After Being a Mermaid Chapter 41

An Jin looked at his slender legs and was stunned. Then his eyes burst into a very bright light. He carefully stretched out his hand and gently touched his thigh.

The soft touch of the finger abdomen was immediately felt on the leg. When touched, the warm and itchy feeling raised could not be more real.

It’s true that he didn’t dream or get confused.

An Jin’s heart beat fast, his head was dizzy, and extreme joy rose in his heart.

He’s human!

He immediately wanted to stand up and bent his feet, but he found that his feet were soft and weak.

He pinched his thigh with his hand to try the strength of his thigh. As a result, an itch spread along the contact position and soon swept through his body.

At the same time, the heat that subsided slightly because of vent swept again and became more intense.

He groaned, his feet rubbed against each other unconsciously, his brain became chaotic again, and the reality of everything around him gradually disappeared.

As if in a dream, he stood on the edge of a lush island surrounded by an endless sea.

In the distant sea, there are many green islands. In the sea, groups of mermaids are playing and playing.

Suddenly, he felt something attracting him behind him. He turned back, followed his instinct to the island, walked through the dense forest, raised his hand, brushed the green vines, and came to the pool in the middle of the island.

There is a huge tree in the middle of the pool. The expanded branches cover the island. Many white eggs are placed in the pool around the trunk.

An Jin saw such a big egg for the first time, but as if instinctively, he immediately recognized that it was a mermaid egg.

At this time, the melodious and ethereal song sounded in his brain, and his perception floated away into a particularly mysterious state.

At this moment, a distant Mermaid planet, the deep heart of all mermaids, filled with a strong sense of joy at the same time.

The three lords of the mermaid Temple looked at the direction of the star of Theo, and their eyes burst out with brilliant brilliance.

At the same time, all the stars of the Star Alliance, including the star of SiO, and all the mermaids, looked at the direction of the palace and sang pleasant songs.

Soon, the topic of “Mermaid singing” on Xingwang exploded.

Until the song in the dream disappeared, an Jin opened his eyes. He was stunned for a long time before he came back to his mind.

The dream he just had was too real. He had a lot of information about mermaids in his brain. However, those information was very different from what he knew.

He thought that his previous dreams were indeed different from reality, and would be particularly absurd and exaggerated.

He stopped thinking and turned his attention to his feet. He tried to move, but he still had little strength.

He propped the door and stood up slowly.

Although his feet were shaking and he didn’t stand very stably, he couldn’t help but be happy. This was the first time he stood up with his feet in the real world after he came to this world!

He felt the feeling of stepping on the ground, with an unprecedented sense of steadiness in his heart.

He took a tentative step, his feet trembled, he was not discouraged, held the wall and slowly moved to the mirror.

Seeing the appearance in the mirror, he was slightly stunned and raised his hand. His fingertips gently touched the top of his cheekbones a little outside, the lower end of his eyes.

There is a blue scale the size of a mung bean and a scale like a small fan. The fan opens outward and flashes slightly. At first glance, it looks like a decal.

And on his face, except for such a small scale, all the other scales disappeared.

He raised his hand and touched his face. It was the soft touch of his skin. He looked at his ears. It was small, tender and white without fins.

Completely grown up!

However, his expression was not relaxed.

His changes are completely consistent with the information in the dream.

A Mermaid will have an oestrus period in adulthood. After the first oestrus period, it will differentiate into different genders, and there are scales at the eyes and tail, which means that the mermaid has the ability to breed offspring.

An Jin holds his hand on the table with shock in his eyes.

How is this possible? Although he has long recognized that he is zero, he never thought of getting pregnant.

Soon, he calmed down.

It’s just a dream, not true!

When he thought of his legs, the shock in his eyes disappeared and turned into excitement.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down.

It’s not happy yet. A mermaid has become a man. It’s definitely a big news that shocked the whole star.

How will Norman react when he sees him? How does he explain?

In addition, he looked down for a moment and quickly moved away awkwardly. He had just been dazzled by the joy shock and didn’t notice that he didn’t wear anything at all.

Now the mood is a little stable and can no longer be ignored.

He turned his head and looked at the fishtail skirt behind the door. He had no choice but it.

Fortunately, after he became a man, he had a narrow waist and long legs, and there should be no pressure in a fishtail skirt.

He turned around holding the washstand, was about to raise his feet, and his eyes suddenly widened – Norman entered the mermaid room!

Norman left the mermaid room drenched, and the door slammed behind him.

He stood at the door, took a heavy breath, raised his hand and pushed back the black hair hanging on his forehead, revealing his dark eyes. He wiped the drops on his face.

“Master, I have detected that you are in a state of excitement. Do you need to buy vent supplies for you?” The robot’s silver eyes flashed a faint light, told Norman the result of the judgment, and asked about the way to deal with it.

