After Being a Mermaid Chapter 45

The three people in the glass house, since Norman took an Jin into the entertainment area, their eyes have always fallen on them. After Norman left, they all fell on an Jin.

“It’s so beautiful and quiet. No wonder your majesty will be excited.”

“Look, the other mermaids are approaching your Majesty’s heart!”

One man couldn’t help worrying: “you shouldn’t bully the new fish! It seems that your Majesty’s mermaid is here for the first time.”

The man opposite him opened his mind: “if the situation is wrong, I’ll contact the staff immediately and separate them as soon as possible.”

After two seconds, the three expressions were slightly confused: “how did you fight first?”

An Jin was also stunned. The Mermaids approached him. He was not nervous at all, because he clearly felt that the mermaid conveyed his friendly feelings.

There were five mermaids. The golden mermaid swam to him alone from the shade of the tree, and the other four swam near the highest slide.

The four mermaids met halfway, and then no one wanted to let anyone swim to the front… A fight began.

“Asshole, I’m in front!”

“I swim faster than you. I want to be in the front.”

While the two fight, the later one bypasses them and continues to swim forward. The other Mermaid sees that its tail beats the water, rushes forward and presses the mermaid’s Tail: “let me go first!”

Their claws and tails went into battle together, and huge waves splashed on the water, accompanied by the roar and quarrel of mermaids.

Ann floats in the water and fluctuates with the water. Because she is frightened, her heart beats a little fast.

He was a little confused. Why did he suddenly fight?

At this time, the golden Mermaid came to him, and her white golden eyes looked at him quietly.

The golden mermaid’s hair and tail are golden, her eyes are white gold, her facial features are very beautiful, different from the playfulness of little silver, like a cold beauty.

An Jin turned his attention to the golden Mermaid. After being surprised, he was slightly surprised. He felt a sense of similarity from the golden Mermaid, which was completely different from when he saw Xiaoyin.

He instinctively knew that this golden tailed Mermaid, like him, was a fertile Mermaid.

This is the information of the inherited memory. After differentiation, those who have no fertility are called teke mermaids, while those who have fertility are called Issa mermaids.

He subconsciously looked at the four mermaids in a ball. They felt the same as little silver. They were all teke mermaids.

The golden Mermaid raised her hand, took off the Pearl hairpin from her hair and handed it to an Jin. Her voice was ethereal and cold. Her tone was very sincere: “here you are.”

An Jin’s eyes fell on the golden Mermaid again. He was stunned and said, “thank you,” with his experience with Xiaoyin, he smiled and said, “this hairpin is very suitable for you. You look good when you wear it.”

Platinum eyes looked at him attentively, and the golden Mermaid calmly stated, “you look good. You’ll look beautiful when you wear it.”

His expression was too serious. An Jin was a little embarrassed: “I don’t like wearing hairpins.”

He said, blinked and asked curiously, “why did you give me a present?”

The golden mermaid’s head was slightly biased, and her expression was as cold as ever. After thinking for two seconds, she said, “I want to be close to you and make you happy.”

An Jin moved in his heart and thought of passing on the information he told him. So far, the information is all true.

However, the mermaid’s memory and adult differentiation, only he is in line with the situation, and the other mermaids are different.

Maybe it’s really related to the genes brought back by the expedition.

The golden Mermaid put the hairpin back on. An Jin saw his calm face, looked at the four mermaids fighting, and couldn’t help asking, “they’re like this, doesn’t it matter?”

Golden Mermaid: “it’s all right. They just want to rush to pay attention to you. If you don’t like it, just let them stop.”

An Jin hesitated and decided to try to see his influence on the mermaid.

He looked at the fighting Mermaid and gently advised, “don’t fight, have something to say.”

Pulling hair, tail and wrist… The four mermaids stayed together, then released their hands, turned their heads and smiled at an Jin with bright eyes.

An Jin inexplicably flashed two words in his brain: good boy.

The mermaid with dark green tail grabbed the mermaid with green tail who wanted to come forward and asked “who do you want to be closest to you?”

An Jin thought of what they said in the fight and understood that they were robbing him of his position.

