After Being a Mermaid Chapter 33

When Norman arrived at the military headquarters, he met Mu Chen downstairs and walked into the military headquarters building together.

Norman’s vision swept from a slender wound on Mu Chen’s cheek, and his eyes flashed clearly.

Mu Chen touched the wound and shrugged helplessly: “I want to try the effect of food after Xiaoyin sings, but he is too vigilant and didn’t let me grab the fish. He is very angry. He can only leave some scars to calm him down.”

He paused and asked Norman, “how did you observe Ann’s mental power utilization?”

Norman: “better than expected.”

Mu Chen flashed a happy look on his face, thought of Xiaoyin and asked the key point: “is Ann willing to give you the food that has passed the spiritual power?”

Norman: it’s all for me

“He is too good!” Mu Chen looked envious, and then his mind turned, “ask ANN for me and ask him if he can persuade Xiaoyin to share food with me.”

Norman: OK

Mu Chen hesitated for a moment and said, “if Ann can do it,” he looked at Norman, “you can try to let Ann contact the other mermaids.”

Norman: “I will discuss with him and follow his wishes.”

Mu Chen nodded in favor: “of course.”

Ann’s ability is a surprise to them. Although ANN is very obedient, they can’t let Ann do something they don’t want.

After all, if Ann is angry and no longer friendly, it will be a great loss to them.

When the elevator reached the floor, as soon as the door opened, they felt a strong sense of impatience, and roaring and fighting came from the left.

Norman looked a little heavy and stepped out.

“Let go of me!” A tall officer’s face was red and his eyes were bloodshot. Two soldiers on the left and right grabbed his arm and pressed his back shoulder to firmly control him.

“Major General Jim,” Norman said expressionless, “if I remember correctly, you should be treated in the second hospital now.”

Jim, who was yelling, was stunned when he heard his voice and looked at him quickly.

Jim’s eyes shrank for a moment, and soon he was occupied by mania: “Your Majesty, I want to apply back to the Fifth District! I’m only a little short of military merit to apply for a mermaid!”

Norman said coldly, “go back to District 5 and die?”

Jim: “I won’t die,” he shook his head and began to struggle violently. His irritable mood impacted his reason. The red blood in his eyes was deeper. “Your Majesty, give me a new soother. As long as one, I’m really only a little short of military skill!”

Norman looked at him with a fretful look.

Mu Chen frowned: “who said there was a new soothing agent?”

Jim leaned forward and was immediately controlled by the soldiers. His eyes stared wide and his expression was crazy: “I knew! You didn’t plan to open it and want to enjoy it alone, didn’t you?”

He suddenly raised his voice and asked, “without new nutrients, how could your majesty fight in the Fifth District for so long! Your Majesty’s mental strength has improved recently. Who doesn’t know the military headquarters?”

Mu Chen opened his mouth and wanted to say that it was Ann’s credit, but Norman was still on the blacklist. It was hard to explain and didn’t speak.

“Your Majesty, what shall we do?” The adjutant walked quickly to Norman and asked.

Norman took out a nutrient made of pure food and handed it to the adjutant: “give it to him.”

The adjutant was stunned. What did you drink?

The next moment, his eyes burst out with a strong divine color. There is really a new soothing agent!

His hands trembled when he took the nutrient. He tried to control his excitement. He was worried that he would pinch the bottle too hard.

Jim stared at the nutrient, his eyes full of desire.

Norman said lightly: “in the test stage, it is impossible to produce in large quantities. The side effects are unknown. Whether you drink or not is up to you.”

Jim struggled and finally couldn’t help longing. He nodded sharply and said hoarsely, “I’ll drink.”

He took the adjutant’s hand and drank the whole nutrient.

Norman’s face was expressionless and his eyes were fixed on Jim.

Jim has been in a mental riot. Even if he is sent to the second hospital, he can’t be treated. He can only use tranquilizers and other means to relieve his irritability after his mental degradation.

He has been thinking on the road when it is best to expose pure nutrients. Now the exposure is earlier than he expected, but the time is good.

Since we all think that the scientific research institute has developed a new soothing agent, let’s live up to this rumor.

He also wanted to see if the pure nutrient had any effect on the Sioux who were spiritually rebellious.

