After Being a Mermaid Chapter 30

In the morning, Norman pushed the dining car into the mermaid room, walked to the pool and looked at the little mermaid.

The little mermaid is watching a cartoon. Her water blue tail swings left and right, and her eyes stick to the screen. She looks fascinated.

When he delivered the meal before, the little mermaid always immediately swam to the side of the pool, raised her small head and watched him put down the food with bright eyes. Today, she didn’t even look back.

Norman is rarely curious. Is the cartoon so good?

He looked at the screen. Joey with three heads entered the classroom. With a naive and enthusiastic smile on his face, he kept saying hello to the students with the same three heads.

Norman didn’t see the meaning of the plot and couldn’t help guessing. Did the little mermaid have curiosity or trouble about the three headed body?

After all, the people the little mermaid met were completely different from those in the cartoon.

Norman looked serious and decided to explain the difference between reality and the second dimension to the little mermaid.

He was about to call the little mermaid. At this time, the little mermaid turned and looked at him. Her exquisite little face smiled, and then her mouth moved. A soft and pleasant voice came into his ears: “good morning.”

The sound line is slightly different from human beings, with an indescribable sense of emptiness. It is very pleasant, like a Wang Qingquan. It sounds very comfortable.

Norman grabbed the handle of the cart and unconsciously forced his eyes on the little mermaid.

After the little mermaid finished, her head leaned down to the side of the screen.

On the screen, Joey sat in his seat, took out a milky nutrient, turned around and asked his deskmate if he had eaten it.

Two seconds later, the little mermaid spoke again and looked at him with very bright eyes: “did you eat?”

A few words are very astringent, there are subtle mistakes in pronunciation, and the tone is childlike innocence.

Norman’s mind came up with two big words’ cute ‘.

He immediately realized that the little mermaid was learning from Joey.

Little mermaid in reality, mermaid form, can also speak interstellar language!

He calmed his surprise, saw the little mermaid still looking at him and replied, “I’ve eaten,” he waved, “Ann, come here.”

An Jin swam over, put his hands on the Bank of the pool, looked up at Norman, and his tail swayed happily in the pool.

Norman thought about the imitation of the little mermaid and reminded him, “Ann doesn’t have to learn cartoons. What do you think about talking in the holographic world?”

An Jin’s eyes bent. He was still thinking about how to speak naturally and quickly in reality. Norman gave him a good reason.

His head tilted and seemed to be thinking. After a while, he pointed to himself and said, “he can speak.”

Norman’s palm fell on his head and gently rubbed it: “Ann is really powerful. She can speak interstellar language.”

An Jin nodded: “awesome!”

A smile flashed in Norman’s eyes. He pointed to the Little Mermaid: “Ann.”

An Jin: “an an an.”

Norman introduced himself: “I’m your master, Norman.”

An Jin: “I’m your master Norman.”

Norman was slightly stunned, looked at the little mermaid’s clear blue eyes, slightly raised the corners of his mouth, and pointed to himself: “Norman.”

An Jin bent his eyes and shouted briskly, “Norman.”

Norman’s eyes moved, the boy’s voice was ethereal and soft, and it was beautiful to say his name.

Norman praised: “Ann is so clever.”

An Jin blinked shyly and didn’t learn.

Norman knew he understood and thought the little mermaid was so cute.

He pondered for a moment and asked, “why couldn’t Ann speak before?”

An Jin touched his throat and shook his head, “say no.”

Norman: can we be accurate today

An Jin nodded and pointed to the screen: “I couldn’t learn before.”

Norman thought, isn’t the little mermaid fully developed? The Mermaids that can be auctioned are adult mermaids.

Perhaps, the growth cycle of pure mermaid is different from that of ordinary mermaid? The little mermaid is not an adult at all, or a baby mermaid?

Norman’s eyes are firm. Whether he is an adult or not, he can’t send the little mermaid back to the scientific research institute. The little mermaid is his!

He raised his hand to the little mermaid’s white chin and wanted to look at the little mermaid’s throat.

When he was about to meet him, he suddenly remembered the shy appearance of the little mermaid last time and took back his hand: “Ann, open your mouth and let me see.”

An Jin glanced at his hands and remembered the last time. His ears were red.

