After Being a Mermaid Chapter 3

Bernie took a picture of Anjin and left the room.

The doctor squatted down, took out a long flat fish from the fish basin and handed it to an Jin: “this taste is very good. Do you like it or not?”

An Jin didn’t understand him, but he understood what he meant. He smiled at him and reached out to take it.

He still uses his nails as a knife, holding fish in his left hand and slicing fish in his right hand.

After taking one, he stopped and didn’t continue immediately.

The fish is very delicious. The only drawback is that it also has a bitter smell. He guesses that it is the black spots on the fish.

He secretly uses the water power to feel the changes in his body after eating fish fillets.

Although the doctor had eaten the fish fillet, he was still a little worried. After all, the fish was sent by the doctor.

Before the end of the world, he lived a good life and developed a naive and ignorant character. After the end of the world, he learned to be cautious after suffering a lot of losses.

His water power was so weak that he didn’t even reach level 1. He only dared to take one piece tentatively.

In this way, even if there are substances harmful to the body in the fish, he can purify it with water in time.

Soon, he found a black silk thread in his blood, thinner than his hair.

Black under the power is absolutely harmful!

The black line flows in the body with the blood and sticks to the inner wall of the heart in the blink of an eye.

Surprised, an Jin quickly gathered his mental strength to form a small stream of water.

Just about to purify the black line, I saw a water blue light on the inner wall.

Suddenly the light dissipated and the black line disappeared.

An Jin was stunned. He checked carefully and found that there were no harmful substances in his body.

He took back his mental strength and examined the mental sea.

The spirit sea of water power is composed of water blue spirit filaments. When the spirit power is sufficient, the spirit filaments are fluorescent and very beautiful.

An Jin was surprised to find that some of the spiritual silk on the periphery of his spiritual sea were dim and had no luster.

The water flow formed by mental power is not used and completely recycled, which is equivalent to that mental power is not consumed.

Just now, only checking the body consumes mental power, but the mental power consumed by checking is very small. The spiritual sea should not be like this!

He remembered the flash as like as two peas of his spirit.

Can you say? His mental strength, take the initiative to eliminate the impurities in the fish?

His eyes fell on the black spot in the fish, and then looked at the doctor and Professor Jin.

Both of them are not weak in spirit. According to the standards of the end of the world, they are close to two levels.

Their spiritual sea is gray without attribute.

At the end of the world, this kind of power has the largest number, and the variation direction is mainly the various abilities of the body, five senses, physical strength and so on.

However, it is a little strange that their spiritual filaments are not all gray and white, some are gray and black, and the darker the outer color is.

In Professor Jin’s spiritual sea, there are more dark spiritual silk than doctors.

Even if the spiritual power of the apocalyptic powers is consumed, the spiritual silk is only dark and will not turn black.

An Jin thought they were traumatized, but according to his observation, they looked relaxed and didn’t look like they were suffering.

You know, the mental sea is injured, especially painful, and it is difficult to be calm.

An Jin thought for a moment, sliced a fish and raised his hand to the doctor.

The doctor didn’t stay this time, but his eyes were moved and his heart screamed. The little mermaid was too good and liked!

His voice was so gentle that he could almost pinch out the water: “no, eat it yourself.”

An Jin raised his hand higher, and the fish fillets were almost in the doctor’s mouth.

The doctor was happy and helpless. Seeing that an Jin insisted, he couldn’t bear to brush the little mermaid’s kindness and took it.

An Jin stared at the spirit sea over the doctor’s head. A cluster of gray spirit silk soon turned black after the doctor swallowed the fish fillet.

The gray white spirit silk adjacent to black turned gray.

An Jinxin suddenly mentioned that the black spots in the fish have a strong destructive force on the spiritual sea!

In other words, mental power will actively resist the harm brought by black spots to the body.

But if it goes on like this for a long time, mental strength will certainly dry up.

Unless there is a zombie crystal nucleus to supplement mental power.

But from the people he met, everyone looked very good. There was no zombie in the world.

An Jin silently puts down the fish in his hand and secretly prays that the rest of the food is free of impurities.

“No more?” The doctor was surprised.

Ann Jin didn’t know what he said. She stepped back and looked at them. She was a little uneasy.

Do they know that there are harmful substances in fish?

Professor Jin revived from the shock of the mermaid taking the initiative to give food. He couldn’t hide his excitement and patted the doctor on the shoulder: “do you think he is very smart?”

The doctor now has a 10000 meter filter for the little mermaid. He agrees and nods: “yes, it’s smart and lovely.”

He sighed: “how could there be such a lovely mermaid! Woo woo, I wish I were rich.”

Professor Jin stared at the little mermaid with hot eyes.

Since he entered the room, he had a feeling that this mermaid was different from other mermaids.

Senior Mermaid, do you have a high IQ?

An Jin’s scalp was numb. Although he didn’t feel malicious, he wasn’t used to such a sight.

He wagged his tail and sank under the water.

The doctor recovered from the pain of poverty and looked at the time. It was almost five o’clock. He had to take the little mermaid to the exhibition room.

He looked at a pot of fish that he had hardly eaten, got up and smiled at an Jin: “if you don’t eat, don’t eat. You may not be hungry.”

He walked by the pool, looked at an Jin’s position, then opened zhinao and pressed the button.

“Ka…” an Jin heard a light noise around at the same time.

In the blink of an eye, four transparent metal plates pop up from the bottom of the water to form a closed square and surround him.

An Jin was surprised and his sight suddenly moved up.

