After Being a Mermaid Chapter 36

[?? solid mermaid!]

[it’s so beautiful! I’m still wearing clothes. It’s so good.]

[from your Majesty’s house? It looks like you have a high IQ!]

[it’s so gentle. It looks so soft. I want it!]

[sire, do you sell mermaids? Say a price!! I really want it.]

[wait, if I remember correctly, your Majesty was blacklisted last year for hurting mermaids?]

After the appearance of this barrage, many people questioned it, while others took it for granted.

[your majesty has made great contributions to si’ao, and the pure Mermaid should be dedicated to your majesty]

[agree, only your majesty is qualified to have pure mermaids. Let’s forget those noble tyrants who only know enjoyment and have no social contribution.]

[approval plus one]

[don’t forget that your majesty promised not to apply for mermaids from the military headquarters!]

[how did your majesty reply to those who said he wanted to abuse power for personal gain when he promoted the application of Mermaid by military merit in the military headquarters? What did you say? He will never participate in the application. Now you understand? Of course, he doesn’t need to apply, but only uses internal transactions!]

[you’re throwing dirty water before you know it. I seriously doubt you’re an enemy spy. Here @ network security department]

[I really admire you. I appreciate mermaids and think their eyes are not enough. You can even quarrel on the barrage]

[admire Jiayi. He closed the barrage when he saw the mermaid. He accidentally pressed the switch, which startled me and blocked my sight]

[you continue to fight, I continue to watch mermaids]

An Jin felt a strong sense of being watched. He shook his tail uneasily.

Seeing Norman coming, he opened his mouth, closed it and released the little boy.

Ian didn’t want to loosen him, grabbed his skirt tightly, turned to Norman, his eyes were full of expectation, and his voice was childish: “Uncle Huang, is this your mermaid? Give it to me? I like him so much.”

An Jin was stunned, pursed his lips, raised his hand and wanted to take the little boy’s hand away. He was worried that his long nails would scratch the little boy.

Norman said in a deep voice, “No.”

He pulled the little boy’s hand away. The little boy tried to resist but failed. The little face immediately wrinkled, unhappy, and his eyes stuck to an Jin.

An Jin retreated while the little boy’s hand was pulled open.

He looked up and saw a metal ball. The strong sense of gaze came from there.


[worthy of being a mermaid, so sensitive to sight]

[eyelashes are really long and warped, but they look trembling. Why do they seem to be frightened?]

Ann was uneasy to think that Norman was broadcasting live and speculated that the metal ball was the live broadcasting tool of the world.

He looked at Norman and met Norman’s soothing eyes. He smiled reluctantly, turned and swam back into the room.

Norman is still on the blacklist. According to the rules, he can’t auction mermaids. What will happen if his existence is exposed?

He couldn’t help worrying.

Ian saw the mermaid leave, subconsciously wanted to chase, and was stopped by nogira.

Nuoji grabbed Ian’s two small arms and lifted Ian a little farther away from the water bank: “stand up.”

Ian looked reluctantly away from the passage and stood at attention.

Nuoji scolded with a cold face: “apologize to your uncle Huang. Who taught you to visit your elders secretly and rampage?”

Ian’s baby’s fat cheeks bulged and said unconvinced, “I want to come with you. You won’t let me.”

Nuoji said seriously, “today is the day for the kindergarten to get the diploma. You should go to the kindergarten and say goodbye to the children.”

Ian: I don’t want it. I want to see Uncle Huang’s model

Noggi had a headache on his face and turned to Norman to apologize.

Norman understood what had happened, shook his head and said, “take Ian to change clothes first to avoid catching a cold.”

Nuoji leaned over, removed Ian’s flying wings, handed them to the guard, picked up Ian, and said coldly, “don’t use flying wings for a month. Don’t dare to mess around if you’re not proficient!”

“I’m just too anxious to be chased,” Ian retorted. Seeing that Nogi was leaving, he quickly grabbed Nogi and raised his hand to the pool: “I’m going there.”

Nuoji frowned: “do you still want to bubble in the water?”

Ian: I saw a shiny thing and wanted to see it clearly, otherwise I wouldn’t fall into the water

He struggled, trying to get noggi to let him go: “I’ll pick it up.”

Nuoji took him to the side of the pool. In the middle of the pool, there was a blue scale on the clear bottom, shining through the water.

Ian’s eyes suddenly lit up: “it’s a scale, father, I want it!”

