After Being a Mermaid Chapter 40

An Jin was in a state of uncertainty. He simply turned off the teaching video, opened the ordering interface, ordered Xiaoyin’s favorite snacks and barbecue, and then lay on the big crab and slowly wagged his tail.

He noticed that when Norman came back, his tail froze and his head turned to the door.

After thinking about it, he pushed the crab mount to the corner, swam to the pool near the door, put his hands on the shore and greeted the guests in a more formal posture.

Soon, Norman walked into the mermaid room and saw a lovely little mermaid waiting by the pool.

Mu Chen pushed the mermaid car behind Norman. As soon as he entered the room, he smiled and greeted an Jin: “good afternoon, Ann.”

An Jin responded politely, then looked at Xiao Yin and said hello in Mermaid language: “good afternoon, Xiao Yin.”

Little silver put her palm against the transparent container wall and looked down at an Jin. Her silver eyes fell on an Jin’s face and suddenly patted the container wall: “Damn, how did your scales fall off? Were you bullied by your two legged beasts!”

An Jin saw his canine teeth, his eyes quickly and fiercely, and quickly said, “no, it’s normal to change scales.”

He waved his tail. Remembering that he was wearing a fishtail skirt, he gave up letting Xiao Yin see the change of his tail. He just said, “all the scales of my tail have been changed. Recently, I began to change the scales on my face.”

Xiaoyin listened to his explanation and wondered, “change scales? You’re so strange. I’ve never seen a mermaid change scales.”

An Jin replied with the result of the doctor’s speculation, “maybe because I’m a pure Mermaid.”

After listening to his explanation, Xiaoyin shifted his attention, suddenly leaned close to his head, his face almost stuck to the wall of the container, and his tone was surprised: “you’re getting stronger again!”

An Jin knew last time that Xiaoyin was very sensitive to the change of his ability. He was not surprised. He nodded: “HMM.”

Small silver quickly patted the cylinder wall and turned to stare at Mu Chen: “stupid bipedal beast, put me down quickly.”

Mu Chen had the experience of the last time. Looking at his actions, he immediately understood his ideas and put him into the pool.

As soon as Xiaoyin entered the pool, she turned around an Jin: “you’re great!”

On the shore, Mu Chen couldn’t help saying to Norman, “look, I said Xiao Yin likes Ann very much. Why don’t you let them pair up?”

Norman refused in a deep voice, “no, Ann doesn’t want to.”

When an Jin heard Mu Chen’s words, he subconsciously stepped back and opened the distance with Xiaoyin.

Small silver stuck to the past, leaned close to his head, stared at the light blue, almost white new scales on an Jin’s face, and stretched out his hand to touch it.

An Jin saw his long nails and quickly moved a little: “the new scales are relatively soft.”

Little silver looked at his tail: “so you put a layer of skin on your tail to protect it?”

An Jin: “… Yes.”

Talking about the tail, he immediately thought of the purpose of inviting Xiaoyin. His cheeks were hot and embarrassed.

Mu Chen also asked Norman suspiciously, “you asked me to bring Xiaoyin to play with an. I thought you were going to let an and Xiaoyin breed.”

Norman corrected his wrong idea: “just let the little silver teach Ann experience.”

Mu Chen was stunned: “what experience?”

Norman: “the experience of dealing with oestrus.”

Mu Chen was embarrassed: “… Otherwise, I’d better take Xiaoyin back?”

Norman looked away from the little mermaid, fell on Mu Chen’s face, and looked at him.

Mu Chen couldn’t stand it. He stood up and said, “I’m for you. If an an really learns from Xiao Yin, you must want to beat me.”

Norman: what did you do to little silver

“I didn’t!” Mu Chen retorted subconsciously, then coughed awkwardly and admitted in a very low voice, “just a little help.”

Norman’s eyes moved: “how did you help?”

Mu Chen: “Your Majesty, such gossip is really not in line with your style! Anyway, I suggest you, if he doesn’t find his favorite Mermaid during Ann’s estrus, let him stay alone in the mermaid room. Don’t come forward.”

Mu Chen explained: “they can spend it by themselves.”

He thought of it and regretted it two days ago.

Xiaoyin didn’t find her favorite Mermaid. It would be hard for her to spend the night of estrus.

Because Xiaoyin has been very friendly to him recently, he gives him a pure flat fish every day. He hears Xiaoyin’s uncomfortable voice and doesn’t let the mermaid solve it by himself as he said in the feeding manual.

He was so soft hearted that he couldn’t help entering the mermaid room.