He knew that Norman wanted to compare his throat with that of the last time. He raised his chin and opened his mouth obediently.

Norman looked carefully and didn’t see any difference from last time. He could only guess that it might be the internal difference.

He looked back and inadvertently saw the little mermaid’s pink tongue. He quickly looked away and said, “OK.”

Ann Jin closed her mouth and looked at Norman.

Norman looked into his eyes and said solemnly, “Ann has a healthy throat and can speak because you have grown up.”

An Jin: “…” if he didn’t know the truth, he would believe it.

He was a little guilty, probably because he was a mermaid. Norman didn’t think that he couldn’t speak before. He pretended.

He was also very helpless. He thought he was an ordinary pet and didn’t dare to behave differently from other mermaids.

Now he dared to show it because he knew the importance of mermaid from Dillon and concluded that Norman would not hurt him.

Norman rubbed the head of the little mermaid and got up to put the food on the dining car to the shore one by one.

An Jin’s attention was drawn to the past, and his eyes were full of expectation.

Norman used to deliver meals on trays. This time it’s a dining car!

Norman must have listened to what he said in the holographic world and prepared a lot of food.

Norman saw the eyes of the little mermaid and a smile flashed in his eyes.

An Jin followed Norman with his tail swinging. Where Norman’s food was placed and where he swam, he looked at all kinds of chickens, ducks, fish, shrimp, meat, vegetables and fruits, and his eyes became brighter and brighter.

A dining car filled the long side of the pool with food.

This is too happy!

An Jin was so happy that he sank into the water, vomited a series of bubbles, surfaced and smiled at Norman: “thank you.”

Norman saw that he was so happy that he immediately felt that what he had done before was too bad.

He reminded himself that the little mermaid was different from him. His habits were not suitable for the little mermaid.

He usually eats three meals a day and only drinks nutrients. He hasn’t changed his taste for a year. The only time he changed his taste was the seafood flavor nutrients made from the leftover food selected by the little mermaid.

He saw that the little mermaid liked shrimp and crab, so he ordered in Xingwang according to his habit, and asked the merchant to send the fresh shrimp and crab to the palace on time.

He didn’t expect that the little mermaid didn’t like to always eat the same food.

Norman said to the little mermaid, “remember to tell me what you like in the future.”

An Jin thought, raised his hand and pointed to his brain. Norman: “want a brain?”

An Jin nodded immediately.

Norman: what else

An Jin shook his head. With his wisdom, he could buy things by himself. He thought about it and added, “it’s cheap.”

The price of barbecue becomes a string of one hundred. After he and Dillon share it, they will have an income of 60000 a day, enough to buy brains.

Just thinking that Norman spent more than 20 billion on him and hundreds of thousands on Mermaid toys, he thought that if he didn’t say, Norman might buy a sky high price brain back.

Norman looked seriously at the little mermaid, opened his brain, operated twice, and shared the screen: “Ann, this is my current asset.”

Seeing the little mermaid’s eyes falling on the screen, he continued: “in addition, I have two tourist planets, three mining stars, holographic company also has royal shares, and…”

Ann Jin was dazzled by the countless zeros on the screen. Norman said a long string that he couldn’t remember at all.

But the central idea he understood was that Norman was very rich.

Norman finished his main industry and said seriously, “Ann, you may have some misunderstanding. I’m not short of money.”

An Jin: No, he never misunderstood!

He arrived from the beginning. Norman was very deep.

He understood Norman’s meaning and explained, “I know you are rich. I just hope I can afford smart money.”

Norman frowned. “You mean, I’ll buy you a brain, and you’ll give me the money for a brain?”

An Jin nodded, “I can make money.”

Norman shook his head in disapproval and looked serious: “I should be responsible for everything you want. If I use your money, it’s my dereliction of duty.”

“But you agree that I continue to work.” Ann Jin said that he thought Norman agreed to make his own money and spend his own money

“Making money makes you feel satisfied. If you like it, of course I will support it,” Norman rubbed his head. “It doesn’t conflict with spending my money.”

An Jin: “…” so Norman thinks he makes money for satisfaction?

Norman Wensheng said, “Ann, I said it’s right to spend money for you. As Mu Chen said, many people are willing to spend money for you. I’m very happy to spend money for you.”

He looked serious: “I’m glad I didn’t miss your auction.”

