After Being a Mermaid Chapter 32

Norman paid, looked forward to the little mermaid’s curious eyes, and showed the purchase interface to the Little Mermaid: “Intelligent Scooter, the operation is very simple.”

An Jin looks at the picture of the product, which is a little similar to a modern scooter, but it is much larger. There is an LED screen in the middle of the left and right handles. The main body is silver with metal texture.

An Jin can immediately look like him standing on it, and his eyes are bright.

Norman: “for the time being, I’ll make another one with a water tank so that your tail can soak in the water.”

An Jin thought, it’s not like a mermaid car. He shook his head: “no, this is good.”

With a water tank, he can’t get on and off by himself. He needs Norman’s help.

Norman looked at the little mermaid’s Tail: “if your tail is too long from the water, you will feel bad.”

There are many precautions in the mermaid feeding manual. One of them is not to let the mermaid lack water. If the mermaid tail is too long away from the water, it will dry and itch, and the Mermaid will become irritable and weak.

An Jin immediately said, “I’ll go to the pool if I’m uncomfortable. I don’t like the water tank.”

Norman saw that the little mermaid looked serious, so he nodded: “then don’t make it to order first. If you’re not used to the scooter, tell me.”

An Jin nodded and said yes, turning to the wardrobe.

Then I was very embarrassed to find that he was shorter than the cross bar in the wardrobe.

The length from the top of his head to the tail fin is more than 1.8 meters. However, after the tail fin is removed, the length of the tail is reduced by nearly 30 cm, which means that the height he stands up is less than 1.6 meters.

Less than one meter six, or beautification, the more realistic view is, a little more than one meter five.

Norman noticed that the little mermaid’s hand stretched out to the wardrobe and took it back. He glanced at the wardrobe and rubbed the little mermaid’s head: “sorry.”

He opened the wardrobe control panel and moved the cross bar down to ensure that the little mermaid could reach for the clothes.

An Jin said in a embarrassed whisper, “I’m too short.”

“Ann is not short,” Norman comforted. “Ann is not grown up.”

An Jin: “…” at the age of 20, he couldn’t refute.

But he was curious and looked down at himself: “can I be higher?”

Norman corrected: “Ann will be longer.”

Long… It seems to describe a fish. It really should use the quantifier long.

An Jin was silent for a moment. He stopped talking and looked at his new clothes.

Norman looked at the wardrobe along the little mermaid’s line of sight: “if it doesn’t meet your aesthetics, pick it out and let the robot take it away. In the future, if you see what you like in your brain, you can buy it, and your fingerprints and pupils can pay.”

In a moment of doubt, an Jin opens the intelligent brain information panel and finds that his intelligent brain is bound to Norman’s account, which has a very large balance and has been set as an automatic payment account.

Below is his account, with a balance of less than 20000.

He smiled at Norman and made no objection. After all, he had accepted that Norman was responsible for his expenses.

Just remind yourself that if you want to buy Norman in the future, remember to change the payment account.

He looked at zhinao and thought of what Norman had said before. His eyes were full of curiosity: “how to use the space backpack?”

Norman bowed his head and carefully told the little mermaid how to use it.

After an Jin learned it, he reached out to the wardrobe and successfully put a piece of clothes into the space backpack.

He gave a little exclamation, moved his wrist curiously, and his head was incredible.

He took out his clothes, hung them up again, held Norman in his left hand, moved them one by one in his right hand, and quickly looked at the clothes in front of him.

There are various styles of clothes, which are very suitable for young boys. The colors are mainly white rice, gray, blue and black. The material feels cool, soft and comfortable.

He was satisfied and praised Norman: “you have a good eye.”

Norman stated the fact: “it was customized according to the ranking list.”

It has nothing to do with his eyes.

An Jin thought that this shopping style is really in line with Norman.

He looked at Norman. Norman had strong facial features and always looked serious when he didn’t laugh. However, when we get along with him, we will find that he spoke and did things meticulously, but he was not difficult to get along with, and even called him gentle.

