After Being a Mermaid Chapter 43

Norman connected the mermaid’s brain to the live ball and taught the mermaid how to adjust the shooting mode.

In his heart, the little mermaid is a child with adult IQ. He consciously guides the growth of the little mermaid, so he does not adjust it directly, but teaches the little mermaid.

An Jin studied very carefully, put his hands on the shore, and looked closely at Norman explaining the control interface.

Norman was on the shore and he was in the water. Norman was tall and slender. He listened closely and was almost close to Norman’s arms.

Norman breathed slowly, trying to stabilize his voice and make it sound natural: “you try.”

An Jinzhi brain controlled the live broadcast ball, changed various modes and demonstrated several times.

The little mermaid lowered her head to operate her brain. Her slender eyelashes turned up and her bright red lips pursed slightly. She looked very serious and very cute.

Norman felt itchy and moved his fingers. He especially wanted to touch the little mermaid. He was afraid of frightening the little mermaid and restrained himself.

Thinking that the little mermaid would be seen by many people, his brown eyes were slightly heavy: “Ann.”

An Jin looked up and blinked to express his doubt.

Norman’s expression was serious and his tone was serious: “it’s working time during the day, and there are few people watching the live broadcast. I think the live broadcast after dinner every day will be better, with a large audience.”

What he said is the truth, but he is still guilty. The identity of the little mermaid is unusual. Even during working hours, as long as even one person finds him live, his popularity will definitely soar.

In his private heart, he hopes that the Little Mermaid will be broadcast live at night. He can watch the whole process and help.

Ann thought for a moment and agreed with Norman’s words. Her little head nodded: “well, live broadcast after dinner.”

He is not worried about popularity, but if it is broadcast live after dinner, his daily life will not be affected.

In the morning, he had to go to the holographic world to remove impurities and learn to read. In the afternoon, he had to practice his powers. In the evening, Norman was at home. He couldn’t exercise, but he could broadcast it live.

On this thought, he sighed: he’s so busy.

Unfortunately, once he becomes illiterate, otherwise he will be much easier. Fortunately, his learning ability has been strengthened.

Norman saw the little mermaid sigh and thought the little mermaid was disappointed. He couldn’t help blaming himself.

The little mermaid didn’t understand anything. He believed everything he said. He took advantage of the little mermaid’s innocence for his own sake.

So he changed his mind and said, “in fact, if you want to broadcast live during the day, you can. What I just said is ordinary people. You are a pure Mermaid. You don’t have to worry about popularity at all.”

An Jin smiled and shook his head. “I think it’s better at night.”

Norman felt happy and rubbed the top of the little mermaid’s hair.

An Jin thought for a moment and asked, “which platform do you think is better for live broadcasting?”

Norman: “there is a live broadcasting platform under Tang Lin’s name, Xinghai live broadcasting. I asked special help to give you the highest share of the contract!”

An Jin’s main purpose is not to make money. It’s an unexpected joy to make money. After all, he lives as a person and needs money in the future.

Although agent a was very valuable, the money he earned was mainly used to “redeem himself”. He couldn’t help looking at Norman and didn’t know whether Norman would agree.

But Norman has admitted that they are the same. Should he agree?

He was going to talk to Norman about selling agent a, but now he decided to postpone it and talk to Norman after his identity became independent.

After all, before his independence, he belonged to Norman. Logically, the money he made also belonged to Norman.

He thought back to the things in front of him and thought of the contract terms of the previous world. He couldn’t help worrying: “can I sign a contract without my ID card?”

Norman: “sign a contract with my ID card and bind your account.”

He said, his heart moving.

He likes the little mermaid. He doesn’t want the little mermaid to be a vassal, but wants the little mermaid to be a partner.

But the little mermaid and his identity are not equal at all.

Both partners should have an equal relationship. But the little mermaid’s current social identity is a pet, not an independent intelligent creature with ID card.

He immediately had an idea in his mind and became more interested in the live broadcast of the little mermaid.