After Jim drank the nutrient, he felt very deeply, as if the spiritual sea was about to explode at any time, like a clear spring pouring into him, and soon calm, as if he were new.

At the same time, his irritable mood gradually dissipated, the blood color in his eyes soon faded, and his violent facial expression returned to calm.

When his mind returned, he felt regret, guilt and fear for the previous unreasonable, and was shocked by the effect of nutrients.

“Your Majesty.” Jim stuttered and bowed his head in shame.

Norman looked serious, but he was surprised. The effect of nutrition was beyond his surprise. The effect of treating spiritual riots was fast and good.

The people around him were not as calm as he was. His face was excited and stared at the empty bottle in the adjutant’s hand, as if looking at some treasure.

Mu Chen was also surprised and pleased. This nutrient is of great significance to the military headquarters.

There have been many amazing and gorgeous people in the military headquarters, but most of them fell halfway before they shine.

Almost all of them fell into a spiritual riot in the battle and could not receive treatment in time. Finally, their mental strength was degraded from genius to mediocrity.

Some people have strong pressure resistance and can accept the facts, and many people abandon themselves.

Pure nutrition can be carried with you and used at any time. With it, you don’t have to worry about spiritual riots. You are more fearless on the battlefield, no longer afraid of hands and feet.

Norman took back his sight on Jim, thought for a moment, and ordered the adjutant: “send it to the second hospital to test the mental sea condition and issue a complete report.” he stopped for a moment and his voice was slightly deep. “His previous behavior should be dealt with according to military regulations.”

The adjutant nodded and arranged for the soldiers to take Jim away and send him to the second hospital.

Mu Chen whispered, “made of the food Ann gave you?”

Norman nodded and went to the office.

Mu Chen stood there for a second and went back to his office. He secretly hoped that an an would persuade Xiao Yin to share the food with him.

After Norman sat down, he habitually looked at the schedule first. When he was watching, a special prompt sounded in his brain. He immediately knew that it was the message sent by the little mermaid and opened it to check.

After Norman left, an Jin had breakfast. Seeing that the remaining mental strength was sufficient, he ran a power to purify the remaining food.

He estimated his mental strength and thought that Norman could prepare more food in the future.

Anyway, not using mental power is also a waste.

He wanted to do more for Norman, so that he could spend Norman’s money more calmly.

With his blue tail swinging, he swam through the colorful passage to the garden pool.

He put his hand on the bank and carefully observed the land planted with seeds. Seeing that there were no impurities, he turned over and swam into the water for two circles.

At 7:30, he put on his helmet and entered the holographic world. He swept his eyes and didn’t see Dillon. He saw a stranger.

“Hello.” The man looked elegant and greeted him gently, “I’m Arlo, the head of the holographic company. Your majesty said, you don’t want to expose your identity. I’ll stay here when you handle food in the future, so as not to arouse suspicion.”

An Jin said hello politely and politely, “hello.”

What was Arlo about to say? The boy suddenly disappeared. He was stunned and went offline?

An Jin opens his brain and sends a message to Norman: “do you know Arlo?”

Norman quickly replied: “he is the boss of holographic company. He doesn’t know your true identity, only your ability.”

Worried about the little mermaid’s uneasiness, Norman soon sent another message: “he won’t expose your ability and can be trusted.”

At the same time, there is also a photo, which is the image of Arlo holographic world.

An Jin confirmed that Arlo was not lying and replied with a lovely smile: “I know.”

After sending the message, he put on his helmet again and went online. Arlo was still there.

An Jin smiled awkwardly: “sorry, I dropped the line.”

Arlo has talked with Dillon before. Dillon is worried that the holographic company will investigate the responsibility of his fellow, and has always stressed that the fellow is young and his family is poor.

When Arlo heard the explanation of “off-line”, he couldn’t help believing Dillon’s words.

You know, in the interstellar era, the network is very stable, and you can drop the line. How biased you live!

He said positively, “Mr. an, if you have financial difficulties, you can withdraw your income. Of course, I am willing to help you.”

An Jin quickly waved his hand: “you misunderstood. I’m not short of money.”

Arlo was skeptical about this. He gently suggested: “I know a helmet networking is very stable. Do you need my recommendation?”

“No,” said an Jin, a little embarrassed, “just call my name. Don’t use a respectful name.”