Of course, this is Norman in his impression.

When Norman faced him, probably because he was a mermaid and had a thick filter, he was obedient to him.

“What’s the matter?” Norman looked down at the little mermaid and asked.

An Jin shook his head and didn’t mean to say it. He just sighed in his heart: Norman is so nice.

Norman saw the little mermaid finish reading the clothes in front of him, gently picked up the little mermaid, moved two meters to the left, then put down the little mermaid and handed it over.

An Jin calmed down from the sudden lifting, put his left hand on his arm and continued to look at his clothes.

In a quarter of an hour, the robot came in pushing the scooter.

Seeing this, an Jin’s eyes lit up and looked up at Norman: “can I try it now?”

Norman nodded, picked up the little mermaid, walked over and gently put the little mermaid on the scooter.

After the little mermaid’s tail was firmly attached to the pedal, Norman held the little mermaid’s hand and pulled it to the handle: “can you stand firm?”

An Jin nodded with excitement in his eyes: “yes.”

Norman released him and adjusted the height of the handle: “is this the right height?”

An Jin felt it and was a little embarrassed: “lower it.”

He looked at Norman, who was more than one meter nine beside him, and felt that he was too short.

Norman didn’t notice the little mermaid’s careful thinking and continued to adjust the height of the handle until the little mermaid said good, he didn’t stop.

Norman could not wait for the little mermaid’s eyes. A smile flashed in his eyes and gently rubbed the little mermaid’s head: “don’t worry.”

He pointed to the buttons and operation panel on the scooter and carefully told the little mermaid how to use it.

“The fast rotation of the right hand is acceleration, and the slow rotation is deceleration. The voice control is turned on, and the switching speed. The middle screen can preset the line. After the preset, you hold the handle without moving, and it can automatically go to the destination.”

An Jin thinks that it is very similar to modern electric vehicles and is a little more intelligent.

Norman adjusted the speed to slow, and then set the initial password: “Ann, say start.”

An Jin obediently did as he said: “turn it on.”

Norman entered the voice of the little mermaid and entered his own voice.

He stepped back and pointed to the door: “you tell it to turn it on, and then try to drive over.”

An Jin is inexplicably nervous. He has driven an electric car before, but he hasn’t touched it for a long time.

He said, “turn it on.”

The screen in the middle lit up and then darkened, leaving only a green dot the size of a sesame seed in the upper left corner, indicating that it was already turned on.

An Jin slowly rotates the handle and the scooter moves forward at a speed of one meter per second.

An Jin’s eyes brightened, as if he had returned to driving an electric car before.

He accelerated and tried to adjust the direction slightly. As a result, he exerted too much force and turned too much. The car rushed straight to the right door frame.

An Jin was surprised. He subconsciously forced in the opposite direction, but found that the car was out of control. At the same time, the mechanical sound sounded.

“An obstacle is detected ahead. After calculation, it will collide in two seconds according to the previous speed and direction. For safety, the system takes over control.”

The scooter slowed down at a constant speed, turned left, stopped at the door, and the mechanical sound reminded: “the danger is eliminated, and the control right is returned to the owner.”

An Jin turns around and finds Norman right behind him. He is very close. He can meet him one step forward.

He paused and said, “that’s great!”

Norman: Ann is also very good

This is the latest generation of scooters, with intelligent driving system, environment scanning and running computing system, which is very safe.

However, the little mermaid was in a special situation. He was a little worried that the little mermaid would stand unstable and fall.

In fact, the little mermaid performed very well and stood steadily all the time.

He was relieved that the little mermaid could use the scooter alone.

An Jin smiled and looked back at the garden. He wanted to go out, but now it was dark. He gave up the idea.

Norman saw his mind, went to him, opened the smart brain to connect the scooter, and uploaded the villa distribution map to the scooter.

He told the little mermaid, “where do you want to go in the future? Say it. It will take you there. If you want to play by yourself, you can also drive manually.”