The expression on Norman’s face was a little embarrassed for a moment. A second later, he resumed his seriousness and said in a deep voice, “No.”

He said, strode to the second floor, took a step and paused: “An’an is in an abnormal state now. You didn’t report it and can’t detect it?”

Robot: “An’an now belongs to the normal reaction during estrus. According to the response of the mermaid feeding manual, there is no special treatment. The Mermaid will solve it by herself.”

Norman inevitably thought of the physical reaction of the little mermaid, and the words “solve it yourself” passed through his mind, bringing out a series of blurred images.

His jaw was tight, he put aside these thoughts, hurried back to the bedroom on the second floor, quickly took off his clothes and went into the shower.

The warm water rushed down from above. He leaned against the glass wall, closed his eyes and tried to restrain his body reaction. However, the face of the little mermaid appeared uncontrollably in his brain.

His pink eyes, red lips, bright white skin, and the wheezing sound of the little mermaid on him not long ago seemed to be close at hand.

The reaction of his body did not subside, but became more and more turbulent. A layer of sweat came out on his forehead and the bridge of his straight nose, and was washed away by the water.

Uncontrollably, he stretched out his hand. After half a ring, the thick air was thick. It took a long time to finally relax.

He turned the shower to the maximum, and the water soon took everything away as if nothing had happened.

Norman knew very well that at the last moment, the face of the mermaid in his brain was so clear.

He turned off the shower, walked under the whole body dryer without expression, and changed into a new casual suit after his whole body dried out for three minutes.

He stared at himself in the mirror and silently commented that he was really abnormal.

He had an impulse to the little mermaid!

Thinking of the little mermaid’s pure blue eyes, he couldn’t help feeling guilty. It’s too bad!

I wonder if the little mermaid just noticed his reaction. If she did, what would she think of him?

He suddenly became nervous, which was a strange emotion for him.

Unconsciously, he went to the mermaid room and opened the door, but he didn’t see the figure of the little mermaid.

Didn’t you mean to stay in the water?

Norman couldn’t help worrying: “Ann?”

An Jin was shocked when he noticed Norman entering the room. When he heard his voice, he was even more surprised and hurriedly said, “I’m fine. You’re out…”

Before he could say the word “go”, his body suddenly tilted. He exclaimed. He only had time to support it with his hands before falling to the ground to slow down the momentum.

He fell hard, but it didn’t hurt very much. The physical quality of the mermaid was much better than when he was a human.

However, he was still stunned and stared down at him.

His feet have become tails again!

He immediately responded that he had just fallen because his feet suddenly turned into a tail.

Norman heard the exclamation and the movement behind him. He immediately understood what had happened. He quickly came to the bathroom door and opened the door: “Ann?”

An Jin recovers from the blow that his feet disappear again and looks to the door. The fishtail skirt behind the door enters his vision at the same time.

He immediately reacted and curled his tail forward. However, he fell facing the door, and the curled tail could not block the key parts. He hurriedly tried to turn around with his hands, but in that case, he was exposed in Norman’s eyes behind him.

He panicked and ashamed: “you go out!”

Norman’s Adam’s apple rolled and his voice was dark and slightly hoarse: “I’m sorry.”

He stepped back, closed the door and stood in front of the door. The fluctuation of his chest was too much than usual.

The scene I saw just entering the door stopped in my mind and couldn’t dissipate.

The tail of the little mermaid is covered with blue and white scales. The overall color is uneven. The scales in the middle are deep, and the lower part of the abdomen and the upper part of the caudal fin are shallow and translucent.

Because the little mermaid fell sideways and faced the door, he inevitably saw the key parts of the little mermaid.

Even if there were fish scales, he still saw clearly. The color was very light and pink.

Enough! Norman was calm and sternly scolded himself in his heart.

Thinking that the little mermaid had just let him out, he was so ashamed that he even had a crying voice, he couldn’t help worrying.

Will the little mermaid be angry with him and ignore him.

He turned around, faced the door and said seriously, “Ann, sorry, I just heard you fall. I’m worried.”

His eyes flashed annoyance and his face became more and more serious: “I promise you, I will never break into your space without your permission.”

An Jin spreads out his fishtail skirt and runs his power to wash the traces left on it. His face and neck are red.

Norman’s voice came. He paused, looked at the door, and finally whispered, “you go out first.”

Norman was surprised to say these words. After all, his identity was just a pet in SiO.

He was glad that Norman cared so much about his feelings and was so considerate.

But after all, he is a man and still likes boys of the same sex. Seeing the key parts by the same sex really makes him feel too embarrassed. He doesn’t know how to face Norman at all.

Moreover, he looked at his tail with exploration and panic in his eyes.