He contacted the special assistance and asked the special assistance to issue a high share contract, bind the collection account to the personal account of the little mermaid and sign the contract in his name.

Upon receiving the successful contract, Tefu was startled when he saw his real name ‘Norman lesson’.

Leson is the surname of the Sioux royal family. There is absolutely no same name.

He quickly sent a message to the boss: “president Tang! Is this true? Your majesty has registered as the anchor of Xinghai?”

Norman replied with Tang Lin’s account: “yes, when the broadcast starts, arrange more room management.”

Special help: “don’t worry, as long as you have made bad comments, you will be granted a title.”

Then, the special assistant asked, “do you want to arrange super tube? Do you need to publicize your majesty?”

Norman: not at all

After signing the contract, Norman transferred the live broadcast ball to Xinghai live broadcast and said to the little mermaid, “just turn it on directly during the live broadcast.”

An Jin nodded, thought about it and said, “I’ll broadcast it live when you come back in the evening.”

What he wants is to gradually make the audience aware of his high IQ and step by step. It’s reasonable to have Norman accompany him for the first live broadcast, and then open the live broadcast alone in the future.

He decided to observe the acceptance ability of si’ao people at night. If the acceptance ability is great, he will speed up the progress and go to the step of learning language as soon as possible. If the acceptance ability is not good, he will take his time.

Norman was very happy. The idea of the little mermaid waiting for him to go back to live broadcast coincided with him.

He returned to the military headquarters. Although he was very reluctant, he knew very well that the little mermaid would be popular in the whole network as long as it was broadcast live, but it was just a matter of time.

In that case, why not make the little mermaid happier?

What’s more, the more people, the easier it is to carry out his plan.

He opened his speech and logged in to his private account: “at 7:30 tonight, Xinghai live broadcasting platform, An’an live broadcasting.”

The comment exploded within a minute.

“Am I dreaming?”

“I’ll lie back and sleep.”

“Ah! I can finally see the little mermaid again! Thank you, your majesty.”

“I don’t want to go to work. Hurry up to night!”

“Unintentional work + 1.”

The topic of “live broadcast of pure Mermaid” on Xingwang became very popular, and squatted in the topic Posts one after another.

An Jin knows nothing about this. After Norman left, he went to the holographic world to remove the impurities of the kebab, and then checked the balance. The balance in his personal account has exceeded 500000!

An Jin deeply feels that this job is really great. He only spends a little time every day. The holographic world consumes spiritual power and does not affect the real world. It is equivalent to buying and selling without capital.

When he got off the line, he leaned against the big crab and floated on the water to watch the teaching video. When he learned the word “Jin”, his eyes lit up and immediately read it several times. His hands moved around the water until he remembered it.

In the afternoon, when Norman entered the mermaid room, he saw the little mermaid with his hands on the bank. As soon as he saw him, his eyes lit up and raised a bright smile.

His mood could not help flying up, went to the little mermaid and squatted down: “Why are you so happy?”

An Jin opens zhinao and calls up the virtual screen. There are only two words already typed on it: an Jin.

He pointed to the screen and said excitedly, “my name.”

Norman was stunned: “an Jin?”

An Jin nodded. He thought and said, “an an is a nickname and an Jin is a name.”

Norman realized that the little mermaid’s thinking was very biased towards people, and even had the concept of naming.

He praised: “good name, Ann is so clever!”

An Jin’s eyes bent and he was very happy to hear Norman’s praise. This is the name grandpa gave him. He likes and cherishes it very much.

Norman looked at the little mermaid. The little mermaid has a strong learning ability and grows up very fast. Maybe soon, she can really grow up and understand feelings.

His heart beat a lot faster.

Secretly decided to get the ID card for the little mermaid as soon as possible.

An Jin was very happy. He ordered some big dishes for dinner and watermelon juice. It was bright red and festive.

With this good mood, he is ready to broadcast live.

He looked down and checked his clothes and fishtail skirt. He was sure that they were very neat. After thinking about it, he untied his hair and let his hair fall behind him, with the hair circle on his wrist.

