After Being a Mermaid Chapter 35

Norman returned to the villa. As soon as he entered the hall, he smelled a faint fragrance. He turned his steps and walked to the kitchen.

When he got to the kitchen door, he saw the little mermaid standing on the scooter, watching the cook cook delicious food.

There are three plates of small animal snacks on the cooking table. They look delicious and lovely.

An Jin felt watched, turned his head and smiled when he saw Norman: “you’re off work!”

He raised his wrist slightly, thought of the fish tail that was difficult to stand, and hung down, holding the handle tightly.

He raised his chin slightly and motioned to the refrigerator in the corner: “there is strawberry milk pudding in the refrigerator. You should like it.”

The temperature is very high recently. He has been staying indoors. He occasionally goes to the garden and stays in the pool. He won’t stay too long and doesn’t feel hot.

But Norman is different. From that communication, Norman’s usual training will be very hot.

Norman glanced at the hands of the little mermaid holding the handle: “have you eaten?”

An Jin smiled: “I want to eat with Xiaoyin later and watch the cook cook cook dessert. It’s very interesting.”

Norman went to the refrigerator and opened it.

Twelve glasses are placed on the top of the refrigerator. They are filled with pudding, milky milk and bright red strawberries. They look sweet and refreshing.

Norman took a cup, another exquisitely carved silver spoon, closed the refrigerator and went to the little mermaid.

He opened the lid, dug a spoon, took half a strawberry and handed it to the little mermaid.

An Jin raised his head and his blue eyes were slightly Leng.

Seeing Norman’s serious face, he opened his mouth and ate it. The cool and sweet taste swept through his mouth in an instant. At the same time, he felt a slight coolness in the corners of his mouth and licked the corners of his mouth with some embarrassment.

The soft, pink tongue flashed by, and Norman’s hand holding the spoon tightened unconsciously.

His eyes moved away from the mermaid’s mouth and continued to dig dessert. His expression was very serious.

He carefully controlled his strength and direction to avoid hitting strawberries.

An Jin looked at another spoonful of pudding handed to his mouth and shook his head after eating it: “I’ve tasted it. It tastes great! You can also get one. The cook made twelve cups, and we each have three.”

Norman saw that the little mermaid insisted on his face, covered the little mermaid’s pudding, took a cup at the urging of the little mermaid, dug a large spoon at will and put it in his mouth.

The refreshing feeling of sweet and sour fragrance hit him instantly. His brown eyes were slightly bright. After swallowing, he seriously commented on the little mermaid’s looking eyes: “it’s delicious.”

An Jin’s eyes bent: “there are several more. Wait and try them to see which one you like best.”

He said, blinked and asked, “are you busy at work?”

Norman: not busy

Si’ao has been rated as the most livable main star of the Star Alliance for five consecutive years, the most important of which is very safe.

Except during the spring beast tide, he was not busy when he was on sior.

Of course, he doesn’t spend much time on sior every year. He spends more time on interstellar patrol, which also makes all star theft groups dare not approach sior at will.

An Jin was a little disappointed. He thought about it and simply asked, “will you go to the holographic world at work?”

Norman: “occasionally, look at the schedule.”

He is not busy with his work, but he has a lot of itinerary. He often goes to various bases for inspection. Just because of the convenient transportation, he goes fast wherever he goes.

He guessed the little mermaid’s intention, pondered for a moment and said, “I can accompany you to the holographic world at noon every day.”

“No,” Anxin quickly shook his head and tried to inquire, “so you are the most free at noon?”

Norman: “well, it’s a legal lunch break.”

An Jin silently remembers that if he goes to the holographic world to exercise water power, he must avoid the lunch break.

Water power is his card. He doesn’t want to expose it, even if it’s Norman.

He made enough money to change his face and body shape so that no one would recognize him.

However, Norman seems to be bound to him. As long as they are online, they can see each other’s location.

In order to avoid others, he will certainly find a more remote place to exercise.

If Norman finds out, he is likely to feel strange and suspicious.

Just thinking, his brain rang softly. It was the cook’s notice. He asked Norman: “when will Xiaoyin arrive? The food will be ready in three minutes.”

Norman: right away. You go back to the pool first

An Jin looked at the roasted wings just taken out of the oven in the cook’s hand, rolled up and down the Adam’s apple, took back his sight and ordered the scooter: “go back to the mermaid room.”