An Jin’s heart beat faster. He looked into his deep eyes. Embarrassed, he bowed his head and rubbed his ears.

It’s really a foul to say such words in such a low magnetic voice.

He thought seriously that if he had a pet and needed a pet to make money, it seemed really bad.

If the existence of this pet can prolong his life, with such a premise, he has to make money for the pet – an Jin thinks he’s too much!

He had some understanding of Norman’s ideas and was calm when he thought of the importance of his ability to Norman.

His eyes bent: “please buy a smart brain.”

He soon thought that he could save the money he earned. He could buy some gifts for surprise during the festival or Norman’s birthday.

Norman didn’t know that the little mermaid had such a lovely idea. He entered the star net mall, quickly bought a smart brain bracelet, and then asked, “is there anything else you want?”

An Jin said honestly, “level 2 and level 3 animal nuclei.”

Norman made another note of his carelessness: “I was negligent.” When the little mermaid got the animal core, she was so happy and obviously liked it.

He suddenly thought that these days, he didn’t seem to see the little mermaid playing with the animal core. He asked casually, “where’s the previous animal core?”

An Jin blinked and pointed to the direction of the bathroom: “it’s gone.”

Norman: never mind. I’ll buy it for you

An Jin politely thanked: “thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I need to thank you more,” Norman looked at him deeply and pointed to the food on the shore. “You choose what you like to eat. When you have enough mental strength, pass your mental strength to them.”

He said seriously, “don’t force yourself. Do what you can.”

Although the robot will monitor the status of the little mermaid, he is still worried to remind.

After an Jin’s ability was exposed, he thought of such a scene, which was very easy for him. Especially after accepting that all his expenses were paid by Norman, he was very happy to help Norman.

He nodded, “OK.”

A quarter of an hour later, the robot sent the smart brain bracelet to the mermaid room.

Norman took the mermaid’s wrist, took off his communicator, and put on the smart brain bracelet.

An Jin moved his wrist and was very happy.

Norman helped him set up fingerprints and pupil locks, taught him simple use, asked him what he wanted to do with his brain, and downloaded the most popular literacy course on the Star Internet.

An Jin put his right hand on the shore, side by side with Norman, and listened carefully to Norman’s explanation. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

At Mu Chen’s house, the atmosphere is completely different.

Mu Chen sent Xiaoyin breakfast, which was mainly flat fish, Xiaoyin’s favorite.

As soon as he entered the mermaid room, the leisurely silver floating on the water became alert, floating vertically in the water, staring at him.

Mu Chen put down the food: “Xiao Yin, remember me! I’m your most handsome master, Mu Chen.”

Xiaoyin bared her teeth, exposed her canine teeth, ran to the pool, picked up the tray and moved the food to the bank farthest from the door.

Mu Chen is used to it. He turns on his brain and the projection equipment installed last night. The screen on the wall lights up. In the picture, Joey is in class.

Mu Chen observed Xiao Yin’s reaction with expectation in his eyes.

If only Xiao Yin could understand him, at least there would be less fighting.

When Xiaoyin heard the sound, she turned her head and looked at the breakfast. She sneered in her heart. Do you want to win his sympathy with the cub?

Oh, cunning bipedal beast.

He ignored Mu Chen, looked blazing at the flat fish and began to sing.

Mu Chen was stunned. Xiao Yin sang again!

Yesterday morning, when he delivered breakfast, Xiao Yin also sang a song.

Yesterday, his mental power rose less than before, but he didn’t care. The mental power transmitted by the mermaid is not the same every time.

He only thought Xiaoyin was in a good mood and couldn’t help singing, but his mental strength didn’t fully recover, so the treatment effect became worse.

Now, it’s definitely not because you’re in a good mood.

Xiao Yin has never sung for three consecutive days!

He recalled the events of these two days, and his face changed slightly. The night before yesterday, he took Xiaoyin to see An’an.

His heart beat faster and he had a guess in his heart.

He stood where he was and felt the change of his mental power.

At the end of the song, his mental strength rose a little, but less than before, almost like yesterday.

After singing, Xiao Yin picked up the flat fish with bright eyes, opened his mouth and bit it. The delicious taste exploded in his mouth. His eyes narrowed happily and his tail swayed left and right happily.

