After Being a Mermaid Chapter 37

An Jin looked at the comments and said that the Sioux were open-minded.

Mermaids are pets in their eyes. They even joke about ‘marrying mermaids’.

He continued to look down and saw a long row of copy and paste @ Tang Lin. when he asked whether to sell it, he thought of the scene that the little boy asked Norman for him not long ago.

He drooped his eyes, and his red lips closed involuntarily.

After becoming a mermaid and knowing that a mermaid is a pet, his subconscious idea is to live well.

After the end of the world, he deeply realized that it was a great thing to live. He instinctively wanted to live, even as a pet.

He did well and became a pleasant pet, but he didn’t dare to rest assured.

Until he knew the importance of mermaid to mankind, he finally felt at ease, no longer worried about being abandoned or safety.

Recently, Norman’s attitude towards him is getting better and better. His attitude towards him is more and more like human beings rather than pets. He feels very happy and satisfied with life.

Now, however, seeing the reaction and attitude of outsiders, he realized that he had blinded his eyes.

He is still a pet, not a person with an independent personality.

“Tired?” Norman saw the little mermaid look depressed and worried, “I’ll take you back to the pool.”

An Jin regained his mind. With his concerned brown eyes, the corners of his mouth rose slightly: “not tired.”

He found that he seemed more and more greedy. At first, all he wanted was to hope that he would not be abandoned and could live well in this world.

Now he had Norman’s love, but he still felt it was not enough.

Probably because he is human in nature, and human is a social animal, which needs the recognition of others, not just one person.

Even, he was not sure whether this person’s identity was the same as he thought.

Hornard looked away from zhinao and looked at Norman: “Your Majesty, many people @ Tang Lin want ANN to broadcast live.”

Your majesty has a strong sense of territory. It is always forbidden to enter the villa.

As a private doctor, he is the person who enters the villa the most times, but he can only enter when he has something to do.

This means that he has very few chances to see the little mermaid.

He couldn’t help but look forward to: “why don’t you let Ann open the live broadcast?”

Norman had already seen the countless messages left by Tang Lin’s “open speech”, and didn’t intend to answer: “No.”

Hornard didn’t want to give up easily and pointed to the Little Mermaid: “maybe Ann likes it?”

“He doesn’t like being noticed,” Norman said, looking at the little mermaid and asking, “do you want to have a live broadcast?”

An Jin subconsciously wants to shake his head. He doesn’t like to be watched. Especially now he’s not sure if there’s something wrong with his body, let alone consider it.

However, he thought of something and stopped shaking his head.

If he wants others to identify with him and understand that he has independent ability, he is not regarded as a pet, but an intelligent creature like people.

Then you can’t hide his ability all the time.

Norman said he would try to make everyone accept that he could speak, but he couldn’t rely on Norman.

He can also try to make others accept it!

The sudden announcement that he can listen and speak interstellar language may surprise and shock the Sioux people, and even some people want to study him.

However, step by step, a little disclosure, when he fully shows his ability, the Sioux are likely to naturally accept the facts.

At least not as shocked as suddenly learned.

Moreover, when he fully revealed it, his power level was not low. Even if someone had a bad mind, he had the ability to resist.

In fact, with his ability to remove impurities, he will not be in danger even if he directly tells him that it is very important to SiO.

But in that case, the Sioux people may not really regard him as an intelligent creature, but promise him any request out of interest.

Just like si’ao people may not like mermaids, because mermaids are especially good to mermaids because of their ability.

An Jin thought for a while and had a preliminary plan in his heart. He thought about how to make the si’ao people gradually accept that he can listen to and speak interstellar language.

This is the first step to make the Sioux realize that he is an intelligent creature.

He looked at Norman with firm eyes: “if my body is all right, I want to live.”

Norman wondered, “don’t you like being noticed?”

An Jin didn’t specify his intention: “I’m very interested in live broadcasting.”

Norman thought for a moment about the little mermaid’s bright eyes and nodded, “OK.”

At 4:30 p.m., Norman put on a capsule mask, wore Tang Lin’s ordinary face, wore a dark, straight suit, and arrived at the mermaid hospital with an Jin.

He greeted Euna in advance and arrived at the testing room on the third floor directly from the VIP channel.

The testing room is very large, with various equipment and a 20 by 20 swimming pool.