Mu Chen’s face was even more embarrassed when he thought of the things behind him.

For the first time, he urgently hoped that seven days would pass quickly, so that Xiaoyin’s memory would disappear with time.

However, looking at Xiaoyin communicating with ANN in the water, he thought sadly that when Xiaoyin was asked about the estrus period, he would certainly recall that night.

This time, we will start a new round of seven days.

He thought to himself that he would not bring Xiaoyin if he knew that his majesty wanted Xiaoyin to impart experience to An’an!

At this time, an Jin has not asked Xiaoyin about the estrus period. He is talking with Xiaoyin about the delicious food he has prepared and wants to have a buffer period.

After all, it’s not appropriate to ask such a thing as soon as we meet.

Before long, the cook sent the prepared food to the mermaid room. One of Norman and Mu Chen stayed in the dining car, and the rest were placed on the shore.

Xiaoyin was very happy. She praised while eating roast fish: “Ann, you are so powerful! I can only sing songs three times a day at most, and I can only make five flat fish delicious each time.”

He stopped and said, “the food made by my two legged beast is not as delicious as your cook.”

An Jin thought about it and immediately understood the reason: “didn’t you make the seasoning delicious?” He pointed to the chili powder on the roasted chicken wings. “The chicken wings are delicious, but the chili powder is not delicious, which will also affect the taste.”

Xiaoyin suddenly said, “I’ll sing to the seasoning when I go back!”

He continued to eat happily.

An Jin waited for Xiaoyin to be satisfied. He washed his hands with Xiaoyin, returned to the pool and floated side by side in the water.

An Jin first made an abdominal draft in his heart and whispered, “Xiao Yin, how did you spend your first estrus?”

Little silver tilted her head and thought, “I don’t remember, but I don’t have a partner. I should solve it myself.”

An Jin remembered that he had only seven days of memory and asked, “did you solve your estrus a few days ago?”

Little silver shook her head.

An Jin was surprised: “how did that solve?”

The little silver finger rolled his long silver gray hair, twisted his eyebrow and said, “I don’t remember very clearly. I’m confused. I just remember that I caught the two legged beast and pressed him down. I don’t remember what happened later.”

He added, “I just remember it’s comfortable,” he said softly. “Bipedal animals are useful.”

An Jin: “…” he looked at Mu Chen in shock. Realizing that it was impolite, he quickly took back his eyes.

Although he looked back quickly, he was found by Mu Chen.

Mu Chen couldn’t help saying, “Ann, don’t listen to Xiao Yin. I’m forced!”

Small silver pressed him, especially fierce, and didn’t let him leave at all. The body’s reaction was so obvious that he rubbed on him all the time.

He really couldn’t bear it, so he helped. Xiaoyin relaxed comfortably and his body softened, so he could leave the mermaid room smoothly.

An Jin nodded shyly, his ears uncontrollably red.

He had thought he was thinking wildly. The fact should not be what he thought. After listening to Mu Chen’s words, he was stunned.

Mu Chen was killed by Xiao Yin

He looked at Xiaoyin’s innocent appearance and thought of Xiaoyin’s fierce appearance to Mu Chen just now. Two big words appeared in his mind: slag fish.

Xiaoyin didn’t realize that an Jin’s eyes were very complex. He came close to an and smelled: “an an, are you going to be in estrus?”

An Jin whispered and retreated silently.

Xiaoyin asked curiously, “have you found the mermaid you like?”

“No.” An Jin shook his head.

Xiaoyin patted him on the shoulder: “don’t worry, you can also catch your bipedal beast and let him help you. If he doesn’t obey, you’ll beat him!”

“Although I don’t remember what the bipedal did, I remember it very comfortably!”

An Jin was stunned by Xiaoyin’s slag fish quotations. He stretched his small face and said seriously, “you can’t do this!”

Xiaoyin was stunned, his body was subconsciously straight, and quickly said, “I’m sorry.”

Xiao Yin said, blinking in confusion. The silver eyes fell on an Jin: “an an, you’re just terrible.”

An Jin was also stunned: “terrible?”

Xiao Yin tilted his head: “it’s not terrible,” he thought for a while before saying, “I feel I must apologize to you and can’t make you angry.”

An Jin couldn’t help recalling what he had just said and couldn’t help wondering if he was too fierce.

He looked at Xiao Yin’s simple appearance and lowered his voice: “Xiao Yin, you should be nice to Mu Chen in the future. Don’t always be cruel to him. He is very kind to you, isn’t he?”

Xiao Yin: “I’ve been nice to him recently. I give him a pure flat fish every day!”