The scooter starts and drives slowly and smoothly to the mermaid room.

At the pool, an Jin jumped into the water flexibly, then swam to the pool, put his hands on the Bank of the pool and looked at the door.

Soon Norman appeared with two guests.

“Good evening, Ann.” Mu Chen greeted with a smile.

An Jin’s eyes fell on his face. There was a finger long scratch on his left face, very thin, but still with blood. It was clearly a new wound.

An Jin said politely, “Hello,” he couldn’t help it. “Doesn’t it matter if you don’t deal with your wound?”

He even had an impulse to run the water power and deal with his wound.

He was slightly stunned and thought of the popular advanced water powers in the eschatological base.

At the end of the world, the most popular power is the water system, wood system and light system. All three powers have healing properties.

Moreover, these three powers are more gentle in character. When they see the injured, they will instinctively want to treat them.

Among the three, the water system is more aggressive. His water power level at the end of the world is too low to have a therapeutic effect.

He thought of the rising impulse and guessed that maybe the ability could reach level 2.

Mu Chen smiled carelessly: “it doesn’t matter,” he looked at Xiao Yin, who was staring at him with vigilant eyes, “no, Xiao Yin won’t calm down. Please help me persuade him.”

An Jin looked at Xiao Yin with an angry face and whispered, “Xiao Yin,” seeing that Xiao Yin looked over, he asked, “do you remember me?”

Little silver’s eyelids drooped slightly, floating in the mermaid car, looking down on him, as if disdaining him: “of course, you are Ann. I said, my memory is the best!”

An Jin: “… You’re great.”

The small silver fish’s tail swung and his voice became light: “sure enough, we mermaids are the most lovely to talk to.”

He turned his head, clapped his palm on the cylinder wall and shouted at Mu Chen: “stupid bipedal beast, don’t put me down! A thief without eyes!”

Mu Chen looked helpless: “how suddenly angry.”

He wants to enter the pool

Mu Chen quickly put Xiaoyin into the pool and sighed to Norman, “it’s so easy to have an an an interpreter,” his eyes suddenly lit up, “you can learn the language of mermaid through an an an!”

“If we can communicate with each other, we will get along better with the mermaid.”

Norman pondered for a moment: “I’ll discuss it with Ann.”

Xiaoyin swam to an Jin, turned around him, gently touched his long hair tied into a bundle, and finally ordered a haircircle without decoration: “your two legged beast is too stingy!”

He raised his hand and took down a hairpin from his head. There was a big and round white pearl on the hairpin. He handed it to an Jin: “here you are.”

An Jin shook his head: “thank you. It looks good on you. I don’t like wearing hair accessories.”

He opened his brain and asked the cook to bring the food. He said to Xiaoyin, “I asked the cook to cook delicious food. You can try it later.”

He paused and added, “the cook is mine… The bipedal beast bought the food and his money bought it. It can be regarded as his treat.”

He was afraid that Xiaoyin suspected that he was seeking mating.

Xiaoyin looked at Norman and put the Pearl hairpin on his head: “it’s not so stingy.”

An Jin held back his smile and thought Xiao Yin was very cute.

After a while, the cook came in pushing the dining car, which was full of all kinds of food.

When Xiaoyin smelled the aroma, he immediately swam to the bank, held the bank edge with his hand, straightened up and stretched his neck to see. His upturned nose stirred: “it’s so fragrant!”

The next moment, he jerked his tail and ran to Mu Chen: “I want a cook, too!”

An Jin explained Xiaoyin’s words to Mu Chen, held Xiaoyin’s wrist and took him to the food that had been placed on the shore: “only the cook can’t do it. The food is delicious because I made them delicious before.”

Xiaoyin immediately turned her attention to the food and looked at an Jin after two seconds: “you’re great! How can you make so much food delicious!”

He said, looking up and down at an Jin: “you are stronger than the last time we met!”

An Jin was stunned: “can you feel it?”

Xiao Yin raised his chin gently: “of course, you make me feel more comfortable! Unlike bipedal animals,” he wrinkled his nose. “The stronger, the more annoying.”

An Jin is a little surprised and can’t help guessing. Is it because he is a water power that mermaids are naturally closer to water?