Seeing this, Mu Chen affirmed his conjecture more and more. In the past, Xiao Yin didn’t enjoy breakfast so much, as if the food had become delicious.

He moved in his heart and shouted, “little silver, come here.”

Xiaoyin ignored him.

Mu Chen went around to the pond bank over there. Xiao Yin immediately looked at him with vigilance and roared low in his throat.

Mu Chen quickly approached and suddenly grabbed a fish on the tray.

“Ah!” Xiao Yin was so angry that he clapped his paw on his arm.

Mu Chen hurriedly retreated, strengthened his arm and coaxed: “I’ll have a taste.”

He didn’t care if the fish was raw, so he quickly bit and threw the fish back to the tray before Xiaoyin climbed ashore.

He felt the fishy smell in his mouth and distinguished it carefully. There was no bitter smell and no impurities.

He looked at the fish thrown back and regretted it. He should have taken a big bite. He bit too little, and his mental recovery feeling was unclear. However, his mood fluctuated too much. He was worried that he felt wrong.

Little silver protected the food in her arms and shouted at him fiercely, “damn bipedal beast, stay away from my food!”

He wanted to teach the two legged beast a lesson. He remembered that the two legged beast was very cunning. He was worried that the two legged beast would take the opportunity to steal his food and didn’t want to leave the food.

Mu Chen didn’t understand what Xiao Yin said, but he was really angry that he could understand his tone after keeping it for so long.

So he gave up the idea of grabbing and taking a big bite, turned out of the mermaid room, asked the servants in the house to take good care of Xiaoyin and got on the suspension car.

The intelligent system automatically determines the route to the military headquarters. Mu Chen said, “modify the route and go to the palace.”

Norman was about to go out when he received a communication from Mu Chen. He sat in the living room and waited.

Five minutes later, the housekeeper robot reported: “Mu Chen is coming.”

After a while, mu CHENFENG walked into the living room, greeted Norman first, and then said, “I want to see Ann.”

Norman asked, “what can I do for him?”

Mu Chen looked excited: “Xiaoyin also knows that singing can make food delicious. I suspect Ann told Xiaoyin that mermaids are likely to communicate!”

“I’ve determined that after Xiao Yin sings, his food also becomes delicious, but I’m not sure whether it has the effect of restoring mental strength. I want to ask Ann.”

Norman’s eyes also showed surprise, and then his brown eyes brightened, raising a strong hope.

If all mermaids can transmit mental power to food and are willing to do so, even if the mental power recovery speed of ordinary mermaids is not as fast as Ann, they can provide more mental power than singing once in a while now.

Only the mental power provided is equivalent to doubling the number of mermaids, or even more.

Norman analyzed quickly in his mind, then looked at Mu Chen and reminded him in a deep voice: “wait a minute, no matter what you see or hear, don’t be surprised. Remember to keep it a secret.”

Mu Chen’s eyes suddenly widened: “what’s the matter with Ann?” He breathed, “won’t he become a man, just like the holographic world?”

Norman looked at him and took him to the mermaid room: “if you can think so, you will look very calm.”

He opened the door. The little mermaid lay on the bank with her head tilted. Her tone was confused: “why did you come back? Did you forget anything?”

He had just been choosing breakfast. Before he had chosen it, he felt Norman coming back and waited by the pool.

Norman came in and there was nothing behind him. He turned back and Mu Chen stood in place.

Mu Chen returned and rubbed his ears: “am I tinnitus?”

Mermaids can speak interstellar language!

Norman went to the pool: “you dare to want to become a man, which is amazing?”

“That’s bullshit. Hi.” Mu Chen finally took his foot and entered the mermaid room. As soon as he entered, his sight fell directly on an Jin.

He looked carefully. Ann was no different from little silver except that she was a pure blue mermaid!

The same is a fish tail, the same is a long nail, how can you talk?

An Jin is not used to being looked at so directly. He sinks into the water silently, revealing only a pair of beautiful eyes.

He looked at Norman and whispered, “am I strange? Talking scares others, right?”

He knew that he was very important to Norman. Norman would not hurt him and could tolerate his differences.

But he was not sure about other people’s attitudes and did not know the world’s attitude towards “anomalies”.

He asked to make sure that he could speak interstellar language at will.

