I’m very happy when I sing to you. My mental strength will recover soon. After eating food, I will also recover my mental strength.”

He explained and then promised, “I will take care not to put my mental strength at risk.”

Norman was slightly surprised. Mu Chen also looked surprised and asked excitedly, “how long can your mental strength recover after you have sung a song?”

An Jin recalled: “not necessarily. If you are in a good mood, it will take about an hour. If you are in a normal mood, it will take about three hours. If you are unhappy, it may take seven or eight hours. If you are sad… It may take a day.”

Mu Chen’s eyes lit up and looked at Norman.

He held the barbecue stick tightly, his knuckles turned white, and tried to control the impulse to speak.

Twenty four hours a day, eight hours of sleep, and sixteen hours. If Ann’s mental power can be planned and used, when it is full, it will be transmitted to food. As long as Ann is not sad, it can be transmitted at least four times.

If you can make Ann happy, the total number of mental strength will be more.

The mental power provided is equivalent to several more solid mermaids!

Moreover, food is different from singing. Food does not need to specify the object, nor is it affected by the love and familiarity of mermaids.

Equivalent to a soothing agent, but the therapeutic effect is better than a soothing agent!

Mu Chen’s thoughts flew around, but he didn’t say a word.

An’an is his Majesty’s Mermaid and belongs to his Majesty’s private property. Even if he is excited again, he can’t make a decision.

Norman looked at Mu Chen. Naturally, he knew what Mu Chen meant. He pondered for a moment and said, “I’ll observe first.”

The damage caused by improper use of mental power is very serious. He also hopes that the little mermaid can provide more mental power, but the premise is that the Little Mermaid will not be injured.

An Jin glanced at them and guessed what they thought, but he thought about it and didn’t open his mouth.

His performance has been very conspicuous. He shouldn’t even pry into human ideas.

After all, he’s just a little mermaid.

He ate a bunch of potatoes. Seeing that the baked potatoes were almost finished, he got up and continued to bake.

Mu Chen looked at the back of an Jin barbecue and sighed, “is he really an? The blue mermaid? I always doubt whether you recognize the wrong person.”

“Can human singing convey spiritual power?” Asked Norman.

“That’s right,” said Mu Chen, “but he really doesn’t look like a mermaid. He can even speak interstellar language.”

“He’s very clever,” Norman praised and ate a strawberry. “He’s making rapid progress.”

Mu Chen swept the strawberries in his hand and said with a smile, “if I didn’t know he was a mermaid, I thought he was your little daughter-in-law. You remember your favorite taste clearly. It’s so sweet.”

He sighed: “if Xiaoyin is like this, I can wake up with a smile in my dream.”

Norman looked at an Jin. The boy stood by the window and was covered with a halo. Although his facial features were very ordinary, it made people feel comfortable and calm.

An Jin looked back occasionally while baking. He felt very happy to see that they were satisfied with their food.

The craft has been recognized!

When I looked back again, I looked up at Norman’s eyes. I thought Norman wanted something to eat. I was embarrassed to say, so I asked, “do you want anything to eat?”

Norman shook his head. “I’m watching you learn craft.”

An Jin said with a smile, “if you want to learn, I’ll teach you next time, and today’s will be finished right away.”

He set up a stall and practiced hand speed. The oven was full. Taking into account Norman’s taste, each food had a less spicy, and some food would be appropriately sour.

With the passage of time, the flavor becomes stronger. Due to the variety of food, all kinds of flavors are mixed together, especially attractive.

Suddenly, a man came out of the window, his left hand propped his body into the house, and his right quickly took away the roasted corn in the middle.

An Jin was sprinkling seasoning. He was startled and shook his hand. He sprinkled more seasoning. He didn’t care about it and took a step back.

He raised his eyes. First he was flashed by his bald head, and then his face was vigilant: “what are you doing?”

The bald head bit the corn, and his eyes moved from the food on the barbecue to an Jin’s face. He snorted coldly: “little guy, be sensible and hand in all your seasonings, otherwise I won’t let you set up a stall in the future!”

He bit the corn again. The corn was sweet and fragrant, and he ate it with satisfaction.

Worthy of waiting so long next door!

Dillon, the poor man, rented the house so badly. He waited next door for a long time. He wanted to wait for no one to steal the seasoning. Unexpectedly, there was always someone next door.

He smelled the smell of barbecue. He couldn’t bear it. He just came out.

Eating the corn, he thought it was the right trip.

When he got back, he and the man were unwilling.

They remember that when they first used Anjin’s chili powder, the roasted meat was really delicious. They suspected that the roast paste caught fire accidentally.

So I tried to bake it again. The result was very good. The kebab was very delicious, but it was not as good as an Jin.

He and his fellow guessed that the reason why the roast was not as delicious as Anjin was related to other condiments!

Looking at an Jin’s slender figure with a bald head, he didn’t look at him at all.

He ate the corn and thought it was good to show up and threaten. After all, he could only steal one copy. He was scared and asked for one copy every day.

