After Being a Mermaid Chapter 31

An Jin held his chin and recalled that his eyes swept back and forth beside the small tree bud. After seeing the different and obviously newer soil next to it and nearby, he finally determined that the small tree bud was planted by him.

When the pool was just built, he saw a seed. Later, he removed impurities and planted it in the soil with water power.

It has broken the ground and grown into small tree buds!

An Jin witnessed the new life and even his credit. He was in a happy mood. His blue tail swayed briskly, splashing subtle water, reflecting the bright light.

He looked at the saplings and thought that his guess at that time might be right. As long as there were no impurities in the seeds, there were no impurities in the plants.

As soon as his eyes brighten, in this way, it is more effective to directly purify the seeds and fundamentally solve the problem than to purify the food.

But… He looked at the ground. The housekeeper would clean the garden every day, but there were always fruits and fallen leaves on the ground. In his eyes, there were impurities on the ground and soil.

He looked at the small tree bud again. In his vision, the small tree bud had no impurities at all, but what about the root?

He thought for a moment, put his arm on the bank, made a little effort, quickly climbed up the bank and came to the small saplings.

He stretched out his hand and wanted to pull up the sapling to check the root system. He was worried about hurting the sapling and made a meal.

He looked around and couldn’t find a branch that could be used as a shovel. Finally, his eyes fell on his long and sharp nails.

With his palm upward, he used his fingernails as a shovel, carefully shoveled the soil near the small tree bud, drew a circle around the small tree bud, worked for a while, and finally held up all the soil wrapping the small tree bud and the small tree bud.

With his finger belly, he scraped the soil from the edge a little. When he got to the back, he ran the water power to simulate the spray of the nozzle, remove the soil a little, and finally expose the complete root system of the small tree bud.

An Jin’s eyes were dim. There were black spots at the bottom of the small tree bud root system, which became denser and denser. There were only a few spots on the top, like spreading from below to above.

Seeing this, he guessed that while the roots absorb nutrients, they also absorb impurities in the soil.

The impurities in the soil may come from the fallen leaves and fruits of plants.

He has only seen impurities in animals and plants. Impurities in this world will only exist in plants or animals, and will not appear in non organisms, such as water and air.

Think about it. If there are impurities in the water and air, the planet may be dead and lifeless.

Of course, the current situation is not optimistic. After all, animals and plants are the source of human food.

So, if the soil has no impurities, will the seeds without impurities be pure when they grow up?

An Jin thought about it. He used the water power to purify the soil with a diameter of two meters near the small saplings, as well as all flowers, plants and trees.

Then he removed the impurities from the roots of the small saplings and carefully planted them back.

Back to the pool, he washed himself with water and jumped into the water.

The tail swings dexterously, and the blue scales draw a beautiful brilliance under the light. He draws the water with both hands, drills into the water, and swims into the room from the channel.

He picked up a Hami melon and left its seeds after eating. Then he returned to the garden and turned the water power to form a water arrow. The water arrow shot at the ground, dug a pit and planted all the seeds.

After thinking about it, he swam back indoors, opened all the fruits and vegetables, got a pile of seeds and planted them all in the garden.

It’s not rigorous to observe only one small tree bud. There are more seeds. In case the small tree seedlings die, there will be other observation objects.

An Jin praised his caution. Looking at the stubble of new mud in the green grass, he felt a little guilty.

But thinking of his purpose and full of confidence, Norman will not be angry!

He returned to the room and continued to watch videos to learn to read. He didn’t stop until noon.

After eating Chinese food, he swam in the garden for a while, returned to the room, floated in the water with his back relaxed, put on his helmet and entered the holographic world.

He looked at the wide room in front of him and was stunned. He suspected that there was a bug in the system and passed him the wrong position.

He went offline from the house rented by Dillon. The room was very ordinary and small. It was difficult to rent out because it was remote and looked old.

Now he is in a new and spacious room, which is clearly not the one before.

He was trying to check his position. When he heard the movement, he turned his head and looked over.

Dylan ran out of the next room and ran in front of him in less than two seconds.