An Jincai dismissed the idea and floated out: “can I go to the back garden?”

Norman: of course He controls the night lights in the back garden through his brain.

The next moment, an Jin’s right eye lit up. When he looked at it, the back garden seemed to turn into day, very bright.

Norman: you try voice control

An Jin nodded and said, “go to the back garden.”

The scooter runs automatically, turn right and go to the back garden.

Norman reminded: “the destination can be more specific.”

An Jin looked down at the screen in the middle and recognized the words master bedroom, living room and pool.

An Jin experimented one by one. The scooter took him from place to place. He didn’t need to move at all. He just needed to hold the handle and stand steadily.

He had a great time. From the backyard to the front yard, he walked around the living room for several times.

Later, he felt his tail dry, thought about it, operated the water power, mobilized the water vapor in the air, surrounded the fish’s tail, and the dryness disappeared immediately.

Norman didn’t stop until he saw that it was late and let him rest.

Seeing Norman reaching out to hold him, he shook his head: “I want to get off by myself.”

Norman satisfied the little mermaid’s idea and did not intervene.

An Jin parked the car on the bank, released the handle, patted his tail on the pedal, jumped into the pool and splashed a burst of water.

He swayed his tail, turned flexibly in the water, then surfaced, swam to the side of the pool, put his hand on the shore, looked up and smiled at Norman.

Norman praised the little mermaid’s bright eyes: “Ann is so powerful!”

An Jin’s eyes bent and his tail swayed briskly.

Norman thought for a moment, went to the little mermaid and squatted down, looking serious.

Affected by him, an Jin also restrained his smile, put on a small face and looked serious, waiting for him to speak.

Norman felt cute when he saw the little mermaid like this.

He rubbed the top of the little mermaid’s hair, took back his hand and took out six nutrients: “Ann, this is a nutrient made of food that you have transmitted your spiritual power.”

An Jin: “…” he seriously suggested, “I think it would be better to make vegetables.”

Thinking of the sweat on Norman’s forehead and neck during his previous communication, he couldn’t help worrying: “are you so busy that you don’t even have time to eat normal food? You can only eat nutrients?”

Norman Weileng explained: “no, there are impurities in food, which human beings can’t eat directly, which will cause harm to the spiritual sea.”

“Nutrients are obtained after food treatment. They contain less impurities. Although they will also cause harm, we have no better choice.”

He glanced at the six newly made nutrients: “these nutrients are made for better preservation and carrying. They can restore mental strength. According to the effect of food, these nutrients are much better than the best soothing agents on the market.”

An Jin suddenly feels that being a mermaid is happier than being a man in this world. At least the mental power of a mermaid can recover automatically and can eat at will.

Of course, it would be better if you could cook.

His heart moved. He had a scooter. If he had a kitchen, it didn’t seem impossible for him to cook his own food.

Hold the handle with one hand and operate with the other hand at most.

He remembered the idea for a while, turned to the topic raised by Norman and guessed: “do you want me to make more pure food?”

Norman didn’t intend to mention it, but the little fish asked, and he didn’t hide it: “if you have enough mental strength, I hope the more the better.”

He stared at the Little Mermaid: “I want to ask your opinion. Would you like me to deal with these nutrients?”

“Of course,” said an Jin naturally, “I said, those foods are for you, and the nutrients are yours.”

Norman pondered, “do you want others to know your abilities?” He explained, “your ability is very important to sior and even the whole alliance.”

An Jin was very nervous. He felt a lot of pressure at the thought of being known.

“Can you not tell others?” An Jin pursed his lower lip. “I don’t want to be noticed.”

He is not used to being noticed, and he hates it even more after the end of the world. If he pays too much attention, he will feel nervous and uneasy.

Norman said, “well, I won’t tell anyone unless you allow me.”

Ann was relieved and smiled at him.

Norman: “have a good rest.”

An Jin nodded and promised. When Norman left, he climbed ashore, then climbed into the scooter and stood up slowly with the force of the front of the car.