He felt very surprised. Looking at the bright and clear eyes of the mermaids, he felt like a child king.

After thinking about it, he swam to the middle and drew a half circle in front of him with his fingers: “don’t argue. You’re all in front of me if you circle half a circle like this.”

The dark green Mermaid exclaimed: “you’re smart!”

Blue Mermaid: “smart and beautiful.”

“Smart, beautiful and gentle.”

“Asshole, don’t learn from me. You’ve learned better than I said. It’s too much!”

“Because I’m smarter than you.”

“! do you want to fight, asshole!”

An Jin: “…” seemed to see the kindergarten children.

“Thank you for your compliment,” he said politely, then comforted, “what you said is very nice.”

The noise was gone, and the mermaid looked at him with bright eyes.

The dark green Mermaid untied the colorful hair band from her hair and handed it to an Jin: “here you are!”

The cyan Mermaid took the ruby hairpin and said, “here you are.”

The other mermaids are unwilling to fall behind. Qi Qi takes off the beautiful decoration and gives it to an Jin.

In the glass house, the three people who were worried that the pure Mermaid would be beaten by the crowd looked at each other.

“The mermaid of my family has the courage to rob the heart fish with his majesty!”

“Pure mermaids are so popular with mermaids.”

“This is the mermaid’s decision. It has nothing to do with me. Your Majesty’s jealousy has nothing to do with me!”

An Jin looked at all kinds of beautiful hair ornaments in front of him and felt the friendliness conveyed by the mermaids. His eyes bent and said seriously, “thank you. You look good when you wear them. I’m not used to wearing hair ornaments.”

The mermaid put the hair ornament on her head again. The dark green Mermaid turned around in place. The seaweed like hair drew a beautiful arc, and the water droplets glittered in the shining light.

“What do you think of me? Will you be my partner?” Green eyes look at an Jin expectantly.

An Jin was shocked and was about to politely refuse. The dark green mermaid was beaten on the head by the blue Mermaid: “rival, fight!”

“Rival, fight me first!”

An Jin hurriedly advised: “don’t fight, thank you for your love.” he could feel the mermaid’s love for him, so he replied directly, “sorry, I can’t be your partner.”

He thought for a moment and politely introduced himself: “my name is Ann. What’s your name?”

Golden Mermaid: “Ling Ling.”

Dark green Mermaid: “Gu Gu.”


After introducing each other, an Jin pointed to the slide in the distance: “go and play, don’t surround me.”

“I like to stay with you.”

“Yes, it’s comfortable to stay with you!”

An Jin thought, “let’s play together.”

He looked at the high slide, excited and afraid. Finally, he chose the slide with slow slope and medium height to play.

He soon found that he had made the right choice. The fish scale was very slippery, sliding from top to bottom, much faster than the slide he had played before.

The wind roared in his ears, and the scenery in his field of vision became an illusion. His heart was high and fell into the water before he could remember.

He plunges into the water, swings his tail dexterously, turns around and floats up, lifts his hair from the water pressure, and his eyes bend unconsciously.

The heart just regained consciousness and beat violently.

After the excitement, he felt particularly relaxed, with an uncontrollable smile on his face.

The golden Mermaid slipped behind him, swam to him after falling into the water, looked at him quietly for two seconds, and came to the conclusion: “you like playing this very much.”

An Jin nodded and looked at the highest slide. He was afraid and looked forward to it.

Four mermaids slid down from high and surrounded him: “Ann, do you want to play?”

An Jin summoned up his courage: “play, the highest one!”

In the afternoon, Norman picked up the little mermaid at the mermaid center and met director Xie Li of the Research Institute of the military ministry at the door.

Xie Li was gentle, slender and white. He saluted Norman: “Your Majesty.”

Norman nodded, “thank you, director.”

When they entered the entertainment center, they saw that in the central pool, five mermaids formed a circle with their heads facing inward, and their tails patted the water surface leisurely. They looked in a very good mood.

“Hum, my two legged beast is very stupid. I have to beat him every time to change food for me.”

Gu Gu: “my two legged beast roars, barks and jumps every night. I think he may be crazy.”