An Jin looks tangled and doesn’t know how to mention his relationship with Mu Chen.

Moreover, seeing Mu Chen’s embarrassed appearance, it seems that he doesn’t want to be known.

An Jin thought for a while and simply pretended not to know.

He turned the topic back: “how do you feel when you’re in heat?”

Xiaoyin: “the body is very hot. If you want to mate, the front will bulge and the back will be very wet. It’s very comfortable to vent!”

An Jin blushed and stopped asking.

He has learned that oestrus is equivalent to natural aphrodisiac, and Xiaoyin has no legal way to deal with it.

Before Mu Chen left, he was worried that an Jin misunderstood him and tried to recover his innocence: “an an, don’t misunderstand me. I’m a serious person and don’t have any strange hobbies.”

An Jin seriously promised: “well,” he whispered, thinking of Mu Chen’s experience, “don’t take it too seriously.”

What a considerate little mermaid!

Mu Chen smiled at an Jin: “thank you, an an, you forgot.”

An Jin quickly made another sound.

Mu Chen left with little silver. Norman couldn’t help asking the little mermaid, “Mu Chen is afraid you misunderstood something?”

An Jin shook his head: “nothing.”

If this kind of thing was known by him, Mu Chen could maintain his composure. If Norman knew, Mu Chen would be very embarrassed.

After all, in Mu Chen’s eyes, he is a mermaid, not a man.

Norman did not ask, “did Xiao Yin tell you how to spend it?”

An Jin subconsciously glanced at him and quickly took back his eyes: “well, I know.”

Norman swept the red tip of the mermaid’s ear, didn’t ask again, said good night to the mermaid and left the mermaid room.

When he woke up in the morning, an Jin subconsciously looked at the bottom of the pool. Unexpectedly, he saw the scales at the bottom of the pool.

He swam to the bottom of the pool, picked up the scales and went to the bathroom to wash.

He was stunned when his eyes fell on the mirror.

All the scales on his face turned blue and white. The blue was very light. At first glance, it looked like white and glowed slightly.

For this reason, when he saw himself in the mirror, he was in a trance and thought he had become a man.

Suddenly, it was almost no different from people, but the skin was too bright and white.

He stared at himself in the mirror, hardly daring to recognize it.

With long warped eyelashes, peach blossom eyes, small and exquisite face, bright red lips and sculptural cold white skin, it looks cold and gorgeous.

He couldn’t help looking at it again. It’s nice to see it.

After washing, he returned to the pool and felt a little nervous when Norman approached.

Would Norman be surprised to see him look so human?

Norman walked into the mermaid room and faced the little mermaid with his clear blue eyes. When he saw the face of the little mermaid, he was stunned in his place with amazing eyes.

An Jin subconsciously touched his face: “do you think it’s strange?”

Norman recovered and his heart beat faster than usual. He said, “it’s very nice.”

An Jin felt his face uneasily.

Norman couldn’t help but look at the little mermaid’s face: “have you ordered breakfast?”

An Jin nodded.

The two had breakfast, and soon honard arrived.

As soon as honard saw an Jin, he was stunned: “my God! It’s so beautiful.”

His eyes lit up: “if you post photos like this on the Internet, you will certainly have a lot more partner powder.”

Partner powder? An Jin was surprised: “I’m a mermaid!”

Hornard: “what’s the matter? The Star Alliance implements the free marriage law. Even if you marry a stone, no one cares. You look much better than a stone.”

An Jin marvels that the star is indeed open!

Norman’s heart moved and his eyes fell on the little mermaid.

Wearing a blue T-shirt, the little mermaid looks like a stunning beauty. Her light blue and white skin has a cold feeling. However, her voice is soft and cute. The strong contrast is more attractive.

Hornard asked expectantly, “can I take a picture?”

If you take out the picture of ANN, he will surely win the title of the number one fan of Ann’s support group!

An Jin shook his head.

Now like this, he even wavered in his decision to broadcast live.

Especially when hornard mentioned partner powder, he felt that with his current live broadcast, the audience’s attention would probably not focus on his IQ, but on his appearance.

Norman agreed with the little mermaid’s decision very much.

He couldn’t help getting dark at the thought that a picture like a little mermaid would be sent to the Internet.

Hornard sighed with disappointment, but also expressed understanding. After checking with an Jin, he determined that the little mermaid was in good health, and he left.

Norman looked at the little mermaid and wanted to take pictures with the little mermaid, but he didn’t put it forward to embarrass the little mermaid when he thought that the little mermaid had just shook his head and refused honard’s reaction.