He repeated several times, from landing to standing straight with his hand, his movements became faster and faster.

When he was satisfied with the practice, he returned to the pool, floated on the water and rested for a while, then swam to the shore, opened the box containing the animal core and took out a green secondary animal core.

He thought about it, in case Norman suddenly came to him, and took the animal core to the bathroom.

He sat on the ground with his tail flat on the ground, his back against the door panel, holding the animal core in his hand, closed his eyes, and then operated his powers to absorb the energy in the animal core.

About forty minutes later, his water ability successfully rose to level 2.

He opened his eyes and wiped the sweat from his forehead. His eyes were bright.

He clearly felt that his perception had increased.

He could feel that Norman was on the second floor and hadn’t slept yet. There were four guards in the backyard, four guards in the front yard, and several guards on the left and right sides.

He runs his power and a water ball appears in front of him. The water ball gradually becomes larger and finally has a diameter of about one meter.

An Jin thought. The shape of the water polo changed and gradually formed a flying water dragon. When it was about to take shape, the tail suddenly broke, the water dragon split, and a pool of water fell to the ground.

An Jin thought to himself that he could not upgrade his control. He still had to practice more.

The secondary water control increases, and it is obviously not as handy as the primary water control.

He looked at the spiritual sea. While upgrading, his spiritual sea expanded again, so the remaining spiritual power was less and less compared with the full state.

He took another animal core and absorbed energy. After most of the spirit sea recovered, he stopped absorbing, and there was still half of the energy left in the animal core.

He thought about it, hid the animal core in the bathroom, chopped the upgraded and used animal core, which was already dim, and rushed it into the toilet.

The ability was upgraded successfully. He was in a good mood and floated in the water, thinking of a beautiful sleep.

However, he couldn’t sleep at all. His perception increased. He didn’t have to feel it. He consciously emerged the surrounding situation in his mind. He could feel a moth flying in the back garden.

He couldn’t feel the details of distant creatures, but the sense of existence of those creatures was obvious, and there were too many things in his brain that he couldn’t normally feel.

He surfaced and began to understand why the ear powers in the base always had trouble falling asleep at the end of the world.

He inquired into the spirit sea, and the spirit silk shook like seaweed and extended to the edge of the spirit sea.

He runs the power. Under his intentional control, the tip of the spirit filament rolls up and gradually falls down to form a flat disk.

It was not until two-thirds of the spiritual silk was rolled into a disc that an Jin opened his eyes and smiled.

He succeeded in restraining his perception!

He sank into the water and soon fell asleep.

On the other hand, professors at the Institute of Botany didn’t close their eyes almost all night.

The Dean looked at the tired but shining professors: “according to the just voting results, four fifths were cultivated with pure chemical fertilizer, and the remaining one fifth were cultivated with soil.”

“The two groups of personnel have to test the seeds for impurities every day and have a routine meeting at 5 p.m. every day.”

The crowd nodded, and the two groups gathered together. They looked at the seeds in the group leader’s hand with bright eyes, as if they saw the hope of mankind.

When an Jin woke up, Yaoxing came out not long ago, and the light was very soft.

He floated lazily at the bottom of the water, yawned, and grunted out a long string of bubbles. The crystal bubbles floated in front of him, accompanied by the clear sound of water.

He swayed the fish’s tail, floated from the bottom to the surface, took a deep breath of the fresh morning air, and the whole fish was in good spirits.

He swam to the shore and checked the scope of the land planted with seeds. He didn’t see any impurities. He was relieved and turned to swim back indoors.

He went to the bathroom to wash, and then drove a scooter to the wardrobe to choose the clothes he was wearing today.

He chose around. Finally, he chose a white T-shirt. The style of the T-shirt was simple, the collar was irregularly designed, half of the shoulder was exposed on the left, and it was normal on the right.

He estimated the upper body effect and thought it was good. It was not a problem to expose half of his shoulders. When his clothes were wet in the water, it was more comfortable to be loose on his shoulders, and there was no sense of restraint when swimming.

