After Being a Mermaid Chapter 39

An Jin looked at Norman’s spirit sea with a nervous face.

The spirit sea slowly expands outward. In the enlarged area, the spirit silk inside is all dark black, and the color is very dark, like spontaneous combustion in the next moment.

Norman’s hard side face, with his teeth clenched, his cheeks showed a sharp outline, his sweat slid down his wheat colored neck, and his shirt soon got wet.

It is obvious that he is in severe pain.

At the moment when the spirit sea is no longer changing, the power of spirit is almost to the extreme, which makes people feel soft.

An Jin supported the Bank of the pool, barely maintained the impulse to retreat, and gently shouted, “Norman?”

Norman didn’t hear that when the spiritual sea expanded, his spiritual power spread around him, and everything he went and felt poured into his brain.

The Imperial Palace nearby, the factories farther away, vehicles, pedestrians, buildings, machines, lights, breeze, sea water, all came together, as if to burst your brain.

At the same time, the guards outside the villa changed their faces, full of surprise and disbelief.

How did this happen? Isn’t your majesty SSS? How can it be upgraded again?

They endured the sense of crisis and submission brought by coercion, and tried to maintain a straight standing posture. Soon, a layer of sweat came out of their foreheads.

In the villa next door, hornard stayed where he was. The test tube in his hand slid down from the middle and fell to the ground, breaking into two sections.

He did not look at it, but endured the mental pressure, opened his brain and contacted the palace medical team.

“Prepare the white noise room.”

“Mr. hornard, has your Majesty’s mental strength been upgraded?” The members of the medical team were panting because they were under mental pressure, but their tone was particularly excited.

Howard didn’t answer. He hung up.

When he hung up, he received a communication from Joseph, the captain of the guard: “Mr. hornard, how’s your majesty?”

“I’m going to find your majesty,” hornard. “Pay attention to strengthening the guard of the palace. Bring someone here. You have to transfer your majesty to the white noise room of the palace as soon as possible.”

Pedestrians and vehicles near the palace stopped and looked into the palace.

They are far away from each other, and the pressure they bear is not very strong, but their feelings are particularly clear.

This spiritual power, at least SSS, and the coercion came from the palace. As we all know, your majesty is SSS. So what’s going on now?

Soon, the topic about the spiritual authority of the Imperial Palace was hot, and netizens talked about it one after another.

“Which guard’s mental power has risen to SSS?”

“It’s impossible. The royal guards are all adults. The mental level has been determined. It’s impossible to upgrade. It’s almost like demotion.”

“Then how can SSS coercion occur?”

Mermaid room

Ann Jin looked at Norman with his eyes closed, worried and nervous.

Soon, he found a very bad thing. Norman’s mental strength was decreasing rapidly.

The white spirit silk turns gray at the speed visible to the naked eye, from outside to inside. After a while, a large cluster of spiritual filaments turned gray, and gray kept spreading to the middle.

Norman is consuming his mental strength at high speed!

Doubts flashed in his eyes. Where did his mental power go?

Soon he understood that the pressure he felt was caused by Norman’s mental exertion.

His complexion was tangled. He wanted to sing but dared not.

I dare not say that Norman became like this because he listened to him sing, but if he didn’t sing and supplement his mental strength, it would be very dangerous at the speed at which Norman consumed his mental strength.

He pondered for a moment, but decided to sing.

The light and pleasant song sounded, the water blue energy particles flew into the Norman spirit sea, and the gray spirit silk turned white and gray again soon.

Norman, who fell into the world of consciousness due to the rise of spiritual level, heard this voice, his eyebrows and eyes moved, and his consciousness gradually returned.

Soon, an Jin found that the spiritual pressure was gradually reduced, and Norman’s spiritual power consumption was also slowing down.

Hornard, Joseph and the guards who came to the door of the mermaid room stopped at the same time.

Until the song stopped and the spiritual pressure disappeared, hornard hesitated for a moment and knocked on the door: “Your Majesty?”

“I’m fine.” His voice was hoarse. Although he was answering hornard’s words, he looked at the little mermaid.