“You…” Dillon looked tangled. “You really found the bug that the barbecue became delicious and had the effect of restoring mental strength? You negotiated terms with holographic company and asked him to hire us?”

An Jin was at a loss for a moment. He quickly figured it out and nodded, “HMM.”

Dillon sighed, “I’m lucky to hire you as a man.”

An Jin said seriously, “I thank you for giving me the opportunity to work.”

Dillon was a little embarrassed and asked in a low voice, “the holographic company really doesn’t investigate your responsibility and let you continue to make money?”


Dillon breathed a sigh of relief: “that’s good, but I heard that as long as someone finds a bug in holographic company, they will get a high bonus. Do they give you a bonus?”

Ann Jin didn’t know about it, but the bug was an excuse. Norman explained to him that it was to protect him. Exposing his ability would cause others to covet him.

He didn’t want Dillon to think about it. He nodded, “here you are.”

Dillon: “that’s about the same,” he patted his chest. “Don’t worry, I’ve signed a contract. I’ll never expose the bug. You found it.”

An Jin smiled: “I believe you.”

Dilang looked at him, hesitated, rolled his hair, made up his mind and said, “this store has a holographic company responsible for shipping. You can do it alone. I seem to eat and drink. I’m not going to stay, but I’m going to set up my own stall.”

Before, he spent money on the hardware of the stall. He didn’t bake kebabs, but he pickled, collected money to pack, and then sorted it out.

Now, the holographic company rebuilt the rented house and replaced the barbecue oven with the latest model. All he needs to do in the whole process is pickle.

It can be done in less than half an hour.

His pickled method can be found on the Star Internet. It is very common and has no technical content.

The gap between income and pay is too big for him to take money at ease.

He thought for a moment and said, “if I can’t find someone to marinate for a while, I can continue to do it for a few days.”

An Jin thought and said, “you want to open a barbecue stand. Isn’t your barbecue skill bad?”

Dillon: it’s OK. It’s far worse than you

An Jin shook his head: “not necessarily. You know, the food I baked is delicious, mainly because of bugs.”

“Actually, I’m a little busy recently. I want you to bake it.” An Jin said.

Norman bought him brains and animal cores.

Although I don’t know why the arrival of animal nucleus is slower than that of intelligent brain, he estimates that it will arrive today at the latest.

When he got the beast core, he immediately wanted to upgrade his power. The more the power went to the back, the more difficult it was to upgrade. He needed continuous training to master his water control ability.

Although his life is very stable now, he has a sense of crisis all the time after the end of the world.

He knows very well that at any time, his own strength is the most important. As long as he is strong enough, he can deal with any emergency.

After the end of the world, except for the lucky few, the vast majority are capable people.

Dillon was surprised and looked at him: “you didn’t mean to say that for me?”

An Jin smiled: “no,” he said one of the reasons, “I want to learn to read.”

Dillon hurriedly said, “learning is the most important! Yes, you should go to school well after you get the bonus.” he looked at an Jin. “To be honest, how old are you?”

An Jin: “twenty.”

“Cut.” Dillon looked incredulous.

An Jin has a good talk with Dilang. In the future, Dilang will be responsible for the barbecue, and the raw materials will be provided by holographic company.

He removed all the impurities of today’s kebabs and seasonings and asked Dillon to barbecue kebabs in the barbecue room.

He went offline and contacted Norman.

Norman is on the training ground fighting with ELO, captain of the second team of the escort.

In particular, Norman stopped feeding for the purpose of teaching. He locked his throat to end the battle, let go of iloh and walked aside to receive the communication.

Iloh shook his arms and relaxed. The team members surrounded him with bright eyes. “Your Majesty is so handsome at last. I can’t see clearly!”

A man’s tone was full of surprise and whispered, “look at your majesty, my God, what a gentle expression.”

Several people dare not discuss, but their eyes express a message: Your Majesty must be in love!

Norman looked at the little mermaid on the screen and looked slightly surprised: “Ann, what’s the matter?”

An Jin said about the holographic world: “I want to remove impurities and not barbecue in the future.”

