After Being a Mermaid Chapter 34

An Jin looked at the full pictures of dishes on the virtual screen. The more he looked, the more greedy he became. He suddenly felt that the people of siaoxing were very poor.

With the scientific and technological level of si’ao, si’ao people can enjoy the treatment of opening their mouth. As a result, because the food has impurities, they can’t even eat delicious food, so they can only taste it in the holographic world.

“What would you like to eat?” He looked at Norman and invited, “let’s have dinner and celebrate the arrival of the chef!”

Norman was so cute that he felt a touch of humanity and smiled in his eyes: “OK, you order.”

An Jin suggested: “one person has two dishes,” he raised his beautiful eyes and said seriously, “you choose what you like to eat, don’t choose for me!”

Norman took care of him too much. He was worried that Norman chose his favorite dishes.

Norman nodded and made the same request: “you too.”

The little mermaid remembered his taste clearly and considerate. He didn’t want the little mermaid to take his taste into account.

An Jin’s little head went up and down immediately. They reached an agreement, ordered two dishes each, and discussed ordering a bunch of apple juice.

After they order, the Chef immediately receives the work order, and the intelligent system quickly analyzes the required raw materials, and then orders to buy.

Norman zhinao received an automatic reply from the cook and said to the little mermaid, “it takes twenty minutes to make it.” he looked at the little mermaid’s tail and suggested, “go back to the pool and have a rest?”

An Jin shook his head with bright eyes and high interest: “I want to wait for the food to come and make them delicious. The dishes made in this way are more delicious!”

He has tested that the taste of crab cooked and then removed impurities is not as good as that of removing impurities first and then cooking.

When he came to this world and ate delicious food in reality for the first time, he hoped to be perfect.

Norman saw the little mermaid looking forward, so he accompanied the little mermaid.

He stood aside, his eyes fell on the little mermaid’s long blue hair, moved in his heart and stretched out his hand: “see if you like it?”

There are three hair circles in his palm, blue, white and black. The style is simple and round, without redundant accessories.

Norman said, “this is a hair circle. You can tie up your hair so that your hair won’t run everywhere.” he looked at the little mermaid. “You don’t like hair accessories. I bought the simplest one, and the style with gemstones and pearls. If you like…”

Before he finished, an Jin hurriedly said, “this is very good! Thank you.”

He was moved. He didn’t expect that Norman remembered once he said that his hair was messy.

Norman saw that the little mermaid looked serious and felt that the little mermaid was easy to be satisfied: “just like it.”

Ann Jin took the three hair rings in his hand and thought of one thing. He looked at Norman: “I want to buy a mirror,” he said awkwardly, “but I don’t know the address here.”

When he went shopping in the afternoon, he wanted to buy his own mirror. As a result, he didn’t know the receiving address, and it was very strange that he couldn’t locate it.

He said his doubts: “I don’t know why, it always shows that the positioning failed.”

Norman explained: “this is the scope of the palace. The unauthorized intelligent brain can’t locate it and needs to fill in the address. The express can only be sent to the gate, and the orderly will send it to the villa after checking the security.”

An Jin made a sound and was more confused: “does the general live in the palace?”

Norman looked at the little mermaid’s blue eyes and said in silence for a second, “I am also emperor SiO.”

An Jin’s eyes opened slightly with surprise, and his head was full of shock. Norman was the emperor of SiO!

Soon he calmed down, and he sensed sensitively that Norman didn’t seem to like talking about the topic very much.

Just as the housekeeper sent the dishes bought by the chef, an Jin changed the topic and cleared the impurities of the food. By the way, he also cleared the impurities of all condiments in the kitchen.

Then he stood at the kitchen door and watched the cook cook.

Seeing the cook’s neat action, he couldn’t help exclaiming: “its knife is so powerful!”

He wanted to order a steamed fish, but when he flipped the menu, he saw the squirrel mandarin fish first, wanted to eat it at first, and finally gave up the steamed fish.

He was worried that the chef’s knife was not fine enough. Unexpectedly, the chef took the knife and quickly cut open the fish’s head and chin, flat pieces along both sides of the spine to the tail, then cut off the spine, remove the chest stab, and make a diamond knife pattern on the fish surface with a knife. The whole process was fast and accurate.

The little mermaid’s eyes were slightly open because of surprise. She looked at the cook and looked a little cute.