He went to the bathroom, put on new clothes and put the old clothes in the dirty basket.

The robot senses that when delivering meals, it will take them away, clean them up and send them back.

After he put it on, he looked down and felt it fit very well. His clothes felt very smooth and comfortable.

He pulled back the hair that fell in front of him. Halfway through the action, he grabbed his hair and thought flashed in his eyes.

Now I have clothes to cover my body. Can I cut my hair?

His eyes fell on his sharp nails, thought for a moment, and asked Norman when he was ready to deliver breakfast.

In addition… He looked at the bare wall and decided to apply for the installation of a mirror.

It’s not convenient without a mirror, whether it’s finishing clothes or hair.

He went out of the bathroom and jumped into the water. His body was surrounded by water. His eyes narrowed comfortably. After becoming a mermaid, he especially liked water.

Before long, Norman’s dining cart came in and quickly arranged the food. It still occupied a long side full of food.

Norman said, “choose what you like to eat. When you have enough mental strength, pass it on to them.”

An Jin nodded and asked, “can I cut my hair short?”

Norman was stunned: “why?”

He still remembered that the mermaid feeding manual mentioned that mermaids love their hair and should be maintained regularly. They should not hurt their hair when they get along with each other.

An Jin said honestly, “it’s inconvenient. It’s a little messy.”

Norman: sorry, it’s my negligence. I’ll take you to care regularly in the future

An Jin: “can’t you cut it?”

Norman said seriously, “the hair grows very slowly. It’s too late to regret cutting it.” he glanced at the beautiful long blue hair of the little mermaid. “After nursing, it won’t be messy.”

Ann sincerely thought he wouldn’t regret it, but Norman always promised his request very quickly. This time he didn’t directly promise, which made him think more.

He asked, “do mermaids have long hair?”

Norman nodded, “yes.”

An Jin gave up the idea of cutting his hair and was not ready to make the most special one.

He said, “I won’t cut it either.”

Norman rubbed the top of his hair and got up to leave. His sleeves were held by the little mermaid. He turned his head and looked at the little mermaid inquisitively.

An Jin smiled at him and began to sing.

The sweet and ethereal voice came into his ears, and Norman’s expression softened. Soon, a feeling of surprise appeared in his eyes.

His mental strength soon recovered 10%, but the little mermaid continued to sing. When he recovered 10%, the little mermaid was still singing. At the end of a song, his mental strength recovered 30%.

His mental state has never been so good, and his mental strength is close to full value.

An Jin finished singing and looked at Norman’s spiritual sea. The number of black spiritual filaments decreased a lot. Except that the outermost layer was black and a little gray inside, the rest were all healthy white.

His eyes are bent. After his ability rises to level 2, the effect of mental power is much better!

Sing another song to Norman tonight, Norman’s spiritual sea should be completely healthy.

He wagged his tail briskly and felt very happy.

Norman thanked seriously: “thank you, Ann.”

He felt the increased mental strength and thought that the little mermaid was very satisfied with yesterday’s clothes, animal core and scooter.

Generally speaking, the closer the mermaid is to its master, the more spiritual power it transmits.

Of course, the amount of mental power transmitted is also related to the mental power of mermaid.

The extreme value of everyone’s mental strength is determined. When they reach the peak in adulthood, they will continue to consume. Without enough mental support, they will be degraded after spiritual riots.

Mental degradation is common, but upgrading has never happened. Therefore, Norman did not expect that the mental strength of the little mermaid became stronger.

Norman left the mermaid room and took the levitation car to the military headquarters.

On the way, his bracelet rang softly and received a message from the adjutant: “Your Majesty, many people in the military headquarters talked about that the scientific research institute has developed a new soothing agent and said that you… Your mental state is good recently because of the soothing agent. Many officers sent anonymous letters requesting the release of the soothing agent.”

Norman pondered for a moment and had a plan in mind.


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