Xiaoyin reached out, grabbed a cup of pudding and threw it directly into her mouth… It didn’t come out.

An Jin quickly picked up the cup he had eaten before, took another spoon and handed it to Xiao Yin: “eat like me.”

Xiaoyin learned from him, holding the cup wall in one hand and the spoon in the other hand, digging and eating. After eating the first bite, Xiaoyin’s eyes suddenly lit up: “delicious!”

Then he ate quickly. When an Jin ate a third, he had finished eating and went to get another cup.

An Jin reminded: “try the rest and try each one, otherwise you won’t be able to eat when you’re full.”

Xiao Yin thought for two seconds: “you’re so smart!” Then he took a small cake and ate it.

Mu Chen was also eating his share, and was moved to say, “it’s nice of ANN to have specially prepared mine!”

He looked at Norman with envy: “have you eaten the pure food cooked by the chef?”

Norman nodded. “It was last night and this morning.” He stopped and, out of a subtle desire to show off his Mermaid, said what he had eaten.

Mu Chen suddenly felt that the pudding in his hand was not fragrant.

“You’re so lucky,” Mu Chen sighed. “With ANN, all si’ao singles want to marry you!”

Norman looked cold and stopped saying he wouldn’t get married.

An Jin took a piece of spicy chicken wings and was about to eat them. When he heard Mu Chen’s words, he leaned over his head and looked at Norman.

Norman just looked at him. They met. An Jin looked away first.

He chewed chicken wings and looked thoughtful. Norman will get married in the future!

Norman has been very kind to him recently, and his attitude towards him is not like that of pets, just like that of people, so that he even has a sense of peace and happiness.

Before the end of the world, his life in the villa was almost the same as now, but no one treated him so well as Norman.

At that time, he always wanted to escape from the villa and didn’t want to go back during holidays. He thought the villa was like a delicate cage. It looked beautiful but there was no freedom.

After the end of the world, he sat alone in the warehouse, watching the dark sky and the howling of zombies in the distance, always thinking that it would be good if he could return to the villa.

He missed the blue sky over the villa, the white clouds, and even the cicadas disturbing his nap in summer.

Now he came to another world and lived the life he wanted at the end of the world.

But it’s still different. He’s not human anymore.

If Norman got married, would Norman’s partner treat him as well as Norman? Will you think of him as a person?

Or, you might feel terrible.

After all, he is so different from the mermaid.

In that case, what would Norman do?

He has heard and seen many cases in which owners turn over their pets to others to keep or sell.

Many people are afraid of their boyfriends or girlfriends, or are prone to allergies and other symptoms.

Moreover, he is not a real mermaid. He has an adult mind. He doesn’t want to live with a pair of partners.

I don’t want to be a super watt light bulb.

An Jin ponders that he has income now. Although he doesn’t know much, he has no problem listening and speaking. There is a scooter walking. If he can buy a house, he can live alone!

Norman spent more than 20 billion on him. Although he didn’t get the money for the auction, Norman was very kind to him. If it wasn’t Norman, his situation would be unknown.

He was grateful to Norman and didn’t want Norman to spend money in vain. He would continue to convey spiritual power to Norman. After all, Norman bought him for spiritual power.

In this way, Norman spent money and got the desired result.

And he can be independent.

He thought that if he exchanged pure nutrients, Norman would be willing to give him the cook?

The more he thought about it, the more feasible it was. He wanted to check the house price at night and see when he could afford it.

This is his independent house. He doesn’t want to spend Norman’s money.

Norman didn’t know that the little mermaid was thinking about “independence”. Seeing that the little mermaid seemed to like little silver very much, he asked Mu Chen, “take them to the mermaid center when you’re free?”

Mu Chen said: “after a while, I have to take Xiaoyin to the physical examination center tomorrow. He is approaching the estrus period and should pay more attention.”

An Jin took advantage of Xiaoyin’s happy eating and asked Mu Chen, “your delicious food has the same effect as your singing. Mu Chen, that is, your bipedal beast, wants you to give him some delicious food every day, OK?”

“Cheeky two legged beast!” Xiaoyin angrily said, “he can’t steal it. He still wants me to give it to him?”

