After Being a Mermaid Chapter 38

An Jin subconsciously wants to swim in the direction of the bathroom. However, he turns around and stops.

He felt that Norman came directly to the mermaid room, instead of changing his clothes and coming back as usual.

He estimated the time it would take a downstream to reach the pool, climb ashore and enter the bathroom.

Resolutely give up and hide in the bathroom.

If he continues to go to the bathroom, at Norman’s speed, it is likely that Norman will come in when he reaches the bathroom door.

His embarrassed face burned at the thought of that scene.

When Norman entered the mermaid room, he saw the little mermaid with his hands on the shore, his small head exposed a little, and his eyes were blocked by the pool wall.

An Jin saw him and hurriedly said, “don’t come again!”

Norman stepped down and quickly thought of the reason: “is it scaling again?” He said seriously, “it doesn’t matter. Anxin’s scales are also beautiful.”

The tip of an Jin’s ear was slightly red. His fingers grazed the ground tightly because of embarrassment and shame, and his fingers were flattened.

He dared not look at Norman and whispered, “don’t come near.”

The little mermaid’s voice was soft and sticky with embarrassment and request.

Norman’s heart softened and he couldn’t refuse. “OK, I won’t go,” he asked the little mermaid, “is there any discomfort?”

An Jin shook his head: “No.”

Norman was relieved to see that the little mermaid’s voice was as usual, her forehead was white, and her eyes were blue and white, not uncomfortable.

Ann Jin looked up at Norman and whispered, “will you go out first?”

Norman saw the little mermaid clinging to the wall of the pool, looking embarrassed and afraid of being seen. He didn’t want to embarrass the Little Mermaid: “don’t worry, I’ll go out,” he paused. “You need to help me.”

Ann Jin nodded and Norman turned and went out.

An Jin looked at the closed door and was slightly relieved.

Before long, the robot came in with the packing box. It put the packing box by the pool and turned to go out.

An Jin went ashore, climbed onto the scooter, picked up the packing box and went into the bathroom.

He took out his skirt, cut the sign with his nails, ran his power to wash the ground clean, then sat on the ground, leaned forward, wanted to put the skirt on the fishtail, but didn’t put it on

The tail was too long. He leaned forward and couldn’t reach the tail at all. His upper body resumed a straight position, took a breath and rested for two seconds, tilted his tail upward, leaned forward again, and finally put on his skirt.

He grabbed his belt and lifted it up to his hips, supported his hands on the ground, lifted his body, and successfully put on his skirt.

He tried to tighten his belt. He was sure it was firm and not tight. He was very satisfied.

However, he soon found that he was satisfied too early.

Wearing a skirt, he can’t move very easily.

Although he can drive a scooter, he can only climb before getting on the scooter. When his upper body moved forward, his tail pressed his skirt and his waist pulled down, so he had to climb and tidy up.

Before he got on the scooter, he was worried that his tail would press on the skirt when it was folded up. He spread the skirt forward first, and finally got on the scooter smoothly.

He bowed his head and his clothes and skirt were a little messy.

He thought for a moment, clenched his hands, kept his tail still, jumped gently in place, and his clothes and skirts sagged slightly, looking much better.

He drove the scooter to the door and opened the door. Unexpectedly, Norman stood at the door and was slightly stunned.

Norman heard the sound of opening the door, turned and was stunned.

The little mermaid’s hair was tied behind her head, revealing her exquisite and small face. She was wearing a white T-shirt on her upper body and a long black skirt on her lower body. Because it was too long, the skirt covered the little mermaid’s tail.

If it weren’t for the scales on his face, he would be a teenager in a skirt.

An Jin was embarrassed and uncomfortable when she wore a skirt for the first time. She whispered, “only a skirt fits the tail.”

Norman looked back. “It’s nice,” he said, pausing. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t wear it. Even if you change the scales, Ann’s tail is nice.”

An Jin thought of his current tail and his face couldn’t help getting hot. He said, “in the future, I will always wear a skirt.”

Norman thought that the little mermaid was ugly and sensitive. He no longer mentioned that it would look good without wearing it, but asked, “what color do you like? I’ll buy it for you.”

