After Being a Mermaid Chapter 4

Norman returned to the aircraft and took off his mask. A thin mask was shrunk into a small capsule. He put it in his pocket and gave the suspension car an order: “go back.”

“Good master.” Electronic voice response.

The levitation vehicle starts and moves rapidly along the overhead track.

A minute later, Norman received a communication from hornard.

“Your Majesty,” said hornard with anticipation, “what’s up? Do you like it?”

“Well,” Norman replied, pressing the corner of his forehead, “send me a batch of soothers.”

Hornard was anxious to hear the request before he could be happy.

“Twenty are used up so quickly? You use it too fast. If you go on like this, you can’t even achieve the effect of first aid.”

Norman rubbed his temples: “the effect of first aid is not very good now.”

“At least you’re back from the patrol! No one has noticed that you’re in a mental riot!”

Hornard’s tone was excited, “you’re too reckless, your mental state is unstable, and you’re going out to find someone to fight…”

Norman didn’t wait for him to finish talking. He interrupted and corrected, “it’s a normal patrol.”

“There’s no reason to patrol 360 days a year! You just think SiO city is too boring!” The doctor broke his lie loudly, angry and worried.

Norman asked lightly, “will it be all right to stay on Sioux?”

Hornard was silent and sighed slightly. He was distressed to see his great majesty since he was a child.

Your Majesty’s mental level is too high. The mermaid is sensitive. Seeing your majesty is like seeing an enemy. She is always very excited.

Hornard was very helpless. For his majesty Norman, the scientific research institute specially asked mermaids to watch his Majesty’s photos and films from the time of their cubs, but it didn’t work.

Whether it’s the sunny and handsome photos of his majesty when he was a child or the films of hot-blooded fighting on the battlefield when he grew up, as long as he sees his majesty himself, the mermaid can’t wait to fight with his majesty, without exception.

Hornard was not ready to continue the depressed topic. After all, things had changed!

He asked curiously, “what kind of mermaid do you like?”

Your majesty hasn’t participated in the auction for nearly a year. He goes to see the sample every time, but he doesn’t like a mermaid.

He was really curious about the mermaid his majesty liked.

Norman remembered his clear water blue eyes and a word came to his mind – quiet, but he didn’t say it.

He once bought a mermaid. When he was in the exhibition room, the mermaid was very quiet.

As a result, the mermaid attacked him for the first time after the auction.

The previous silence was just waiting for the opportunity to attack.

Thinking of this, Norman did not answer in case he was beaten in the face: “you can see it tonight.”

Back at the palace, Norman went to the study, came to the door and stepped down.

He turned and went to the mermaid room that had been prepared for many years but had never been used.

He looked around and ordered the housekeeper robot to clean up.

The sky gradually darkened, the shining stars landed, the two quiet stars in the north and South rose, and the city of SiO was bathed in the faint light of silver blue.

Star auction house VIP Hall

When eight o’clock arrived, all the guests in each private room stared at the display screen on the wall.

They put their hands on the right armrest. There is the price increase console. They can press the button to increase the price or enter the price directly.

A host in a dark red suit stepped onto the auction stage.

Although there was no one under the stage, he still kept a decent smile because he knew that all the guests were staring at him in front of the screen.

In order to protect guests’ privacy and ensure their safety, guests will not appear in the whole process of the auction.

All guests in the VIP Hall enter and exit from the channel connected with the private room, and bid in the private room.

The host gave a warm speech: “ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the star auction!”

“There’s not much nonsense,” he paused at the right time, and then said in a high voice to arouse people’s emotion. “Please look at tonight’s auction, pure mermaid!”

The VIP Hall auction has always been direct to the theme. After all, for everyone involved in the auction, wasting time is a waste of money.

The host said that and walked to the stage to ensure that the guests would not be affected to appreciate the mermaid.

Behind him, a screen covering the whole wall lights up, showing the scene of the exhibition room.

The pure blue Mermaid lay at the bottom of the pool, with her head resting on her arm. Her face was blocked by her beautiful hair, and she could only see her white ears.

While everyone was attracted by this beautiful and quiet scene, the little mermaid suddenly moved.

The wound on the back of an Jin’s brain has been dull and painful. It’s not serious, but it can’t be ignored.

Before, many people came to the room in batches. He was always highly concentrated. When he was the only one left in the room, he relaxed and fell asleep unconsciously.

Sleeping sweetly, he woke up with a start.

He suddenly felt that he was being watched.

He brushed his hair away and looked to the shore. There was no one there.

At this time, all the guests in the private room couldn’t help falling their eyes on his face.

Her face is small, her facial features are very delicate, and her water blue eyes are lifted gently, which looks particularly smart.

An Jin didn’t see anyone, but he still felt wrong. The feeling of being watched didn’t disappear, but deepened.

He realized that his perception was much more sensitive than before.

Thinking of this, he checked the spirit sea and was surprised to find that the mental power consumed to resist fish impurities had been fully restored.

When people kept coming to the room before, he was nervous and his mental strength didn’t recover at all.

He was also worried that his mental strength could not recover naturally after becoming a mermaid.

As a result, he just slept and recovered!

Much faster than before.