When he finished, he suddenly realized something and looked at an Jin in surprise: “can you understand the words of the two legged beast?”

An Jin nodded: “well,” he took the opportunity to explain, “they have no malice to the mermaid. They want to use the mermaid’s song to restore their mental strength. They always look at you because they like you, not to attack you.”

Little silver blinked, and the tip of her ear suddenly turned red: “what, what do you like?” his tone increased. “The mermaid won’t like the bare bipedal beast. It’s so ugly.”

An Jin: “… Not like that.”

He choked and didn’t know how to explain it. He always felt that Xiaoyin would go wild after saying that humans regard mermaids as pets.

Small silver eyes with doubt: “like is not like?”

An Jin patiently explained: “there are many kinds of likes. For example, you like delicious food and hairpins. This kind of likes is different from other mermaids.”

Xiaoyin suddenly said, “you’re right. It’s really different.”

An Jin thought, mermaid IQ is actually quite high.

Then he saw Xiao Yin staring at me and said angrily, “damn bipedal beast! Does he like me? Does he want to eat me? Or does he want to kill me and decorate it with my beautiful hair and scales?”

An Jin: “… Neither, just like,” he thought for a moment, “just like I like you, like a friend, I don’t want to mate with you.”

With a playful face and a tangled expression, the little silver plate finally said, “then reluctantly, give him a flat fish, but,” he raised his chin, “I want a cook, too.”

An would like to convey his words. Mu Chen quickly said, “I’ll buy it to order!”

Xiaoyin gets a message from an Jin and is satisfied with the attitude of the bipedal beast.

An Jin said, “if you have any ideas in the future, you can try to communicate with him. You don’t have to scare him. He will meet your requirements as long as you are willing to sing to him.”

An Jin saw that Xiaoyin hesitated. He smiled and said, “just try. Even if your back is facing him, he won’t attack you.”

Xiaoyin finally made a decision: “OK, I’ll try later.”

During this visit, Mu Chen and Xiaoyin were satisfied. Mu Chen was especially happy to get Xiaoyin’s promise of a fish and thanked Ann again and again.

An Jin lay down by the pool, waved to them and watched them leave.

Norman returned to the mermaid room and asked the little mermaid if he would like to help human beings learn Mermaid language.

An Jin was a little uneasy: “can others accept me when they know I can speak?”

Norman pondered and thought of some radical groups in the scientific research institute: “I’ll talk about it later. I’ll find a way,” he comforted the little mermaid. “It will be accepted by everyone.”

He told Mermaid three about the live broadcast.

An Jin wrote down silently that he would not go to the garden on the third.

On the morning of the 3rd, an Jin woke up indoors. After washing, he put on a white T-shirt and thought that Norman said there would be a live broadcast today, so he didn’t go to the garden.

Norman had breakfast with him in the morning, and then went to the palace bedroom.

An Jin wants to watch the live broadcast, go to the holographic world in advance to deal with the food, and then set a time for zhinao to watch the literacy video while waiting for the broadcast.

At 10:50, he switched to the live channel. The official live broadcast hasn’t started yet.

He looked in the direction of the palace, thought, and turned on his full perception. Maybe he could feel the scene.

At this time, the Vice Minister confirmed the process to Norman again: “at 11:30, the live broadcast ball will be opened on time. At that time, it will be broadcast in all directions with you as the target. At 12:30, it will be closed automatically.”

Norman nodded and broadcast live once a year. He knew the live ball very well.

At this time, the housekeeper reported: “Nuoji, the speaker has arrived.”

After passing the security check, noji levitated car landed in front of the bedroom. He got off the levitated car, went to the reception hall and greeted Norman. He smiled and said, “I was a little surprised when I received the invitation.”

Twelve years ago, the spring animal tide and the competition for the Throne made the death and injury of the royal lineage heavy, leaving only his two cousins and Norman.

However, they have little private friends and only maintain their etiquette during the new year.

They seldom meet except at major meetings of the house of Lords.

Norman was silent for a second and said seriously, “this is the suggestion of the information department to show the royal family.”

Although he didn’t agree, he had other plans and agreed.

At eleven o’clock, the official live broadcast began. According to the usual practice, it was still introduced by the Palace first.

An Jin saw the whole picture of the palace for the first time. The palace covers a large area. In front is a large square with three flags in the middle.