Euna greeted the little blue Mermaid, and an Jin subconsciously smiled.

Una handed Norman a blood drawing needle and said to Norman, “do a blood test first. It’s slow to get the results.”

An Jin’s smile immediately disappeared and nervously pursed his lips.

Norman took it, saw the little mermaid’s face was stiff and nervous, and comforted: “don’t be afraid, it doesn’t hurt, it’ll be fine soon.”

An Jin hesitated. Norman put his hand to the edge of the mermaid car to demonstrate: “put your hand here, close your eyes, and then open your eyes.”

An Jin takes a deep breath, slowly extends his hand out of the edge, and then closes his eyes.

Norman quickly pricked his finger with the tip of a needle and took a drop of blood: “all right.”

An Jin didn’t feel pain. He opened his eyes and looked at his finger abdomen. There were only tiny red dots.

Una looked at the little mermaid excitedly: “Ann is too good! And she feels so smart that she seems to understand you.”

Norman handed the blood to Yuna: “he’s really smart.”

Una sighed: “if mermaids cooperate like this, they won’t make every physical examination like an enemy fight.”

He handed the blood to Professor Jin and pointed to the detection cabin against the wall: “Mr. Tang, take Ann there.”

An Jin looks at the inspection cabin. It is in the shape of a capsule. The lower half is filled with water and the upper half is a transparent automatic hatch.

He was carried to the inspection cabin and lay on his back, his eyes slightly bent over Norman’s soothing vision.

Norman stepped back and the transparent door closed automatically.

“Di…” the testing instrument starts working.

An Jin only felt that the temperature in the cabin had risen slightly, but he didn’t feel anything else.

Five minutes later, he was carried out by Norman.

Una sighed again: “I thought it would take at least half an hour to finish the inspection successfully. I didn’t expect ANN to cooperate so much.”

Una zhinao sounded softly and received the blood test results. The results of the test cabin were transmitted to his zhinao at the same time. He opened two reports and looked seriously.

After reading it, he asked Norman, “how was his mood when he dropped the scales? Did he show pain?”

Norman shook his head. “He doesn’t feel it.”

Thinking of the scene of the little mermaid checking the scales, Norman’s serious expression slowed down slightly. Before he took out the scales, the little mermaid didn’t even know that he had lost the scales.

Euna: “although it’s incredible, the examination results show that he is very healthy, but his body is still in a growing state,” he said, his eyes shining slightly. “This is an important discovery. The adulthood of a pure mermaid is different from that of an ordinary Mermaid.”

Hearing the test results, Norman and an Jin relaxed a lot.

Yuna suggested: “Mr. Tang, for careful consideration, I think Ann should have a physical examination every day.”

Norman agreed to the proposal. He didn’t want the little mermaid to have any health problems at all. He said, “Ann knows the baby. I’ll ask Dr. hornard to examine Ann.”

Euna originally wanted to do the examination in person. She was disappointed, but hornard is indeed a more suitable candidate: “yes, I will contact Mr. hornard later. I hope to receive An’an’s side report every day.”

Norman nodded. Euna was the most authoritative Mermaid expert. He was also relieved that Euna always paid attention to the health of the little mermaid.

After the test, Norman pushed the mermaid out of the test room.

Instead of leaving directly, he came to the automatic transmission link between the two buildings of the hospital and the mermaid center, which was soon transmitted to the mermaid center.

The mermaid center is very large, because only mermaids are allowed to enter, which is empty. However, an intelligent robot stands guard at intervals to help guests.

An Jin looked around curiously.

Norman saw the little mermaid curious and explained: “the mermaid center is divided into entertainment department and nursing department. Now I’ll take you to the nursing department to take care of your hair.”

Forty minutes later, an Jin’s hair once again became very smooth, with a faint luster.

He sat up with his hands on the bed board, lowered his head, let his hair slide in front of his shoulders, and touched it with his fingers. He was very satisfied.

The nurse looked at an Jin with bright eyes and looked expectantly at Norman: “Mr. Tang, I’m a member of the pure Mermaid support group. Can I take a group photo with him?”

Norman’s eyes moved and looked at the little mermaid who was carefully putting her hair together. Group photo?

He refused without hesitation: “No.”