In a semi kneeling position, he reached out and rubbed the top of the little mermaid’s hair. Seeing that the little mermaid’s face had not relaxed, he couldn’t help it. He gently squeezed the little mermaid’s chin and left at one touch.

He lowered his voice, looked at the little mermaid and said, “don’t be afraid.”

An Jin’s tense mood was scattered by the touch of his chin. He was relieved to hear Norman’s words.

Seeing that Norman’s spiritual sea was restored to stability and did not continue to consume mental strength, he was a little relieved.

Hornard: Your Majesty, shall I examine you

An Jin also looked at Norman with doubts and worries in his eyes.

Norman got up. “Come in.”

Howard opened the door. Norman saw Joseph and ordered, “no one will visit tonight.”

Joseph saluted, “yes.” He turned away with the guards.

Hornard examined Norman. Although he had a guess in his heart, he couldn’t help being excited when he saw the result: “Your Majesty, your spiritual level has been restored!”

An Jin put his hands on the shore and listened to them. When he heard this, he was stunned and his level recovered?

So, Norman’s original spiritual sea is so big?

Norman’s brown eyes were bright, his expression was calm, but there was an uproar in his heart.

Since he fell into a mental riot two years ago and his mental strength fell from SSS to SS, he never thought he would recover one day.

His SSS spirit is a powerful deterrent to aliens and some restless people in SiO.

For the sake of si’ao’s stability, he has not disclosed the news of his mental degradation. No one knows except hornard.

Leonard waved his fist excitedly, and it was like ten years younger.

“God, your majesty, this is a miracle! What have you done? Why did you suddenly upgrade? If you can promote it, those fallen sons of heaven will become a powerful fighting force of si’ao!”

He looked at Norman with burning eyes: “Your Majesty, what happened before the upgrade?”

Ann Jin was frightened by hornard’s excited appearance and sank into the water silently, revealing only half of his face.

Norman saw the appearance of the little mermaid, pondered for a moment, and said to hornard, “mental power has reached a full state.”


Hornard’s heart turned sour into a lemon, and his hot eyes calmed down.

It’s good that the spiritual power of the si’ao people can maintain daily life. It’s impossible to be full.

Hornard thought, probably only your majesty can achieve this effect. After all, Ann is strong and considerate. She sings to your majesty every day.

Hornard: “your mental strength just overflowed. You can’t hide the upgrade. I’m afraid you have to explain.”

At this time, Norman’s mind rang softly. Tang Lin’s account received a message from President Euna: “Mr. Tang, what do you think of my proposal?”

Norman turned up and saw the message Yuna sent him five minutes ago.

“Ann’s estrus period is approaching. I suggest that Ann choose a mate now to avoid too hasty things. If you agree, I can help you contact the breeders of intermediate and superior mermaids and make an appointment with their mermaids.”

Norman raised his eyebrows and rejected the little mermaid’s “blind date” in his heart. He simply refused: “I don’t agree.”

He stared at Mr. Tang and suddenly felt uncomfortable.

When he returned to the home page, Tang Lin spoke freely in the upper right corner. Because there were too many unread information, it had been expressed with.

He clicked, in addition to all kinds of information requesting him to let the little mermaid live, as well as information about wanting to pair up with the little mermaid and buying the little mermaid.

Norman calmly emptied the message.

When he was blacklisted, he didn’t care much. It was more convenient to use Tang Lin’s identity.

After all, his real identity is very troublesome when he goes out.

After shooting the little mermaid, he didn’t think he had any influence on the blacklist. He even felt that it was better to take the little mermaid out as Tang Lin.

Now, however, everyone calls the little mermaid “the mermaid of Tang Lin’s family”. Because he is on the blacklist, he is not suitable to even mention the little mermaid, which makes him inexplicably unhappy.

He is clearly the closest and most trusted person of the little mermaid.

He bowed his head. The little mermaid was looking up at him. His face softened unconsciously.