Dillon is a poor man. I don’t think he’s any better. He speaks soft and unskillfully. I’m afraid he’s a child of a poor family. Minors can’t find anything in reality, so they go to the holographic world to work.

The bald head showed a fake smile: “my uncle doesn’t bully people and doesn’t want your formula. As long as you give your uncle a seasoning made every day, my uncle will not trouble you, but also protect you and calculate the protection fee you pay.”

An Jin blinked and raised his finger behind him.

“Don’t play tricks,” snorted the bald head. Looking back, it was dark in front of him, like a mountain in front of him. He was so frightened that he stepped back and hit the window sill with his back. His face was wrinkled with pain, but he didn’t dare to move, “Tang, Tang team.”

Tang team is very famous in the town. At first, it was because of his figure that all men envy, and later because of his skill.

The hunting team can’t complete any reward in the urban area. As long as you ask the Tang team for help, you will succeed.

Such a powerful character always keeps his bald head in mind and takes a detour. He will never provoke.

Norman took the back of his bald neck and dragged him back to the position in front of the window. His tone was dark: “protection fee?”

Hearing this tone, the bald head immediately understood that team Tang was planning to come out for the barbecue stand guys and said it was over.

The guy wore an ordinary face of ten star coin and didn’t speak neatly. He was a poor kid anyway. I didn’t expect that there would be such a strong backstage of Tang team!

Bald kowtow dry smile: “misunderstanding, all misunderstandings.”

Norman glanced at the barbecue in his hand, and his voice was deeper: “misunderstanding?”

Bareheaded embarrassedly holding half of the corn, tangled and uneasy, I think it’s not corn, but a fake bullet. It doesn’t seem appropriate to return it or continue to hold it.

“I’m wrong,” the bald head turned and apologized directly to an, “I’m sorry, I have no eyes. I won’t dare to let go of me in the future!”

An Jin turned off the oven and accused, “you changed my chili powder this afternoon.”

Baldheaded: “how do you know?” He suddenly said, “you made the fire before?”

An Jin blinked and looked innocent: “you can’t use it.”

Norman put a force on his hand: “have you bothered him before?”

The bald head and neck were clamped tightly. He hurriedly pulled his collar with his hand and apologized: “I’ll give him the chili powder right away,” he didn’t forget to compliment, “because my little brother’s craftsmanship is too strong, I’ll move my mind. I won’t dare to do it again in the future.”

Norman looked at the boy. “What do you want to do with him?”

An Jin thought and thought of Norman’s identity. He said, “he is very skilled at threatening people. This kind of thing is not like doing it for the first time. In reality, he may have bullied others and handed it over to the police. Investigate what he has done and deal with it according to the law.”

He paused: “it’s better for him to compensate the people he bullied.” He said and asked Norman, “do you think it’s okay?”

“No!” Baldheaded and flustered, he couldn’t care what team Tang would do to him in the future. He pulled out the panel offline and slipped away.

An Jin was angry when he saw people disappear. He asked Norman, “will they not be punished for doing bad things in the holographic world? If they run away directly, they will be fine?”

Norman: I can’t run. I’ll deal with it as you say

Bald head returned to reality and sneered proudly. However, in less than five minutes, the police in his street knocked on his door.

Norman returned to the house, washed his hands, saw an Jin loading the plate, went to help, held the big plate in one hand, took the kebab and put it on the other.

He looked at the boy finishing the kebab: “how did you think of that?”

An Jin’s heart beat fast for a moment and soon calmed down. He looked up at him with bright eyes: “when Joey was in class, the teacher said that the bad guys should be handed over to the police uncle.”

Norman knows that he knows Joey. When he delivers meals to the little mermaid, the little mermaid is always watching an animation. The protagonist of the animation is Joey.

He praised: “Ann is so clever.”

He suddenly understood why the little mermaid always read with interest, because the little mermaid could understand.

He thought that the little mermaid’s speed of learning to speak so fast should also be related to watching cartoons.

Anxin felt embarrassed and pursed his lips. He found that Norman praised him more and more skillfully.

At first, he could feel that Norman was very stiff when he praised him. It was always what he did. It took Norman a few seconds to praise.

It suddenly occurred to me that I should praise him.

Now praise is very natural, not follow the process.

Norman didn’t notice his change. He thought the little mermaid was very smart, so he subconsciously boasted.

The two people put all the baked food on the table. The table was full of all kinds of fragrance, which was very attractive.

Although Mu Chen has been eating, he is also paying attention to the news just now. He asks Norman curiously: “who is Joey?”

Norman: “cartoon protagonist.”

Mu Chen: “Ann still watches cartoons?”

Norman: I’ve been watching

An Jin nodded aside and took the opportunity to let him quickly learn to speak, which seemed reasonable: “I learned a lot from cartoons.”

Mu Chen bit a chicken wing and thought if Xiao Yin also watched cartoons, would he also learn interstellar language? Even if you can’t speak, it’s good to understand.