The heat of his body has not dissipated, and his head is a little dizzy, but somehow, his brain clearly remembers the dream he just had.

According to the information obtained in the dream, mermaids will differentiate when they grow up, and their tails can become legs.

But if you want to change your legs at will, you must make a contract with your partner, or use mental control.

The latter will consume a lot of mental power, and no matter which one, it can’t stay away from the water for too long. The mermaid needs water very much.

An Jin looked at his tail inquisitively. Is it true in his dream?

He wanted to try his mental power immediately to verify whether it could turn his tail into a leg, but he was afraid.

If this is true, it is also true that he has differentiated into a mermaid that can breed offspring!

Norman didn’t know that the little mermaid was full of entanglement. When he heard the little mermaid’s words, he immediately responded: “OK.”

Then he turned and left the mermaid room.

An Jin noticed that he was leaving and relaxed a little. He was about to put on his washed fishtail skirt. He thought of his legs and paused again.

He pinched his tail with his hand. The tail was very strong, and the scales were smooth and cool, much harder than the first. Only the last part of the scales changed, and the scales were a little soft.

He pinched it from top to bottom, then squeezed his fist and beat it gently. The tail is still the tail.

Does he really have to use mental strength to wring his eyebrows?

He looked tangled, and finally couldn’t resist his heart’s expectations for his legs, so he mobilized his mental strength and used it for his tail.

Almost instantly, he felt the temperature of his tail rise. Five seconds later, his tail turned into legs.

The information in the dream is true!

An Jin looked at his legs and inadvertently swept his abdomen. For a moment, he was happy and flustered.

His hand moved to the end of his eyes, and his thumb inadvertently wiped his cheek. The cool touch came. He suddenly mobilized his mental strength and applied it to his cheeks and ears.

He touched his face and ears. With his mental strength, the scales really disappeared. Now they are the soft touch of human beings.

He looked at the spiritual sea. When he maintained his human form, the spiritual silk was visible gray, and the spiritual power was consumed very quickly.

He estimated that with the mental power of his current level 3 ability, he could only maintain his human appearance for more than an hour at most.

He thought and withdrew his mental strength. His cheeks were covered with scales again, and his legs became tails.

He put on his fishtail skirt and left the bathroom. When he saw the big crab, an embarrassed look appeared on his face.

He should apologize to Norman, too.

Norman must have been in a bad state before he asked him about him. As a result, he pulled Norman into the water and

He secretly rejoiced that Norman had awakened him. Otherwise, if he did what he did with Xiaoyin to Mu Chen, he would really be unable to face Norman and himself.

When he jumped into the water and opened his brain, he found that it was long past his dinner time.

No wonder I feel so hungry.

Because it was not early, he ordered seafood porridge and shrimp dumplings for dinner. After thinking about it, he ordered another one.

Norman sat on the balcony on the second floor. The room was very dark without lights. He didn’t care at all. His eyes fell on the pool in the garden.

The lights of the mermaid room were sparkling on the water.

Zhinao shook slightly. He opened it. The chef received the reminder of ordering. Before he returned to the bedroom, he was specially associated with the chef’s system. In this way, as long as the little mermaid ordered, he could know immediately.

He was worried that the little mermaid would not eat dinner. He was still thinking that if the little mermaid did not order after nine o’clock, he would order dinner for the little mermaid privately.

He was relieved to see the dinner ordered by the little mermaid.

If you are willing to eat, you should not be very angry.

He could not help but rejoice. Fortunately, the little mermaid had a good character. If he had been recklessly seen by other teenagers, I’m afraid he would want to beat him.

Twenty minutes later, Norman heard a knock at the door: “what’s up?”

Robot: “master, Ann asked the kitchen to cook porridge for you. Do you want to send it in?”

Norman’s heart beat fast, and a strange joy poured into his heart: the little mermaid was not angry with him and ordered porridge for him!

He quickly got up, voice control turned on the light in the room, and suddenly the whole bedroom was as bright as day.

He opened the door and looked at the dinner held by the robot. In addition to a large bowl of porridge, there was also a sweet and sour ribs, which was the most ordered dish when he had dinner with the little mermaid.

His eyes softened, took the plate and took it to the balcony.

In the mermaid room, an Jin is accompanied by shrimp dumplings and porridge. His satiety makes him feel much better.

After dinner, he floated on the water, swinging his tail and thinking.

Now that he can become a man, he doesn’t have to continue to be a pet. What should he do next?

Want to tell Norman?

He thought for a moment and opened his brain to search the hypothesis that if a mermaid becomes a human, he wanted to see the reaction of the Sioux.

But I was surprised to find that the original lesio had relevant research many years ago.