He immediately made a decision in his heart, called out the monitoring of the suspended car he took when Xiaoyin attacked him, and contacted the adjutant: “I want to appeal and remove the blacklist as soon as possible.”

The adjutant was a little surprised when he received the information. Now he removed the blacklist and obviously wanted to auction the mermaid.

Then his face tightened. Is the topic discussed by Xingwang related to his majesty?

After the spiritual level rises, the mermaid needs to transmit spiritual power.

Your majesty?

And if it’s your majesty, it means that your Majesty was SS before, and your spiritual power has been degraded!

His heart beat so fast that he dared not think any more.

It’s incredible to downgrade and upgrade again. If it’s spread, I don’t know how many people will be crazy!

Hornard saw Norman close his mind and said his worry: “you restore SSS mental power, don’t worry that someone will think carefully, but… The condition for your mental power upgrade is that your mental power is sufficient. I’m afraid someone will question you.”

He paused: “I doubt that you take a lot of type a soothers without permission.”

The application of type a soothing agent is open, adhering to the principle of fairness and impartiality, and no special treatment is allowed.

“What does it have to do with soothers?” Norman looked at the little mermaid. “I have Ann.”

An Jin looked at his deep brown eyes, his heart beat disorderly and looked away.

Hornard was ready to say anything, so he heard Norman say, “it’s Ann’s bedtime. Let’s go out first.”

Norman looked at the Little Mermaid: “good night, good night.”

Ann Jin waved, “good night, Norman,” he looked at honard, “good night, Mr. honard.”

Howard waved with a smile and walked out of the mermaid room. He couldn’t help sighing: “Ann is so good! If he was seen by the backup team, he would certainly get a lot of screams.”

Norman thought he would never be seen!

Hornard thought of something serious: “you want to tell me about Ann’s spiritual power? But you’re still on the blacklist.”

Norman: I’ll be gone soon

Half an hour later, Tang Lin, who recently paid attention to the sharp rise in the number of people, finally had a dynamic: “I’m surprised that an an is so close to him. I can’t help being jealous.”

Immediately, fish meal replied, “what? Who are you close to?”

“Tang miner, please let Ann live!”

“Mr. Tang, share an an’s photos and beg!”

Norman glanced at it and said in his heart: netizens really dare to think.

How could he share a picture of the little mermaid? impossible.

When hornard saw Tang Lin’s dynamic, he suspected that his majesty might have suffered brain injury when he was upgraded.

And through the exclusion method, I thought happily in my heart that he was the one who made his majesty jealous!

When he woke up in the morning, an Jin subconsciously looked at the bottom of the pool. For a moment, he suddenly thought that the scales of his tail had been changed!

He was about to turn his head back. A light flashed in his eyes. He was stunned and looked at it quickly.

A scale less than a centimeter wide sank quietly at the bottom of the water.

An Jin subconsciously touched his face and soon felt a small soft touch on his right cheek.

He took a deep breath, swam to the bottom of the pool, picked up the scales, and went to the bathroom.

He stared in the mirror and looked closely at the place where the scales had been removed. The new scales were also blue and white, lighter than the color of the tail, almost white.

When Norman entered the mermaid room, he was stunned to see the little mermaid’s posture.

As like as two peas, the little mermaid’s head was a little bit out of the way, and the eyes were blocked by the wall of the pool.

He guessed, “is the fishtail skirt broken?” He went to the wardrobe, where there was a long row of fishtail skirts in all colors, the most blue.

An Jin shook his head: “No.”

He thought for a while. He couldn’t hide all the time and put his heart out.

Norman immediately found a piece of fish scale on the little mermaid’s face and asked seriously, “is it uncomfortable?”

An Jin shook his head and whispered, “it’s ugly.”

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile and thought that although the little mermaid didn’t like hair accessories, she still loved beauty like Mermaid.

He said seriously, “it’s not ugly.”

Although an Jin felt comforted, he was relieved to see Norman’s serious expression: “that’s good. Anyway, I can’t scare others.”

He paused and said, “I hope Mr. hornard is as receptive as you.”