Under appropriate circumstances, he can perform hair binding and show his hands-on ability!

The little mermaid’s delicate face was blocked by her hair and became more compact. Norman’s heart jumped suddenly.

The little mermaid fascinated him so much.

But at this time, the little mermaid turned her head and smiled at him with her eyes half bent: “I’m ready to start the live ball.”

Norman felt like a hairy boy of seventeen or eighteen. He couldn’t control his heartbeat at all.

Fortunately, he maintained a serious face all year round, and his face still looked calm and did not lose his manners.

Norman: broadcast it. I’ll be right next to you

The robot moved a sofa chair and put it in front of the rack. After Norman sat down, he was just outside the live camera.

An Jin turns up the live screen, waits for Norman to sit down and turn on the live ball.

He looked at the eye panel and was surprised to find that the number of fans was not zero, very, very many. He was shocked by the crazy rolling barrage before he could see clearly.

In the blink of an eye, the popularity of the live broadcasting room suddenly soared, and the barrage was stuck. Fortunately, tezhu learned that the mermaid was going to start broadcasting, so he had made relevant arrangements long ago, and the card was quickly restored.

[ah, Ann is still so beautiful]

[good boy, watching cartoons is so cute]

[without looking at the tail, I thought it was a beauty]

[wow, the little mermaid’s fingers are so slender that she doesn’t have long nails]

[eh, long nails come out again]

An Jin occasionally glances at the barrage. The barrage brushes very fast. He can’t see it clearly.

After thinking for a while, he decided to test the audience’s response first. Click the control panel of the virtual screen, select the intelligent bullet screen mode, and screen out the repeated bullet screen, which was much refreshing in an instant.

[God, he can operate the panel]

[I see. It’s the hand of the little mermaid, not your majesty!]

[it’s so smart, envious. Where can I find a good and smart mermaid? Give me one too!]

There is everything in the dream. You can get it by washing and sleeping

An Jin found that the audience didn’t seem surprised. He had a preliminary judgment on the audience’s acceptance ability.

He bent his eyes and continued to watch cartoons without saying a word.

The barrage never stopped, but the words “cute”, “good” and “want” appeared frequently.

An Jin’s cheek was slightly itched by his hair. He raised his hand to hook his hair behind his ears and put his hand back on his abdomen. He looked good and clever.

With such a simple action, a lot of screaming monsters appeared on the barrage, all of them “ah ah…”

An Jin inadvertently glanced at the bullet screen and his cheeks were hot. Even across the screen, he could feel the enthusiasm of the audience.

His eyes are slightly bright, which is a good thing for him. The more the audience likes him, the easier it is to accept his differences.

Norman and hornard, for example, accepted it quickly.

In the cartoon, Joey’s class is holding an art show. Joey goes to the podium and sings a children’s song. The students under the podium applaud one after another.

An Jin blinked, raised his hand and applauded. His eyes were bright, just like the children’s expressions.

[it’s so cute. The small appearance of applause has been screenshot!]

[how does it feel like he’s imitating?]

[the little mermaid’s eyes are really beautiful and flexible, and she feels very smart!]

[to be honest, I swallowed a lemon raw. I envy your majesty. I want such a mermaid too.]

[want + 1]

Norman sat on the sofa chair, looked at the barrage, and looked up at the little mermaid from time to time.

Sure enough, as he thought, the little mermaid was very likable.

Seeing the little mermaid’s applause, he couldn’t help thinking in his eyes. The little mermaid was deliberately imitating.

He knew the little mermaid very well. The little mermaid didn’t have to learn the action of clapping. At this time, it was obviously intentional.

In his mind, he inexplicably thought of the scene of the little mermaid talking in reality.

At that time, the little mermaid was like this, imitating the protagonist of the cartoon, but what she learned at that time was to speak.

He flashed a guess and looked at the little mermaid in surprise. Would it be what he thought?

The little mermaid actually would have spoken long ago. She only spoke because she was cautious and didn’t speak. She was sure that even if she spoke, it was safe?

