After Being a Mermaid Chapter 42

An Jin keeps in mind his meeting with Xiaoyin and is ready to talk to Norman during Norman’s lunch break.

He put on his holographic helmet and went online to remove the impurities of the baking string. After that, he went offline directly.

The ability has just been upgraded. He plans to practice water control in reality first, and then practice actual combat in the holographic world.

However, the study plan is equally important. If you want to live well in this world, you must not be illiterate.

When he opened the teaching video, he watched a two-hour word recognition course, and then turned off his brain.

His tail swayed gently, and his silver fishtail skirt flashed a silver light in the water. He crossed the passage and came to the garden.

With his hands on the Bank of the pool, he looked at the buds in the garden with bright eyes. The seeds he planted before sprouted!

He looked carefully. All the buds, including the largest saplings, exposed on the ground were pure and free of impurities.

There was an example of a small sapling. He knew that he could not be happy too early. He confirmed that there were no impurities in the soil and the surrounding trees, flowers and plants, so he looked away and prepared to exercise his powers.

He already knew that mental power was related to the time he maintained human form, and when his powers upgraded, mental power would also upgrade, so he wanted to upgrade more urgently than ever before.

He swam to the middle of the pool and thought.

A water ball with a diameter of about two meters appeared in front of him. The next moment, the water ball turned into a water dragon, got into the pool and flew into the air, splashing huge water spray.

An Jin’s eyes bent, the water dragon dissipated, and the water in the pool was calm under his control.

A second later, an Jin suddenly raised a water wall on his right. The water wall was two meters long and two meters high, and about five centimeters wide. Under the light, it reflected a bright light.

An Jin stretched out his hand and his fingers passed through the water wall. He only felt a little resistance.

He frowned slightly, turned his head and thought for a moment. The water wall was suddenly compressed into a meter long and wide. He stretched out his hand and tried to pass through the water wall, and the resistance increased significantly.

As soon as his eyes lit up, this idea was right!

He thought for a moment, the water that made up the wall flowed and rolled around the wall, faster and faster.

An Jin looked at the water wall and didn’t dare to try it by hand. Instead, he broke a branch and tried to poke it at the water wall.

For a moment, he felt the palm of his hand held by the branch, and the feeling disappeared for a moment, because the branch broke with a click, and the front end of the break was bounced off and landed on the bank.

An Jin threw the remaining branches to the shore, and his eyes flashed with joy.

If you continue to compress the water and keep the water flowing at a high speed, the water wall will have a very strong defense.

If four water walls can be raised at the same time, a very safe area can be established.

Thinking of this, his eyes fell on his unobstructed arm.

When the mind moved, the surface of the arm was instantly covered with a layer of water. The thickness of the water gradually became thinner from five centimeters, and finally there was only one centimeter left.

An Jin’s forehead was sweating. He withdrew his power and breathed out.

At present, he can only compress water five times at most.

It is conceivable that if the ability continues to upgrade, it will be able to compress more water. In this way, the defense of water will be stronger.

With joy in his eyes, the attack and defense of water power are actually great!

Keep trying to upgrade!

He was very involved in practice. He didn’t stop to check the information until he heard the sound of wisdom.

Norman: “Ann, remember to have lunch.”

An Jin looked at the time and found that it was a quarter past twelve.

Since he didn’t bake kebabs, his lunch time was changed to 12 o’clock, almost half past 11 o’clock, and he ate on time at 12 o’clock.

He looked around. As he perceived, there was no monitoring equipment around him, and the robot was left in the villa because of his command.

He couldn’t help asking his question: “how do you know I didn’t eat?”

Norman sat in the office with a flash of annoyance on his face. Would the little mermaid think he was watching him?

Mermaids hate being monitored very much. Little mermaids are different from other mermaids. They prefer people and may care more about private space.

After a moment of silence, he typed and told the truth: “I’m afraid you didn’t eat dinner last night. My brain is connected to the chef’s working system.”

An Jin suddenly understood that Norman knew he hadn’t ordered yet.

Seeing Norman’s message, he couldn’t help thinking of what happened last night. After he looked embarrassed, he couldn’t help bending his eyes.

Whether Norman pushed the door last night or connected the chef’s working system, it was because Norman was worried about him.

Realizing this, he felt a lot of embarrassment.

At this time, Norman’s message came again: “don’t eat, isn’t it uncomfortable?”