Norman saw his heart softened, recalled the cook’s actions and said, “it’s not very difficult, I can do it.”

An Jin was even more surprised and turned to look at Norman: “you’re great!”

Norman maintained a serious face. “Do you want to see me do it once?”

An Jin shook his head and bent his eyes: “no, just cook.”

Three minutes before the meal was ready, Norman zhinao received a reminder from the cook. He looked at the little mermaid and said, “where do you want to eat?”

An Jin: “restaurant!”

They went to the restaurant next door. The restaurant was very big, rectangular marble table top, very cold and hard style.

An Jin stops the scooter next to the seat, stretches out a hand and wants to touch the texture of the cushion. If it doesn’t slide, hold the back of the chair and slowly move it to the bench.

Unexpectedly, the fish’s tail stood very unstable. After his hand released the handle, his body immediately tilted.

He was surprised and immediately wanted to put his hand back. Before he put his hand back, his waist tightened and Norman held it firmly.

He breathed softly and calmed down, only to find that he was almost held in Norman’s arms, and his right face was completely close to Norman’s chest.

His cheeks were covered with scales and cold, and the temperature on Norman’s chest was even hotter, making his heart beat faster and his ears red.

Besides being embarrassed, he felt a little ashamed.

He put his right hand back on his handle and looked up at Norman. His blue eyes were a little embarrassed: “thank you. Let go. I can stand firm.”

Norman’s breath was slightly sluggish. The little mermaid was close to him. When he looked up, his cheek brushed his chest. Because there were scales on his cheek, even if there was a layer of cloth in the middle, the feeling was particularly obvious.

Cool and smooth.

An inexplicable feeling spread from the friction. He froze for a moment before he recovered.

He held the little mermaid’s slender waist, waited until the little mermaid stood completely straight, and said seriously, “you’re welcome. Be careful in the future.”

An Jing nodded with red ears and answered: “well,” he stretched out his hand to try the texture of the cushion, then looked up, looked at Norman with blue eyes and said politely, “can you please hold me on the bench?”

Norman’s brown eyes flashed slightly and felt that the little mermaid was good and soft. Let alone such a small thing, he couldn’t refuse anything else.

He gently pinched the little mermaid’s slender waist with both hands, gently lifted the little mermaid, and then put it on the seat.

Anxin quickly held the edge of the table, looked up and said to Norman, “thank you.”

Norman looked at the little mermaid’s tail and asked anxiously, “can you sit still?”

An Jin’s tail swings gently. There is a cushion on the seat, and the scales are next to the cushion. It doesn’t slide.

He nodded, “yes.”

Norman let go of one hand and saw that the little mermaid was sitting very steadily. However, he was still worried and sat down next to the little mermaid.

Soon, the cook put the dinner on the table. It was very rich with squirrel mandarin fish, braised prawns, sweet and sour tenderloin, stir fried seasonal vegetables and apple juice.

Norman glanced over the steaming dishes.

This is probably the scene that will appear in si’ao’s film and television works. Usually, eating and putting around the table are relatives and friends.

He couldn’t help but look at the little mermaid’s face.

The little mermaid’s delicate nose shrugged and her small Adam’s apple rolled up and down. It was obvious that she was greedy, but she put her hands on the table and looked at him: “I’m moving!”

An Jin’s tone is excited. Although he has eaten delicious food in the holographic world, the meaning of the real world is completely different!

And today is the first time to remove impurities from raw materials and cook them into delicious food. The previously boiled crab is not cooking.

He hasn’t eaten delicious food for a long time, so he is very greedy.

Norman: eat He poured a glass of apple juice for the little mermaid and put it on the left side of the little mermaid.

An Jin smiled at him and took a chopstick of squirrel mandarin fish. The sour and sweet taste was immediately fried in his mouth. The tender and smooth fish was very fragrant, and there was no thorn at all. He swallowed it twice.

“It’s delicious. Try it.” He strongly recommended it to Norman and ate it quickly.

Norman tasted the taste of squirrel mandarin fish, and his eyes couldn’t help falling on the little mermaid’s face. His eyes were very soft.

An Jin noticed his eyes and hurriedly said, “I want to eat fish, not because you like sour!” He said seriously, “I have abided by our agreement. Don’t get me wrong!”

Norman raised his mouth slightly: “well, I don’t misunderstand.”

An Jin looked into his deep eyes and listened to his familiar and tolerant tone. He turned his head to clip vegetables and whispered, “cheat.”