If it’s true! This means that the little mermaid’s mind is much more mature and smarter than he thought.

His brown eyes flashed a dark light, and his sight swept over the face of the little mermaid. When he lowered his eyes, his eyes flashed a smile.

His heart beat so fast that he even wanted to test his guess to the little mermaid.

It’s not the time yet, he reminded himself to restrain his impulse.

He didn’t want to disturb the little mermaid’s plan, and wanted to see what the little mermaid would do. The little mermaid’s behavior now is clearly to deliberately show her IQ.

Norman’s eyes as like as two peas were more like smiling and showing his language ability step by step.

He scanned the barrage of “want a little mermaid”, narrowed his eyes slightly, and anonymously sent the two words “dream”.

Suddenly, a barrage of bullets swept through, and Norman’s face sank.

[ah, the little mermaid is so clever that she is too wife. I really want to marry him]

[your majesty, from today on, you will be my father-in-law]

Norman’s face turned black immediately. He wanted to see more about the little mermaid’s next plans and was ready to do it later. Now he couldn’t help it.

He went to the pool and entered the camera range.

[your majesty is so handsome!]

[Your Majesty in regular clothes looks very good tempered!]

Norman Wen shouted, “Ann, come here.”

An Jin subconsciously turned back and looked at him with some doubts. Seeing him waving, he hesitated for a moment and swam his tail.

He swam to the side of the pool, held the Bank of the pool with his hand, his head tilted and showed a look of doubt.

Another barrage!

[Your Majesty’s little mermaid is too good!]

[it seems to be. Your majesty, please sell it to me. Please.]

[why are you so obedient? Your majesty speaks in a gentle tone.]

Norman looked at the specially enlarged virtual screen. An Jing looked at it with his eyes, frowning and lips slightly pursed.

Norman immediately noticed that the little mermaid was depressed and her eyes moved.

The little mermaid should have self-awareness, so she is not happy to see those barrages.

This made him more determined to follow the original plan.

He raised his hand and took the little mermaid’s shoulder. An Jin turned his head in surprise. He saw Norman looking at the live ball and seriously said, “introduce my partner, an Jin.”

An Jin was stunned. Norman had been so kind to him before. He couldn’t help agreeing with Xiao Yin. He was the master of the mermaid.

How can it be a partner!

Stunned, he suddenly realized the deep meaning of the word, his heart suddenly beat rapidly, and his blue eyes looked at Norman in surprise.

Norman did not mind the fast rolling barrage. When he saw the little mermaid, he thought the little mermaid was frightened by him.

He rubbed the top of the little mermaid’s hair. He looked at the live ball. His eyes were no longer gentle and particularly sharp. He added: “strictly speaking, it’s my partner and is in pursuit.”

“He’s very smart and cute. I’m fascinated by him.”

The warm and soft touch on the top of his head made an Jin come back to his senses. As a result, he heard such a sentence again, and the whole brain was in a muddled state.

He reacted and quickly turned off the live broadcast.


[what’s the matter? Do I have tinnitus?]

[I heard your Majesty’s confession to the mermaid]

[I heard it too! God, is this the live broadcast of the film?]

[I can’t believe it, but the little mermaid is beautiful, obedient, quiet and clever. If it’s me, I want such a partner too]

[if you want such a partner plus one, it will save you worry, look good, and restore your mental strength!]

God, more and more people think that mermaid is the best partner for human beings

[wake up, do you think mermaids are like Ann? Have you ever experienced how sharp Mermaid claws are?]

[why cut off the live broadcast? I still want to watch it!]

[what are you looking at? Don’t you see your Majesty’s fierce eyes?]

An Jin’s mood fluctuated violently. He clenched his fingers and took a deep breath. Finally, his brain began to work.

He looked at Norman, a little nervous: “why did you say that?”

Norman noticed the little mermaid’s nervousness and panic, and his eyes moved slightly to remind himself not to scare the little mermaid.