He swept the wrinkled black dress, and it was not difficult to imagine how inconvenient it was for the little mermaid to wear it.

He pondered: “this is not suitable for you. I’ll have it customized for you.”

An Jin heard the speech and said, “I also want to make it to order,” he thought for a moment. “I don’t know if there is a comfortable and smooth cloth.”

Norman: “yes,” he looked inside. “You go back to the pool first.”

The little mermaid seldom goes out of the pool these two days. She doesn’t go to the kitchen to process food every meal. Instead, she asks the robot to send it to the pool.

Although the little mermaid didn’t say, he also saw that the falling scales still worried the little mermaid, so the little mermaid kept her tail in the water for a long time.

An Jin gave the order to the scooter. When he got to the pool, he hesitated and didn’t jump directly into the water.

Norman saw this, lightly picked up the little mermaid and slowly put the little mermaid into the water.

Once in the water, the long skirt floats.

An Jin was so nervous that he hurriedly pressed down, but unexpectedly, the skirt material was very ordinary. When his nails crossed, it directly broke a long hole.

An Jin quickly sticks to the wall of the pool and thinks it’s good that it’s not in the middle.

Norman’s eyes flashed a fresh blue and white, followed by a black skirt.

He couldn’t help asking, “Ann, have you changed your scales?”

An Jin pressed his elbow on the skirt: “there’s still a little at the tail.”

Norman’s heart moved when he thought of the little mermaid who had just wanted to cover up.

Why doesn’t the little mermaid want to show her tail? The color of blue and white is light, but it is never ugly.

Two days ago, the scales were different in depth. Although the little mermaid felt ugly, she didn’t want to hide it.

Norman was curious, but the little mermaid didn’t want to be seen, and he didn’t want to go against the little mermaid’s will.

An Jin looked down at the water and found that he had just overreacted.

Although the skirt floated, he was in the water and Norman was on the shore.

Norman looked at him as if people upstairs looked at people with umbrellas downstairs. His tail would not be exposed at all.

Of course, if the skirt is not broken. Fortunately, the position of the broken skirt is on the right side. An Jin is not so nervous.

He looked up at Norman and was curious, “you came back earlier than usual today.”

Norman was surprised that the little mermaid had a strong sense of time.

“I went out for an inspection today and came back directly after the inspection.” He took a step back and took out three inflatable mounts and a swimming circle from his mental space. They were all flat because they were not inflated yet.

After an Jin recognized him, he looked at Norman in surprise and felt that Norman seemed to treat him as a child.

Norman took out his air pump: “I bought it a few days ago and forgot to buy an air pump.”

He asked the little mermaid, “do you know what this is?”

An Jin: “is it floating on the water?”

Norman: Well, choose one you like

An Jin looked at various styles and chose a duck.

Norman filled the duck mount with air. The original flat plastic suddenly became a light yellow duck nearly two meters long and one meter high.

Norman: indoor or garden

An Jin: “put the garden.” He pointed to a round and flat crab mount: “put this one indoors and play with these two first.”

Norman inflated the crab mount. The crab was almost round in the middle, almost two meters in diameter and very big.

Norman put his horse in the water. An Jin immediately wanted to lie down and try, but he thought of his skirt and didn’t move against the wall.

The skirt bottom will not be exposed near, not necessarily far away.

Norman saw the little mermaid’s scruples and rubbed the little mermaid’s hair: “it’s time for you to order dinner. I’m busy today and won’t eat with you.”

An Jin only ordered his own dinner.

Norman left the mermaid room, returned to the study, contacted the clothing company with Tang Lin’s identity and customized a batch of skirts suitable for fishtail.

The whole si’ao knew that Tang Lin had a pure Mermaid. When he received the order, the customer service manager of the clothing company was excited. He repeatedly said that he would do it as soon as possible and tentatively asked whether the staff wanted to provide door-to-door service.

According to the on-site measurement data, the clothes made according to the data will be more fit.

Norman saw his mind clearly, refused without hesitation, sent the exact size of the little mermaid’s tail, and repeatedly stressed that the customer’s information was confidential.

He has accurate judgment on the data. He has held the little mermaid many times. He not only sees the little mermaid every day, but also knows all the values of the little mermaid in his heart.