Norman moved his fingers and wanted to poke the little mermaid in the cheek, but he finally pressed the impulse and didn’t want to disturb the little mermaid to eat.

Although an Jin felt that he didn’t slide on the cushion, after all, his lower body was a fish tail that couldn’t stand. He was still worried about the tragedy of sliding to the bottom of the table. He didn’t forget to grasp the edge of the table with his left hand throughout the meal.

Norman saw this, so he used public chopsticks to bring vegetables to the little mermaid.

Finally, an Jin ate up.

He leaned back in his chair like a salted fish, holding a bulging stomach in his hand, satisfied and painful.

Norman was a little worried: “I’ll ask the doctor to show you. There should be medicine suitable for Mermaid digestion.”

An Jin quickly refused: “No.” Eating has embarrassed him and doesn’t want to be known by more people.

He looked positive: “I’m fine. I’ll just swim slowly in the water later.”

When Norman heard the speech, he bent over and picked up the little mermaid, sent the little mermaid back to the mermaid room and put it directly into the water.

An Jin floats on his back in the water, his tail swinging up and down.

Norman was not at ease: “if you feel uncomfortable at night, please contact me in time.”

An Jin nodded, “OK.”

Norman collected the pure food on the shore and thought of the question Mu Chen asked him for help: “Ann, do you have a way to persuade Xiao Yin to share the pure food with Mu Chen?”

An Jin recalled Xiaoyin’s persistence in food, shook his head and said, “it shouldn’t be.”

Xiao Yin sings to food just to eat delicious food. How can she be willing to give delicious food to others?

However… When he thought of Xiao Yin singing, he automatically sent the energy particles to Mu Chen’s spiritual sea.

Mu Chen is special to Xiaoyin.

If it wasn’t special, there wouldn’t be so many energy particles to the Mu Chen spirit sea.

For example, Norman also stood beside, but Xiao Yin’s spiritual power was not transmitted to Norman at all.

An Jin thought, “I can help convey Mu Chen’s meaning, but I don’t know if Xiao Yin is willing or not.”

Norman: “with Mu Chen’s character, I will bring little silver tomorrow.”

An Jin’s eyes bent: “then I’ll ask the cook to make some snacks in advance.”

He was stunned and then smiled again. He prepared like entertaining children at home.

Thinking so, he became more interested.

When he was a child, his parents were very strict. They didn’t let him play with other children or let other children play with him. He always stayed in the villa alone.

Other children said that he was always envious when talking about visiting each other.

He can finally entertain his friends!

Norman saw the little mermaid happy and thought in his eyes. The little mermaid was always alone. Was it boring?

Maybe you should often take the little mermaid to the mermaid center.

He recalled the schedule and made a decision in his heart. He got up and said to the little mermaid, “good night, good night, see you tomorrow.”

“Wait a minute.” An Jin shouted.

Seeing Norman standing where he was, he began to sing.

His mental strength was close to full value. It would be too wasteful not to pass on his mental strength to Norman through singing.

And he will go to bed soon. In one night, his mental strength will be full.

Norman was slightly surprised. At the end of the song, his spiritual theory returned to 30%, which not only supplemented the spiritual strength consumed during the day, but also increased a lot, almost full.

Norman said seriously, “thank you.”

An Jin smiled, raised his hand and waved, “see you tomorrow.”

In the morning, after washing, an Jin changed into a light blue T-shirt, went back to the pool to float, opened zhinao, looked at all kinds of breakfast, and fell into the difficulty of choice again.

Want to eat!

When Norman pushed the dining car into the mermaid room, he saw the little mermaid staring at the screen with a tangled face.

An Jin saw him and smiled at him, “good morning.”

“Good morning, ANN,” Norman said.

Anxin subconsciously holds his breath. He already knows the full meaning of the whole sentence when Norman introduced himself before, waiting for Norman to finish.

After two seconds, Norman still didn’t speak, as if he had finished.

His heart moved and he looked at Norman, thinking in his eyes.

Norman, did you forget? Or because of something else?

Norman looked at the little mermaid and saw that the little mermaid was a little stunned. He couldn’t help worrying: “isn’t it comfortable?”

An Jin regained his mind and quickly shook his head: “I’m fine.”

Norman looked at him and Anxin smiled at him.

Norman saw that he looked good. He looked back and arranged the food on the dining car one by one.