The nurse was very disappointed and perked up at the next moment: “Mr. Tang, he seems to want to get his hair cut. Can I help him?”

Many Mermaid breeders hate that others pay attention to their mermaids and worry that mermaids will be closer to others and affect the effect of singing on themselves.

Therefore, they must not do anything other than work to the little mermaid without permission.

Norman refused again: “No.”

When he came to the little mermaid, an Jin felt the darkness in front of him and looked up.

Norman raised his hand, rubbed his hands on the face of the little mermaid, crossed the earlobe of the little mermaid, and reached the back neck. He found that there was hair sticking to the skin. He rubbed it gently with his fingers.

When he rubbed the skin of his neck with a thin cocoon on his finger belly, an Jin trembled uncontrollably and subconsciously shrunk his neck.

Norman looked down, the little mermaid looked up at him, her long, warped eyelashes trembling, her blue eyes staring round with shock.

He said in a warm voice, “don’t be afraid, I won’t attack you.”

As he said, he picked up the hair of the little mermaid on the neck skin, gathered it in his hair, and his hands met behind the little mermaid’s head, and all his hair was gathered together.

An Jin’s ear tip was slightly red, but he didn’t shrink his neck again.

He understood that Norman was helping him tie his hair. Considering the paramedic, he didn’t say he was not afraid or thank him.

Just bow your head obediently, which is more convenient for Norman’s action.

Because of this action, he was very close to Norman, and the tip of his nose was full of Norman’s breath. His heart beat faster uncontrollably, and his hands on the bed curled up slightly.

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile. The little mermaid was willing to show his fragile neck. It was obvious that she had trusted him very much.

The nurse exclaimed, “you have a good relationship with the mermaid. I have never seen such a mermaid who trusts human beings.”

Norman smiled at the corners of his mouth and soon converged.

He took out a blue hair circle from the intellectual brain space, and an Jin turned his head slightly at this time, raised his left hand, closed his index finger and ring finger, and set the blue hair circle on his two fingers.

“I have blue hair circles. Keep yours for later use.” Norman said, gently tying up the little mermaid’s beautiful long blue hair.

After binding, he gently pressed the lower hair circle: “is it tight? Has the scalp been pulled?”

An Jin shakes his head. In fact, Norman’s hair is a little loose. He can see his hair in the rest of the light, a bit like the hairstyle of some ancient costume TV dramas.

Norman took a step back to see how it worked: “Ann, look up.”

The little mermaid looked up and her hair was bound, but because the tie was too loose, her temperament became more and more gentle. Norman moved in his heart and flashed in his eyes.

“How beautiful!” The nurse whispered exclamation.

An Jin blinked, a little embarrassed.

Norman picked up the little mermaid, turned sideways, blocked the nurse’s sight, put the little mermaid back into the mermaid car, and asked the little mermaid, “do you want to go to the entertainment center?”

An Jin folded his hands on his abdomen and shook his head.

Norman immediately understood what he meant and soon returned to the suspension car.

When the suspension car started, Norman asked the little mermaid to order: “go back and have a rest.”

An Jin opens zhinao and chooses a steamed fish and a spicy crab. He looks at Norman.

Norman showed the little mermaid his order: “I’ve ordered it.”

The two returned to their residence and had a sumptuous dinner together. An Jin sang Norman a song before he left the mermaid room.

Norman’s mental state is very good. There are no black mental filaments, only a few gray mental filaments.

An Jin thinks that Norman’s spiritual sea should be in full tomorrow.

Norman felt a sense of energy he had not had for a long time and thanked the little mermaid seriously: “thank you.”

An Jin’s eyes bent: “you’re welcome.”

Norman looked at the little mermaid’s smile and his heart moved. He was silent for a moment and asked, “Ann, can you take a group photo with me?”

An Jin was slightly stunned. He soon thought of the nurse’s words. His head was slightly biased and looked at Norman suspiciously: “won’t you join the backup group, too?”

Norman said seriously, “No.”

An Jinxin also said that joining the support group was really not in line with Norman’s style.

He turned around, put his back against the pool wall, and looked in the same direction as Norman. “How do you want to shoot?”

Norman estimated the height difference between the two: “can you sit on the shore?”

An Jin nodded.

Norman leaned over, took the little mermaid to the shore and sat down. Naturally, he let the little mermaid lean against him.