When he looked down, he found that the four metal plates and the floor at the bottom of the pool formed a container. At this time, the container was controlled to move from the water to the shore.

After a while, the container landed on the shore. The doctor went to the side, smiled at an Jin and pushed the container out.

Anxin is upset. Where are you going?

Before long, he was pushed to another room by the doctor.

On the way, he saw many tall bodyguards and received many novel and warm eyes.

He became more uneasy. What kind of existence is Mermaid in this world?

At this time, he hopes very much that he is an ordinary pet.

He crossed his hands, held his emotions and looked around.

This room is very similar to the previous room. More than half of the area is occupied by the pool.

The doctor pushed the container to the side of the pool, pressed the button, and the metal plate at the front of the container popped open.

The container opened an opening, and the water in it immediately poured into the pool.

An Jin was looking around, unprepared, rolled into the pool by the impulse of the water, and fell into the water with a “Gudong” sound, startled.

He hurriedly floated out of the water and looked at the doctor.

The doctor saw his frightened eyes, distressed and puzzled, and looked at Professor Jin with a worried face.

Thinking that Professor Jin was originally here to be held accountable, he finally did not continue to investigate. He silently swallowed the sentence “he seems to be frightened and his courage has become smaller”.

He comforted the little mermaid with a warm voice: “I’m not afraid. You’ll have a master tonight. He will treat you well.”

An Jin didn’t understand him, but he felt that he had no malice and was slightly relaxed.

“Gentlemen, your guests are coming. Please leave the exhibition room.” A security guard came in and said politely.

Both the doctor and Professor Jin looked at the little mermaid, and their eyes stayed on the little mermaid for a long time before they left.

An Jin looked blankly at the closed door and couldn’t understand what was going on.

He made up his mind again that he must learn human language!

He stayed where he was for a while, soon perked up and swam around to observe the room and all the equipment in the room.

As he looked up at a screen on the wall.

“Ka…” there was a soft noise in the room.

He immediately looked to the side of the pool, which was the only side of the pool not against the wall.

A huge transparent wall rose up and surrounded the pool with three other walls.

An Jin frowned. The feeling of being trapped made him uneasy.

He swam to the pool and knocked on the transparent wall. His voice was dull, not like glass.

He scratched hard with his fingernails. There was only a shallow trace.

“Di -” an Jin was familiar with the sound and immediately looked to the door.

The door of the room slid open from both sides and three men came in.

At the front is a tall man in a black shirt and black trousers. He has short black hair and looks ordinary at first glance, but his brown eyes are deep and have a strong sense of existence.

The two men behind the man said something respectfully to him, pointing to an Jin in the water.

The moment the man came in, the calm atmosphere in the room was immediately broken, and a strong irritability swept through the room.

This mood is particularly turbulent, which makes an Jin very uncomfortable.

He closed his lips tightly and breathed gently to resist the discomfort caused by the negative emotions brought by men.

His eyes were fixed on the top of the man’s head, with an irrecoverable shock in his eyes.

Men’s mental filaments are very many, many and dense, but the surrounding circle is full of deep black, with sparks from time to time, like withered grass spontaneous combustion.

When an Jin saw a spark, his eyebrows shook uncontrollably. Even looking at it, he felt pain.

He couldn’t help but look at the man’s face.

The man’s expression was calm and his eyebrows didn’t wrinkle. He couldn’t see it from his expression. He was suffering unimaginable pain.

Suddenly, the man’s eyes were opposite him, and his brown eyes looked at and looked at him.

An Jin felt the pressure inexplicably. A circle of fins at the edge of his ears suddenly burst open, and the biological instinct reacted against it.

A little surprise flashed in Norman’s eyes. When the mermaid faced him, it was too calm.

He asked in a deep voice, “is there something wrong with his vocal cords?”

“No,” replied the man behind him, “he is very healthy. The doctor examined him not long ago. Do you need to see his examination results?”

He said, quietly looking at the guests in front of him who, although their appearance was ordinary, could not hide their strong strength and superior temperament.

Be prepared to meet the guest’s requirements as quickly as possible when the guest says “yes”.

Norman: No

The mermaid auction process is very strict and requires absolute public auction quality. He is not worried about the receptionist lying.

He looked at the little mermaid again and turned away.

Leaving the exhibition room, Norman directly filled in the bidding registration, paid the deposit and got the auction number at 8 o’clock tonight.

This is the consistent process of mermaid auction. Look at the sample first. If you are not satisfied, you don’t have to spend any more time.

“Sir,” said the receptionist respectfully, “there is also an intermediate and top-grade Mermaid auction tonight. Would you like to see it?”

Norman was ready to leave. “Go and have a look.”

The reaction of the pure Mermaid made him doubt. He wanted to see whether the pure mermaid was so quiet or what method the auction house used to make the mermaid look docile for the time being.

The receptionist quickly led Norman to the exhibition room of the intermediate Mermaid.

As soon as Norman entered, the red tailed Mermaid floating on the water felt an uncomfortable mania.

The mermaid had a low roar in her throat, her hands bent into claws and waved at Norman, and her canine teeth were exposed.

He slapped his tail on the water, took off and jumped on the transparent wall.

He stared at Norman fiercely: “stupid bipedal, are you provoking me?” He patted the wall, “let me out and let you see my power!”

Humans can’t understand mermaid’s words. To humans, this roar sounds like a magic sound through their ears.

Norman stepped down, looked at the familiar scene, and turned out without hesitation.

That solid Mermaid, he’s going to make a decision!


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