An Jin was surprised and curious. He was just about to ask about the specific situation. He felt that he was being watched. He turned his head to the shore and saw Norman at a glance.

He changed from upward floating to vertical floating, and said to his friends, “I’m going home, and you should go home.”

Ling Ling: “will you come back tomorrow?”

The other mermaids looked at him brightly. An Jin was aware of their expectation and thought, “come.”

An Jin swam to the shore with his tail, and the other mermaids swam with him.

“Wow, it’s very cooperative today.”

“Did you come with the pure mermaid?”

An Jin reached the shore, raised his head and subconsciously smiled at Norman.

Norman rubbed the top of his hair, bent over and picked him up. An Jin looked at the other mermaids: “see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.”

An Jin noticed that the breeder of Gu Gu is a very handsome boy. He looks about 20 years old with dark green hair. He is very publicity and trendy.

Ling Ling’s breeder stood not far from Norman and was also in military uniform, but the system was slightly different from Norman’s.

The people who picked up the mermaid home found that their Mermaid cooperated very well today. The process of getting into the mermaid car was very clever. They didn’t have to fight as usual.

On the suspension car, Norman asked, “did Ann have a good time?”

An Jin’s eyes were bright and nodded his head: “I know some friends. Did you see the golden mermaid? His name is Ling Ling, and there are dark green mermaids…”

Norman listened carefully to the little mermaid, his eyes fell on the little mermaid’s vivid face, and his eyes softened unconsciously.

Sure enough, the little mermaid should be allowed to go out and make friends. The little mermaid is much more lively.

An Jin said excitedly, inadvertently looking at Norman’s eyes. His clear blue eyes flashed slightly, looked away, his voice decreased, and said his decision: “I’ll go tomorrow.”

Norman Wen said in a voice, “OK.”

He asked what the little mermaid wanted for dinner. They ordered a good meal on the way. As soon as they went back, an Jin first removed the impurities from the ingredients, and then returned to the mermaid room.

In the process of waiting for dinner, an Jin floats in the water, relies on the big crab, opens the courseware and consolidates the words recognized in the morning.

The little mermaid bowed her head, and her long and warped eyelashes were like a small fan. Norman felt as if every step had swept his heart and itched.

After a while, he noticed that the little mermaid’s fingers suddenly curled up, remembered the sensitive perception of the little mermaid, understood that he made the little mermaid uncomfortable, so he turned and left the mermaid room.

After receiving the notice that the cook has three minutes to eat, an Jin closes his brain, senses Norman’s position, determines that he is not nearby, and uses his mental power. The next moment, his tail becomes his feet.

He didn’t remove the scales on his face. It’s unnecessary and a waste of mental energy.

His feet still had no strength. It took him more than a minute to walk up such a short distance from the slope at the corner of the pool to the shore.

When he got on the scooter, he clenched the handle, changed his tail and planned in his heart to exercise his feet before going to bed.

Norman went downstairs and was ready to have dinner with the little mermaid. He saw the mermaid driving around the living room.

Seeing Norman, an Jin smiled and gave the mermaid an order: “go to the restaurant.”

After dinner, an Jin drove the scooter back to the mermaid room and looked at Norman: “are you busy tonight?”

Norman: “live with you.”

Ann looked at him eagerly: “can you cooperate with me?”

Norman nodded, “of course.”

Back in the mermaid room, an Jin stands on the scooter and turns on the live broadcast.

Norman didn’t say that there would be a live broadcast today. However, the audience had long set up the live studio as a special concern, and there was a reminder as soon as the broadcast began.

After a day of fermentation, an Jin’s popularity is higher, and he is super popular in the whole Star Alliance.

Because he is a pure Mermaid and has something to do with Norman.

His majesty Norman of the si’ao empire is a famous fighter. People on all stars are very curious about his recognized partner, let alone a mermaid.

An Jin adjusted the barrage to the intelligent mode yesterday. Even so, there are still a lot of barrages. They roll quickly and can’t see the specific content at all.

Suddenly, a very eye-catching color bar appeared at the top of the virtual screen, scrolling from left to right. At the top was a dazzling warship model.