An Jin waved his tail and swam from the top of the long side to the top of the other side as Norman moved.

He stared at the food and tried to determine the breakfast he wanted most by seeing the reaction of the raw materials.

Norman arranged the food. The little mermaid just swam in front of him. He rubbed the head of the Little Mermaid: “do you want to eat the food here or let the cook do it?”

An Jin: “cook!”

When an Jin looked at the raw materials, he already thought of what to eat.

His taste is influenced by Mermaid, and he especially prefers aquatic products. When he sees shrimp and crab, he wants to eat food made of these two raw materials.

He opened zhinao. When he saw shrimp dumplings and crab roe dumplings, he just looked at the picture, and his mouth couldn’t help secreting saliva, so he decided to order steamed shrimp dumplings and crab roe dumplings.

He looked at Norman. “What are you eating? We can have breakfast together later.”

“I have nutrients,” Norman said. “The more food you order, the more energy you consume.”

An Jin smiled at him: “it doesn’t matter. It will reply anyway,” he paused. “And eating one is boring. Eating together is more atmosphere.”

Norman saw the little mermaid’s intention to say so, and did not refuse the little mermaid’s kindness: “good.”

Thinking of the little mermaid’s greedy face, he ordered the same breakfast as the little mermaid, not twice as much.

After breakfast, Ann Jin saw Norman ready to leave, grabbed his sleeve and pointed to the food on the bank: “you can send more food.”

Norman was stunned: “will you spend too much mental energy?”

An Jin shook his head: “No.”

Norman looked at the food that occupied a lot of land, thought about it and asked, “Ann, do you transmit the same amount of spiritual power to every plant?”

“No,” said an Jin, “more impurities require more mental strength. If the mental strength is not enough, there will be impurities left. It’s hard to eat!”

Norman: “that is to say, if the food has less impurities and consumes the same mental power, the more pure food will be obtained?”

“That’s right.” An Jin nodded.

Norman took out an ordinary nutrient: “this is the staple food of the Sioux people. It contains nutrients with impurities, but the content of impurities is less than that of food.”

He asked, “can you transfer mental power to nutrients?”

An Jin nodded: “yes,” he also understood Norman’s meaning, and glanced at a little impurity in the nutrient. “A lot of pure nutrients can be made in one day.”

Norman’s eyes lit up slightly: “in the future, I’ll send nutrients directly. The food you want to eat can be cooked directly by the cook, and the cook can handle it raw.”

An Jin thinks his idea is very good, which can maximize the spiritual power.

And the food was put by the pool. He always couldn’t help eating it.

He was hungry at the end of the world. He wanted to eat when he saw the food. He always felt that it was his own to eat. Otherwise, he didn’t know whether he would be robbed, or he didn’t have to eat in case of an emergency.

If he put a pile of delicious food within his reach every day, he would certainly become a fat fish!

Norman pointed to the food: “will the food here be left here or taken away?”

Ann thought, “I want to keep a crab,” he whispered, looking at Norman with blue eyes. “It’s a snack.”

Eating only one crab, he can consume it when practicing his powers and won’t get fat!

“Well,” Norman suggested, knowing something about the taste of the little mermaid, “keep another shrimp?”

An Jin was very excited. He poked his lower finger abdomen with the tip of his fingernail and firmly refused: “No.”

Norman asked the robot to take the food away and send it to the kitchen to make nutrients. He placed an order in the mall and bought ten boxes of nutrients.

Nutrients are very high in calories. Only one food of about ten kilograms can provide adults with energy for a meal.

The nutrients were delivered soon. Norman opened one box and put it in the corner furthest from the little mermaid’s range of activities. The other nine boxes were put next to the shelf.

An Jin put his fingers on the bank and stretched out his neck to look at them. They were 100 in all.

Norman reminded the little mermaid again, “do what you can and don’t make yourself uncomfortable.”

An Jin felt his concern. His eyes bent and nodded his small head: “OK.”

After Norman left the villa, an Jin looked at the nutrient, thought about it, picked up one and operated the power.

He observed the changes of the spiritual sea and found that the spiritual power consumed by a nutrient is equivalent to the nutrient required for a kilogram of food.

Before, he purified almost 60 kilograms of food. Norman made six nutrients. Now his powers have been upgraded and his mental power has almost doubled.

He silently estimated that his spiritual power could purify at least 120 kilograms of food, which would be 120 pieces of nutrients.