A mouthful of spicy wings, his eyes narrowed and his face enjoyed it.

The three had a good meal.

Near six o’clock, Norman asked an Jin to go offline for dinner, and then he and Mu Chen went offline.

Mu Chen returned to the conference room and looked forward to more than a dozen pairs of eyes.

Mu Chen sighed and shook his head: “it’s not human ability, it’s… Bug. The holographic company checked too quickly and didn’t find it. It should make an announcement soon.”

At that moment, there was a sigh of disappointment in the conference room.

Mu Chen’s good mood for barbecue immediately dissipated.

He glanced across the conference room. The oldest present was less than 45 years old.

People in the military headquarters consume a lot of mental power. If they can’t continuously supplement their mental power, the mental sea will inevitably collapse before the age of 50, and they will only welcome death.

At present, the soothing agents on the market will have resistance after a long time, and the more they are used, the worse the effect. For the top military officers, it is about equal to ineffective.

It is becoming more and more difficult for the military to recruit troops. The rate of joining the army has picked up in recent years. It is still because your majesty resisted the pressure and won a welfare for the soldiers ten years ago.

As long as you accumulate certain military merit, you can apply for a mermaid. Do not need to participate in the auction, do not need to spend a penny, the only requirement is the ability to raise mermaids.

Officers who have accumulated enough military achievements may not be able to shoot a mermaid with their assets, but raising mermaids is absolutely no problem.

This benefit has greatly encouraged military personnel and increased the number of recruits.

But the number of mermaids is rare, which is completely unequal to the number of soldiers. Too many soldiers bear the risk of spiritual riots.

Mu Chen sighed and got up to leave the office.

I hope what Ann said is true. In that case, ANN can make some food that can supplement her mental strength.

Even if the number is small, it is better than none. If the emergency is timely, it may save lives.

Thinking of this, Mu Chen went back to the office and turned to Norman’s office.

He has to make sure in reality, barbecue booth man, it’s really Ann!

At this time, Norman is contacting Arlo, the head of holographic company.

Arlo took a breath when Norman told him to announce the bug: “Your Majesty, can he really make food have the effect of restoring spirit?”

When troubleshooting bugs, he supervised the whole process and knew that there were no bugs at all.

“Well,” Norman did not deny, reminding, “first class.”

Arlo was vaguely excited: “why not publicize it? The news is so exciting. It will be very lively when the military recruits new people after summer!”

He said, calming down a little: “can’t it be used in reality?”

Norman: “it can’t be popularized. Publicity is not conducive to protecting him.”

Arlo was disappointed and soon regained his mood. A little hope was always better: “I’ll hang up the announcement right away.”

Norman asked, “what’s the most expensive barbecue in the holographic world?”

“Ink horn roars animal meat, a string of eighty.”

Norman: “his kebab, after a string of 100, 10% belongs to the holographic company. This% goes to my account.”

Arlo thought to himself that his majesty really liked this capable man. He should say, “good.”

At the same time, the barbecue in the holographic world has the effect of improving spiritual power on the Star Internet. This news has been on fire and aroused heated discussion among netizens.

Question the authenticity of the function of barbecue and guess whether it is a bug in holographic company or someone with this ability.

The discussion intensified. Many netizens left messages on the official website of holographic company and asked the truth. The official website was almost paralyzed.

Soon, the holographic company put up an announcement explaining that the effect of barbecue did exist, which was an unintentional system bug.

The announcement explaining the situation was issued, followed by a compensation announcement.

“In order to compensate users, the company will keep bugs as a welfare and sell 1500 strings of delicious barbecue meat that can restore mental strength every day. Each string costs 100, and each person is limited to 10. Pay first, get first.”

Netizens were boiling, and the customer service of holographic company was busy and confused.

“Where to sell? Do you accept reservations?”

“Is there anything else today? What time does it start every day?”

Various problems kept appearing in the customer service chat box until the company made a complete and specific announcement.

Ann was floating in the water and put his hands on the Bank of the pool. Norman looked down and asked him, “the sale starts at 4 p.m. will you be too tired?”

An Jin raised his chin, a little proud, and shook his head.

He roasts meat so fast!

He said, glancing at Norman’s virtual screen, with a trace of embarrassment on his face.

He can’t understand!

His oral English has improved rapidly, but his writing is not very good. He can only recognize half of many words.

There was a movement in his heart. He already knew that he was very important to Norman and his relationship was very stable. Therefore, it should not matter to expose his speaking ability.

He looked at Norman’s smart brain bracelet. He wanted one, too.

He learned to read by watching cartoons. The speed is too slow. There should be appropriate teaching materials on the Star Internet.

He thought, how can he speak so as not to appear abrupt and not to make Norman feel that he deliberately didn’t speak before?

Norman stood up and said to the little mermaid, “I’m going to the award ceremony. You have to rest early.”

An Jin pursed his lower lip, didn’t want to delay Norman’s business, nodded and waved to him.


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