Arlo said that this was not enough to express his respect. With the insistence of an Jin, he finally changed his mouth.

After handling the food impurities, an Jin politely greeted Arlo and went offline.

Arlo sighed silently: Mr. an has a good temper and doesn’t have the airs of an expert at all.

The news about the new soothing agent spread rapidly in the military headquarters like wings, and the atmosphere in the military headquarters was unprecedented warm.

Norman held a month end meeting according to the tradition of the military headquarters, and the eyes of the generals almost burned him.

After the military affairs discussion, the generals winked at each other.

In his majesty Norman’s style, when things are handled, he will announce the adjournment of the meeting and leave. If he doesn’t take the opportunity to say something, his majesty is afraid to leave.

The first commander of the Second Corps couldn’t help saying, “Your Majesty, I heard that the new soothing agent is still in the testing stage,” he said with a straight face, “I apply to be the experimental object, absolutely cooperate with the researchers and report on my taking experience.”

His tone was dignified and resounding: “I am willing to sign a disclaimer agreement. I will bear all the adverse consequences.”


The rest of the army leaders present all despised in their hearts.

After General Jim took the soothing agent, the news of the improvement of the mental riot within three minutes has long spread all over the military headquarters, and they can see clearly the recent state of his majesty.

It’s so righteous that I just want to get a soothing agent!

“I’d love to!”

“Don’t argue, let me come!”

The meeting room suddenly became lively, and one after another scrambled to be the “test object”.

Norman raised his hand. For a moment, everyone was quiet.

Norman: “at present, the production is very low and can’t be mass produced,” he glanced at everyone. “Just talk about how to distribute.”

“Divide equally among the legions?”

“No, different regiments have different residences and different needs for soothers. It’s unfair. It’s divided by contribution!”

Everyone had their own ideas, and finally voted to formulate the nutrient distribution model.

Taking military merit and mental sea state as the standard, the technical department lists the most reasonable formula, and the values obtained are arranged from top to bottom. People with the highest military merit and the worst mental sea state will have the priority to get nutrients.

The generals have no objection. The number of new soothers is small, so the distribution is very reasonable.

Military exploits are energy-consuming. People with high military exploits and critical mental state should have priority.

Of course, it is also because their military achievements can not be compared with those of his majesty. If they are close to spiritual riots, they will be the first to get soothing agents.

“Establish an application section on the internal network of the military headquarters as soon as possible,” Norman solemnly ordered, “improve the mental sea state audit mechanism, falsely report the discovered and cancel the application qualification.”

Relevant departments of the military headquarters immediately became busy.

Norman finished the meeting and went back to his office to deal with military affairs. He didn’t stop until noon.

He took out an ordinary nutrient and drank it. He got up and went to the training room.

On the way, a female officer walked face-to-face. He stopped, turned his head and looked at the tied hair of the female officer.

If the little mermaid’s hair is tied up, won’t it feel messy?

“Your Majesty,” Mu Chen saw Norman, approached, paid attention to Norman’s eyes, looked down and whispered, “do you like her?”

Norman said seriously, “don’t talk nonsense.”

Mu Chen: “then don’t stare at her. It’s a lunch break,” he glanced at the people around him. “Others will misunderstand when they see it.”

Mu Chen said with some curiosity: “I didn’t see it. What were you looking at just now?”

Norman: hair

“Ah?” Mu Chen wondered.

Norman, “Ann thinks her hair is messy and wants to cut it.”

Mu Chen sighed in an envious tone: “you don’t take him to care for his hair. He’s still so close to you. You used to have a bad relationship with Mermaid, probably to wait for him to appear.”

Norman’s expression moved and he was inexplicably happy with this statement.

Mu Chen pointed to the direction of the training ground. His eyes were eager to try and said his original purpose: “practice with mecha?”

The older they get, the worse their mental state. They haven’t practiced with mecha for a long time.

Norman: it seems that you have enough mental strength

“Yes,” Mu Chen laughed. “Although I can’t grab Xiaoyin’s food, when he sings to the food every day, my mental strength will increase. My mental state is very good.”

The two entered the training ground and played a hearty game. A quarter of an hour later, the battle ended.

Mu Chen jumped off the mecha and said with a smile, “thank you for your mercy, otherwise I must lose very ugly.”