Of course, this is a conservative algorithm. When purifying food, his mental power is often in a state of fullness.

But now, his mental power still needs to exercise his powers. After calculating, he decided to purify a box of nutrients a day.

After thinking about it, he purified 20 nutrients, then put on his helmet and went online to work.

He saw Arlo again. When Arlo saw him, he said, “Ann.”

An Jin said hello to him, and then started to purify the meat kebabs and seasonings.

He didn’t see Dillon for two days. After thinking about it, he wanted to ask Arlo, “what time does Dillon go to work every day?”

Arlo said, “come to marinate at 9:00 in the morning and bake the string at 12:00 at noon,” he explained. “He doesn’t know your ability. He thinks you are studying hard in reality. If you see you, I’m afraid he will guess what. You don’t want to be exposed, the fewer people know, the better.”

An Jin pursed his lower lip and remembered that Dilang was guilty, but he didn’t know the reality of Dilang, so he didn’t intend to tell Dilang the truth.

Because he doesn’t want to be exposed, the holographic company has issued an announcement saying that the effect of food on restoring mental strength is a bug. If it is known, isn’t it a waste of Norman’s arrangement.

Arlo knew what he was thinking when he saw the boy’s appearance. He said positively, “it’s not good for him to know too much.”

An Jin made a sound, smiled and thanked him for his comfort.

After handling the food, go offline.

He opened his brain to learn to read. When he was tired of learning, he went to the garden to exercise his water power.

His mind moved. A five meter water dragon rose from the pool. The whole one was crystal clear and looked very good.

He blinked his eyes, the water dragon opened his mouth and sprayed fine water mist at him. He immediately smiled and his eyes bent.

The water dragon revolved around him for two times and spread out quickly. It became six high-speed water arrows, two in front and two in front of him.

An Jin stared not far away and looked at the trunk of his tree for two seconds. He still gave up using the tree to test the power of the water arrow.

He looked to the ground again, saw the green grass and flowers, and still gave up.

The power of the water arrow is different from that before. If it shoots at the ground as before, I’m afraid it will leave a big pit, and the green grass and flowers next to it may suffer.

If only there were wooden stakes or slate.

Suddenly, his heart moved. He could go to the holographic world to exercise!

After handling military affairs, Norman looked at the next trip and decided that there was enough time to go to the training ground.

When nothing happened, training almost became his instinct.

But before he met the little mermaid, his training was mainly to exercise himself, increase strength and reaction speed.

After the little mermaid sang, his mental state became better and better, and he could practice mecha like when his mental power was at its peak.

Thinking of this, Norman moved in his heart, pondered for a moment, opened his brain and visited the mall.

The little mermaid is so good that he doesn’t know how to be good to the little mermaid except buying things for the little mermaid.

From his observation, the little mermaid is easy to be satisfied. Every time he buys something, the little mermaid is always happy.

He wants to buy something for the little mermaid to make the little mermaid happy.

He thought and searched for toys suitable for water play, and finally looked at cartoon swimming circles and inflatable mounts.

The little mermaid is so cute that she should like these lovely things, too?

He chose the top ten mounts in the list and placed an order.

After paying the money, the adjutant knocked on the door. He closed his brain and said, “come in.”

The adjutant came in: “Your Majesty, the deputy minister in charge of this year’s live broadcast came to you to confirm the live broadcast process.”

Norman: let him in

The Deputy Minister seemed to be in his thirties. He saluted first and then reported: “the live broadcast began at 11 a.m. on the 3rd and ended at 1 p.m. mainly to show his Majesty’s daily life in his bedroom.”

He looked at Norman. “Are you going to invite guests?”

Norman pondered and said, “No.”

The deputy minister is a little embarrassed. There are no guests. Only his majesty, he has expected how difficult the live broadcast will be. After all, his majesty is famous for being silent.

He asked, “Your Majesty, what will you do when you are ready to broadcast?”

Norman: tell me about your plan

Vice Minister: “we think it will be better to have guests live, and it will be easier to show your Majesty’s affinity.” Then they said their plan.

Norman thought for a moment: “shorten an hour and follow your plan.”

The Deputy Minister tangled for a moment: “… Yes, the flow chart will be worked out in the afternoon.”

After the Deputy Minister left, Norman contacted the captain of the guard: “the live broadcast is arranged to the palace bedroom. You make preparations.”


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