Hornard reacted more violently than Norman and worried about the physical condition of the little mermaid. Fortunately, the examination results showed that he was very healthy.

After hornard and Norman left, an Jin went to work and exercise as usual.

His water ability has reached the peak of level 2. He can upgrade in these two days.

Norman returned to the military headquarters and the adjutant reported that his appeal had been accepted and that there would be a result today.

So at noon, netizens were still discussing who was upgraded in the palace. When the scientific research institute and the mermaid Protection Association issued announcements respectively, indicating that his majesty had not hurt the mermaid.

The whole appeal process is completely open online.

Netizens expressed doubts about his Majesty’s appeal after more than half a year, and when they saw another announcement of the Protection Association, they couldn’t help guessing.

Your majesty has passed the qualification certification of the Conservation Association – can accept the gift of mermaid.

Before netizens could guess whose Mermaid His Majesty was going to take over, Tang Lin sent a dynamic: “your majesty and An’an are very congenial and get along very friendly. I decided to give An’an to your majesty.”

Norman used his personal account for thousands of years to express his thanks.

Hornard, who knew everything, thought expressionless.

Oh, your majesty used to eat his own vinegar.

Netizens spoke freely in Norman and issued lemons. Of course, some people suspected that it was not easy for Tang Lin to give a pure Mermaid. However, the procedures of both sides were complete, and the Protection Association followed up the whole process, which fully met the transfer requirements.

Fans who originally requested ANN to broadcast live and share Ann’s photos gathered under Norman’s free speech.

Norman ignored it at all.

He directly replied to the doubts of netizens in the past two days on his Majesty’s official platform: “it is me who upgraded the palace. Ss to SSS can be upgraded because of full mental strength. Here, thank an an an.”

For a moment, the whole network shook.

If you have enough mental strength, can you restore your original level?

As a result, many fallen talents left messages on the official website of the Imperial Palace and the military headquarters, pleading for the sale of type a soothing agent.

In the evening, he told the little mermaid about the gift and observed the reaction of the little mermaid.

An Jin looked at him suspiciously: “the same, Tang Lin is also you.” After thinking about it, he said, “that’s good!”

Then he nodded his little head to express his affirmation.

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile. The little mermaid obviously praised him on purpose. He also realized that he was a little strange. How did he want the little mermaid to react?

In the morning, an Jin confirmed that after Norman left, he put on his helmet and went to the holographic world to remove the impurities of the meat string, and then went offline.

He went into the bathroom, sat against the door and took out a three-level beast core.

An hour later, the green animal core in his left hand was dim, with some cracks in the middle.

He opened his eyes and breathed softly. When he saw the spirit sea expanding again, his eyes twinkled – his water ability has risen to level 3!

However, it has just been upgraded, and the residual value of mental power is very low. He took out a secondary animal core and is ready to absorb energy and restore some mental power.

However, when his eyes touched his fingers, he was stunned.

His long nails are gone!

At this time, as like as two peas, the hands are long and white, with nails round, and fingertips.

His attention had been upgraded before. Now his attention turned to his hand and found that his finger shell was itching.

He was so nervous that he turned his hand to observe his nails. At first glance, he didn’t notice anything.

But his fingers were still itchy. He couldn’t help but pinch the belly of his index finger.

“Click…” a very light sound. With the sound, the index finger nails elongated instantly, with a total length of more than three centimeters.

Nails are almost transparent, metallic and very thin, but they can be seen at a glance. They are very sharp.

An Jin was stunned and quickly loosened his fingers. Two seconds later, his nails shortened and aligned with his fingertips.

An Jin put his hand in front of him and gently picked his finger belly. He saw a tiny seam between the finger shell and the meat. If he didn’t look at it like this, he couldn’t find it at all.

He pondered for a moment and pinched the head of his fingernail. With a very light and almost inaudible ‘click’, his fingernail grew in an instant.

An Jin loosened his nails and retracted them.

An Jin looked at his rounded fingertips and thought it would be good to shrink. Life would be much more convenient.

He pinched the nail head again and felt the long nail pop out.