His eyes fell on Norman’s black mecha Sirius and looked forward to: “haven’t you turned on Sirius SSS mode for a long time? Do you want to play in SSS mode while you have enough mental strength?”

Norman’s eyes moved and shook his head. “There’s no need to waste mental energy.”

Mu Chen: “you are too cruel!”

He didn’t force it. After all, he couldn’t even win the Sirius in SS mode.

The two trained separately.

Norman was practicing when the communicator rang. He glanced and saw that it was Hans, director of the Institute of pharmaceutical research and President of the second Institute.

Not surprisingly, he stopped training and connected with respect: “Mr. Hans.”

Hans is in his seventies. He is a senior citizen in Austria. Few people are still working at this age.

However, Hans has always adhered to his post. At present, he has almost participated in the research and development of soothers on the market. At the same time, he is also a teacher of honard.

“Your majesty!” Dean Hans said in a low voice, “can you explain to me when I developed a new Soother? Why don’t I know?”

Norman: Mr. Hans, have you seen Jim’s mental sea diagnosis report

“Of course,” Hans said in an excited tone, realizing that he was questioning now, clearing his throat and whispering, “maybe you should explain to me.”

He spent a long time comparing Jim’s mental sea data to make sure that the “new soothing agent” Jim said did have a good effect before contacting Norman.

Norman: “if you have time, we can have an interview.”

“I’ll be at the military headquarters soon.”

Ten minutes later, Norman met Hans, President of the second hospital, in his office. Judging from his appearance, Hans was no more than 50 years old.

Norman did not wait for Hans to question and took out a nutrient: “Mr. Hans, this is a new soothing agent. The provider is unwilling to expose his identity. It is the most reasonable to claim that it was developed by the scientific research institute.”

Hans took the nutrient, opened it and smelled it. His eyes lit up: “pure nutrient, no α Matter. ”

Norman: “yes, you are very professional. It’s really a nutrient and there are no impurities.”

Hans closed the nutrient bottle: “the statement of impurities is really better than that α The material is more appropriate, “he stared at Norman.” Your Majesty, can you recommend a provider for me? ”

He spent his whole life studying soothers and looked forward to Norman’s eyes.

Norman shook his head. “He doesn’t want to attract attention.”

Hans looked disappointed. “I don’t know what to call him?”

Norman pondered that the word an was too easy to associate, so he said, “Mr. A.”

Hans looked at the nutrient in his hand. “Then call it type a soother.” he thought of something and looked at it. “He made the barbecue of holographic company, not the effect of bug?”

Norman nodded, “yes.”

Hans breathed faster in his eyes and calmed his excitement: “it seems that Mr. A does have the ability to restore the spirit of food.” He asked, “Your Majesty, have you tried to attract him?”

Norman’s mind showed the lovely appearance of the little mermaid, a smile flashed in his eyes, and soon disappeared: “he is willing to provide pure food as much as he can, but he doesn’t want people to know his existence.”

Hans thought, “maybe he has some concerns. Your majesty can try to persuade him,” he said cautiously. “You must not oppress people by force. People with ability have a strange temper. It’s hard for him to be willing to help.”

Norman thought of the little mermaid’s good temper, and the corners of his mouth bent imperceptibly.

He mentioned the business: “Mr. Hans, you should choose an appropriate time to announce the news of the new soothing agent. You must emphasize that it is difficult to produce and difficult to produce in mass, and give priority to the military department.”

Hans nodded: “if Mr. a changes his mind, be sure to introduce me at the first time.”

Norman agreed. Hans had a flash of light and asked, “Your Majesty, is there any impurity in the food and seeds provided by Mr. a?”

Norman: “no, the seeds have been sent to the Institute of Botany.”

Hans smiled and looked forward: “I hope they will be pure when they grow up.” He held the nutrient tightly: “Your Majesty, how about studying this type a nutrient for me?”

Norman nodded, originally for Hans.

Hans left the military headquarters with a smile on his face, which made everyone in the military headquarters doubt that his majesty had allocated a large amount of research funds to the Institute.

An hour later, the Scientific Research Institute announced the latest powerful soothing agent – type a soothing agent. Suddenly, the Internet was full of discussions about agent a.

Many people think that the name is too casual.