Norman always thought that barbecue would make the little mermaid tired. He agreed: “OK,” he added, “if you don’t want to remove impurities, you can’t do it if you don’t like it.”

An Jin smiled: “I like it.”

Only removing impurities is fast and simple for him, and he can make money. It’s really a perfect job.

After finishing his business, he looked at Norman curiously. Norman was wearing a uniform shirt, his black hair was slightly wet, put on his forehead, his wheat skin was stained with sweat, and the smell of hormones was very strong.

“Am I disturbing you?” He bit his lower lip, a little annoyed.

“No.” Norman said.

An Jing breathed a sigh of relief, then his small face was flat, and said seriously, “I’ll pay attention in the future,” he shaved his lower face shyly, “I’ll send you a message after I read.”

Speaking of this, he photographed his forehead: “I’m so stupid. I can turn voice to text!”

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile: “Ann is very strong,” his voice was more serious. “Don’t hit yourself, be careful to get hurt.”

An Jin whispered, “no,” he raised his hand and waved, “don’t bother you. See you in the evening.”

Norman’s heart moved. For the first time in many years, he looked forward to returning to the palace. His tone was gentle: “see you in the evening.”

An Jin hung up the communication, opened the intelligent brain, and tried the function of voice to text. The conversion was very accurate.

He was a little excited. He wanted to send a wind up message to Norman, and worried about disturbing Norman, he pressed the idea.

At 5:30 p.m., Norman returned to the palace

He changed his military uniform, put on a casual suit and went to the mermaid room.

An Jin is watching the teaching video. He feels Norman approaching the room. He quickly swims to the pool and looks at the door.

After a while, the door opened and Norman came up to him with a light blue metal box in his hand and put it down.

Anxin looked at the box curiously. Norman said, “open it.”

An Jin opened it, and suddenly his eyes were colorful. His eyes were shaken, slightly closed, and then opened. His eyes were bright.

The box is full of animal nuclei. The middle is divided into two, and the secondary and tertiary animal nuclei are open.

He took out a secondary animal core and especially wanted to absorb energy now.

His water power has reached the peak of level 1. After absorbing energy, he can upgrade.

He looked at Norman and held on to his impulse until Norman left.

Norman saw that the little mermaid liked it, picked up the color line on the side, picked a blue one from the inside, and stretched out his hand: “Ann, give it to me.”

Anxin blinked suspiciously and handed over the animal core in his hand.

Norman took over and passed the blue line through the small hole at the top of the animal core: “the animal core is very hard. It took a long time to deal with these wire holes. Ordinary goods can be delivered in a quarter of an hour.”

An Jin suddenly realized that zhinao had sent it quickly before. It took more than ten hours for the animal core to arrive.

It’s just… Norman seems to have misunderstood something. He didn’t buy the beast core because it was beautiful!

Norman threaded the animal core, held both ends of the line with his hands, and extended his hands to the Little Mermaid: “Ann, bow your head.”

An Jin immediately understood what Norman wanted to do.

He looked at the dark blue animal core hanging in the middle of the line and the size of his palm. Thinking of the shape of the animal core hanging in front of him, he immediately shook his head.

It feels silly.

The animal core looks like a gem. Although the color is more restrained and matte, it is still very conspicuous at a glance.

Hang it on your body like this and stay stunned.

Norman glanced at the beast’s core and looked at the Little Mermaid: “don’t you like this?”

He took back his hand and pointed to the box. “Choose one you like and I’ll put it on for you,” he seriously told the little mermaid, “so it won’t fall off.”

An Jin: “…” it’s very thoughtful.

However, these animal nuclei will slowly disappear and must be removed.

He refused more firmly, thought about it, took out a palm sized red three-level animal core, extended it to Norman, and compared the animal core to Norman’s chest, next to Norman’s second button.

“Bah!” An Jin is almost a conditioned reflex. He expresses his dislike concisely and clearly. The next moment he reacts and adds in interstellar language, “ugly.”

Norman looked at the little mermaid frowning and smiled.

He respected the beauty of the little mermaid and put the rope back in the box: “then don’t wear it and buy it again.”