Noggi looks at Norman, who is talking to his personal doctor, hornard.

After an Jin appeared on the camera, the number of live broadcast soared. He returned to the room and disappeared in the live broadcast interface. People watching the live broadcast shouted at the bullet screen that the little mermaid should come back soon.

Seeing that the little mermaid was gone, the audience had time to join the barrage army, and the live broadcasting platform was almost paralyzed.

At the same time, the topic of “palace pure Mermaid” on Xingwang quickly exploded.

In addition to praising mermaids and sending out netizens who want them, many have joined the debate on “how can your majesty have mermaids” and “should there be mermaids”.

Numerous netizens left messages and asked the truth on the official interactive platform of the scientific research institute, the military headquarters and the palace.

The Vice Minister of the live broadcast was secretly happy before the broadcast. Your majesty cooperated so well. This live broadcast task is really easy.

However, unexpectedly, a pure Mermaid came into the mirror!

He kept watching the barrage, saw the remarks against his majesty, sweating anxiously, kept looking at Norman and waiting for his Majesty’s instructions.

However, his majesty looked natural, as if nothing had happened.

Norman’s brain information prompt sounded one after another, and the ministers of scientific research institutes and the Ministry of information asked about the situation one after another.

The minister informed him that the star network was almost paralyzed, intercepted online comments suspected of his private transactions with scientific research institutes, and prepared a response plan and press release for him as soon as possible.

Norman didn’t act according to the minister’s plan. He sent a message, and then watched noggi teach Ian a lesson. He saw that they moved to the pool and went there.

[? Your majesty doesn’t explain? Can you still care about the theme of the live broadcast?]

[no, I don’t want to see your Majesty’s daily life. I want to see the solid Mermaid]

“Your Majesty,” before Norman reached the pool, hornard came out of the villa in a white coat. He was surprised to see Norman behind him, and then became nervous again, “Your Majesty, are you looking for me? You’re not feeling well?”

Norman shook his head. “I’m fine. You can help Ian.”

Hornard walked up to Ian and saw that Ian was wet all over. He was stunned: “what’s the matter?”

Noggi looked at the pool and said, “it’s falling into the water.”

Hornard examined Ian: “it’s very healthy. It’s hot now. Don’t worry.”

As he was talking, the intelligent brain rang. He switched on and an ordinary face appeared in the virtual screen.

Hornard said hello with familiarity: “ah Lin.”

‘tang Lin ‘: “I just watched your Majesty’s live broadcast. Ann seems to be frightened. Please appease him.”

Hornard looked at Norman: “Your Majesty, have you seen the mermaid that ah Lin fostered here?”

Norman nodded and looked at the virtual screen: “sorry, Mr. Tang, because of an accident, let your Mermaid appear in public view.”

Tang Lin’s voice was calm: “it’s just an accident. Please don’t care. But Ann is timid and afraid of strangers. She still needs your Majesty’s care.”

Norman: you’re welcome. I thank him for saving Ian

Before “Tang Lin” hung up the communication, he again asked hornard to pay attention to appeasing the mermaid.

Howard: no problem

He hung up the communication. Someone had stripped Tang Lin’s identity from the barrage.

[Tang Lin, President of Tang mining and super rich, spent 25 billion on the pure Mermaid at the mermaid auction in June]

[I see! The pure Mermaid belongs to president Tang, not his majesty]

At this time, the Scientific Research Institute issued a barrage against the yellow label of identity authentication: [si’ao has only one pure Mermaid, photographed by Mr. Tang Lin, your majesty has always adhered to his promise and never used power for personal gain]

The voice of doubt immediately disappeared, leaving only a few scattered, which were submerged by the barrage behind before they could see clearly.

@Your majesty, the netizen who sells mermaids turns to @ Tang Lin.

The deputy minister looked at the bullet curtain that restored calm and breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was not his Majesty’s mermaid, otherwise this matter would certainly undermine his Majesty’s authority.

At the beginning, your majesty proposed the policy of applying for military merit mermaids, because there were few mermaids and the number was limited. If some of them were provided to the Military Ministry, there would be fewer mermaids that could be auctioned.

This move touched the interests of many noble and rich people and was strongly opposed. The noble and rich people invited countless naval forces to publicize his Majesty’s military achievements. Putting forward this rule is basically abusing power for personal gain.

However, his majesty directly held a press conference and responded domineering: Norman lesson will never apply to the military headquarters for a mermaid.