Hans met Leng hum. This is his highest respect for Mr. a!

At six o’clock in the evening, Norman walked into the mermaid room and saw the little mermaid floating in the water, looking intently at the intelligent brain virtual screen and Thinking on his face.

When an Jin heard the movement and looked at it, his eyes lit up and his tail swung dexterously. He soon swam to the shore and looked up at Norman.

He pointed to the food on the shore: “I’ve made them delicious! Here you are.”

He paused and raised his hand. His thumb nail leaned against his ring finger and compared the tip of a section of his nail: “just leave me a little dinner.”

Norman was so cute that he squatted down and rubbed the top of the little mermaid’s head: “choose what you like and make the rest as nutrients.”

An Jin said expectantly, “can I bake it?”

With a swing of his tail, he turned lightly, his back next to the Bank of the pool, in the same direction as Norman, and then raised his wrist in front of Norman.

Norman glanced over the grills on the screen and looked at the little mermaid.

The little mermaid has a small side face, white ears, delicate and small.

An Jin pointed to the two front barbecue ovens: “which one do you think is good?”

Norman understood why the little mermaid had tangled before: “don’t buy it.”

He took the little mermaid’s shoulder and back in his hand and said, “I’ll take you to the kitchen.”

An Jin turned sideways and looked up at him: “I’ve seen it during the day. There’s only one machine in it.”

During the day, he spent a lot of time reading and exercising his water abilities. During his break, he drove a scooter around the first floor.

Norman explained, “I just sent a batch of kitchen utensils.”

With joy in his eyes, an Jin raised his hand and skillfully asked Norman to pick him up.

When he turned his head, his eyes swept over the scooter. He was stunned to prevent his nails from hurting Norman. He carefully touched Norman’s arm with his finger pulp: “I drive the scooter.”

Norman was stunned. He just didn’t think of a scooter. He habitually wanted to take the little mermaid to the kitchen.

An Jin is also a little embarrassed. He seems to be used to being held by Norman. I’m afraid he can’t remember if he didn’t see the scooter – he can move on land.

Norman gently put the little mermaid into the scooter. The little mermaid’s clear and soft voice sounded: “turn it on.”

An Jin starts the car and looks at Norman. His eyes fall on his slightly wet clothes: “do you want to change?”

Norman: it’s all right. It’ll be done soon. Let’s go

An Jin gave instructions to the scooter: “go to the kitchen.”

The speed of the scooter is still one meter per second.

An Jin studied and knew how to adjust the speed, but because he was indoors, he didn’t change and kept the Norman speed.

Norman walked very fast. They moved forward side by side. An Jin had the illusion that they were walking side by side. He was inexplicably happy. He turned his head and looked at Norman.

Norman thought the little mermaid was excited because she could use the kitchen. He thought the little mermaid was really easy to satisfy.

Soon, they came to the spacious and clean kitchen.

An Jin was surprised. The kitchen was empty during the day, but now it has changed greatly. It has a very breath of life.

Electric rice cooker, frying pan, soup pot, oven, barbecue oven, hot pot… Almost all kitchen appliances are available. Of course, these things are different from modern ones. He can recognize them because he visited the kitchen supplies mall when buying barbecue ovens.

In addition to electrical appliances, there are all kinds of knives on the knife rest of the cooking table. Through the cupboard with transparent glass door, you can see many plates and bowls with different shapes, as well as all kinds of spoons and chopsticks.

What surprised an Jin most was the strange robot at the door.

The robot is of medium build, with silver skin and black eyes. It is wearing a white apron with two words written on the skirt: cook.

An Jin turned to Norman and said, “can he cook?”

Norman nodded: “it has been done two days ago, but the recipe has not been collected. In the future, the recipe will be updated and upgraded.”

As he spoke, he opened his brain and the virtual screen popped up, which was full of finished pictures of various dishes.

An Jin’s eyes lit up, and his head unconsciously stretched out and came closer.

Norman then moved a small half step in the direction of the little mermaid and narrowed the distance between the two: “what do you want to eat at night? After selection, it will buy the required raw materials according to the menu and make them into finished products.”

An Jin looked at Norman in surprise.

In other words, he can not only eat delicious food, but also don’t have to do it himself.

That’s great!

In this world, being a mermaid is too happy!


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