The little mermaid’s eyes drooped slightly, the fan like eyelashes reflected a shadow at the moment, and the voice was light and soft, which seemed a little pitiful.

Norman squatted down and said in a warm voice, “Ann is very powerful. It’s not strange at all. Do you remember? I said that you are the most special. You just have to grow up naturally. Here, you can talk freely.”

Mu Chen was hit by the voice of the little mermaid. He immediately regretted that he was not calm enough. He quickly said, “Ann, don’t misunderstand. I’m surprised because you’re too powerful!”

An Jin looked at him. He quickly smiled, “I’m Mu Chen, the master of Xiaoyin. Do you remember?”

An Jin nodded seriously, “I remember,” he added. “I remember you in the holographic world, too.”

Mu Chen looked at his clever appearance, listened to his ethereal and soft voice, covered his heart: “Ann is really great!”

An Jin was embarrassed by him and looked at Norman: “didn’t you go to work?”

Mu Chen was amused by the description of “going to work”, but on second thought, it was right to say that he went to work.

Norman: “Mu Chen has something for you.”

Mu Chen looked serious: “can Xiao Yin also convey spiritual power to food through singing?”

An Jin suddenly understood Mu Chen’s purpose.

“Yes,” he nodded and praised, “little silver is very powerful!”

His obsession with food is not as deep as small silver. The effect of singing to remove impurities is not as good as small silver. It all depends on water power.

Mu Chen: “does his food also restore mental strength?”

An Jin nodded.

Mu Chen subconsciously took a step forward, worried about scaring an an, and stopped in time: “can you communicate with Xiaoyin?”

An Jin nods again.

Mu Chen got a positive answer and his face was full of joy. An an understood the interstellar language and Mermaid language. He could convey the ideas of both sides. It was too important for human beings to understand Mermaid.

Moreover, you can ask ANN to help teach the rest of the mermaid to pass spiritual power to food.

When it comes to communication, an Jin is also curious: “can’t you understand us?”

“I don’t understand.” Mu Chen stood up, and the scientific research institute also tried to study it, but the mermaid seemed very sensitive to monitoring and monitoring, and always destroyed the equipment quickly.

The research institute can’t play in person. The Mermaid will attack them.

Norman looked at the time: “go to the military headquarters first.”

Mu Chen nodded and said goodbye to an Jin.

An Jin raised his hand and waved to them.

Nomen and Mu Chen left the mermaid room. Mu Chen looked back and waved to Ann at the door, sighing: “Ann is too good!”

After they left, an Jin looked at the breakfast candidates.

He swam from one side of the pool to the other side of the pool. He had difficulty choosing. He went back and forth twice before choosing a good breakfast.

Two 20 cm long shrimps, two round fish, a Hami melon and a bunch of purple grapes.

He took the selected food to the small base where he stored the food, happily removed the impurities, and then washed his hands and grapes.

However, he found that his nails were too long to wash grapes. Finally, he washed a plate of grapes with water.

Back in the pool, he divided the Hami melon into four with his fingernails, leaving a quarter for later eating, and the rest for snacks.

After eating breakfast contentedly, he looked at the remaining food, operated the power purification, and stopped the power when the spirit sea had one-fifth of its spiritual power.

After that, he floated on his back in the water, opened his brain and learned to read.

Norman downloaded a special course for him, which explained from simple to deep. He learned words much faster than watching cartoons.

After all, subtitles always flash quickly, which is difficult to read carefully.

After studying for two hours, he ate a Hami melon and went to the garden to rest his eyes. He lay on the shore, in the shadow under the tree above his shoulder and in the sun below his shoulder.

His tail sank in the water, swinging from side to side, making a slight sound of water.

An Jin admires the green leaves and flowers, paying special attention to the varieties he has never seen before. He secretly regretted that all plants had black spots formed by impurities.

He held his chin and envied the non-aqueous powers. They couldn’t see the black spots. The scenery in their eyes must be beautiful.

After resting for about a quarter of an hour, he felt his back hot and was ready to go back to the house.

When he looked back from the garden, he paused and looked between the two clusters of flowers, where there was a small tree bud the length of a little finger.

He looked carefully to make sure that the tree bud was green and had no black spots.

That means there are no impurities!


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