An Jin immediately smiled at him, thought for a moment, and took Norman’s left hand. Norman turned his hand according to his wishes and his strength, with his palm upward.

An Jin puts a blue animal core into Norman’s hand, observes Norman’s reaction, moves Norman’s finger and lets him hold the animal core.

Norman clenched the beast’s core and his eyes became softer. “Give it to me?”

An Jin nodded: “HMM.”

He was a little disappointed and thought it was expected that Norman didn’t seem to feel the energy of the animal core. In this case, he couldn’t get energy from the animal core.

Think about it, too. If you could, the mermaid wouldn’t be so important.

Norman received a gift from the little mermaid and carefully put it in his backpack.

Ann Jin felt guilty about him and secretly decided to prepare a gift for Norman’s birthday.

He looked at the box full of animal cores. He was very happy and wanted to give back to Norman.

He shook Norman’s sleeve, pointed to the bank full of food, raised his chin slightly, and was a little proud: “it’s all delicious. I’ll give it to you.”

Norman was stunned and looked at the Little Mermaid: “are you uncomfortable?”

An Jin shook his head, loosened his hand, swam around in the water, surfaced and looked up at him: “I’m fine.”

Norman rubbed his head. “Thank you, Ann. You play first. I’ll dispose of the food.”

An Jin nodded. Seeing that he was close, the food disappeared one by one. He asked curiously, “Why are they missing?”

“Space backpack,” Norman said. “You have your brain, too. I’ll teach you how to use it later.”

Quietly and happily waved his tail: “thank you.”

Norman thought, the little mermaid is really too good, too sensible and too easy to be satisfied.

After receiving the food, he left the mermaid room and went to the kitchen. The kitchen was very empty. There was only one nutrient machine.

All the food, because there is no impurity and no loss, has been made into six nutrients, or powerful soothers, which is more accurate.

These nutrients are used to provide spiritual energy, not physical energy.

Norman put the nutrition in place and thought in his eyes. There were nine legions and six in si’ao, which were not divided equally.

However, the amount of food purified by the little mermaid today has exceeded his expectations. Save a few more days to see what happens.

As soon as he turned his eyes, he fell on the residue processed by the machine and saw the melon seeds and nuts in it. His face moved.

Soon after, the Sioux Botanical Research Institute was boiling.

The dean and the five oldest professors in the hospital looked shocked around the data.

“God, it’s really not polluted!”

“It’s a pure seed.”

“Dean, where did this come from?” Someone asked excitedly.

President collet kept a secret look on his face, remembered the guard’s warning, was very excited, and said lightly, “I got it inadvertently.”

He glanced at the professors: “go to the conference room and discuss how to cultivate.”

When Norman returned to the mermaid room, the little mermaid was having dinner.

When an Jin saw him, he picked up a round fish, put the fish fillets in pieces, put them neatly, squeezed some lemon juice on it, and then pushed it to Norman: “it’s delicious. Try it.”

Norman looked at the lemon and his heart moved. The little mermaid kept his taste in mind.

He looked forward to the little mermaid, ate the fish fillet, and his eyes flashed: “thank you, Ann. It’s delicious.”

The fish is tender and juicy, and the slight acid of lemon suppresses the fishy smell. It is very delicious.

He knew for the first time that raw fish could be so delicious.

Ann was very happy to see that he liked it and his eyes bent.

Norman finished eating sashimi. Zhinao rang. After reading the information, he said to the little mermaid, “someone will come later. I’ll take you upstairs first.”

An Jin cooperatively stretched out his hand to Norman. Norman leaned over the little mermaid’s shoulder and back, made a little effort, picked up the little mermaid and caught the little mermaid’s tail.

An Jin is very familiar with this posture and knows that his tail is very slippery, so he puts his hand on his abdomen and doesn’t struggle at all.

Norman looked down at the little mermaid and thought it was too clever.

An Jin raised his eyes, his crystal clear blue eyes with doubt and curiosity: “can’t others see me?”

He had doubts before. Every time an outsider entered the mermaid room, Norman would always take him away.