Researchers try to turn mermaids into creatures similar to humans by means of gene fusion or organ fusion. They hope that mermaids can effectively communicate with humans while retaining their singing ability, making it easier to obtain mermaids’ singing.

However, the experiment failed and the mermaid died. The experiment was listed as a prohibited experiment.

In addition, other planets of the Star Alliance have also conducted research on artificial mermaids, which has also failed and caused many tragedies.

An Jin looked at the experimental picture, his face was slightly white, and his heart immediately made a decision.

It must not be exposed that he can become a man.

Previous researchers, time-consuming, labor-consuming and consuming Mermaid, have not studied the results, but he can naturally change from mermaid to human. If he is known, he has too much chance of becoming an experimental object.

His ability to remove impurities may no longer be an umbrella, but will make researchers more crazy and want to study more mermaids like him.

Or find a way to leave and live as a human?

Although the time to maintain human form is limited, it is completely feasible for him to stay at home and not go out unless necessary.

But after thinking about it, he denied the idea.

In the eyes of others, he is a mermaid, and Norman has gone through the transfer procedures, which means that he belongs to Norman.

In this world, the pure mermaid is very precious. Even Norman will face many questions if he loses a pure Mermaid.

Norman is very kind to him and he cares about Norman. He doesn’t want to leave a pile of mess to Norman. That’s too irresponsible.

Then he thought about going to nursing or leaving when he went to the hospital, which was all denied by him.

Because this will also involve many innocent people.

And no matter where he is lost, there will be a lot of people looking for him.

After thinking for a while, he decided to become an intelligent creature as a mermaid, have an independent social identity, and then apply for living alone.

After that, whether he stays in SiO or leaves, he will not affect others.

The scales were getting darker and darker. In a few days, he could start planning.

In the morning, an Jin woke up a little later than usual, but he was energetic and felt very powerful all over, which was very different from when he went to bed last night.

He swam around the garden, breathed the fresh air in the morning, returned indoors and went to the bathroom to wash.

When he returned to the pool, he felt Norman close, his face flashed uncomfortable, and his fingers curled up unconsciously.

“Buckle…” there was a gentle and regular knock on the door, followed by Norman’s low and pleasant voice, “Ann, can I go in?”

Ann would like to know that he is fulfilling yesterday’s promise. Because Norman is serious, he is a little happy and suppresses his embarrassment: “please come in.”

Norman pushed the door in and saw that the little mermaid was still the same as before, with her hands on the bank and her clear blue eyes looking at him.

Peace is often different. The little mermaid looked at him for a second and quickly looked away.

He immediately felt the little mermaid’s shyness and discomfort, so he often said, “good morning.”

Anxin looked up at him and replied politely, “good morning, Norman.” Drop your eyes again.

Norman moved his fingers and looked at such a clever little mermaid. He especially wanted to touch the little mermaid.

Suddenly, he saw the little mermaid’s fingernails and said in surprise, “Ann, your hand?”

An Jin explained the changes of his fingers and whispered, “I wanted you to find out before, and then told you that you didn’t find it. Talk to me about… Estrus, and then forget to say it.”

Norman immediately understood what was going on. He was worried that the little mermaid agreed to match. He was restless and didn’t pay attention at all.

He looked at the little mermaid and wanted to explain, but he found it strange to say it.

Why was he upset about the mermaid pairing?

Thinking of this, his breathing suddenly stagnated. Yes, why? Thinking of his reaction yesterday, he was stunned.

After ordering breakfast, an Jin saw that Norman hadn’t ordered yet, so he asked, “what would you like to eat?”

Norman regained his mind, ordered breakfast, then restrained himself and asked for business: “Ann, did you feel anything special last night?”

An Jin glanced at Norman in surprise, turned his head, turned the back of his head towards him, his cheeks were hot, and his fingers curled up.

Is Norman kidding him?

Norman immediately realized that his words had misunderstood the little mermaid and quickly explained: “last night, all the Mermaids suddenly sang, so I asked you how you feel?”

An Jin was stunned: “do you sing together?”

Norman: Yes, at the same time, about 8:30

An Jin was surprised when he inexplicably thought of the song in his dream and the information he got in his dream.

He pursed his lips and shook his head. “I don’t feel it.”

Norman didn’t ask again. They had breakfast together.

Before long, hornard came to examine Anjin. After testing, he confirmed his health and left the mermaid room with Norman.

An Jin felt that they left the pool and went to the bathroom. He used his mental power and soon became a human shape.

He got close and stared at the scales at his tail. Even if he was reluctant to admit it, he had a feeling that the information in his dream was probably true.

Mermaid suddenly sings, probably because of him.

He thought about it and decided to meet Xiaoyin for the final verification.

If it is true, it means that the planet dominated by Mermaid in the dream is also real.


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