An Jin was almost half held by Norman, and his head leaned against Norman’s chest. The tip of his ears was slightly red. If he wanted to move away, he heard Norman say, “OK.”

He put his hands on the ground, slipped into the water, turned to look at the photos and felt a little intimate.

Glancing at his scaly cheeks, I thought of all kinds of photos of the main pet I had seen before, and I felt as if it was OK again.

Norman was very satisfied with the photos and left the mermaid room happily.

An Jin floats on his back in the water, swings his tail and eats after dinner.

About a quarter of an hour later, he turned over and was ready to swim in another position. There was a flash of blue light. He quickly looked over and saw two scales at the bottom of the pool.

As soon as he was nervous, he swam to the bottom of the pool and picked it up. Then he raised his tail and examined it carefully. Soon, he found the location of the scale.

One in the middle of the front and one in the lower back.

He touched it with his finger belly. The new fish scale was soft. He didn’t feel anything except that it was a little itchy.

He put the scales into the mental space and looked at his tail. Suddenly, he had a bad feeling.

With such irregular scale loss, isn’t his tail mixed in depth and depth and very ugly?

Facts have proved that his idea is not wrong.

When he got up the next morning, he looked at the bottom of the pool for the first time and saw three scales. There were two more light colored fans in front of his tail and one more behind.

He picked up the scales, put them away and went to the bathroom to wash.

He looked at his face in the mirror. The scales on his cheeks were arranged neatly, uniform water blue, slightly glowing, very good-looking.

Fortunately, only the scales fall off the tail. If the scales fall off the face, and one is missing here and one is missing there, it is not ugly, but scary.

He ordered breakfast and drove the scooter to the kitchen. After a while, the robot sent the ingredients. He cleared the impurities and asked the scooter to go back to the mermaid room.

Although there was no pain, the doctor also said he was very healthy. He was still a little uneasy with such a high frequency of scale loss.

I think it’s better to stay in the water often.

He just got out of the kitchen and met Norman who was going to the mermaid room.

Norman immediately found that the scales fell off the little mermaid’s tail again, frowned slightly, worried and asked, “are you uncomfortable?”

An Jin shook his head and sighed, “it’s so ugly.”

Norman looked at the little mermaid’s bulging cheeks and smiled: “Ann is very beautiful.”

An Jin looked at his face seriously, a little embarrassed, and added: “I don’t care about my appearance, but it looks a little strange.”

Norman: no surprise

The scooter stopped by the pool. An Jin dived with a light swing of his tail. When he wanted to float up, he suddenly thought of something. When he looked down, he saw two fish scales sinking slowly.

An Jin: “…” he quickly swam over and received the scales in his hand.

He turned and floated up. The swing of his tail was slower than usual. He swam to the shore, put his hands on the shore, took a deep breath and looked back.

Fortunately, no more scales fell.

This kind of hair loss is really terrible. He felt the panic of hair loss people.

Although Norman was also worried about the little mermaid, he couldn’t help smiling at the lovely appearance of the little mermaid.

He had breakfast with the little mermaid. After eating, the housekeeper reported that hornard had come.

When hornard saw an Jin, he was also stunned: “how much did he lose?”

Ann remembers very clearly: “seven pieces.”

Hornard quickly examined him.

Norman asked, “how’s it going?”

Hornard: “the data show that he is healthy,” he looked at the little mermaid. “Are you sick?”

An Jin shook his head.

Hornard: “that’s good. If you have uncomfortable symptoms, you must tell your majesty immediately.”

An Jin nodded obediently. He wouldn’t make fun of his health.

Hornard passed the test results to Yuna, said the continuous scaling, and then left the mermaid room.

Norman didn’t stay much either. He took a day off because of the live broadcast yesterday. Today he has to go to the military headquarters to investigate a military base.

Before he left, he asked the robot not to stay away from the little mermaid. If he detected that the little mermaid’s physical condition was wrong, he reported it immediately.

An Jin went to the garden to check the land planted with seeds. Seeing that there were no impurities, he swam back indoors.

He put on his helmet, removed the impurities from the kebab and seasoning, and then returned to the setting room, changed another system face, changed the most common medium size and ordinary youth voice.

He was stunned at the comprehensive cost of 300. How did it become expensive!