Norman nodded: “not yet,” he explained simply as he walked. “I have more than three months on my blacklist to participate in the mermaid auction.”

An Jin suddenly realized that no wonder Norman had to use another face when he auctioned and took him out.

He was curious: “why is it on the blacklist?”

Norman was afraid of scaring the little mermaid, so he hid the specific reason. When he asked, he no longer hid: “little silver’s hand is broken because of me.”

After that, he transferred the small silver to Mu Chen. After being assessed by the scientific research association, Mu Chen successfully raised the small silver, and he was blacklisted by the scientific research institute.

Xiao Yin stared at the broken hand every day and remembered her revenge. She didn’t forget it until she met last time.

An Jin finally understood why Xiao Yin was so angry with Norman when he first met him.

He subconsciously held his wrist.

Norman glanced at his hand and explained: “at that time, he pretended to be good and suddenly attacked me when I didn’t pay attention. I had a strong sense of combat and subconsciously fought back. He was too angry and had too much strength to hit my arm.”

An Jin took a breath secretly, thought of that scene and felt painful, and felt that Xiaoyin was really a little miserable.

He looked at Norman’s neat jaw line and thought that Norman was also miserable, so he was blacklisted.

Norman put him in the bathtub and rubbed the top of his hair. “Don’t be afraid of me. I won’t hurt you.”

An Jin looked at him and smiled, “I’m not afraid.”

Norman’s eyes were gentle. He got up and let out the water. When the water drowned the little mermaid, he turned off the switch.

Ten minutes later, Norman came downstairs with the little mermaid in his arms.

As soon as he entered the room, an Jin saw a white wardrobe next to the bathroom. The wardrobe was about two meters long and just stuck between the room wall and the bathroom wall.

Norman walked over with him. The sensing door of the wardrobe slid open from the middle to both sides. The wardrobe was full of coats of various styles and colors.

An Jin was stunned. As soon as he looked at the clothes inside, he knew it was his size, which was specially prepared for him.

Moved, he turned to Norman and said, “thank you.”

Norman was so kind to him.

Norman put down his fishtail. He was surprised. His men consciously grabbed Norman’s skirt. His tail had not yet fallen to the ground. They tightened their waist, took his hand on his shoulder and crossed his chest, and then he was lifted up.

An Jin almost instantly changed from being held horizontally to being held vertically, with the lower end of his tail dragging on the ground.

An Jin looked down at his eyes. His tail tilted back, folded up 20 cm above his tail fin, and the fish scales touched the ground.

He patted Norman on the back of his hand around his abdomen with his finger belly: “release me, I can stop.”

Norman was stunned, looked down at the little mermaid’s tail, and then released his left hand. His right hand was still across the little mermaid’s chest, and his palm stuck under the little mermaid’s left armpit to prevent the little mermaid from sliding.

The temperature of an Jin’s body is lower than that of the human body. The temperature of Norman’s palm is too hot for him and has a strong sense of existence.

He tilted his head and raised it slightly, looked at Norman and grabbed Norman’s hand: “your right hand can be taken away. I’ll hold your hand.”

Norman carefully released his right hand and moved it away slowly to prevent the little mermaid from sliding and protect it in time.

He handed his left hand to the little mermaid. The little mermaid put his palm on his arm. He didn’t hold it, but just held it. He seemed worried that his fingernails would hurt him, and his fingers raised slightly.

The little mermaid’s palm is soft with a slight coolness, and her five fingers are slender and white.

An Jin propped Norman’s arm, straightened his back, left Norman and stood upright alone.

He practiced this posture many times before in order to open the door. As long as there is a support, he can stand very stable, his tail has sufficient strength, and he doesn’t feel tired supporting his body.

He turned to Norman, glanced at his arm and asked, “are you tired?”

“Not tired,” Norman looked at his fishtail. “I can hold you all the time. Is your tail tired?”

An Jin shook his head and bent his eyes: “I like standing.”

He said, frowning painfully, “I just can’t move when I’m standing.”

Norman thought for a moment, rubbed his head and comforted, “I have a way.”

He said, opening his brain and placing an order.


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