This is the gift special effect of Xinghai platform. A warship has 10000 star coins. It has a systematically set barrage, which can also be edited by yourself.

[the audience of Yanu star questioned, isn’t it really disguised?]

The bullet screen was particularly conspicuous, and the audience were inspired and rewarded one after another.

[the bensio people said that it was definitely a real mermaid! Ah, Ann is so cute!]

[wearing clothes and a ‘skirt’ like a tail, standing on the scooter really looks like a fake!]

[ah!! scream, I designed Ann’s fishtail skirt! Woo woo, I’m perfect.]

An Jin looked at the barrage and looked up at Norman. Norman received his signal, went to the other end of the pool and waved, “an an, come here.”

[your majesty, wake up! If you like him, don’t embarrass him. He’s just a little mermaid.]

[whispered anonymously, as if he had lost his wisdom…]

A row of whispers + 1 at the time of the barrage.

However, at the next moment, more than 5 billion viewers were stunned.

The little mermaid’s delicate face was slightly taut and serious. Her fingers clenched her hands, and then her wrists gently rotated.

The scooter started steadily. Although it was only the slowest speed, it was also shocking.

The barrage immediately appeared many words such as’ ah ‘,’ wow ‘and’ God ‘, because the intelligent mode excluded a large number of similar words, and the displayed barrage included almost all the words expressing surprise.

When the little mermaid stopped the scooter steadily in front of Norman, the barrage stopped for a moment, and then exploded.

An Jin looked up at Norman. His blue eyes were bright, and his whole small face was written ‘for praise’.

Norman’s eyes were soft. He raised his hand and rubbed the top of an Jin’s hair: “an an is really smart. She learned it so quickly.”

An Jin looked into his deep eyes, and his heart suddenly quickened. He took a deep breath and restrained his mind. According to the previous agreement, his eyes bent, as if he was happy because of praise.

[ah, how cute!]

[I declare that I will be the CP powder of his majesty Norman and the pure mermaid!]

[your majesty is so gentle, and the little mermaid is so cute and smart!]

[I’ll buy a scooter to teach my mermaid!]

Don’t buy it. I just tried it. The car has been abandoned and people are still lying down

Norman opened the cartoon, picked up the little mermaid and put the little mermaid into the water.

An Jin relies on the big crab to focus on watching cartoons. Occasionally, he learns the protagonist of cartoons, claps his hands, or thumbs up.

In class, he always stared at the teacher’s long hair, grabbed his own hair, and his head tilted.

Cute, he’s really smart. He seems to realize that he can tie his hair

At this time, Norman called the little mermaid on the shore. The little mermaid swam over and Norman handed him a blue hair circle.

Norman wrapped his hair around his fingers, made a demonstration, pointed to the little mermaid’s long hair, and then pointed to the teacher.

An Jin took the hair rope, went back to the middle of the water, leaned against the crab seat and raised his hand to tie his hair.

His hair was untidy and messy, but his hair was very strong at the end, in full accordance with Norman’s gesture.

After he tied it, he shook his head. His hair was steady and did not spread.

He then turned to look at Norman with curved eyebrows and eyes.

Norman looked at him and breathed slightly. He praised in a warm voice, “Ann is so clever.”

An Jin was satisfied and turned to look at the animation screen.

Norman swept to the barrage and saw a pile of praise and confession to the little mermaid.

Norman’s eyes were slightly heavy, and he suddenly felt that the little mermaid’s week plan was too long.

It’s really hard for so many viewers to see the lovely appearance of the little mermaid every night.

He raised his eyes. The little mermaid’s tail swayed unconsciously, with an obvious smile on his face. It was obvious that he was in a good mood.

Norman pressed the idea of making the little mermaid speed up the plan. Just make the little mermaid happy.

An Jin looked at the barrage from time to time and found that everyone seemed to accept it well. He was not particularly surprised except that he was very smart.

To his surprise, there was a lot more CP powder from him and Norman.

Of course, in addition, there are many people who say they can’t understand Norman and actually like mermaids. No matter how smart they are, they are just pets.