Norman left the mermaid room and went to the military headquarters. He always found the figure of the little mermaid in his mind.

An Jin watched the video for two hours, and then went to the garden to practice water power.

Near lunchtime, he returned to the room and ordered braised fish and shrimp and a green vegetable for lunch.

He put his head on a big crab, opened his brain, browsed the largest communication platform of Xingwang and spoke freely.

The open topics were arranged according to the heat. An Jin was immediately attracted by the top topic and “called on the military headquarters to sell type a soothing agent”.

When he clicked in, he found this topic. Since the majority of netizens learned that Norman’s mental strength recovered SSS, and the reason for the recovery was that his mental strength was full.

The reason why it can explode is that many leaders who have been silent for a long time suddenly come to the @ military headquarters and want to buy agent a.

These silent bosses have very high fans. Although they are big guys, they are not very old. They are all the top fighting figures in a certain year or a few years in the past 20 years.

One of them is only 30 years old and is the most likely genius to become SSS after Norman.

Just ten years ago, this genius, when he was a minor, was in a hurry to make money to shoot a mermaid belonging to him. He was in a mental riot in the task, and his mental strength was reduced from Ss to s.

Ten years later, because he didn’t have enough mental strength to supplement and was engaged in mercenary career, his mental strength had fallen to level B.

When this genius was engaged in mercenary work, he had a live broadcast at the same time, and there were many fans, so many people spoke for him.

In addition to him, there was also the former general of the military headquarters. Because of the spiritual riot and the decline of his spiritual level, he was greatly hit and retired for a time.

Because he is not in the military system, he can’t get agent a.

He was the head of the Eighth Army Corps. He made great achievements in the war. He led the army to resist several spring animal tides and had many loyal fans.

These fallen geniuses came forward one after another and asked the military headquarters to sell agent a.

Some rich people even said directly that they are willing to spend a lot of money to support the research of the scientific research department and increase the output of agent A. as long as they can buy agent a, they are willing to buy even 10 million one!

An Jin’s eyes involuntarily fall to the boxes of nutrients next to the shelf.

I seem to see Jinshan.

In order to be unobtrusive, after his power was upgraded, he still purified only 100 nutrients a day without increasing.

Now, he can’t help but raise the idea of purifying more nutrients and taking out food.

Ten million one seems exaggerated, but the price will certainly not be low. After all, the supply is in short supply.

Each nutrient has limited mental strength. If you want to have enough mental strength, you need to drink a lot of nutrients.

He estimated that according to Norman’s mental strength before, he had to drink almost 500 nutrients, but now SSS level needs more.

The mental strength of the rest is not as good as Norman. They need less nutrients, but they will never be too much, and those who are more than one grade lower need more.

An Jinfei quickly calculated in his heart that as long as he can make nutrients, he will never worry about selling!

He felt that 25 billion was a sky high price before. Now he suddenly felt that it was not difficult to earn Norman’s money to buy him.

Soon he made up his mind and was ready to mention his ideas to Norman in the evening.

In the afternoon, he was watching the teaching video to read. He gradually felt tired, so he floated in the water to rest and soon fell asleep.

I don’t know how long later, there was a heat inside his body. Soon, the heat swept through his body. He unconsciously opened his mouth to breathe and wanted to be more comfortable.

Gradually, the heat turned into irritability. His brain was chaotic, with unbearable groans and uncomfortable curling up of his tail, but he couldn’t touch anything and couldn’t help shaking irritably.

Inadvertently, he moved from the water to the edge of the water. His arm touched the cold pool wall. He sighed comfortably and rubbed his hands on the shore.

Then, he turned his face sideways and put his face on the ground. The coolness came. He suddenly opened his eyes, which seemed to be covered with a layer of water mist.

He blinked, and suddenly there was a voice in his head that Xiao Yin said, “it’s hot and confused.”.

His heart is tight, his estrus is coming!

He subconsciously lowered his head and looked at his tail. When he saw the fishtail skirt on his body, he was slightly relieved.

Soon, however, his face burned.

Because the skirt is close to the body, the reaction in front is particularly obvious.

He was ashamed and embarrassed. It was no use trying to suppress his instinctive reaction.

He bit his lower lip and operated his power. He wanted the water to take away the heat of his body, but unexpectedly, his body was particularly sensitive. The water swept through his lower abdomen. He couldn’t control it and moaned.

For a moment, his ears and neck were all red, and he quickly withdrew his power.

It’s embarrassing. It’s like playing with yourself.