He paid a deposit and an urgent fee to make at least one finished product by seven o’clock tomorrow morning.

Ann Jin eats dinner and finds that Norman hasn’t gone out. He stays in a room for a while and goes to the gym.

It was not until he was about to go to bed that Norman came out of the gym and went back to his bedroom.

An Jin picked up the scales that fell to the bottom of the pool, looked at his tail, and suddenly moved in his heart.

Norman didn’t have dinner with him because he found him uncomfortable?

It’s all right to stay at home and exercise.

He put away the scales and smiled unconsciously at the corners of his mouth. Norman is so good!

The next morning, an Jin received the first dress she had made.

“Fishtail skirt?” An Jin looks up in surprise and looks at Norman.

Norman nodded. “They think it’s the most appropriate name. See if you like it.”

An Jin opened the box. His eyes were blinked by the blue light. He closed his eyes and opened them again. Before looking at the style of his skirt, he was surprised by the shiny metal cloth.

He reached out and touched it. The cloth was soft and smooth, completely different from the texture it looked like.

He unfolded the skirt and suddenly understood why it was called a fishtail skirt. The skirt looked like a fishtail, which reminded him of the work of playing a mermaid in a modern aquarium.

But… He thought about his tail. It’s hard to plug it, isn’t it?

Norman opened his brain and showed him the teaching video of wearing a skirt.

An Jin looked at it. It turned out that there was a zipper at the back of the fishtail skirt. When the zipper was pulled down, the whole skirt was a whole piece of cloth.

And what’s great is that the zipper is smart. As long as he connects the two ends at the bottom, the zipper will pull up by itself and automatically buckle up when it reaches the upper part.

When taking off, just press the buckle, and the zipper head will slide to the bottom automatically.

An Jin tried the material with his nails and found that it was not easy to break. He was very satisfied. He looked at Norman brightly with expectation.

Norman smiled in his eyes, rubbed the head of the little mermaid and went out.

An Jin takes off his long black skirt, cocks up his tail and changes into a fishtail skirt in the water.

He swings his tail, very smart, as if he didn’t wear anything. During the swing, the blue fishtail skirt shines slightly. At first glance, it looks like a real tail.

An Jin happily swam to the pool and shouted at the door, “OK.”

Norman pushed the door in. An Jin swam around the pool, then looked at Norman with bright eyes: “it’s very suitable and comfortable.”

Norman glanced at the little mermaid’s Tail: “I’ll ask them to make more as soon as possible.”

An Jin thought, “three are enough.”

In fact, two are enough to change, but one more just in case is safer.

Now, unlike before, he can’t see anyone without blocking his tail.

Norman didn’t accept the little mermaid’s proposal. He changed the subject and asked the little mermaid to order.

The two had breakfast and it wasn’t long before Leonard came.

Hornard saw the fishtail skirt and praised it: “yes, Dean Euna and I have also discussed that we’d better give a layer of protection to the new scale. This skirt is very suitable.”

An Jin smiled and said nothing funny about the real reason why he wore a skirt.

After seeing the results, hornard asked the little mermaid, “is there anything uncomfortable?”

Ann shook her head, and hornard asked, “what about emotion?”

An Jin continues to shake his head.

He is no longer worried about losing scales. Now a large area of his tail has been replaced with new scales. He has seen it carefully. Although the new scales are light in color and not as hard as the previous scales, they are not weak.

At least his nails couldn’t be cut, and he noticed that the first new scales were darker and stronger.

Through the physical reaction, he felt that changing scales was a normal phenomenon, and maybe his body would become stronger.

Honard pondered for a moment, sent the test results to Yuna, and sent another paragraph.

Soon, he received a reply from Yuna. He said to the little mermaid, “you are very healthy. Don’t worry.”

An Jin smiled: “it’s hard for you.”

Honard resisted the urge to rub the little mermaid’s hair, said goodbye to the little mermaid and left the mermaid room.

Norman didn’t stay much either. He said goodbye to the little mermaid and was ready to go to the military headquarters.

When he reached the living room, he found that hornard had not left and seemed to be waiting for him.

His face was slightly heavy: “is there something wrong with Ann?”