An Jin carefully typed and looked at the three words “thank you” without emotion. He deleted it, turned on the voice and said seriously, “thank you. I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

He opened the order interface and ordered two dishes and one soup.

Looking at the pictures of delicious food, he couldn’t help feeling sorry for Norman. Norman’s lunch at noon must be a nutrient.

Norman listened to the voice of the little mermaid and couldn’t help smiling in his eyes. He couldn’t help listening again.

The little mermaid has a soft voice and a serious tone. Even if he can’t see the little mermaid, he can imagine the serious expression of the little mermaid.

The little mermaid is so good that he can’t like it!

At this time, the door of the office was knocked, and Mu Chen’s voice came: “Your Majesty, can I come in?”

Norman’s soft expression suddenly became serious: “please come in.”

Mu Chen pushed the door in and saw Norman sitting upright on the leather seat. His eyebrows raised: “Your Majesty, is there no big deal in the military headquarters today?”

“What can I do for you?” Norman asked directly.

Mu Chen’s eyes were eager to try: “why don’t you start Sirius’s SSS mode and fight with me? Last time you said it wasn’t necessary, I really believed it. It turned out that you couldn’t start the SSS mode at that time.”

He said with a smile: “have you noticed how wonderful some people’s expressions were after you announced the restoration of mental level? You must regret not seizing the ‘good’ opportunity.”

Norman’s expression remained unchanged: “there is no such opportunity.”

Mu Chen said with a smile: “also, when you are SS, no one is your opponent. How about going to practice against you?”

Norman said well. He usually goes to training at noon. Today, because the little mermaid hasn’t ordered a meal, he was too worried, so he didn’t go to the training ground.

Until he reached the bottom line time set in his heart, he didn’t send the information he had already typed to the little mermaid.

The little mermaid was not uncomfortable, not angry with him, and even said thank you to him. Everything was perfect.

Mu Chen and Norman walked side by side to the training ground. He chatted as he walked. When he turned his head, Norman’s slightly raised mouth could not help but be surprised: “Your Majesty, what happy thing has happened?”

Norman stepped, looked at Mu Chen, looked happy for a moment, became serious and deep again, nodded silently, and then continued to move forward.

It was the first time that Mu Chen saw Norman with such a tangled expression. As a good friend, he had to care about it. He asked curiously, “what’s the matter? Speak up, maybe I can help you.”

Norman hesitated and said in a deep voice, “I have a sweetheart.”

He said, realizing that it was wrong. Maybe it was more accurate to say the fish in his heart, but when he thought about it, he thought he was right. In his heart, the little mermaid was a teenager, not a mermaid.

Mu Chen had a long voice in his heart and couldn’t help asking, “who is it? Have I seen it?”

“You’ve seen it.” Norman said he did not name the little mermaid.

When talking to the little mermaid in the morning, he realized that his recent reaction was wrong. Later, he thought it over and figured it out.

He was attracted to the little mermaid.

Otherwise, it will not be so repulsive to the little mermaid pairing, and the body will not react because of the little mermaid.

He was restless because of this cognition all morning. His emotions were complex, which can be called the most in his life. He was aware of both the sweet joy of his feelings and a sense of guilt.

The little mermaid comes of age with mermaid’s algorithm. From a human perspective, the little mermaid learns to speak, and even learns to read. She is still a baby!

With this thought, he couldn’t help but criticize himself. The word “Metamorphosis” reappeared in his mind over and over.

However, reason can’t suppress emotion. He clearly realizes that he likes little mermaids.

Mu Chen quickly went over the single men and women he and Norman knew, but he didn’t find any clues.

Your majesty almost only talks about business with people. Besides him, there is only his adjutant.

He knew Norman very well. Since Norman didn’t mention his name, he didn’t want to say it. When he saw Norman tangled, he smiled and said, “it’s a good thing! Chase it if you like. On your terms, chase it one by one. I’m waiting for the good news of your withdrawal.”

Norman looked at Mu Chen and frowned: “it’s not as easy as you think. There are great differences between us.”

Mu Chen: “the other party’s family background is not good? Those nobles in the house of Lords may object, but don’t you always ignore them? They can’t decide your business.”

There are few Royal lineages left, but si’ao has a long history and many nobles. All the nobles are in the house of Lords and take care of their own class.