Because of the touch of leaving at one touch, the depths of his body were more empty, itching behind him, and he also had a particularly obvious sense of wetness.

An Jin held his hand tightly and restrained his impulse to touch before and after. However, his body became more and more uncomfortable, and his reason was gradually swept by heat.

He bit the tip of his tongue, woke up a little, put his forehead close to the pool surface, thought silently, just sleep.

His eyes were closed and his brain was heavy.

As soon as Norman entered the mermaid room, he heard the little mermaid gasping slightly heavier than usual.

He stepped and looked at the shore. The little mermaid’s hands and face were all pasted on the Bank of the pool. The blue and white scales were slightly red at this time. With only one side face, it was gorgeous and thrilling.

Norman’s heart jumped violently, calmed his mind, walked quickly to the pool, squatted down, dared not touch the little mermaid, and asked softly, “Ann, how do you feel?”

An Jin’s mind was in chaos. When he heard his voice, he opened his eyes. His beautiful peach eyes were hazy, slightly tilted his head, raised his eyes and looked at Norman with a confused expression.

“Ann?” Norman’s breath stagnated. For the first time, he found that the pure eyes of the little mermaid would be so enchanted.

An Jin instinctively felt that the people in front of him could make him comfortable.

He blinked, suddenly stretched out his hand, grabbed Norman’s skirt and pulled Norman into the water.

Norman fell into the water. The conditioned reflex wanted to resist and fight back. He thought that the other party was a little mermaid and stopped in time.

An Jin dragged Norman and soon swam to the crab mount. He slapped his tail on the water, followed the reaction, took Norman to the mount and pressed Norman.

Norman immediately realized that the little mermaid was in a wrong state. His eyes had no focus at all, and he was obviously in an irrational state.

An Jin’s tail curled up uncomfortable and touched Norman’s legs. The friction produced a comfortable shudder, so he entangled Norman more tightly.

Norman’s breath stagnated. He looked at the little mermaid whose face was flushed and whose expression was unbearable. His voice was hoarse: “Ann?”

An Jin’s tail was bound by the fishtail skirt. He snorted uncomfortably and twisted even more.

Norman felt the reaction of his body. His body was tense and his breathing became heavy.

Anxi impatiently scratched her fishtail skirt with her nails, but she couldn’t open it. She couldn’t help being more and more urgent.

Norman snorted, aware of his reaction, and a trace of consternation and embarrassment appeared on his face.

He suddenly closed his eyes. When he opened them again, his jaw was tight. He grabbed the little mermaid’s moving hand and made a little effort. They were in the opposite position. He held his arm and tried to touch the little mermaid.

“Ann! Wake up!” He patted the little mermaid on the cheek.

An Jin stared at him for two seconds, and then blinked. The previous scene seemed to flash in his head covered with a layer of fog.

He was so embarrassed that he seemed to burn up and apologized: “yes, I’m sorry.”

His voice is soft, because the heat is hoarse, it sounds soft and sticky.

Norman’s deep eyes were slightly deep. His voice was dark and asked, “how did little silver teach you?”

An Jin didn’t dare to look at him, and hurriedly pulled an excuse: “I’ve been soaking in the water,” he tried to resist the impulse to rub Norman, “you go out!”

Norman did not dare to stay much, but he was still worried: “are you really okay?”

An Jin nodded and spoke eagerly: “well, get out quickly.”

Norman turned over into the water, swam to the shore, quickly opened the door and went out. He ordered the robot to monitor the data of the little mermaid at any time and report any abnormalities in time.

As soon as he went out, an Jin quickly turned over, rubbed uncontrollably, and stopped.

Thinking of what Xiaoyin said, he bit the tip of his tongue, maintained his reason, came to the bathroom, closed the door, took a deep breath and took off his fishtail skirt.

The scales of the fish tail have become much darker, light blue and translucent.

An Jin saw the change of his body at a glance. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and stretched out his right hand.

However, the heat of his body did not reduce. His brain was confused again by the heat, and his left hand stretched out behind him uncontrollably.

The wet touch reached his fingertips. He suddenly regained his mind, took back his hand, and his whole body was steaming.

He never dared to look directly at his hand again!

He clenched his left hand against the ground and closed his eyes. When his body suddenly relaxed from tension, his whole body softened and tilted to the ground.

After a while, he opened his eyes and tried to get up with his elbows. When his eyes fell to his tail, his eyes widened sharply.

His tail has become legs!

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Mu Chen: don’t get me wrong!

Ann: Well, I have no misunderstanding


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