Hornard’s eyes lit up: “no,” he opened the test results and pointed to one of the data. “He has oestrus omen. He will enter oestrus in at least half a month.”

“If you can successfully pair and get pregnant, his offspring may also be a pure mermaid!”

Although the mermaids in si’ao are still rare, the situation is much better now than before.

According to the historical records of si’ao, mermaids are not native creatures of si’ao. More than 900 years ago, the expedition brought Mermaid genes back from the alien system, and human beings began to cultivate mermaids.

Mermaid genes are unstable and very prone to variation. It took a long time for the scientific research institute to cultivate them successfully.

After that, the Mermaids of SiO were partly bred by genes and partly bred by mermaids.

But either way, the number of newborn mermaids is very small.

Many Mermaid eggs cultivated by scientific research institutes cannot break their shells for unknown reasons, and many mermaids with broken shells are low-level mermaids.

Ann is the only pure Mermaid born in a broken shell in the history of si’ao.

According to experience, the stability of reproductive genes is higher. If Ann can breed offspring, she is likely to be a senior Mermaid.

Hornard became more and more excited. “Your Majesty, we have to start selecting Ann.”

Norman’s jaw was tense unconsciously, and he instinctively rejected hornard’s proposal.

He said in a deep voice, “give priority to Ann’s will.”

“Of course,” said Howard with a worried look, “Ann is so gentle. The mermaid in estrus is very fierce. I don’t know if she will get hurt.”

Norman had a picture in his head and his face was black: “why isn’t Ann the stronger side?”

Hornard: “this…” he hesitated. “Yes, Ann is a pure Mermaid with high level. Although she is gentle, she may not be in the lower position.”

Norman found that he was not much better at hearing this.

“I’ll talk to Ann.” With that, he strode out and got on the suspension car.

Military headquarters, lunch break

Norman drank nutrients and went to the training ground for mecha training. His mind was out of control. He kept thinking about hornard’s words, and the training action became more and more fierce.

An hour later, he jumped off the mecha, took the mecha back to the mecha button and went back to the office.

On the way, Mu Chen saw him and caught up with him from behind: “how’s Ann?”

Norman: “fortunately, the examination results show that it is very healthy.”

Mu Chen: “that’s good. Thank him for helping me. Xiaoyin is much better after seeing him!”

Norman stepped slightly and turned to ask Mu Chen, “is Xiaoyin oestrus over?”

“Yes,” Mu Chen coughed softly and looked embarrassed. “He didn’t like other mermaids. It’s good to make trouble for two days.”

A light flashed in Norman’s eyes. As they walked, they talked: “it’s OK not to pair with a mermaid?”

Mu Chen: “of course. In fact, the mermaid’s estrus period is… High interest and easy to toss. It’ll be fine after those two days.”

Norman pondered, “is it harmful to your body if you don’t match?”

“No, after that, the spirit was a little poor,” Mu Chen shrugged. “After all, it was consumed in advance.”

He said, feeling something wrong, his eyes suddenly lit up: “is Ann going to be in estrus?”

Norman nodded.

Mu Chen recalled Norman’s question and was surprised: “don’t you want ANN to match? He is the only pure Mermaid. There is a high probability of being pregnant for the first time. The scientific research institute should not agree with your decision.”

He paused: “besides, why don’t you want to? It’s more harmful than that. If Ann carries it herself during her first estrus, he will be very uncomfortable.”

Norman looked cold and silent.

Mu Chen joked: “is it the father’s mentality? Do you think it’s best to be at home and no one deserves it?”

Norman really felt that no one deserved Ann. He corrected: “it’s not the father’s mentality.”

At this time, Norman’s brain rang softly and received a message. It was a sample of fishtail skirt sent by the clothing company. After reading it, he clicked OK.

After crossing out the message, he closed his brain.

Mu Chen was always by his side, so before zhinao closed, he saw the bottom map of the main screen clearly, which was clearly a group photo of Norman and ANN.

As the head of the army, although his mental strength is not as good as Norman, he is definitely one of the top masters of si’ao.

His eyesight and memory are very good. Even if he only looked at it, he noticed the details of the picture.

After high school, he didn’t see an obvious smile on Norman’s face.