He’s a little happy. He can recover his mental strength after rest. It’s great!

Thinking of the current situation, he waved his tail, swam to the surface of the water, and then looked around.

When he swam, his tail swayed gently and his body stretched out, and almost everyone’s eyes fell on his tail.

The light penetrates the water and falls to the fish’s tail. The water blue scales glitter and dazzle.

The host left enough time for the guests to enjoy, and then opened his mouth and announced: “the starting price is one billion stars, and the minimum increase is 50 million. The auction begins!”

Above the middle of the electronic screen, a round box appears, in which the bidding price is displayed in real time.

In the blink of an eye, the bidding price has reached 2 billion.

The number is still rising at a phantom speed.

The host’s eyes are getting brighter and brighter. When he sees more than 8 billion, his heart can’t help accelerating.

The highest transaction price of the intermediate mermaid is 8 billion.

Soon, the bidding price exceeded 10 billion.

An Jin didn’t know that he was being auctioned. He was still looking around carefully and finally fell on the black ball on the wall.

He had observed these balls before. There were sixteen identical balls, four on each wall at equal intervals.

He noticed that the balls had changed, like pistachios cracking, and the outer material opened to reveal the glass core.

Almost instantly, he realized it was a monitor.

From the design point of view, it is very appropriate, like an eye.

An Jin frowns and feels watched by the unknown, which makes him very uncomfortable.

He used the water power to block the camera, but the next moment, he withdrew the power.

This is his card. It can’t be exposed easily.

And the power level is still very low. Sixteen cameras can’t cover them all at the same time.

At the auction site, the number representing the price changed more and more slowly. After 16 billion, it stopped for a moment, and the next moment, it directly rose to 20 billion.

This time it stopped longer and the number increased by one again.

Norman’s eyes fell on the screen. The little mermaid was looking up at the monitor. In this way, the two looked at each other as if they were looking at each other.

He looked at those gentle blue eyes and entered two hundred and fifty without hesitation.

The host’s voice trembled with excitement: “25 billion! Will this be the last price? Which guest will buy the pure mermaid that is rare in a century!”

The host tried to stir up the atmosphere, but the number did not increase.

25 billion, which is already sky high.

The host looked at the countdown display. After the time returned to zero, he loudly announced: “congratulations to the guest. He successfully photographed a solid Mermaid at a price of 25 billion.”

As he finished, the screen behind him darkened.

At the same time, an Jin saw that all the balls were closed and the feeling of being watched disappeared.

He relaxed a little and thought about the current situation.

Why did those people come to see him before? Why did the monitor just open?

“Di -”

Just thinking, he heard the electronic sound and hurriedly looked at the door.

The door slid open from both sides and a tall man came in.

He was followed by the doctor, Professor Jin and four bodyguards in black suits.

The man has short black hair, ordinary face and a pair of exceptionally deep brown eyes.

An Jin still has an impression of men and almost immediately looks at the man’s spiritual sea.

The black spirit silk increased, but there was no spark.

He thought, the man’s mental strength does not rise but fall, is there no natural recovery, or is it consumed again?

“Sir, this is the mermaid feeding manual. I hope you can take good care of him,” Professor Jin handed Norman a pamphlet. “If he is not feeling well, please send him to the pet hospital under the Scientific Research Institute for examination in time.”

Professor Jin said, still unwilling: “Sir, I still think it is more appropriate for you to leave your address. We will arrange the mermaid doctor to come to him regularly for examination.”

Norman thought that if he left an address, he would not be able to take the little mermaid today.

He took the pamphlet: “no, I have a doctor.”

An Jin thought and observed the actions of several people. There was a light sound around.

He’s surrounded by transparent metal again!

After that, he was carried to the shore, and two bodyguards covered the container tightly with a cover cloth.

An Jin’s sight was blocked and he couldn’t help being nervous. After a while, the water swung slightly.

He looked down at the ground and got the answer at a glance. Someone was pushing the container.

He stared at the ground, was pushed and lifted all the way, and finally stopped at a carpeted place.

Norman closed the door of the suspension car and gave a voice command to return to the palace.

The intelligent operating system responds and starts the suspended vehicle.

An Jin heard the steady and low male voice and mechanical and electronic voice successively. He was guessing the scientific and technological level of the world, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

He narrowed his eyes, raised his hand to block the light, moved away after adapting, and aligned with the man’s deep eyes.

Men’s eyes look and explore.

An Jin’s ear fin opens uncontrollably again. The man’s aura is too strong. He instinctively feels dangerous.

He swayed his tail and stepped back. When he opened the distance, his vision widened. When he saw the man’s face, he opened his eyes in surprise.

Will this man change his face?

The original ordinary face is gone. At the moment, it is an angular face with sword eyebrows and stars. Even the neat jaw line has a taste of perseverance.

There was no expression on his face at the moment. He looked a little serious.

An Jin couldn’t hide his surprise. His eyes wandered on the man’s face, but he didn’t find a trace of camouflage.

Norman noticed his eyes, a little surprised.

This mermaid is more spiritual than any one he has ever seen.

Seems to be able to tell that his appearance has changed.

Of course, there is another possibility – the mermaid is watching him and waiting for an opportunity to attack.


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