Norman: “it has nothing to do with others. It’s just… He should never have considered developing such a relationship with me.”

The little mermaid is like a piece of pure white paper. Her cognition of the world and things is still in an ignorant state. I’m afraid she doesn’t even understand the feeling of love.

Mu Chen looked at him strangely: “Your Majesty, if you say so, I can’t help misunderstandings. You treat me…”

Norman gave him a faint look: “how dare you think.”

Mu Chen made a relaxed expression and said with a smile, “did you ever think about developing a romantic relationship with him before you were moved? Sometimes the beginning of a relationship is because of a little change of thought.”

“Maybe if you give a hint, the other party will feel the same as you. I can recite this plot in the film!” He shook his fist, “come on, when you take off the order, I will give you a salute.”

Norman was thinking. Mu Chen was really right.

He had never thought of falling in love with the little mermaid before.

Maybe the little mermaid would think so!

However, before that, we have to let the little mermaid know what the feelings between lovers are.

After a good fight with Mu Chen, Mu Chen returned to the office and couldn’t help thinking of the little mermaid. Unconsciously, he wandered to the mermaid mall.

His sword eyebrows are slightly twisted. Isn’t he too boring?

It seems that he doesn’t know how to be good to the little mermaid except buying things for the little mermaid.

He thought for a moment, searched the emotional forum, looked through historical topics, and how to be good to the people he liked.

He saw the hottest and most praised sentence at a glance: “think what your lover wants, worry what your lover wants, and satisfy him with whatever he wants.”

Norman said he was disappointed. Isn’t that what he deserved? He gave up the idea of seeking experience and continued to visit the mall.

Watching, he received a message from the Little Mermaid: “can you invite Xiaoyin to play in the evening?”

His expression was stiff. Why did the little mermaid look for Xiaoyin! Yesterday’s oestrus, I was looking for Xiaoyin today. Do you have a good opinion of Xiaoyin?

Norman’s heart seemed to be soaked in vinegar, restrained his wild thoughts, rationally analyzed the situation, and kept telling himself that he would not.

The little mermaid refused to match herself. If she liked little silver, she would certainly put it forward.

He gradually calmed down and had a reliable guess. Maybe after the little mermaid’s estrus, he had some doubts and wanted to find Xiaoyin to answer.

The more he thought about it, the more likely it was. He just thought that the little mermaid and little silver might discuss something private. He couldn’t help being uncomfortable in his heart.

Perhaps it’s time for him to study mermaids, not only their living habits, but also their sex.

He replied to the little mermaid, “of course.”

In the afternoon, Norman took Mu Chen and Xiao Yin into the mermaid room.

Norman saw the little mermaid, as usual, with her hands on the shore and facing the door.

At the sight of him, the little mermaid’s eyes lit up.

Norman’s brown eyes were slightly bright. The scales on the little mermaid’s face were a little darker than before. It didn’t look white when changing scales. It was almost human. It could be seen at a glance that it was a mermaid.

However, seeing the little mermaid’s smile, he still felt that the little mermaid was very beautiful, and his heart couldn’t help raising joy.

Just the next second, his good mood disappeared. The little mermaid looked at him for a while, moved away, said hello to Mu Chen, and finally chatted with Xiao Yin.

He can’t understand a word.

He thought with a deep face that maybe he should study it and add Mermaid language.

Little silver put her hands against the container wall of the mermaid car, looked at an Jin and exclaimed, “it was you last night!”

He turned his head and patted the wall of the container to urge Mu Chen. As soon as Mu Chen saw his action, he immediately put him into the pool without waiting for him to roar.

Xiaoyin quickly swam to an Jin, grabbed a bunch of blue hair and gently sniffed: “an an, I’m so happy to see you. I like you more and more!”

An Jin was slightly surprised. Xiao Yin was wrapped around his body. He was very strong probably because he was always fighting. He stepped back uneasily.

Little silver only grabbed his hair. As soon as he withdrew, his long hair slipped away from little silver’s fingers.

Little silver didn’t care. Silver’s eyes were full of doubts and said to an Jin, “it’s strange that I’m happier to see you than to see delicious flat fish, but I didn’t feel like this last time I met.”

An Jin pondered, “did you sing last night? How did you feel?”

Xiao Yin: “sing! I was so happy that I wanted to sing!”

An Jin moved in his heart. In this way, the information in the dream is true. He is not dreaming, but has been inherited by the mermaid family.