He checked the details. He chose the system face ten star coin for the first time, 100 for the second time, 1000 for the third time, and so on. The starting price of body shape and sound is 100.

Considering the size of Norman’s holographic world, an Jin guessed that it would cost a lot of money.

He came to the holographic world again with a new image of passer-by a.

Unfortunately, I met Dillon when I went online.

Dilang was stunned. He thought he was an employee of holographic company and said hello with a smile: “hello.”

An Jin blinked. Seeing that he looked natural, he also said hello, and then went out.

He first went to buy a smart car, drove to the only forest entrance in Xinxing District Town, and got off.

He didn’t walk on the road trampled by hunters, but walked along the edge to a deserted place before he stopped.

His perception is fully turned on, making sure there is no one around, and running the water power.

Two water arrows rotating at high speed appeared in front of him. His mind moved. The water arrows swished out and disappeared into the two trees in front. The trunk was about arm thick.

Almost at the same time, the two trees cut off at the waist, the upper end tilted and hit the nearby tree. The tree shook and the leaves rustled.

As soon as an Jin’s eyes brightened, he walked over to observe the section of the trunk. There were burning traces of heat generated by rotation and water marks dissipated by water arrows.

He thought for a moment, and his mind turned. A waterspout suddenly appeared in the bushes in front. The speed of the waterspout became faster and faster. The fine grass and shrubs were rolled up, and the ground was soon empty.

At the same time, an Jin felt sensitively that the air nearby soon became dry because he operated the water power.

He controlled the water hose to turn into steam and return to the air.

If there is no water source nearby in case of danger, the water in the air is limited, and the power of water power will be limited.

But Anjin doesn’t worry. The higher the power level, the more water he can mobilize.

At a higher level, he doesn’t have to worry about insufficient water. After all, at the same location, there is not only air water, but also groundwater.

The most important thing is to upgrade!

He practiced until 11:30 and ordered off the line.

When ordering, I thought that Norman could only drink nutrients, and I thought I couldn’t enjoy it alone.

The world express delivery is so fast that it won’t be very troublesome for the cook to make lunch and express it to the military headquarters.

It’s just that the food is too delicious and may be found.

He thought for a moment and sent a message to Norman: “is it convenient for you to eat during your lunch break? If it’s convenient, you can order a meal and let the cook cook cook it and let the robot express it to you.”

Norman received the message from the little mermaid, and his serious expression was much softer: “eat it yourself and I’ll drink nutrients.”

He likes but is not addicted to delicious food. Nutrients are more convenient in many times.

The little mermaid’s considerate behavior makes him feel happier than he eats delicious food.

Two days later, an Jin’s frequency of scale removal became higher and higher. Therefore, his plan for live broadcasting could only be postponed.

To his relief, he was not uncomfortable, and the test results showed that he was very healthy.

At 5 p.m., he finished his powers and went offline from the holographic world.

He took off his helmet and subconsciously looked at the bottom of the pool. When he saw a large scale, he was calm.

He swam to the bottom of the pool, picked up the scales carefully, and then looked at his tail to see where the scales had fallen.

Then he froze and blushed.

On the front of his tail, just below his abdomen, the scale in the key area is gone!

It is covered with new scales, light blue and white, very fresh and very beautiful.

However, very embarrassing, very transparent!

He thought before that it seemed nothing after all the scales were changed, but the color became lighter.

But now he found that he was too naive.

He looked at the place, and the red on his face quickly spread to his ears.

Originally, there was no scale to cover it. It was like this.

He didn’t dare to look again after a while. After a while, he couldn’t help but be curious. After observing with shame, he concluded that it was very similar to before. Perhaps because it was a fish tail rather than legs, and the abdomen was connected with the lower part, forming a protection area, and the scale was the door for protection.

He suddenly realized that if so

He quickly turned his head, cocked his tail and looked behind him.

An Jin: ”

He was so embarrassed that his tail fin exploded.

He could no longer say that fish scales were clothes.

How can you see people like this?

He quickly opened his mind and wanted to buy clothes suitable for mermaid’s tail. However, there was no suitable dress except girls’ skirts.

As soon as he saw that it was almost time for Norman to get off work, he didn’t care much and directly bought a black skirt.

He looked stiff and Norman came back!


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