In the middle is the national flag of the si’ao Empire, and on both sides are the military flag and the national emblem flag of the Royal lesen family.

The main body of the palace is a square Beige building, which glows slightly under the shining light. The carvings on the walls and exquisite decorations all show the most expensive of the royal family.

In the middle of the main hall, the Royal gold family emblem is hung. In the video, a close-up is specially given.

An Jin had seen this mark on Norman’s clothes before, and now he knew it was the family emblem of the Sioux royal family.

In the aerial photography mode, the pattern of the imperial palace is very clear. An Jin can see the villa group separated by a garden from the Imperial Palace at a glance.

However, more than one villa garden has a pool, and he can’t recognize his location at all.

The overhead camera flashed quickly, and then introduced the garden, gallery, star animal farm, conference room and diplomatic reception place of the imperial palace.

Towards 11:30, the picture turns to the bedroom on the left. The bedroom is a four storey building, like a castle.

At 11:30, Norman appeared in the live picture. He was wearing a blue shirt and black trousers, which was much more friendly than when he was in military uniform.

Beside him sat a gentle looking man of his age.

As soon as they appeared, an Jin couldn’t see the picture clearly, and they were all blocked by the barrage.

He turned on the barrage simplification mode, cancelled the repeated barrage, and the picture was fresh in an instant.

Norman looked at the live ball and said hello: “Hello, I’m Norman lesson.”

[your majesty is so handsome!]

WOW! It’s rare to see your Majesty in regular clothes

The gentle man smiled and said, “I’m norgi lesson.”

[the speaker of the Supreme People’s assembly is also so handsome and looks so gentle.]

After saying hello, Nuoji suggested according to the process: “we haven’t played chess for a long time. Can we play two games?”

His face was natural, as if they were intimate.

Norman nodded and the servant gave him a pair of military chess. They each took one side to play.

An Jin didn’t understand it. Only after reading the barrage did he know that si’ao military chess is an ancient kind of chess. It is a compulsory course for aristocrats. Norman and Nuoji’s chess skills are very good.

After a while, a guard came up to Norman and whispered something.

At the same time, Nuoji also received a report from his subordinates: “Prince Ian hid in the suspension car and followed him to the palace. While the guards were not paying attention, he went to the villa with flying wings.”

Noggi immediately understood Ian’s purpose. He must want to see the mecha model in Norman’s collection!

He regretted that he should have brought Ian with him if he had known Ian was so brave.

His gentle expression couldn’t be maintained immediately. He frowned fiercely and stood up: “Ian, you smelly boy! You dare to use the flying wing. When you break your leg, you’ll know you’re afraid.”

At the same time, an Jin felt someone approaching the villa, accompanied by a child’s panic cry.

Soon, “poop…” something fell into the garden pool, and then there was the child’s cry for help in the water.

An Jin was surprised. Without thinking, he quickly swam to the channel and looked out. He saw a little boy in a small suit with wings on his back struggling in the water.

He glanced over his wings and was stunned. When he saw the child sinking, he quickly swam with his tail.

Worried that his fingernails would hurt the child, he held the boy in his arms and quickly swam out of the water.

“Cough…” the boy’s white and tender face coughed red with tears in his eyes.

He subconsciously grasped an Jin’s sleeve. When he looked up, his expression was stunned.

At the same time, there are guards chasing the children.

Although I know your majesty has a mermaid, I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful!

The guard of Nuoji’s family did not expect to see the mermaid at all. The next second, he turned white and realized that his prince had made a big mistake.

Norman had not yet approached. He heard the startling voice from the villa and vaguely heard the word “Mermaid”. His face was slightly heavy.

He looked at the live ball. The live ball was broadcast in all directions, and the radio function was excellent. Now it was too late to turn it off.

He had an idea in his mind and walked quickly to the back garden.

When he and noggi arrived, they saw the scene of the blue Mermaid sending Ian to the shore.

Ian recovered, blinked his eyes, and tears fell on his cheeks.

An Jin gently wiped his tears with his finger belly. The child’s face was very soft with baby fat. His heart was also soft. Thinking that the child was frightened, he smiled gently at the child.

This scene was completely photographed with Norman’s live ball.

The barrage of bullets suddenly boiled.


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