No one believed his Majesty’s remarks any more. Since then, the policy of applying for mermaids for military merit has been officially implemented, and soldiers have another way to obtain mermaids. The declining enrollment rate began to rise, and the strength of the military headquarters has been rapidly strengthened.

Vice Minister zhinao trembled, which was a regular reminder set by him.

He gestured to Norman. There were only the last ten minutes left for the live broadcast. It was time to interact with the people.

Norman nodded and looked at the live ball.

The vice minister said, “when the interactive time is up, please send out the questions you want to ask, and the system will randomly select the questions.”

“Your Majesty, did Mr. Tang give you the mermaid?”

Norman’s face moved slightly. He knew that he was deliberately looking for fault. He was listed on the blacklist and was not eligible to receive a gift.

He answered the first question in a deep voice: “no, Mr. Tang is on a business trip and fosters the mermaid to Mr. honard’s residence.” he has a serious face and sharp eyes. “According to the mermaid protection law, it is illegal to auction Mermaid and raise Mermaid for him during the blacklist period.”

The mermaid protection law has long had relevant regulations to avoid people on the blacklist from taking advantage of loopholes, paying people to shoot mermaids, and then owning mermaids in the name of foster care. This behavior is considered to be illegal.

He pretended to auction mermaids and did violate the blacklist rules. However, it was a misunderstanding that he joined the blacklist at the beginning.

He had a chance to clarify his innocence, but he was about to go out on patrol, did not cooperate with the investigation, and was finally blacklisted.

He and Mu Chen joined hands to make a flawless false identity, which is impossible for others. He is not afraid that someone will doubt him and then learn from him.

Soon, the system extracted the second question: “Your Majesty, is the pure Mermaid with high IQ? He just saved Prince Ian and comforted Prince Ian.”

Norman: Mr. hornard knows this better than I do

Hornard: “ah Lin asked me to look after the mermaid this morning. I don’t get along with the mermaid much. I feel really smart.”

“Your Majesty, is the pure Mermaid easy to get along with? Does he feel very gentle?”

Norman: “I’m not familiar with mermaids. I can’t answer this question.”

The next two questions were related to mermaids, and Norman answered them all.

Ann was floating on the water to watch the live broadcast. Her original worry was gone. Looking at Norman’s serious face, she thought Norman would really cheat.

But thinking of Norman’s arrangement, he thought Norman was so clever.

He is different from others. He knows that Norman and Tang Lin are alone. They appear from hornard. It is clear that Norman specially arranged the later things.

Tang Lin appeared during the live broadcast. He guessed that Norman’s men were wearing masks.

Obviously, the appearance of hornard and the communication with Tang Lin were deliberately arranged by Norman.

Simply and clearly, Norman did not auction the Mermaids during the blacklist period, nor did he help others look after the mermaids. He has always been very “disciplined”.

Netizens realized that the mermaid was only fostered by Tang Lin to hornard’s residence. His majesty didn’t know about the mermaid, so he stopped asking questions about the mermaid.

“Your Majesty, after the emergence of type a soothing agent, I heard that your mental state has improved. Do you plan to start establishing defense zone 6?”

Norman said seriously: “the defense zone plan has been going on. The current site selection stage is the indispensable and most important stage for the establishment of the defense zone.”

Soon, ten minutes will pass.

At 12:30, the live ball was closed on time, and the video of the palace was broadcast again.

The picture was finally fixed in the Palace Square, three flags fluttered in the wind, and the royal family emblem glittered in the distance.

An Jin looked at thank you, looked at the four big characters, looked through the barrage, and was embarrassed to see all kinds of praise for him.

He looked quickly. He didn’t see any adverse remarks against Norman. He was relieved and closed his mind.

With a flick of his tail, he sank happily into the water and vomited bubbles.

Ah, it’s good that the worry has been solved so quickly.

After the live broadcast, the vice minister left the palace with the staff.

Nuoji held Ian in his arms. Without Norman’s permission, he couldn’t pick up scales privately and wanted to change clothes with Ian first. Ian didn’t want to. He looked like a noisy cheeky.

Norgi doesn’t want to play children live. Although he is a distance from Norman, the live ball is a full perspective. If he plays Ian, he will certainly be seen by the audience.

Today, the temperature was high, and he didn’t worry that Ian would be frozen, so he stood by the pool with Ian in his arms and didn’t speak until the end of the live broadcast.

He looked at Norman and said, “Ian wants the scales in the pool.”