After trying several times, he found that there was no need to pinch. As long as the fingers exerted force, the nails would automatically pop out and retract when unloading. It was very intelligent.

After he practiced, he took out a second-class beast core.

After absorption, he recovered less than half of his mental power. He didn’t continue to absorb animal nuclear energy, just waiting for himself to recover.

He lay on the crab mount, opened his brain and ordered a steamed crab.

At breakfast, he had removed all the impurities from the breakfast materials and crabs. At present, he was just waiting for the cook to steam them.

Ten minutes later, the cook sent the steamed crab with the dipping material to the mermaid room.

An Jin swam to the shore, quickly reached out and tried the temperature with his finger abdomen. He felt a little hot. He ran the water power and wrapped the crab in a water ball.

After a while, he passed his fingers through the water ball to feel the temperature of the crab. He felt that it was no longer hot and withdrew his power.

He opened the crab shell skillfully, and the rich smell of crab roe came to his face. His eyes bent, scooped a spoon, ate a full mouthful, and then split the crab with his fingernails.

Divide all the crab feet. He picked up a large crab pliers and put it vertically on the dinner plate. He stretched out his index finger. His fingers made slight force and his fingernails popped out.

As usual, he cut down from the top and divided the crab forceps into two.

He was surprised to find that although the new nail looked thinner than the previous nail, it was sharper and harder.

In the evening, when Norman entered the mermaid room, an Jin scratched his hands on the shore, and all his long nails appeared.

He wanted to let Norman notice the change of color of his nails first, and then tell Norman the specific change of his nails.

After all, Norman always sees Norman every day.

However, Norman had a rare worry. He seemed restless. He looked at him and stopped talking. He didn’t find any change in his nails.

Anxin looked at Norman suspiciously and asked, “what happened?”

Norman clenched his fist to the little mermaid’s clear blue eyes. Although he was very reluctant, he decided to ask the little mermaid for his opinion.

He said that the little mermaid was about to enter estrus, and then asked seriously, “do you want to find a mermaid to spend it with you?”

An Jin was stunned. He did hear that animals have oestrus. However, when the word was used on himself, he still felt a little shocked.

spend? It’s not what he thinks!

He quickly shook his head: “I don’t want it!” He looked nervously at Norman. “You won’t let me… Breed, will you?”

Norman: “of course not,” he frowned at the little mermaid. “Why do you think so?”

An Jin pursed his lower lip and couldn’t explain that he had heard others propose to Norman. After all, at that time, in Norman’s opinion, he didn’t understand interstellar language.

“There are a lot of people talking about mermaids on the star network,” he whispered

He looked up at Norman with a firm tone: “I don’t want mermaids…” he paused awkwardly, “spend it with me.”

Norman was delighted. However, thinking of the information found at noon, he didn’t want to hide the Little Mermaid: “the mermaid’s first estrus will be more uncomfortable.”

An Jin’s cheeks were hot and his eyes were down. He felt embarrassed and embarrassed to discuss this issue with Norman. He said, “I’m not afraid.”

Norman determined the attitude of the little mermaid. He was very happy and said seriously, “I’ll help you.”

An Jin’s eyes widened and his face seemed to burn: “no!”

Norman: “Xiao Yin has experience. Tomorrow I’ll ask Mu Chen to bring Xiao Yin. You can ask Xiao Yin to teach you experience.”

An Jin is a little relieved. It’s this kind of help.

The thought of learning this experience from Xiao Yin made his ears red.

He subconsciously wanted to refuse, and thought that he was a novice Mermaid. He didn’t know about mermaids. In case something unexpected happened during estrus, it would be even more embarrassing.

So he whispered, “thank you.”

The next afternoon, near Norman’s return, an Jin couldn’t help being distracted. His eyes fell on the screen and subtitles flashed in his eyes. In fact, he didn’t remember a word.

As long as he thought about the topic discussed with Xiao Yin tonight, he couldn’t help curling up his tail and wanted to bury his face in his hair.

Fortunately, humans don’t understand Mermaid language.


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