According to Xiao Yin, he can make other mermaids happy when he is an adult, so he is the king of the mermaid family?

An Jin blinked, feeling unreal.

He looked at Xiaoyin and couldn’t help wondering. In the inheritance, the intelligence of mermaid was the same as that of human beings, and the memory was the same, far more than seven days.

And… He glanced at Xiaoyin’s Tail: “Xiaoyin, did your tail become… A bipedal beast?”

“Of course not!” Little silver said, “it’s ugly to be naked!”

An Jin frowns. According to the inherited information, mermaids should be like him. They will differentiate when they grow up. After they get a contract with their partner, their tails and feet can switch freely, or they can become human with their spiritual strength.

Either way, Mermaid will have a short leg change process during estrus and after venting.

In Xiaoyin’s words, Xiaoyin’s tail will not become a leg.

He doesn’t doubt that Xiaoyin forgot or went to sleep after venting, because Mu Chen is awake. If he finds that Xiaoyin has changed his legs, he won’t be so calm.

He checked the relevant information of the mermaid during the day. Except for the experimental projects that have been banned, there is no information that the mermaid can change his legs.

In other words, Leo’s mermaids don’t change their legs when they grow up, and their memory is very poor.

He could not help but wonder whether the mermaid genes brought back by the expedition had memory and growth defects?

So why isn’t he flawed? If he remembers well because he is a jumper, not a real mermaid, then why can he change?

After Mu Chen and Xiao Yin left, an Jin couldn’t help asking Norman, “hasn’t the scientific research institute studied why I’m different from other mermaids?”

Norman: “Mermaid genes are prone to variation. Like people, every mermaid is single. Some of your gene sequences are different.”

An Jin meditated, that is, he did study it, but he didn’t find any special difference? Or is the difference caused by those genes?

But when he checked the information in the afternoon, he specially checked the pure Mermaid, and there was no information that the pure mermaid could change its legs.

Or there is no record. In the interstellar age, this possibility is very good and more likely – he is different from the pure Mermaid in the past.

He is fully in line with the mermaid characteristics of the inheritance.

He couldn’t help thinking that he might be the “Mermaid king” and smiled helplessly.

If he can live as an independent, he really yearns for the mermaid planet. However, the mermaid planet has no ball, and he can’t go at all.

Think about it, if the mermaid planet is known, I’m afraid the Mermaid will not be regarded as a low intelligence creature and treat the mermaid as a pet.

Star Alliance law prohibits the use of intelligent creatures as pets.

Xingmeng’s judgment rules for intelligent creatures have high IQ, can master language and characters, and are creative and social. The judgment object is the group.

Individuals can also be intelligent creatures, but the judgment is strict.

Norman thought that the difference between the little mermaid question and the little silver was a cognitive confusion about himself.

He said seriously, “Ann, you are a pure Mermaid, which is special. You are the same as me. We have no difference, but we are different in appearance.”

Anxin’s eyes suddenly lit up. His previous feeling was really right. Norman didn’t treat him as a pet!

Although he always had this feeling, Norman never said anything. He was not sure and worried that he felt wrong, but now, Norman said, they are the same!

Norman’s brain rang softly. He looked at the information and said to the little mermaid, “go and play in the garden. The housekeeper wants to send things in.”

An Jin was still happy because of Norman’s words. He was very obedient and came to the garden through the passage.

Soon Norman came to the pool, and the garden was as bright as day.

An Jin looked around and found a lot of neon lights hanging on the tree. It looked very festive. He looked at Norman: “is today a festival?”

The little mermaid’s eyes reflected the light. It was very beautiful. Norman was shocked. He said in a deep voice, “well, it’s a memorable day.”

An Jin was curious and his head tilted: “what day?”

Norman smiled at the little mermaid’s pure eyes and said, “I can’t say it yet.”

The little mermaid is too ignorant. He has to wait for the little mermaid to grow up.

Thinking of this, he seriously asked, “what adult gift does Ann want?”

An Jin was stunned. He was suddenly moved by Norman’s serious expression.

When he was an adult, Zhang’s mother cooked a table of dishes. However, when he turned around, none of his parents came back.

The next day, he saw the news that his parents were dating Xinhuan on TV. He knew that the original birthday cake was also sent by the gardener’s grandfather and Zhang’s mother in the name of their parents.