Ian’s round eyes immediately looked at Norman: “I still want mermaids!”

Before Norman spoke, Ian was knocked off his head by norgi: “the mermaid is someone else’s, not your uncle.”

Norman looked at the blue scales in the pool and frowned. He couldn’t help worrying.

Did the little mermaid lose its scales?

He was thinking whether to take the little mermaid to the hospital, so he received a communication from Yuna, President of the scientific research institute and concurrently director of the mermaid Research Institute.

Norman had expected to receive his communication. Instead of connecting directly, he looked at noggi: “the mermaid cherishes scales very much. Without his permission, I can’t give it to others without permission.”

Nuoji didn’t insist: “OK, I’m really sorry today. I’ll take Ian back first.”

Ian was unhappy and looked forward to Norman: “Uncle Huang, shall I stay? I will be obedient. I want to see your mecha model and mermaid.”

Norman said seriously, “you have made trouble today. You have to accept punishment, not reward. When your punishment is over, you are welcome to the palace.”

Ian’s fat fingers tangled up: “how long will I be punished?”

Norman: “ask your father.”

Ian quickly looked at Nuoji. Nuoji said, “a month.”

Ian was distressed: “so long?”

Nuoji ignored his complaints, apologized to Norman again and left with Ian in his arms.

Norman asked the robot to pick up the scales. He took them and went into the villa.

President Yuna’s third communication came, and he connected: “President Yuna.”

Euna: “Your Majesty, I will visit the palace in ten minutes. I hope I can get permission.”

Norman: for the mermaid

Euna: “yes, Mr. Tang doesn’t seem to take good care of the pure Mermaid. Mermaids only fall off scales when they are very weak.”

Norman was worried about the little mermaid. After listening to his words, he was even more worried: “are you going to check the mermaid in the palace?”

“Yes, the palace makes a preliminary examination. If the situation is wrong, you have to go to the mermaid hospital.”

Norman said, “I’ll give you permission.”

Hornard asked, “Dean Yuna is coming?”

Norman nodded. He looked at honard and said, “go and receive Dean Yuna.”

Howard nodded and walked to the living room.

When Norman entered the mermaid room, he saw the little mermaid put his hands on the bank closest to the door, facing the door. As soon as he entered, he was in line with the little mermaid’s line of sight.

An Jin felt that there was no one nearby, so he was very relieved and asked, “do you want to pick me up with Tang Lin’s identity?”

Norman squatted in front of him: “no, you continue to live here. No one will know. Even if you are known, you will live here with Tang Lin.”

An Jin nodded with bright eyes: “you’re so smart!”

Norman flashed a smile in his eyes and soon became serious. Wen said, “don’t be afraid to have a doctor examine you later.”

An Jin was stunned: “why should I check my body? I’m fine.”

Norman hesitated for a moment, stretched out his hand, and the palm was a water blue shining scale: “this was picked up from the pool.”

An Jin immediately recognized that this was his scale, and from the size point of view, it was on his tail.

As soon as he waved his tail, he retreated to the middle of the pool. His tail tilted forward, leaned over and examined it carefully. He found that the scales were arranged neatly without gaps.

His tail hangs down, floats face down in the water, and then his tail tilts back. He folds his waist back and checks the back with his side head. In a water blue scale, there is a light blue to white fan-shaped area, which is small but obvious.

It was about 20 cm away from the caudal fin. He looked at it for two seconds and touched it with his finger abdomen. It felt smooth, cool and itchy.

He gently pressed it and then pressed the scales next to it. It felt softer, but it was also scales.

He put down his tail, and his delicate little face flashed through thinking. Has he changed scales?

Or is it because of the standing posture, this place bends and the scales are squeezed out? But it’s not like that. If it’s squeezed out, it should hurt. He doesn’t feel it.

Norman watched the little mermaid all the time. Seeing that the little mermaid had checked her tail, he asked, “do you feel uncomfortable?”

An Jin: “it’s a little itchy, but if you don’t pay attention, you don’t feel it.” he swam to the shore and said his judgment. “It seems that I’m going to change scales.”

Norman looked very serious. He had never heard of a mermaid changing scales.

He was worried about scaring the little mermaid. He didn’t tell the little mermaid. He just said, “after the doctor’s examination, we’ll know what’s going on.”

An Jin nodded.

Decided to follow Norman’s arrangement.