He suddenly had a guess, and his face became more and more serious: “Your Majesty, you shouldn’t…”

Norman frowned. “What are you trying to say?”

Mu Chen cheered up: “you don’t like Ann, do you?” He added rigorously, “love for lovers.”

Norman immediately saw the little mermaid’s pure and clear blue eyes, and his voice was a little deep: “nonsense.”

Mu Chen breathed a sigh of relief: “it’s not good. Although marriage is free, people will not agree with pets as queens on any planet.”

He reminded: “you and Ann’s photos had better not be seen by others. Your expression is too easy to be misunderstood.”

Norman’s face, expression?

Back in the office, Norman opened his brain and looked at the picture with the little mermaid.

After taking photos, he often looks at photos, but every time he pays attention to the little mermaid’s face and never looks at himself.

After Mu Chen reminded him, he was surprised to find that when he took pictures, the corners of his mouth rose.

Mu Chen’s question rang out in his mind.

Do you like little mermaids and lovers?

His heart beat faster for no reason. It was a feeling he had never felt before.

Thinking of the little mermaid’s pure eyes, Norman held his forehead and thought deeply, is he a pervert?

No, he’s not.

He refuted himself rigorously. He liked the little mermaid and wanted to be good to the little mermaid, because the little mermaid was clever and sensible, very cute, and provided him with spiritual strength. He didn’t want to do anything beyond the little mermaid!

Norman’s heart beat quickly and calmed down. He thought that the next time he saw Mu Chen, he must remind him to watch less popular love movies.

In the afternoon, when he returned to the palace, Norman put on his regular clothes and slowed down inexplicably when he went downstairs.

Mu Chen’s words reappeared in his mind.

With a jump on his forehead and a calm face, he decided to have a good fight with Mu Chen tomorrow!

When he pushed the door, he saw the little mermaid’s hand on the bank and looked at him. His expression softened unconsciously.

At dinner, an Jin felt a little strange. He always felt that Norman always looked at him from time to time.

But when he looked, Norman didn’t look at him.

He was a little confused. He had too many illusions, didn’t he?

Norman saw the little mermaid many times and concluded that Mu Chen was talking nonsense.

The little mermaid is very beautiful. He often subconsciously wants to rub the top of the little mermaid’s hair and even poke the little mermaid’s cheek, but he doesn’t want to do intimate things with the little mermaid.

At most, looking at the lovely appearance of the little mermaid, a small one, just want to hold it.

After dinner, Norman was ready to leave. Ann Jin pulled down his sleeve and said, “wait.”

He looked at Norman’s spiritual sea and frowned unconsciously.

I don’t know why, the circle of spiritual silk on the edge of Norman’s spiritual sea has always been gray.

Whether Norman listened to him sing or ate pure food, the last circle of gray spiritual silk, like a bottomless hole, absorbed energy, but it still lacked spiritual strength.

Normally, it should have changed from gray to white.

“What’s the matter?” Asked Norman.

An Jin shook his head, smiled at him and began to sing.

The ethereal and sweet song came into his ears, Norman’s expression stretched, and his eyes were full of the figure of the little mermaid.

An Jin watched Norman’s spiritual sea while singing. His eyes lit up when he was half way through a song.

Finally, the gray spirit silk turned white.

Water blue energy particles continuously flew into Norman’s spiritual sea. When the last cluster of spiritual filaments turned white, all spiritual filaments suddenly waved.

“Hmm…” Norman suddenly groaned, his right foot suddenly knelt down, his right hand supported the ground in time, the veins on the back of his hand bulged, and a layer of sweat came out of his forehead.

At the same time, strong spiritual authority emanated from Norman.

An Jin was startled. His caudal fin burst when threatened.

He stopped singing, endured the discomfort and the sense of crisis that made his scalp numb, put his hand on the shore, leaned forward close to Norman, worried and asked, “Norman, how are you?”

Norman closed his eyes, his body taut and his bones cluttered.

An Jin quickly looks at his spiritual sea with his eyes slightly open.

Norman’s spiritual sea has expanded.

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Norman: Although I want to rub his hair, poke him in the cheek, be nice to him, hug him, and don’t want him to have intimate behavior with other fish, I don’t like him [dog head: з」 ∠)_


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