His parents didn’t remember that he was an adult, let alone ask him what gift he wanted.

Norman was so kind to him that he couldn’t help thinking, if he wasn’t a mermaid and couldn’t provide Norman with spiritual strength, would Norman still do this to him?

His eyes drooped and he did not want or dare not think about it.

His parents were also very kind to him, especially when Grandpa was still there, and grandpa cared most about him.

“Don’t you have anything you want? You can have anything you want. I’ll buy it for you.” Asked Norman.

An Jin thought and raised his eyes: “give me a live ball?”

Judging from the change of his scales, the color of his scales will be deep enough in three days at most. He will not be particularly human when he is seen.

Norman’s expression is slightly stiff. The little mermaid really wants to live!

At the thought that the little mermaid would be seen by others, he was reluctant.

However, he nodded, “OK.”

He had promised the little mermaid that he would buy everything, and the little mermaid wanted it, but he couldn’t refuse.

Five minutes later, Norman received the news and said to the little mermaid, “you can go in.”

An Jin swam back to the mermaid room through the gorgeous channel. As soon as he entered, he was attracted by the giant clam shell bed in the corner.

The clam shell bed is very large and keeps the shape of opening its mouth. The lower shell is about three meters long and two meters wide. It is padded with a water pad. At the head of the bed is placed a white pearl, which is about the size that can be held by both hands and glows with Yingrun light.

Norman: try it and see if you sleep well

An Jin swam to the bedside and first pressed the mattress with his fingers. His fingertips immediately sank. The touch wrapped by water came from his finger abdomen, which was very soft.

He swung his tail, swam to the mattress, then slowly sank, and finally almost half of the whole animal fell into the water bed.

An Jin feels that he sleeps on a ball of cotton, which is very gentle. What’s different is that he feels wrapped in water, which is very comfortable.

Norman: “there are buttons at the top, which can also be controlled by intelligent brain. There is a massage function. You can use your hands and relax.”

An Jin moved forward and tried by pressing one of the buttons. He immediately sprayed water upward from the upper position of the water bed, because he was lying in the front end and the water rushed to his abdomen. His abdomen was very ticklish. Suddenly, he couldn’t help laughing.

Norman couldn’t help laughing when he heard the little mermaid’s whisper.

After a while, an Jin surfaced and thanked Norman.

Norman smiled and invited him to a movie.

Ann Jin is a little curious. He hasn’t seen Theo’s film yet!

He was a little surprised. He didn’t expect Norman to choose a romantic film.

For the next few days, Norman invited him to see movies every day, all romantic films without exception.

An Jin feels a little strange and can’t help thinking that Norman looks serious, but his heart is full of romance.

When washing in the morning, an Jin saw the appearance in the mirror. As soon as his eyes brightened, his scales had deepened and completely turned blue. Although they were very beautiful, they would never be reminiscent of people.

Norman knocked on the door. When he heard the little mermaid say please come in, he pushed the door in and saw the little mermaid operating the live ball.

An Jin saw Norman, his eyes lit up and raised the live ball: “how can it not play full view?” He pointed to the lower shelf. “Don’t let others see over there.”

Norman silently exclaimed that the little mermaid was so clever that he remembered not to expose agent a.

He helped the little mermaid adjust the mode and hesitated: “do you really want to live?”

An Jin nodded and said in advance, “I can’t talk to you when I live.”

Norman looked at him. “Ann, why do you want to live?”

An Jin was silent for a moment: “I want everyone to be like you and think we are the same.”

The mermaid has only seven days of memory. Limited by his identity, he can’t let the Star Alliance recognize that the mermaid is an intelligent creature. Through the live broadcast, he wants to judge the individual intelligent creature.

To identify an individual as an intelligent creature is not to vote if someone thinks it is an intelligent creature.

Norman: I promised you that I would make everyone accept that you can speak

An Jin’s eyes bent and his eyes were firm: “I want to work hard myself.”

Norman looked at the little mermaid’s clear eyes and his heart beat very fast. He rubbed the head of the Little Mermaid: “Ann can do it.”

He said, “I’ll help ANN, too.”

An Jin said seriously, “thank you.”

He thought, it’s really good to have Norman with rhythm. As long as someone guides, the audience’s ideas are easy to be influenced.

However, he did not expect that Norman’s help was not a barrage with rhythm.


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