However, as soon as such words appear, they will be returned by the CP powder of zhengnao fever: go back to your ancient times and live!

An Jin found that those skeptical comments often did not dare to appear again.

When he visited the star network at night, he found out that it was not “dare not”, but was blocked as soon as he spoke.

Under the post, many people expressed their support for his majesty and said that his Majesty’s neat title was very domineering.

When he was about to turn off zhinao, he inadvertently scanned the entertainment news, and the afterglow was dark green. When he looked over, he found that he was the breeder of Gu Gu Gu.

It turned out to be a Star League superstar.

An Jin: “…” yelled and danced. Did you practice singing and dancing?

He suddenly felt that the generation gap between Mermaid and human beings was infinite.

The next day, Norman visited the military base in the morning. The person in charge of the base accompanied Norman to review the latest warship. After observing the soldiers’ driving, Norman was warmly invited to drive in person.

Norman refused directly and returned to the palace with the Royal Guard.

The person in charge was very surprised to know that Norman was a battle maniac. Every time there was a new warship, he would drive and test it himself.

The adjutant beside the person in charge whispered, “I heard that your majesty will return to the palace at noon.”

“What do you do when you go back to the palace…” without asking, the person in charge understood. His voice paused and his tone was full of emotion. “I didn’t expect to realize the meaning of the four words iron man tenderness from your majesty one day.”

Norman returned to the palace. The little mermaid was waiting in the restaurant. He held the little mermaid on the seat.

An Jin grabbed the edge of the table with both hands and politely said, “thank you.”

Norman: “Ann, you’re welcome,” he bent his mouth very shallow. “I’d love to.”

An Jin ignored him and concentrated on eating.

Norman found that the little mermaid was easy to be shy. He couldn’t help thinking in his eyes. Maybe the little mermaid’s mind was really mature.

If you don’t understand anything, you shouldn’t be shy.

His eyes moved slightly, helped the little mermaid with vegetables, and poured a glass of orange juice.

After dinner, Norman sent the little mermaid to the mermaid center entertainment area. There were obviously more people and mermaids in the entertainment area than yesterday.

Norman glanced at the people sitting in the glass room, looked at the mermaid approaching the mermaid, and seriously reminded the Mermaid: “don’t pay attention to strangers.”

An Jin nodded. Before he revealed that he could speak interstellar language, he would not speak, let alone ignore others.

After Norman left, the Mermaids who kept a distance swam to an Jin one after another. The front was still Ling Ling, the golden Mermaid.

An Jin greeted them with a smile and introduced himself to several other strange mermaids.

New Mermaids raised their hands and touched their heads. An Jin saw them and quickly said that they didn’t like hair accessories and stopped them from giving gifts.

Like yesterday, he was ready to take the mermaids to the middle of the water. Ling Ling refused. Her white golden eyes kept looking at the entrance, and her tail waved anxiously.

An Jin felt that he was in a bad mood and asked, “what’s the matter?”

“Ruirui didn’t come today.” Ling Ling said that his voice didn’t fluctuate and seemed a little cold.

An Jin couldn’t help wondering: “who is Ruirui?”

Ling Ling blinked her beautiful eyes: “friend.”

Gu Gu waved his dark green tail and said with a smile, “he is Ling Ling’s prospective partner.”

Ling Ling tilted her head, her side face was still cold, but her transparent ear fins were red: “No.”

An Jin said in his heart and guessed that Ruirui was Ling Ling’s boyfriend.

Gu Gu said, “Ruirui will come every day, and he didn’t come yesterday.”

An Jing comforted: “maybe it’s his lord… The bipedal beast is busy and doesn’t have time to send him.”

Ling Ling lowered her head. Her slender golden eyelashes cast a shadow on her face. She looked in a bad mood.

An Jin thought for a moment. Wen Sheng said, “I brought delicious food. Would you please eat? You face the direction of the entrance. When Ruirui comes, you can see it right away.”

Ling Ling looked at the door and nodded.

An Jin noticed the sparkling eyes of the other mermaids, so he invited them.

He took the mermaid and swam to the shade on the right, ready to share snacks.


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