He is a novice Mermaid. He doesn’t know about mermaids. Changing scales is just his guess. In case it is a skin disease similar to human beings or the hair loss of cats and dogs, it will be bad.

Even a mermaid, he pays attention to his health and cherishes his life.

Euna soon arrived with two professors. One of them, an Jin, remembered, was Professor Jin.

He wanted to say hello to Professor Jin with a smile. He remembered that Xiao Yin said that the mermaid had a bad memory, and held back.

Hornard plays the role of helping Tang Lin look after the mermaid and takes the initiative to introduce him to Euna: “his name is an an. Unlike ordinary mermaids, he is very quiet and afraid of strangers.”

Ann Jin was very clear about Norman’s arrangement, so he cooperated very well and swam to the nearest position to hornard.

When he saw Euna’s two strangers, he subconsciously looked at hornard, showing his closeness to hornard.

Hornard clenched his hands, pressed the excitement in his heart, and kept thinking in his mind: the little mermaid is too smart! In the eyes of the little mermaid, he had an impulse to rub the head of the little mermaid.

And your Majesty’s mood is not so wonderful.

Usually the Little Mermaid will look at him when he has something to do. At present, when he looks at others, he always feels a little uncomfortable and his face becomes more and more serious.

After greeting each other, Yuna looked at the Little Mermaid: “can he accept direct examination? Or do he have to take relaxants?”

Hornard: “no,” he waved to the little mermaid, “Ann, come here.”

An Jin cooperates to swim over and obediently asks Yuna to examine him.

After the test results came out, Euna and hornard all frowned slightly.

The four people discussed for a while, and the inspection results did not find out the reason for the scale loss. All the data showed that the little mermaid was very healthy

Una thought about it, found out the solid color Mermaid files retained by the scientific research institute, and called out the last test data before An’an auction.

Yuna compared the previous data with the current data, pointing to one of the rising data: “after the ordinary Mermaid grows up, the data will not continue to grow, and Ann’s data is still rising, which is likely,” he paused. “The mature period of the pure mermaid is different from that of the ordinary Mermaid, and he is not yet an adult.”

He looked at honard: “I think it’s best to send him to the mermaid hospital for a comprehensive examination. There are the most comprehensive equipment.”

Mermaid hospital is a subordinate Hospital of mermaid Research Institute and a professional Mermaid hospital.

After thinking, hornard said, “Mr. Tang will go back to SiO today, and I will propose to him at that time.”

Una said positively, “Mermaid breeders have to be responsible for the health of mermaids. Mermaids are in an unknown abnormal state and must ensure safety as soon as possible. I hope you can let Mr. Tang think carefully.”

He paused: “otherwise, the mermaid protection association may question whether Mr. Tang cares enough about mermaids.”

Howard: I’ll remind Mr. Tang

An Jin once again deeply feels that the Sioux people attach importance to mermaids.

He wagged his tail and began to worry about his previous plan.

The Sioux attach so much importance to the mermaid, will they not agree with him living alone?

Euna observed the little mermaid and saw that the little mermaid was quiet. She couldn’t help but doubt: “is his throat hurt?” He frowned. “I remember he was very lively when he was in the scientific research institute.”

Hornard: “he’s always quiet and has a healthy voice.” He turned his head and made a noise to the little mermaid.

An Jin understood what he meant and followed.

The voice is ethereal, soft and very nice.

Una was relieved, but he was very curious about the character change of the little mermaid.

Professor Jin said: “it was so quiet after the auction. It was very pleasant,” he guessed. “Maybe it was because of adulthood.”

Yuna: “this is contrary to the reason for scale loss we just discussed.”

He reminded hornard again that Tang Lin must take the little mermaid to the hospital for a physical examination.

Hornard agreed and Euna left.

Norman said to the little mermaid, “I’ll take you to the mermaid hospital this afternoon.”

An Jin listened to all their words. Knowing that he had an unknown problem now, he nodded his head seriously.

He’s only a freshman. He must not be seriously ill!

His lips moved and he looked at Leonard and Norman.

Norman said to honnard, “Mr. honnard, there is something I didn’t tell you in time. I hope you don’t get angry.”

Hornard wondered, “what’s the matter?”

Norman said seriously, “you promise to keep it a secret and never spread it, including your teacher Hans.”

He trusted hornard and Hans very much. However, Hans was a research maniac. If he knew the particularity of the little mermaid, he would not help but come to the palace to find the little mermaid immediately.

Will scare the little mermaid.