He asked, “Ann, what’s the purpose of your live broadcast?”

An Jin was stunned. Unexpectedly, he asked this question again: “I said before that I want everyone to be like you and think we are the same.”

“So you want to let the audience slowly realize that you are smart and have the ability to learn through the live broadcast. Later, you plan to speak interstellar language, right?”

Ann Jin is not surprised that Norman can see it. After all, his performance tonight is obvious: “well.”

Norman: I said I would help you

An Jin pinched his finger: “but why do you say that?”

Norman: “I want everyone to know that I’m after you because you have independent ideas and are very smart. I’m attracted to you.”

On his deep brown eyes, an Jin’s heart pounded wildly: “thank you. In fact, you don’t have to end in person. Just anonymously take my smart rhythm in the barrage.”

He had no idea that Norman was so rhythmic.

According to his rational analysis, Norman’s approach was very effective. Even Norman said he was smart enough to let Norman “pursue him”.

Then the Sioux people must be particularly interested in his intelligence. When watching the live broadcast, they will pay more attention to his intelligence.

When he found that he was really smart, he would unconsciously agree with Norman.

This is obviously more efficient than making the audience realize that he is smart when he is live.

Despite this rational analysis, Norman’s words still had a great impact on him, not to mention Norman’s sincere eyes. He almost misunderstood.

He looked away flustered. “Thank you.”

Norman: you’re welcome. I’m helping myself, too

Ann Jin raised his eyes suspiciously. Norman looked at him seriously: “Ann, although you are a mermaid, you are special. I want to help you apply for intelligent biological judgment.”

“I believe you can pass. You should have your own ID card.”

Ann Jin was stunned. Norman looked at the little mermaid and rubbed the top of the little mermaid’s hair: “does Ann want to be an independent individual and no longer depend on human beings?”

An Jin nodded immediately. He just couldn’t believe it. His head was a little confused: “you… It’s not good for you.”

If he were independent, Norman would no longer have him, and Norman needed his spiritual strength very much.

Norman Weileng, he didn’t expect the little mermaid to ask this sentence, which shows that the little mermaid knows his importance very well.

“Will Ann continue to provide spiritual strength for me after she becomes independent?” Asked Norman.

“Of course!” An Jin answered subconsciously.

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile: “well, after Ann’s independence, I will hire ANN to continue to provide me with spiritual strength.”

Things went beyond Anjin’s expectation, but with Norman’s help, it was obviously easier for him to achieve his goal.

But his original plan was to take advantage of independence and then leave to live as a person.

He imagined that if he was independent, could he leave at ease?

The answer is no, he will worry about Norman. Moreover, he can’t keep his human shape all the time. It is undoubtedly the safest to stay in the capital of Austria.

He nodded, “OK.”

He still had doubts in his eyes. Norman didn’t do it for himself.

What if he refuses to hire? Not to mention, absolute ownership is much more stable than employment.

He couldn’t help asking. This doubt was too painful.

Norman said seriously to the puzzled eyes of the little mermaid, “I like you and want to be with you. You have an independent identity, which is fair to you.”

An Jin was stunned. He never thought Norman would like him.

Norman is very excellent. He is the best man he knows. If it was the previous world, he might have some ideas.

After all, he likes men. How can he have no idea in the face of excellent men.

But after he came to this world, survival is the first thing. After there is no survival threat, he realized that his identity is a pet, and he won’t have any ideas about people.

Norman saw the little mermaid stay where she was. Wen said in a warm voice, “it doesn’t matter if Ann doesn’t understand. You’re still young. I’ll wait for you to grow up.”

“After I certify the intelligent creature, I will apply to be your guardian.”

He said, opened his wisdom brain and sent a piece of information to the Little Mermaid: “this is the course of the elementary Department of si’ao. You should learn and get familiar with it at home first, and then make another arrangement after you have an independent identity.”

He said seriously, “if you don’t understand, you can ask me.”

Before an Jin could recover from his confession, he was stunned by the mountain of learning.


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