Hornard became more curious and immediately promised not to spread it.

Norman looked at the little mermaid, and then hornard heard a clear and soft voice: “Hello, Mr. hornard.”

Hornard stood in place and looked at the little mermaid in shock. Then his eyes burst into a very bright light. His voice was surprised, but it was like being found. He sighed with a gas voice: “my God.”

Ann Jin is a little nervous. Hornard is a human he is familiar with. If hornard can’t accept that he can speak, it’s more difficult for others.

He pinched his fingers nervously: “sorry, did you scare you, I…”

“No,” hornard said quickly, “I’m not scared. I’m just too surprised.”

His eyes were burning: “you are a miracle.”

An Jin was embarrassed and smiled: “you don’t think I’m strange.”

“God, why do you think so?” He looked at Norman. “Your Majesty, did you misunderstand Ann?”

An Jin hurriedly said, “no, Norman is very good,” he bent his eyes and looked at honard to explain, “Norman accepted it soon, bought me a brain and downloaded a literacy video for me.”

Hornard was watched by the crescent moon like water blue eyes of the little mermaid. His heart was involuntarily soft, softer than seeing his own Cub: “what do you want, I’ll buy it for you!”

“Mr. hornard, I won’t bother you.” Norman said.

He asked the little mermaid, “have you eaten Chinese food?”

An Jin shook his head and Norman said, “order, have a rest after Chinese food, and I’ll take you to the hospital.”

An Jin nodded, opened his brain, thought of something, turned his head and looked at hornard, who was surprised because he operated his brain: “will Mr. hornard have lunch together?”

Hornard glued his eyes to the very attractive pictures of finished dishes and shook his head: “humans can’t eat food directly. I just drink nutrients.”

Once again, Anjin felt pity for the Sioux. He hesitated to look at Norman.

Even he can tell honard that it should be OK to remove impurities?

Although he thought so, he didn’t expose it easily.

In addition to impurities related to type a soothing agent, Norman told him about the process of applying for type a soothing agent by the military headquarters, and also knew that type a soothing agent was of great significance in the military headquarters.

Marx said that when the profit reaches 100%, they dare to trample on all the laws in the world; When the profit reaches 300%, even the gallows are not afraid.

Because of this, Norman was more and more in favor of his decision not to disclose his identity.

Norman did not hide from honard. Honard, who had been his personal doctor for many years, was one of the few people he could trust.

He reminded hornard to keep it a secret and said, “just order what you want. ANN can remove impurities.”

Hornard took a deep breath and immediately thought of something: “an… Mr. a?”

Norman: “looks like Mr. Hans told you.”

Hornard stayed for a while and suddenly said, “no wonder you say Mr. a doesn’t want to expose his identity. I wonder how there are such people who don’t seek fame and wealth!”

Hornard’s eyes became more burning when he looked at an Jin.

At lunch, hornard completely abandoned his gentle face and ate super fast.

After eating, he leaned back in his chair and habitually brushed the star net. When he saw something, he sat up straight: “Ann, you have a fan support group!”

“Wow! This screenshot is really nice,” hornard said excitedly like a young man. “I’ll join the league right away and be your number one fan!”

Hornard thought, only he can be called the number one fan.

Those netizens only know that the little mermaid is good-looking, but they don’t know that the little mermaid has a high IQ, can talk, and can remove impurities!

In the upper left corner of hornard’s registered nickname, there is a blue Mermaid sign. He looks at the fans facing the photos and has a deep sense of superiority.

Norman calmly opened his brain, saw the picture of the little mermaid smiling gently, and kept it silently.

An Jin also opens his brain and looks at all kinds of praise. His face is slightly red.

“Dressed like a little beauty, I really want to marry home.”

“If you want to marry a mermaid, do you have a mine at home?”

The author has something to say: Thank you for your support mua~ see a lot of cute, let me explain the holographic world, briefly, This is [setting]!! like holographic text, it is equivalent to another world, but it can control NPC. JJ has many holographic survival or customs breaking text. It can also hunt and eat meat. Little cute people can go and have a look (* ^ ▽ ^ *) As for why the impurities are not removed, because holography has the purpose of exercise. If the impurities are gone, it is equivalent to infinite spiritual power, and the ability of reality is limited by divine power. As for careful explanation_ (: з」 ∠)_ If I can explain clearly, the little ones probably won’t see me in JJ, but in science magazine or Nobel Prize Presentation site!!!


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